However, it is only limited to piercing. The powerful body of the black-horned tauren makes them not necessarily die even if they are hit by a hundred cavalry frontal charge. Of course, this is because the tauren’s defense and vitality are too strong. On the other hand, no tauren will be hit by a hundred cavalry frontal charge in a row. Even if the tauren is big, he can grow horizontally to serve as a broad target for a hundred cavalry frontal charge. A tauren talks about how big he is and how long he can bear two cavalry frontal charges. The area is quite big, but two lances can’t do much damage to the tauren, that is, break their skin defense on their backs and stab them inside.
It’s very unlucky that the dozen J: ng British cavalry charge lines near Drake are quite unlucky. After the first round of cavalry attack, the base died. Drake’s lance pierced the tauren’s personal wound, and the sharp lance matched with the penetrating black armor quarrelled, which finally caused a terrible penetrating wound.
When the body of the first tauren was knocked to the ground by Drake together with his mount, these black-horned tauren were caught between players and cavalry. However, Drake did not entangle with the tauren after a successful blow, but after receiving the signal from Chen Kai, the horse retreated with a shout, and cavalry quickly turned their horses around and fled the scene before the black-horned tauren could react. This kind of attack made the black-horned tauren crazy, although they rushed. Strong strike force, but the speed of movement is definitely their weakness. In the wild battlefield, the tauren may be able to defeat thousands of regular cavalry in a frontal charge, but if the other side escapes quickly, it is generally difficult for these tauren to catch up with the horses.
A few days ago, the cavalry of the fighters will be destroyed. On the one hand, they don’t understand the tauren’s strength. When they find that they can’t retreat, they have already escaped in the encirclement method. On the other hand, these tauren people give off breath to shock the horses and make the horse speed method rise. This is why Chen Kai will signal Drake to turn the horse’s head and retreat. He doesn’t want to lose thousands of J and jīng sharp cavalry that he has cultivated very hard.
However, Chen Kai’s idea is very good, and Drake’s retreat is enough at the same time. However, the narrow environment of the village still makes Chen Kai’s 1000-person J: ng sharp cavalry lose more than a dozen. These cavalry were originally horse thieves, but the strength of the tauren is not good enough in the face of more terror, especially in the narrow streets. There are many cavalry who were finally pulled because their guns got stuck in each other’s muscles.
When Drake retreated with his cavalry, the player pressed the trend to expand the results. At this time, the original copper ring tribe suddenly increased the attack rhythm. They directly squeezed the players and surrounded the black-horned minotaurs, even separating the players from the black-horned minotaurs.
"eh? What happened to these guys? " Chen Kai found that although the bronze ring tauren had a great attack after blocking the black-horned tauren, it seemed that they were letting the black-horned tauren escape. A large number of black-horned tauren directly chose to retreat after being surrounded by the bronze ring tribe tauren, and slowly withdrew from the village where the blood Se village was hit. At this time, the tauren Senaru came in the distance and roared angrily.
"You give me remember copper ring tribe smelly little! I will come back for revenge! " This roar seems to be a retreat signal. A large number of black-horned tauren are not retreating one after another, but directly retreating at high speed. However, how do you think they retreat is quite orderly? Dragan has no chance to chase and can watch each other retreat quickly. There is no way.
"This help a damn tauren! Their roots are with those black-horned tauren! " All the players are extremely resentful and look at Alisha? The bronze ring commands the bronze ring minotaurs, who are extremely bad at players with colorful Se hair, but they still firmly block the road and let players quickly chase those minotaurs who retreat to the black corner.
"Lisa? You need this to explain the copper ring! " Is it Engels, the captain of the wounded black dwarf? Seyin, the commander of the Black Dwarf team who stayed in the village, is also the captain of the bodyguard of the future Dwarf King in Suram, a lava city.
Alisha, the tauren with his head down? Bronze ring, also known as Arnault? Sister Copper Ring didn’t speak. Her dark eyes, which shone like jewels, stared at the ground without focus as if there were many flowers.
"Engels! We are black-horned tauren, although we have been expelled from the tauren tribe, we are still black-horned tauren after all! Just as you black dwarves won’t allow others to kill black dwarves, we tauren in the Copper Ring tribe can’t watch our compatriots be killed! " After a long time, Alisha? The bronze ring looked up at the black dwarf who blew his eyes at him not far away and said that her voice was very beautiful, not like the sound that a tauren’s huge body could make, as if a lark were singing there.
"But you are already hurting your own compatriots. Your actions have also caused the death of your own compatriots! Alisha? Copper ring! ! !” Engels continued to growl, but soon he stopped talking because he obviously felt that the tauren around him were extremely angry and looked at him as if he had exposed their scars.
