"Who scare? This is the Interpol Brigade, not your home! " Xing Jing turned to look at Qi Yufeng with a cold face. "Who is this?"
"This is the student who drove with Hao Jing in the 214 robbery," Zhou Jin said quickly.
"Hao Jing didn’t put it bluntly, so it wouldn’t be over to make a record." He looked at the door full of colleagues with a dignified face and couldn’t help deliberately pretending that it was no big deal and lit a cigarette casually.
"But he may be the gang of robbers, and he can also fight martial arts. Look, my hand was beaten like this." Mei Renxing knew that his crime was deep and his cheeks became whiter. He gritted his teeth and took a bite.
XingJing smoke a mouthful of sneer at a heart andao "crazy! In order to enter, I will not hesitate to plant a crazy frame! "
When he led the crime, he checked all the cameras around Changjiang Road. Whether Qi Yufeng was suspected was clear to him.
But he smoked two cigarettes and turned to look at MeiRenXing heart couldn’t help but whisper a "just hand over Xiaomei? That his parents there but a little bad replacement … "
He glanced up at the room camera and couldn’t help sighing. He was in his early forties at this time, and when these high technologies were booming, he just missed his school years.
I love and hate these strange cameras, and it’s a pleasure to solve the case according to this. Hate is that because of these things, hundreds of police officers have to be admonished, warned and disciplined this year.
The ministries and agencies didn’t take the wrong nerve. What kind of network inspector patrol did not allow the face to be closed, interrupted and evaded without authorization? These cameras monitored the activities of the police and the people involved in the law enforcement department in real time.
Nima, isn’t it sick that Meiren is gunning?
However, he can’t ignore the fact that he immediately glanced at MeiRenXing’s wound and solemnly nodded his head. "This matter told the network supervisor that this video was pinched and his mother had to be wiped by me …"
Just then, his mobile phone suddenly buzzed and raised his hand, but he couldn’t help but gasp. So big a leader called me directly. Is this something big?
He has no doubt that the shooting happened so quickly that the government knows how efficient it is … Even if he drags on for three or two days, he may not be able to find out. When he has enough, he will give MeiRenXing some pressure to help settle this matter.
If a cadre at the level can’t do a good job of giving a whip to a sweet jujube, then the battalion chief won’t do it.
He looked respectful and picked up his voice immediately. "Hello, Liu Ji …"
Behind them, the policemen looked at each other. Liu Ji, in addition to the top Liu Ji in this city, there is also the one worthy of such respect from the head of Xing. What great event is going to happen?
"Yes!" Xing Jing nodded solemnly but his face became more and more strange.
He accepted the words, his face was suspicious and uncertain, and he waved his hand to summon the youngest in the team. He looked fresh and gratifying. A policewoman secretly said, "Go to the door and see if there is an old lady sitting in the hall. You ask her what she is doing … Well, the attitude must be correct and kind."
The policewoman nodded and went out, then came back and whispered a few words in his ear.
Xing Jing’s face changed when he heard this, and he looked at Mei Renxing with resentment!
Then turned away, he looked at Qi Yufeng, who had been unable to fall on the ground, and struggled repeatedly. Finally, he turned pale, quivered his lips and said sincerely, "I think … this is a misunderstanding."
Chapter 4 Catastrophe
No matter how rich Xing Jing’s imagination is, he never dreamed of such a terrible day.
Yes, the Mei family does have a lot of background and methods, but … How big can he be than the old lady upstairs?
There may be something wrong with this. It may be that the municipal party Committee monitors are wrong. It may also be that this is an impersonation or that this teenager is a distant relative of the Shang family. In fact, there is still some room for implementation.
But does he dare to implement it? Does he have a channel to implement it?
Xing Jing really dare not take the risk.
He turned pale with fear and gnashed his teeth in his heart. What happened to you when you made a record investigation?
Do you know what a disaster this is?
What’s this kid called Qi? He’s the central leader Sun! People admit it themselves!
You don’t have to worry about how to get a grandson with one surname and one surname. Anyway, the old lady admitted that his grandson was arrested by your credentials and shot at him!
Qi Yufeng has long heard Xing Jing’s words and the policewoman whispered to him. At this time, although there are still doubts in her heart, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. Anyway, she couldn’t enter the torture room.
"You … you can go now. I’ll ask two people to send you." Xing Jing tried to keep a supercilious tone and pulled up Qi Yufeng. He also personally brushed the dust behind him, but the gun marks on his arm clothes could not be erased.
Qi Yufeng seems to have finally recovered from the shock. I am embarrassed to smile. "Why don’t you finish the transcript? I have been waiting at home for several days."
