He’s here to keep these ministers out of touch with the spirit emperor. It’s okay for him to stay in this naked palace for a month or two.
Outside the palace gate, a bunch of ministers such as Huang Pusong didn’t see the spirit emperor coming out from noon until night to leave temporarily.
The palace is locked at night, and these ministers can’t stay in the palace without the emperor’s order.
The non-female and non-royal family who can stay in the palace are this group of eunuchs who are not men and women except the big guards.
Ministers who want to spend the night in the palace must have an order from the emperor, otherwise staying in the palace without permission is a crime of decapitation.
After coming out of the palace, Huang Pusong and dozens of ministers discussed countermeasures in Situfu.
The next day, Huang Pusong and dozens of ministers were already waiting outside the palace before the gate of the palace was opened.
After waiting for the palace gate, Huang Pusong and others rushed to Chengde Temple, but after waiting for more than an hour, the spirit emperor did not come to the early dynasty.
It’s not an accident that the spirit emperor doesn’t go to court. It’s also a fluke for Huang Pusong and others to wait here. Although I know that the spirit emperor is fatuous, I still have an expectation for the spirit emperor in my heart.
After waiting for more than an hour, I didn’t see the spirit emperor coming, and a minister left the palace. Huang Pusong once again asked more than a dozen ministers where the spirit emperor was, and then came to swim naked outside the palace again.
Zhang Rang was not surprised to be at the door. Besides Zhang Rang, Zhong Zhao was here today.
And I’m worried that Zhang Jean-Zhong Zhao will stay here when Huang Pusong arrives in the palace Daimon Masaru before the meeting.
Anyway, Zhang rang has decided not to let Huang Pusong see the spirit emperor
Before, both Bei Gong Yu’s head, Lingyun Battle Report and Huang Pu Song’s memorial were stopped by him, and Ling Di didn’t know anything about it until now.
Fighting Qiang, Dong Zhuo would have told Zhang Rang first, otherwise even if Zhang Rang is a personal eunuch of Lingdi, it is impossible to stay with Lingdi all the time.
Therefore, after getting the news from Dong Zhuo, Zhang Rang stayed at the side of Lingdi, and sometimes he even pretended not to hide. When Bei Gong Jade Man’s head came to the door of Lingdi, the horse came out and stopped him.
In fact, both Zhang Rang and Zhao Zhong know that it is impossible to keep Huang Pusong from seeing the spirit emperor.
Their main purpose now is to stall Huang Pusong so that Huang Pusong can’t see Ling Di so easily.
On the other hand, Zhang Rang Dong Zhuo has forged evidence in partnership and prepared to put the credit for destroying Qiang in Dong Zhuo’s head, while Huang Pusong fled back after a big defeat.
The longer they delay, the more prepared they are, the more confident they will be to turn right from wrong.
Dong Zhuo did this very secretly, and when Huang Pusong left Chang ‘an, he set up a battlefield outside Chang ‘an. At the same time, he also asked his soldiers to go outside and take the initiative to find the Qiang tribe to hurt his soldiers.
Especially now, those battles are in Dong Zhuo’s hands, which is a better proof. This time, Dong Zhuo wiped out the Qiang rebels, and Huang Pusong’s army was almost destroyed, which is even more reliable. Huang Pusong was defeated by the Qiang.
Huang Pusong, who swam naked outside the palace, didn’t know that Zhang Rang and Dong Zhuo were still thinking about meeting the spirit emperor to tell his story and participate in Dong Zhuo.
"The pursuit minister Huang Pusong has something to play" was stopped by Zhang Rang Zhong Zhao, and Huang Pusong was able to shout outside again.
It is also a crime to make noise in the palace, and I don’t want to do it if I don’t have to.
But now that Zhang Rang has let him not see the spirit emperor, he can do the same.
At this time, while swimming naked in this palace, Emperor Ling was still lying in a gorgeous big bed and didn’t get up.
In addition to the spirit emperor, there are more than a dozen concubines in the big bed. When the spirit emperor got up early in the morning, he had already fought with his concubines in bed again.
A big bed with a dozen snow-white bodies is entangled. Although his little brother has always been soft, it does not affect his entanglement and touching with a dozen concubines, and he also enjoys massage with a dozen concubines’ soft hands.
In this gentle township, Lingdigen can’t hear the sound of the emperor outside the palace gate. There are at least one kilometer away from the palace gate, and there are several doors separated by it.
Even if Huang Pusong swims better than ordinary people and has a better voice than ordinary people, it is difficult for him to get into the ears of the spirit emperor.
However, Huang Pusong did not have a person to come with him. After Huang Pusong shouted, more than a dozen ministers also shouted, "I have something to play."
More than a dozen ministers together are much bigger and heavier than Huang Pusong alone, and these more than a dozen ministers have not stopped at once, but have shouted for more than a dozen.
The sound is layered like waves, and finally it reaches the ears of the spirit emperor to be continued.
Chapter 273 Face Saint