The whole village fell into silence under great pressure. All the players clung to their weapons for fear that the minotaurs around them would suddenly attack them. Those black dwarves looked at the minotaurs with angry eyes and raised their weapons behind Engels. For the black dwarves and the bronze ring tribe, it was almost equivalent to breaking up with each other. However, the two sides were still very restrained and did not rise to the level of using force. Once using force, the black dwarves Engels and his party would certainly not benefit, but at the same time, the minotaurs of the bronze ring tribe would pay a great price. Knowing that there are many players behind the black dwarf, even if the player’s combat effectiveness is poor, the number of players is several times that of the copper ring tribe. After the player is finished, the tauren can cause a heavy price to the tauren of the copper ring tribe before killing the black dwarf.
The most important thing is that now the black dwarves have a very strong background, that is, the old dwarf Mishra is a strong person who is very close to the odd level. Together with the strength of the two holy dwarves, the silver dwarf Suram, who was rescued by the old dwarves, he can slaughter the whole bronze ring tribe. Although Arno’s strength is not weak, he can only protect himself in two holy orders at most.
Because of this, although the tauren were very angry at the words of the black dwarf Engels, none of them dared to pull out their weapons and wield a butcher knife at the dwarves. At the same time, those black dwarves would not risk being killed and take the lead in pulling out their weapons at the tauren. Even if they wanted to use force, they would have to wait until the old dwarf and silver-headed Thuram came back.
When the old dwarves came back to the village with Thuram covered with sword marks, they saw the black dwarves and players surrounded by the bronze ring tribe tauren. What happened to Thuram in the face of this situation, but behind him was the tauren Arno? The bronze ring was very angry. He remembered that he couldn’t help rushing to his sister and pointing his sword and hammer at her. Players and black dwarves both flew away, but Arnault? Although he is not a genie with IQ over 15, at least he is not an amoeba without IQ. His IQ comes from his sister’s constant eyes. Se makes Arnault hold back his anger and choose to radiate his strength around Thuram.
"all right! Arno? Chief Copper Ring, put away your strength! " Mishra, the old dwarf, knows very well what causes the Black Dwarf and the Tauren of the Copper Ring Tribe to be hostile to each other. Actually, if he is allowed to practice the leader Alisha in the Copper Ring Tribe? The bronze ring stand is better than that tauren girl. One side is one’s own people and the other is one’s benefactor. Even if one’s own people are hostile because of different life concepts, it’s just a contradiction. The bronze ring tribe helps its benefactor to deal with one’s own people. It’s hard to be realistic if it’s not because of Senaru. Miscellaneous hair is in the drow j: ng spirit, which is hostile to most underground races, and the bronze ring tribe was once the head of the clan and almost died in the hands of the drow j: ng spirit. The enmity between the two sides is not much lower than that of the black dwarf and drow j: ng spirit. It is estimated that the tauren of the copper ring tribe will directly turn the spear to help their own people grab it when the black-horned tauren attacks the village.
In the words of the old dwarf Mishra, Tauren Chieftain Arnault? The bronze ring slowly gathered his strength, and the mysterious totem that surrounded him like ripples quickly disappeared. At the same time, all the quarrelling soldiers belonging to the holy order returned to other bodies.
"You too! Put away your weapons! " When Arnault took back his body, Mishra also yelled at the black dwarves, and the black dwarves Engels and others took back their weapons with extremely unwilling faces, but more players were relieved.
"Chief copper ring! Take your people away first! See you in Lava City in a few days! " After a long time, the old dwarf Mishra sighed. He turned to Arnault? Copper ring waved and said that it was not because he didn’t want to communicate with Tauren Chieftain now, but because he really couldn’t find the right language to talk.
Wait until Arnault? After the Tauren disappeared in the dark with the bronze girdle, the old dwarf threw a spar at the blood Se Crusader President. This spar is half the size of a fist, but it has sixty-four faces, each of which is full of colorful luster.
"This secret silver diamond should be regarded as compensation for the destruction of your village!" When the old dwarf threw out this sentence with great extravagance, not only did Ll be shocked, but also other players were shocked. Most players have never seen, heard or heard of the secret silver diamond, but that is limited to what it said, even if it is some * * Teachers have seen this kind of thing, the secret silver treasure diamond, because it is so rare that it can only be found in dozens of kilometers of underground mines, and it must also be a few kilometers long. When I saw this secret silver treasure diamond, Chen Kai’s eyes lit up, because he found that this treasure could replace the gem on the hilt of his giant sword after drilling, so that the quality of his giant sword could be improved by a little, although it was not sacred, but it was at least 10% higher than it is now, and whether it was sharp or it was a growth rate, it would be increased by a lot.