Xing Jing cried a splitting headache. Why are you so courteous and courteous? Is it interesting to learn from that suspension spring and dress up as a pig to eat tiger?
Is it interesting to bully us miserable little policemen?
"No, no, today we have to make a profound review, mainly because I made mistakes in the management of the police force, and I am not strict in choosing people. Now I will send someone to take you home to record things, and sometimes I will visit you in person." Xing Jing said with a face of righteousness
"Yu Meirenxing and Zhou Jin investigate, and we will make a result soon. I hope you can believe it …" Xing Jing took a cold look at Meirenxing and continued to be slightly humble.
Zhou Jin felt cold when he heard Xing Jing’s words. The urethral sphincter was out of control and almost peed on the spot. This Nima was also shot when she was lying down. Is this Jixiao a hero?
Beside MeiRenXing but pale shivering he forced out a sneer at "what’s wrong with me? My case is not right. He robbed guns in the police station. Xing Jing, you want to get me, me and my dad … "He was flustered and wanted to offer a big move.
He wasn’t so afraid that Xing Jing, the battalion chief, would go to his home to pay New Year’s greetings on holidays!
"You shut up!" Xingjing’s eyes hint that Nai’s little boy is more and more eager to shout loudly, which covers him. Getting carried away and raising my hand is a slap in the face.
"If you don’t want your last name to be Mei, no one will care!" Xing Jing grabbed his collar with one hand and lit his nose with the other. "Don’t show off in an ostentatious manner with your poor frame!"
MeiRenXing looked at furious battalion chief corners of the mouth was holding out a sneer at "xing if you dare to get me, let’s wait and see …"
"damn it! It’s true that whoever belongs to a fucking dog will bite. "
After hearing this sentence, Xing Jing finally gave up the treatment and protection of Mei Renxing. "Do you know who this is? This … "
He picked up the transcript on the table and glanced at it. "This Qi Yufeng is Meng Yisun, the current member of the Standing Committee of the Central Committee. Now Mrs. Shang, the director of Meng Yi, is sitting in the lobby waiting for the transcript. The surname is Mei. Do you have something to cross again?"
This word shocked the whole room. Isn’t the world too fantastic? Just hitting a kid in the police force to relieve boredom and stabbing him to the sky?
This MeiRenXing is really afraid to cross again. His face is as white as paper beans, and a big cold sweat has emerged. "Pa" fell to the ground along his cheek, but he never dreamed that he had hit such a big board and stayed there for a while.
Xing Jing secretly lamented in his heart that he could deliberately hide this plot, but if he said it from time to time to stop Mei Renxing’s arrogance, it might be even more difficult to clean up.
Therefore, he must throw his cards when necessary, which will cause greater losses to both sides.
Xing Jing looked at Mei Renxing coldly, and his eyes quickly seemed to lose focus. The embarrassment and fear were written in his face. His face was callous, his face was white and blue, and his blood vessels seemed to stand out. However, two bright red blood channels were already flowing in his nose. Suddenly, "Ah" screamed, and his hands covered his eyes and he fainted softly.
"It’s just the right time to faint!" Xing Jing commented on the whole collar in his mind and ordered a "send him to the medical room for treatment and put Zhou Jin in the advanced brig"
Then he turned his head to align with the wind and smiled unnaturally. "Let you see the joke. Let’s meet in the building now …"
Qi Yufeng nodded "ok".
Xing Jing and Qi Yufeng, a group of people, walked slowly downstairs in the middle, only to see Shang Caixia sitting in the hall chair, chatting with a person next to her.
Xing Jing looked at the middle-aged man with a respectful smile and a shock in his eyes. The mayor came in person?
Boy, it seems that this risky move is the right bet after all.
He quickly went over and saluted, "Hello, Mayor Tian"
Mayor Tian’s face was calm and invisible, but there was a glimmer of gloom and anger in his eyes. He nodded. "I heard that a child has finished taking notes here?"
"Finished this is …" Xing Jing quickly introduced Qi Yufeng around him.
Mayor Tian knew that Shang Caixia didn’t like the excitement and others called her to break her identity. She immediately nodded with a wave and said, "I am also accompanying my elders at home to Xing Jing. You just made a lot of noise in this building."
Xing Jing heard this and cried the scalp. Suddenly, a gun exploded and there was no movement.
He stammered crustily skin of head and argued that "in fact, this matter … is a little misunderstood"
Just then, suddenly, a car pulled the alarm outside the door and broke into the hospital. Two special vehicles with armed police license plates and a government license plate Audi.
Car sparse inside hua to a pile of swat hand carrying submachine guns audi drill out a figure is the municipal party committee Jiang Deshou!