At this time of the game, the ball Mi is also nervous. It’s really rare for the star game to bite so tightly. Old Brown even called two pauses to arrange the last attack. He drew a big picture for others with the I m: o whiteboard.
The field personnel have not changed. After the timeout, Iverson’s I m: o heart is playing with the ball outside the three-point line. When Kevin and others wear hā, they keep moving. In fact, the last arrangement of Old Brown is to give Iverson the last attack Ji ā o. When the time comes, he will take the mvp and it is no wonder that others have not scored.
Seven seconds before the attack, Iverson made a continuous change, and Iverson directly slipped Kidd into the three-point line and made a jump shot.
It is not good for basketball to fly slowly to the basket in the attention of the people present! Iverson secretly called it a disaster, and his hand was slightly stronger.
Sure enough, the basketball hit the side of the basket and bounced back, and it happened to fly to Kobe and Kevin. Kevin’s body stuck Kobe, but he couldn’t land. He just dialed the ball to the basket with one hand and palm.
Drop! ! ! ! ! !
At the end of the game, Kevin strangely completed the lore
It’s early morning, and who’s white?
Chapter seventy-six The final sprint rest
Chapter seventy-six The final sprint rest
The historical tragedy didn’t repeat itself. Kevin got the 2-year star mvp trophy with his performance of SEE. This honor doesn’t need to be shared anymore. When he saw Kevin accepting the award in Taiwan, Iverson said that it was false not to envy, but when Iverson saw his last miss, he knew that there was no chance for this session.
Kevin miraculously made the Eastern Star team win this difficult game by making up the basket with one hand at the last minute. Kevin Totti played 26 minutes today, scored 19 points, 14 assists, 1 rebound and 2 steals. Beautiful data, which should be touted for a few days in normal times, not to mention that Kevin became the second player to complete a triple-double in the Star Game after Michael Jordan.
Of course, if you win the prize, you have to treat me to dinner. Carter, McGrady, Iverson, Hill, Ray Allen and others dragged Kevin to the hotel and gave him a good meal. However, Kevin didn’t feel distressed. He felt that he could get such a big gain in his first star contest without the help of these good friends. Although it was only a few days, everyone established a deep friendship with each other.
Although I am very happy to play these days, it’s a pity that there is no end to the banquet. The next morning, everyone packed their things and went back to their home courts to prepare for a game. Star weekend has been watched as a watershed of the regular season. Most teams will sprint the playoffs after the star game, especially for teams that hope to hit the finals. Even those teams that are at the bottom and self-built hope to find and retain some talents to rise from the new team through Ji ā o.
About a week before the deadline of jiāo Yi, jiāo was easy to produce in the league, but the heavyweight jiāo Yi like last season did not produce teams with higher records in the east and west, such as Lakers, pioneers, Spurs, 76ers, Pacers and other teams. jiāo was easy to come out. After all, they had been running in for more than half a season at the beginning of the season, and their tactics and rotations were on the right track, and they needed to reinforce their positions, and there were no good players in other positions.
The Knicks received many applications for jiāo in succession, among which Ginobili, Da, Lewis and others were all highlighted, but these jiāo were politely rejected by the Knicks. These people are all important players in the Knicks’ team building unless they have enough chips. Otherwise, the Knicks will not move jiāo easily.
Joe Du Masi, the deputy general manager of the Knicks, is now in charge of the Knicks headquarters. After more than half a season’s training, he quickly mastered the general manager’s work diligently from Du Masi. Now most of the time, Miller lets him handle some Knicks affairs alone.
Last season’s champion Knicks surprisingly chose to rebuild at the beginning of the season and put their chips on Kevin Totti and a bunch of players. However, after half of the season, the Knicks achieved great success. Not only did they firmly occupy the top spot in the league, but the new players also quickly integrated into the Knicks, especially this year’s rookie showed good potential.
Du Masi is now able to handle the agents and teams with ease. Because of his own experience, he pays more attention to those players who work hard and train well in teamwork. Now the Knicks are full of such players. Kevin and Ray are all taciturn and hard-working players. Rasheed, Ewing, B Buxi and others are very good team players. With Ginobili, Bowen and other bench bandits, Du Masi feels that it is not impossible to complete the defending.
Before the last jiāo Yi Zhouqi, Du Masi suggested that jiāo should make a few young players get a few experienced veterans to attack a championship. However, Kevin and Miller both rejected this seemingly good suggestion. The championship trophy is indeed very popular, but after giving up the qualification for the championship for a long time in the next five years for one year, Kevin finally felt that it was not worth it. Although he knew that many people in the team would leave in three or five years, he would not sink to a few team skeletons in the Knicks.
Back in new york, Kevin spent a few days with Jesse. Speaking of which, it should be the New Year in China. The gathering place of the Tang people in new york is full of laughter and firecrackers. Kevin also took Jesse to have a good time. Speaking of which, when they were together for almost a year, Kevin stayed with her. I heard that Tomb Raider has entered the final stage. It is estimated that Angelina Jolie will return to the United States in a month or two.
