Although she forced him to say this sentence, he agreed.
"We have broken up."
Royal head moved added
"Breaking up will never make up again, will it?"
"Please give me an accurate statement today. If you really don’t like me and think it’s impossible for us, just tell me not to hold such an illusory expectation."
"I’ve been listening to you for nearly a year, and I want to make some achievements. I’m not missing any of my filming announcements. Although my achievements are far from enough now, you should see that I’ve worked hard, right?"
Section 342
"I put up with not looking for you for so long because I was afraid that you would be bored and that you would never give me this glimmer of hope again, but I put up with it for so long and worked so hard to learn that it turned out that you had a girlfriend?"
Yin Xiangyi said and smiled.
She looked at the royal motionless side face is still so beautiful or so attractive to him, but what’s the matter? He doesn’t belong to himself anymore.
His heart is long gone. No, it’s never been here.
"She’s not my girlfriend."
Royal don’t want to listen to what she said to sit up from the seat to see her "where do you want to go? I will send you. "
"I’m not going anywhere!" Yin Xiangyi didn’t mind at all because of his explanation.
"You want to know, I already told you."
"Now is not the day will be? Will it be later? "
Royal frown sullenly look at her "don’t know"
"You like her?"
"I don’t know, but it’s easier to get along with her than with you," Yu replied sincerely
Yin Xiangyi was stunned for several seconds, and her posture did not change. When she was going crazy again, the other party suddenly slammed the door and jumped out.
Royal from the rearview mirror looked at the mess from the figure thick eyebrows twisted together, he is not stupid nor emotional intelligence know that this sentence may hurt her, but this is the fact that he is getting tired with Yin Xiangyi.
She felt inferior, she didn’t feel safe, and she put the world’s center of gravity on him, just like a vine that clings to him and grows tighter and tighter, and constantly absorbs nutrients from him, making his burden heavier and heavier.
So Yin Xiangyi really can’t afford it.
Yin Xiangyi couldn’t help crying as she walked along the bus. Tears ran down the bus and wet her collar. She even forgot to wipe it. There was only a trace of reason to make her wear a hat. Otherwise, the headline must be crying in the streets of the new Hua Dan Qinglian leader.
In this love, Yin Xiangyi has always been humble. She really loves royal love until she loses herself. Yes, Yin Xiangyi’s life always revolves around a center, and that center is royal.
She doesn’t know what she did wrong. The only mistake is that she broke up on impulse, and she can’t get it back. But this time, she really can’t get it back. She doesn’t know the name of the girl, but at first glance, she is more educated and gentler than her.
Yin Xiangyi was crying and walking, and more and more people were watching her. Finally, she bent down and squatted behind a flower bed, burying her face in her knees.
Isn’t she working hard enough?
She showed him that she slept for three hours every day.
What do you mean it’s easier to be with her?
Doesn’t that mean she’s annoyed?
There has been a horn ringing in the ear, and Yin Xiangyi buried her head and didn’t get up.
She has a feeling that her image can’t be seen now.
Pressing on the arm and burning in the eyes.
The horn disappeared.
There seems to be a man coming in front of me.
"Don’t think you have enough fire? !”
"Yin Xiangyi, get up!"
"Pretend to be deaf, right?"
In front of Beichuan, a huddled woman picked it up and hated iron and said, "Why did I sign you this worthless thing?"
But for a second, he saw Yin Xiangyi’s eyes on the hat and suddenly he couldn’t carry people directly and threw them into the back seat of the car.
The car came to his place of residence.