It’s as if sensing that other players in ll’s eyes burst out with wolf light. ll’s family quickly stuffed the precious diamond in their palm into the purse and put it in their backpack, so that even if other transvestites burst this gem, they would have to kill him completely.
"Xiaofei helped me contact the president of the Blood Se Crusader, but I want to buy that gem!" Ll sent a message to Xu Fei when the other party put away the treasure diamond. It’s not that Ll is unwilling to buy directly from his home, but that he knows that there is absolutely no Xu Fei when he talks about the price. J: ng If Ll buys it himself, it may lead to a price increase of 10% due to the other party’s strange goods and his urgent demand.
"Boss! I think if you want to buy from each other, you might as well ask the old dwarf if the price will be lower! " Xu Fei stayed for a while when he heard Chen Kai’s news. His consideration was very correct, because as he spoke, several players had joined the blood crusader Mograine, and the original price might not be very high. Because of the large number of people in demand, the secret silver diamond naturally had a strange situation.
"I’ll think about it, but I don’t think there will be a second gem in the old dwarf!" Chen Kai looks at the old dwarf Mishra. He doesn’t look like a dwarf old man at all, but compared with the present, Chen Kai still likes his past touch. At least the psychological pressure will not be too great. "Besides, do you think we will think of it?"
While Chen Kai was speaking, several players had walked towards the old dwarf. Obviously, they all wanted to buy secret silver diamonds from the old dwarf, but now the old dwarf doesn’t pay much attention to these players. All the players are directly blocked by the black dwarves.
"The boss that guy’s heart is really black! Actually asking for 40,000 gold coins! " After a long time, Xu Fei’s ugly face Se came to Ll’s side and said that Ll was very depressed and could bear the price. After hearing this price, Ll stayed for half a ring and his face flashed a trace of hesitation and entanglement, but he finally sighed.
"This guy’s heart is not black. This gem is cost-effective for people who need it, even if it is doubled, and there will never be fewer people who need it! This sixty-four-sided secret silver diamond is absolutely impossible for those * * masters, and it is also extremely valuable for some alchemists! " Ll say that finish with a sigh of relief, he slowly moved his eyes from the glow blade that white bead to ponder for a long time and then turned his eyes to other places.
"Stop it! That old dwarf is even blacker and wants 20 thousand tons of grain! " After the cloud finished, the horse covered his mouth and said that 200,000 tons of grain is absolutely not expensive, but don’t say that if they can’t hold it now, Chen Kai will choose 20,000 tons of grain for dwarf weapons instead of a gem with 20,000 tons less, instead of a good weapon worth nearly 10 million dwarves, which can only be used in Chen Kai’s own sword. At the same time, even if Chen Kai has 20,000 tons of grain at the same time, it is definitely not Chen Kai. They can take it out because the total grain output in the whole Chen Kai territory is not necessarily 100,000
"By the way, the little message from Blood Haifeng just now said that he found those tauren fleeing to the underground passage and asked us if we should seal it off!" When ll and their old dwarves kept spitting, Su Xinghe suddenly inserted into the words and said
"Let him stay away from there and don’t be stared at by the drow J: ng spirit!" Ll jǐng woke up quickly when he heard Su Xinghe’s words, but it was not obvious that he woke up a little late, because when Su Xinghe wanted to send a message to Xue Haifeng, the system had already shown the right way to receive the message, which caused two situations. First, the other party was in the middle of the vice, and the second was that the other party had hung up. It was obvious that Xue Haifeng would not be the first situation, so the second one remained, that is, he had hung up to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 15 Dwarf Lava City (2)
Although there are many players who follow the blood Haifeng to track down the black-horned tauren, they are all killed by the drow j: ng ghost slayer at the same time. The only player who sent a message just handed out a word and there was no interest, and that word was also linked to the black-horned tauren’s position.
"Your sister! That bastard named Saqima actually said in action that he would take good care of him when he went back! " Cloud listening to the ear that a cursive word is simply fainted with anger, this word with a long echo finally drifted away like a broken kite.
"The somebody else not much to say, ok! Hurry up and find out where they were when they died! " Xu Fei took a look at Yunbai, but he knew that it was difficult to check the bleeding Haifeng in this situation now. Their dead positions were all killed at the same time because they teamed up with them. If it weren’t for Drake, their troops were still a long way from the location of the blood Haifeng. Llewellyn should worry about whether his cavalry troops would also be assassinated by more than half of the Zall J and NG spirits.
"I don’t know the location but the general scope is clear! They delivered a message once when they were in this position and then disappeared in this area according to their speed! " Although the clouds were moving fast enough, a quarter of an hour passed when he sorted out the location of their death.