Two days later, the Knicks went away to Toronto to challenge the Raptors. I didn’t expect to see the brothers Carter and McGrady again every few days, but I got a bad news before going to Toronto. Ewing didn’t have a good rest during the star game, and soon fell ill after returning to new york. Although it wasn’t a big máo disease, the doctor’s examination results were expected to rest for 45 days, so Ewing would miss the Raptors two days later and the Timberwolves three days later.
At the same time, the team doctor also suggested that the players should rest in batches, because after dozens of games, the players’ physical strength and J Ρ ng consumption have reached an extreme. Besides, if they can’t maintain good health and get injured at this point, it’s really not worthwhile.
Head coach Hubie Brown also took this suggestion seriously, but most players made many unnecessary mistakes in training the day before. Nai Lao Brown could finish training before and let the players have a rest. After discussing with the team doctor about the Raptors game, Ewing and Ray Allen will appear on the injury list, and Rasheed Wallace and Kevin will also come off the bench. In fact, the first half of the season was enough for the Knicks to get a good playoff seat. The first half was mainly training rather than sprinting.
On February 16th, the Knicks arrived in the cold Toronto. Kevin was almost blown down by the cold wind outside, and clung to his coat. Kevin followed the bus and just arrived at the hotel. Soon after, Carter and McGrady called directly.
"hey! Kevin didn’t expect us to meet so soon. I knew you could have come to Toronto directly, so you wouldn’t have to run back and forth, "Carter said with some teasing."
"Ha ha! Seeing that you welcome me so much, I will eat less of you today! " Kevin smiled at Carter and said
"ha! You want to get revenge so soon! Ok, how much can you eat? I don’t believe you can eat me! " Carter said nonchalantly
"Who said it was a person who lost more than a dozen brothers!"
Chapter seventy-seven A victory over the Raptors
Chapter seventy-seven I m: o wins the raptors
Carter was not killed by Kevin after all. He went to dinner with Rashid and Ginobili that night. Although they were still rivals, it did not hinder their friendship. It was also a great pleasure for several people to sit together and chat.
Today, in addition to Carter, the landlord also has his cousin McGrady. Now McGrady is still the second-in-command in the Raptors, but he is familiar with history. Kevin knows that McGrady is going to magic to reach the peak of his career in the next decade. At this time, McGrady is still a shy and sleepy man, and Kevin and others have to train early to return to the hotel to rest.
On the evening of February 16th, the Knicks arrived at the home of the Raptors at the Canadian Aviation Center, and the Raptors boss "Dragon King" Carter had been waiting for a long time. In addition to his good brothers McGrady, Antonio Davis and Wesley also gave Kevin good fire support. Compared with the Raptors, the Knicks’ situation today is not very second. Ewing, the Gorilla, and Ray, the Jun Jian, all appeared on the injury list. Rasheed and Kevin are also substitutes, and their strength is much worse than that of the Raptors.
Today, the Knicks’ starting center is the "dead eye". Thomas I m o striker Lewis shooting guard Ginobili point guard Schell said that Schell’s performance has not reached the expected result this season, averaging 42 points and 32 assists per game. At present, Alston, the third substitute of the Knicks’ No.1 position, can also get 4 points and 15 assists per game. Now Alston and Schell are almost equally divided. The Knicks’ top management has already had doubts about Schell Robert Horry. Do these two players really deserve Sprewell?
In the first game, Ginobili took the lead in breaking through the basket, but Carter broke through the dunk and returned the favor. Now Carter is becoming more and more mature. The new core star player of the team, Carter, is still very powerful in the game. Today, Carter and Ginobili are playing against each other. Although it seems that Ginobili looks like Bicart has lost an I m 4 o lap, it won’t hurt much to really play against each other.
Although Scheer’s scoring ability is average, he still has some skills in the ball. Although he is also a substitute in the Lakers, Phil Jackson is ready to straighten him out. Although he can’t do SEE in the No.1 position of the Lakers in Rischel, his ball is still very good
Carter received McGrady’s cut basket and was pulled by Ginobili. Carter made two free throws and made two dunks to equalize the score, but then Thomas relied on the frontcourt rebounds and dunks to succeed. After the game, the Raptors didn’t suppress the Knicks’ absence of Kevin and other main players. The scores of the two teams were still Ji ā o. However, this good day didn’t last long. After McGrady hit two jumpers in a row, Ginobili basket was blocked by Antonio Davis. Carter picked up the ball and killed it to dunk at half time, which also caused Lewis’s foul. In the second quarter of Toronto, Ricart scored
In the second quarter, Old Brown changed Rasheed and Kevin Bowen one after another, and also replaced Lewis. Kevin played a horse to assist Rasheed to complete a catch, and then stole the ball in Curry and made it 2+1. Carter came out and hit a jumper again. After Ginobili missed the jumper, Carter made two free throws and sent three big offenders to rest.
