"Odbo, can you stop … fighting … with your teeth!" Wang xing players slowly turned their heads and looked at their friends in front of them, but at the moment, Song players could not hear anything. In his eyes, there was a white S figure that gradually climbed out of the black S hole.
"pa! !” With a slap in the face, the wang xing player severely slapped the Song player’s face, and then there was a series of slaps. In a few seconds, he dumped the other party for three or four slaps. These slaps were loud and heavy, and the Song player’s face was red, but there was no doubt that he slapped the Song player awake.
"Pharaoh! Why did you hit me! " Covering his swollen cheeks, Odbo resented staring at his old friend in front of him more than the undead nearby, and he temporarily forgot it.
"What are you doing? What’s that guy in the back! It’s the undead! Why are you still stupid? Run! !” Lao Wang looked at Lao Song angrily, but in a moment he was cursing, because in front of him, Lao Song turned his body around very quickly and ran back instantly. This speed made Lao Wang have the idea that this guy ran so fast, and this idea was replaced by regret for a moment, because if he didn’t wake up, he might have been left behind as a shield, but now he is left behind, so Lao Wang has the idea of slapping himself hard. Of course, his horse left this idea behind and ran all his strength towards the eastern passage with his legs.
"The undead! There are dead people! The dead are coming! " At this moment, if we can catch the old friend running in front, Lao Wang will definitely tell each other why the flowers are so red, and at the same time secretly swear that if we encounter such a situation later, he will never wake up the other party because of Lao Song’s shouting, and then a large number of players will stand in the way and look directly, so that Lao Wang’s running speed will drop suddenly. At the same time, Lao Wang will be pulled by players from time to time and ask questions, for example, at this time.
"The undead? Where are the dead? Where is the undead? " Lao Wang listened to the player’s problem of dragging his arm, and he couldn’t wait to give the other person an ear scrape to let him go, but when he looked at the other person’s rising muscles several levels higher than himself, he had to point to the back and say
"The undead is behind! I just saw "Lao Wang’s words just fell and a quivering bone hit the rear, and then a seemingly weak undead appeared in front of them."
"What? Such rubbish and an undead scare you like this! True md is two wastes! " I despise you, uncle player, and look at Lao Wang with your eyes, and then drag Lao Wang’s hand loose and rush towards the undead to prepare an axe to chop the other person to death. I hate it, so what is it that Lao Wang and them "cheat" out of hatred?
"Don’t! Don’t go The undead came out of the tunnel, and there’s more to come! " It’s a pity that before Lao Wang finished, the player rushed to the face of the undead, and the axe was severely chopped towards the skeleton. The undead was directly hit by the axe and split into several powders from head to toe. In the distance, Lao Wang saw this scene and his eyes almost popped out.
"I depend! This guy is so fierce! " Not only was Lao Wang shocked in his heart, but even the player who waved that axe was amazed. He couldn’t believe that he could chop up an undead with one axe. This was an incredible event for him, but in a moment, the player had an impulse to cry. Because the chopped powder spun around his body in an instant, he rushed into his mouth and counted the gray S bone powder. In the player’s painful eyes, he rushed into his body and finally formed a series of bone spurs to blow up from his body.
"If I had known, I would have listened to that uncle and ran away!" This is the last thought of this player, and Lao Wang couldn’t wait to give himself an ear scrape at this moment, because he missed the best opportunity to escape. He watched it in situ and turned around and ran again. Lao Wang soon met a new player, and this player also saw the skeleton demon that fell behind Lao Wang more than 100 meters away, but it looked like a low-level skeleton warrior. It didn’t look like the terrible monster that killed a player from the body just now.
"Is it not an undead? Brothers, what are you running for? Everybody turn around and kill him! " When Lao Wang was followed by more than five players, they all found that there was an undead behind them all the time, so a player felt a little humbled and was chased by an undead. It was a shame to run away in such a hurry. When he suggested that the five players who followed Lao Wang all turned around and rushed behind.
"Don’t! That guy is for monsters! Come back! You idiots! " Lao Wang shouted, but those players didn’t care much about his shouting. One player made a gesture of contempt towards Lao Wang and despised him for being timid and afraid to reincarnate.
