Anyway, to be the commander of Thousand Valley City, Luo Yan, is to hold fast to this important military town of Mecca and ensure the vertical connection between the north and the south so as not to make the enemy have a chance.
"But Qian Shuiqing has landed, and his troops are encroaching on our territory and marching towards here. With the 6,000 defense forces of Qian Gucheng, what can I do to stop the enemy army from attacking? !” Luo Yan angrily yelled, "Shallow Water Qing will definitely attack Thousand Valley City in three days at most if he is not an idiot! And my reinforcements are still waiting for the whole army, and there is no way! "
Luo Yan is almost hysterical.
Mecca’s mistakes in strategic planning can ultimately be borne by him.
The long ringing sharp alarm confirmed Luo Yan’s speculation that the sharp horn and the guards shouted sharply "enemy!" Enemy attack! " Let him quickly recover from the state of furious lion.
When the enemy came, he was angry and anxious, but when the news of the enemy’s arrival was really confirmed, he became quiet.
Shallow water is clear … Is he really coming?
It’s very rare that there is no need to block the news again. Don’t they know that the result of blocking the news is how much psychological impact it will have on their soldiers when the shallow water Qing troops suddenly appear?
A bunch of idiots!
Luo Yan rushed out of his general office.
The veteran’s big mouth finally closed.
At the end of the horizon in the distance, people came out one after another, and the Qing army in shallow water marched like a cloud, like locusts, moving forward in the wide field, which was amazing
As the eye can see, the clouds are endless, and the crowds are endless, and the horses are dark and endless, and they have been dissolved in the distant morning mist.
Hunting, flying, flags, towering spears, spears, golden armor, shields, swords, tomahawks
Iron and steel cast the army with neat and resolute steps, making the earth tremble and rush to the deepest part of the target in the shouting orders of grass-roots commanders …
Fifty thousand troops, forty thousand troops, ten thousand puppet troops, and the logistics team, a hundred thousand troops, swaggered in front of Qian Gucheng like a raging wave.
The general wearing a white robe and riding a white horse appeared behind the forefront of the array as if all the stars were on the moon, flaunting the banner of shallow words and fully saying the identity of the bearer.
The invincible general, who was called "the devil" by the enemy and "the god of war" by himself, was shallow and clear.
Su Jing’s face is calm and calm without any waves, but those deep eyes flash 10 thousand swallowing a country’s greed, like a giant shark in the sea slowly opening its teeth in the face of its prey
Finger flick, a crisp sound, a thorough sound, a long shallow water, a small but clear sound all over the battlefield
"besieged city!"
With this, the soldiers quickly approached the city of Thousand Valley, and at the moment when they rushed to the range of the city, they suddenly diverted and ran to both sides. It was like creating a layer of energy shield. All the soldiers marched along this shield and surrounded the whole city with its shield, which trapped the city of Thousand Valley into an island.
Chapter 17 Thousand Valley City Meat Grinder (1)
September killing month
This is a month stained with blood red in this year’s land of Mecca.
No one dreamed that a large number of heroic men died here in the battlefield of the famous meat grinder in the center of Thousand Valley City, and several heroes floated to the sky from here. The river was dyed into latosolic red flames and burned up the sky …
Before the brutal wars started, Luo Yan never thought that one day it would become the fate of Mecca.
Because of its important geographical location, Qiangucheng is stronger in defense than ordinary cities. Many walls as high as 10 meters are surrounded by arrow towers, horse races, hidden soldiers, caves, female walls, horse shooting holes and other defensive measures, as well as a large number of defensive equipment, including catapults, crossbows, cars, firewood and so on, which form a complete defense body. This defense body is naturally worse than the cold wind and triple sky, but it is better than having a green river.
It flows from west to east to the Green River, which is an important river in Mecca. It winds its way through Mecca and flows into the stormy sea. It not only irrigates a lot of land in the first line of the Green River, but also becomes a very important transportation line in Mecca. Through these rivers, Mecca people can always send their own materials to various countries smoothly, just like human blood vessels are responsible for transporting nutrition and maintaining life. The highly developed river transportation capacity makes Mecca people’s resource transportation capacity far stronger than other countries in the later period. However, if they don’t lack strong cavalry, they will have a better performance, but as far as the national strength is concerned,
The Green River is an important defense line and a defense means for Qiangucheng.
The wide moat was drawn from the green river, which was bifurcated and cut off. The moat was dug wider and deeper, more than doubled in width and 40 meters in depth. It was like a silver belt fastened to the magnificent body of Thousand Valley City, and it was only after this that it was qualified to formally attack the other city’s head.
Building across the river has always been a symbol of a male city. It is a bridge and convenient road for the green river to cross the city from Qiangu City, but the besieged troops are divided into two parts, the east coast and the west coast, which makes it difficult for the attacking troops to play an effective attack at first.
In addition, the competition for waterway control is an important balance in the battle to seize the city. Whoever owns waterway control can take the initiative in the battlefield.
Although there are 6,000 Yugoslav capital guards, they have a ship with not less than 2,000 people and not less than 100 river fleets, which is not available in shallow water. Although he has a large number of seagoing ships, he will not enter this narrow bend after all. The only one who can enter this narrow bend is probably the Gerisan clipper. However, compared with the speed of the Gerisan clipper, their docking ability is worse than that of the special river warships in Mecca, and it is not suitable for a large-scale water war.
With river control, the defender has the initiative to attack. Even in the most critical moment of the war, Qiangucheng can help the Green River and his own fleet to transport his soldiers to a corner of the battlefield as quickly as possible. If he wants, he can openly sluice his fleet downstream and send a large number of soldiers to the enemy’s rear under the enemy’s eyes, and then attack from their rear wings. If the situation is unfavorable, he can return to the ship and return to Qiangucheng.
With this river, Thousand Valley City is equal to having appropriate counterattack ability. Even in the most difficult and worst case of defending the city, the defenders can choose to go upstream and directly break through the enemy besieged army from the river to quickly leave the battlefield to maximize their strength.
Like this, cities built by the river have been built by mountains since ancient times, and cities built by the mountains are the most reluctant to deal with cities. Most cities built by the mountains reduce the attack surface of cities through complex geographical forms and enhance their defense forces, while cities built by the river are smoother, although not as solid as cities built by the mountains, but they have flexible tactics and more offensive and escape capabilities.
And there are actually many more cities like this in Mecca.
At that time, the Girder Empire was personally led by Li Fei, a great general of Shenwei. After crossing the evil wave river, millions of male troops were eventually exhausted by the enemy’s strange way of going to fight guerrilla warfare with vertical and horizontal waterways. They had a headache and finally had to retreat. If attacking the United Kingdom of Saint-Will is like hitting an iron hedgehog, attacking Mecca is like walking on a muddy road every moment and stepping out of a big pit with a sharp iron horse and vertical and horizontal wind troops, and their speed advantage is delayed by their opponents.