Speaking of it, director Ewing has become a qualified starting center. Although he can’t play basketball again and has too dominant performance, he often plays beautiful blocks by relying on his strength. But perhaps he is too eager to show what he has, and he will always be cheated by the opponent’s fake action, and almost every game will be full, but the great progress is still amazing
As a result, the Knicks line became weaker immediately. Wells and Antonio Davis both stormed the line continuously. Old Brown could make Rasheed Wallace the center position, and Robert Horry the power forward to temporarily relieve the pressure on the line, and then change to B not to defend the wind and water. McGrady changed Ginobili for Lagabar to defend Carter.
Old Brown’s substitution finally got the effect. Kevin and Rasheed Wallace sat in the Knicks and slowly equalized the score. At half-time, the two sides tied at 47. Kevin scored 7 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 steals at half-time. However, Carter on the Raptors side has scored 22 points. If Carter’s efficiency is used to estimate the game, he will be 4+. Unfortunately, it is impossible for Old Brown not to defend him. Although the Knicks’ line defense is much weaker due to the absence, the Knicks and Bruce Bowen also have the front line. Now, even if you don’t rely on Bowen’s single defense ability, it is one of the best in the league. Plus the talented defender Lagabel can say that the Knicks’ defensive strength is very strong.
Kevin showed a strong offensive in the first half of another battle in a different place, but the Raptors changed their tactics. McGrady came to defend Kevin. His defensive ability is also very good. Although Se can’t completely contain Kevin’s attack, it will bring him some trouble. Sure enough, Kevin is not physically strong, and he is stuck with McGrady. The Knicks’ attack has been repeatedly blocked. At this time, he just needs to be able to come out, and today he is an unexpected guy, Lagabel.
Ragabel had a good time with the Knicks, but he often got opportunities in the rotation. Seeing Ginobili’s performance more and more, Ragabel became more and more anxious, hoping to have a chance to show that he finally got the chance today.
After Kevin scored a goal, Lagerball stepped back and hit a three-pointer to defend him. Carter was unexpectedly drilled by Lagerball for a moment, which broke the original deadlock. After Dubai missed a three-pointer, Kevin grabbed the backboard and threw it directly to Lagerball, who ran in front. Although Carter followed Lagerball closely, he was not afraid to dunk with one hand, which also caused Carter to foul. After hitting the free throw, the Knicks actually entered the final quarter with Lagerball 2+1 leading by five points.
Today, Old Brown was very satisfied with the Knicks players’ performance. In the absence of two main players, he relied on more than half of the substitutes to fight against the eastern strong teams such as the Raptors. This is what he didn’t expect before the game. Kevin and Rasheed Old Brown shook their heads and replaced Horry and Alston in the last quarter. There was no way to replace them. Who told the Knicks that four people entered the star?
Other old Browns forgot that although the Knicks, the main force, were physically exhausted, Carter, the main player of the Raptors, also participated in the three-star weekend, and now he is tired.
Carter didn’t show up in the fourth quarter. Although the Raptors had several veterans to support them, the Knicks’ momentum was also very strong. The score difference remained around 4 or 6 points. The Knicks had been stubbornly resisting their opponents to chase points. Carter, Kevin and others also returned to the game. By 4 minutes and 4 seconds, Cattell CIC had tied the score to 792, and the Raptors were 5 points behind the Knicks. At this time, the Knicks Rasheed, Lewis, Ginobili and others also returned to the game. Lewis received Kevin’s assist and hit a three-pointer. Although McGrady also scored three points, Kevin also hit a three-pointer. Kevin Lee’s breakthrough ability kept pressing, and he succeeded in winning the Knicks 199 with Rasheed’s dunk at the last moment.
The Knicks’ six-man double Kevin scored a maximum of 22 points, 12 assists and 4 rebounds. Lagabar scored 11 points, Rasheed Wallace scored 15 points, Ginobili scored 14 points, Lewis scored 13 points, Kurt Thomas scored 1 point and 5 rebounds.
Carter scored a game-high 34 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, but made 4 mistakes. Cousin McGrady scored 2 points and sent 3 assists and 3 steals.
After this game, the Knicks got a day off and returned to their home court to meet the challenge of the Timberwolves, a strong western team.
Chapter seventieth Rest by Order
Chapter seventieth Rest by Order
After beating the Raptors away from home, the Knicks will play the next three games at home. The opponents are the Timberwolves led by Gart, the 76 ers led by Iverson and the I ? O Bulls led by Finley. These three teams are all relatively good teams at present. The Timberwolves and I ? Bulls are all in the front of the West, and the 76 is only behind the Knicks.
The Knicks are still at the top of the list, but now all teams hope to put the Knicks Lamar.
Although Ewing still has a cold, Ray Allen has been able to return. After nearly a week’s rest, Ray Allen’s state has almost recovered, but a bigger problem has arisen because Kevin is not playing in this game.
Kevin also ran for three days in the weekend. Although one game came on as a substitute, he also played in the fourth quarter. Kevin stayed in the game almost normally. The next day after the game, Kevin felt sore and backache all over, and the situation was not good. Kevin rushed to the team doctor to check, and then asked Old Brown for leave and missed afternoon training.
In fact, Kevin’s body is already in a state of high fatigue, which is worse than that of former Ray Allen. The team doctor means to rest for 71 days.