The whole tower is like a row of thick sorghum, which is full of huge crossbows, black arrows and white feathers, making everyone alive appall.
Gongsun Kang’s reaction almost escaped his life, but he was also rushed to the pro-guard and forced to go to the city. He was stunned and speechless.
How can we fight this, this and this battle?
Gongsun Kang has calmed down and fluctuated again. With this weapon, our own paper shield can’t be finished.
Section three hundred and twenty-five
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However, for a long time, I didn’t hear the giant crossbow arrow roaring through the air again, and another group of soldiers rushed to the tower. It’s okay!
GongSunKang mustered up the courage to go to town again and see that hundreds of giant crossbowmen were still reloading!
It turns out that the giant crossbow is too long to fill!
Although Gongsun Kang was frightened by the rampage of the giant crossbow, he was not a straw bag, otherwise he would not firmly choose Cao Cao over Yuan Jia.
It seems that if a team of cavalry can rush over when the giant crossbow arrow is loaded, they can be completely disabled. However, if the giant crossbowmen rushes out after those bows, it will definitely be held back by the bows, and they can also return from the array!
So what should I do?
Leave them alone, even if these giant crossbows are slow to load, they will add less powerful weapons. How many rounds of perseverance can their morale hold?
Fortunately, there will be no threat on this side of the tower, because there is a moment ago, and rebels have really climbed in and rushed to the tower, and their own soldiers fought hand to hand.
Gongsun Kang, who was in shock, personally took some soldiers and forcibly killed some rebels, and then the second wave of crossbow attacks came again.
Not Chengtou, but a section of the wall on the right killed a few of our own people, which didn’t make the giant crossbowmen hesitate at all. A few rebels and more Gongsun Kang soldiers were hit by crossbows at the same time. Another real zone!
Once again, the Lord will personally go to the city, and his morale will be suppressed by this wave of attacks. When will this terrible crossbow arrow come to his head?
With scruples, the combat power is inevitably reduced. The soldiers’ hesitation and hesitation immediately caused several walls to fall, but they will still suppress the rebels again.
Since then, whenever the giant crossbow is loaded, all Gongsun Kang soldiers will run back in alarm for fear that they are the targets of attack, and then 20 thousand people are separated from the rebel array
General attack!
Seeing that the other side’s morale has fallen, the other side’s general is quite wise and launched a general attack!
Is this the end?
Gongsun Kang heart hard to have a trace of sadness even didn’t see his brother’s face will lose?
"The army to give up the wall! Hold the city gate for street fighting! "
As a last resort, Gongsun Kang decided to abandon the wall street fighting. Although our own advantages are overwhelming, is the other side’s giant crossbow not a great force?
Besides, the power of the other giant crossbow is too great!
Gongsun Kang also knew that Jun defeated Yuan Shao, and at that time, he made a giant crossbow. I can’t imagine that Jun defeated Yuan Jun with a giant crossbow!
When the rebels saw that Gongsun Kang’s army department had withdrawn from the city wall, it was still a victory. They cheered and climbed the city wall while screaming and preparing to hit the city gate.
Because this Liaoyang is too small, there are two gates and Gongsun Kang to defend the gates. At that time, the rebels can no longer flood into the city of Liao. The two armies fought fiercely here and packed the small Liaoyang.
Once again, the war is in a stalemate. The rebels can’t go any further, and so can the soldiers in Gongsun Kang. Everyone will inevitably step on him to continue the enemy’s fighting. If the weapon is dull and broken, the fist will stretch, but the teeth will bite and the body will bump.
The mud has become extremely muddy, and I don’t want to know that it is caused by mixing a lot of blood. Many people are missing an ear or losing their eyes.
Gongsun Kang has given up. Although his own side has always been tenacious, the number of rebels is too large. It is not that 30,000 people are explored. It is estimated that there are at least 50,000!
Although there are indeed many temporary men in it!
However, these able-bodied men can fight against the wind, and once their own side is defeated, they will be as demoralized as trained soldiers!
And the rebels are still climbing in through the wall, and one of their own soldiers is dead, and one can’t stay up!
What’s even sadder is that now the gates on both sides can’t escape if they want to escape in atrix, and they will be a dead word!
Is it your destiny to die here?
"Mao" a loud north gate was finally breached in the giant, and the rebels outside and inside the rebels strangled the Gongsun Kang soldiers’ department clean!
Gongsun Kang was surrounded by QinBing tightly in the middle and small courtyard of the city, and two lines of tears came from his eyes. The soldiers were all very excited, trembling with fear, shouting and fighting with them!
Suddenly, I don’t know why, but it’s so abrupt and unnatural that the rebels have generally retreated.
Gongsun Kang and a bunch of QinBing stood staring blankly with bare arms.
What else is necessary at this time? You can shoot yourself alive if you start.
"Come with me and have a look!"
Gongsun Kang, throwing caution to the wind, barefoot is not afraid of wearing shoes. The worst result is nothing but death and fear of a bird!
The rebels retreated quickly and chased them out like the tide. Their feet were trampled to pieces, and the dead bodies and dirty bodies could be recognized as people, even if they were dead, and other red and white flowers were mixed together.
The rest of the soldiers who went out from the destroyed north gate followed in Gongsun Kang. It seems that there are only about 3 thousand of them left.
It’s also the wilderness and the rebels just now, but now the rebels are rushing back into the array, and some soldiers who came after Gongsun Kang followed them without fighting back.
And when Gongsun Kang saw what happened, he was so excited and trembled that he could not help crying again.
The sword in his hand fell to the ground, and it had become a piece of red soil, which didn’t make it ring. Many people cried after a break of spirit. The number was about 5,000. The army was attacking the rebel array, and dozens of flags with the same color and tone made the rebels’ underpants hide in a hiding place, with a big word "Cao!"
It’s Cao Jun!
Cao Jun is really here! But how did they get here? Through the border between Yuan Tan and Yuan Shang?
No way!
But that doesn’t matter.
Fifty thousand people were killed and marched into the city, leaving more than ten thousand people, but even so, they were still beaten back by these five thousand people.