But in a moment, two of the five players rushed over and fled back in a panic. Their faces were extremely frightened, and the players who despised Lao Wang were extremely lucky to escape back, but their faces were almost like frightened quails. They even rolled and crawled behind Lao Wang, crying in their mouths, crying that their father and mother were as miserable as they were
"I told you long ago that guy was a monster!" Lao Wang ran in front and glanced back at his heart and said, especially when he looked at that gesture and despised his player. He now has the guts to grab the other side and say, "The demo is always right!" The idea was just a moment, and Lao Wang’s eyes turned to panic, because he saw more dead gray behind the skeleton demon, and the dead slowly pushed forward like ho water.
"The undead! ! ! !” The squeal roar came from Lao Wang’s mouth, and then he ran towards an safe place like he hated his parents for not giving himself more legs. The two lucky players also screamed at the same time and ran with Lao Wang’s footsteps.
If the old Song newspaper jng made some players feel strange, now the old Wang Yin is completely breaking this strange atmosphere. Those players who didn’t run at jng bell have an impulse to scratch their ears at the moment because they missed the best escape. When the huge army of undead appeared, many players tragically found that they were surrounded by undead who wanted to run, but they couldn’t run away. The huge number of undead drowned out in the ruins like ho water, and the players screamed and were killed by the undead. Of course, they fled in a panic in the ruins.
"Whoo! !” Heavy breathing in Lao Wang’s mouth and dirty hands. Now he has been completely naked all the way. Everything he can take off and put into his backpack has been delayed, or he simply lost it because his backpack is full. Now it is far more important for him to save his life than those junk equipment. If things in his backpack are not killed, he can spend money to buy them back. However, if things are hung up, it is estimated that there will be no hard work in the past six months.
Actually, if the ground is flat, if there are fewer obstacles on the ground, maybe Lao Wang can summon war horses to speed up the running, but the so-called road in the ruins of lava city is almost gone. Now he is rushing this main road, which is hard for players to clean up. There are many huge rocks that are difficult to carry. Although many rocks have been broken and dragged away to build a defense, there are still many rocks left in the ruins of lava city as a stumbling block to prevent players from escaping. At this moment, they used to run behind Lao Wang. There is only one player left between the two players, the player who once made a gesture of contempt to Lao Wang tripped on the road and then there was no more. Although the fall did not cause him much damage, it was extremely unfortunate that a stone appeared on his thigh when he fell.
Of course, Lao Wang will never admit that the stone kicked by himself, but it was just that he slipped and slipped. However, there is no doubt that this rock suddenly appeared in the player’s thigh and hurt his leg when he fell. He will limp for a short time and there is no way to run quickly. At this time, the injury is absolutely fatal. Of course, he will eventually fall with the dead wood monster running behind him, and then there will be no more.
Lao Wang directly chose to look at the angry curse for the screams coming from his ears, and he also chose to read in his mouth that the dead friends will not die and be original. Lao Wang continued to run wildly, while the other player who once wanted to stop and help the player fall finally chose to run with Lao Wang when he saw the palm of the skeleton demon put on the player’s shoulder.
At that moment, the only mood of the player who fell behind and was unfortunately shouldered by the deadwood monster was resentment. The stone that was slipped to the thigh by Lao Wang’s heart, or resentment, was just the bastard. If he was resentful, he would eventually have to face a problem, that is, hitting his shoulder and cheeks gradually approaching his deadwood monster.
"Don’t come here! Stay back! Or I’ll hammer you to death! " The player’s face was almost scared together, but he couldn’t help but turn his head and let out a roar at the skeleton demon, which was his last sound. Then he saw the skeleton demon’s big mouth clicking and counting bone powder. At that moment, he rushed out of the big mouth and got into the player’s body, and then with a burst of bone spurs, there were several holes in his body. The player was covered in blood and fell to the ground, and the blood was absorbed by those bone spurs after flowing for a while, and finally slowly poured into the skeleton demon’s body to make it rot. There have been some changes in the old bones and bones demon, which used to be like a skeleton warrior. Some flesh appeared on the old bones demon’s body, which made him look more like a shriveled mummy than a skeleton warrior. However, no matter what he looks like, this guy is extremely horrible to Lao Wang who ran in front of him and could not be killed.
Fortunately, Lao Wang will be free soon, because he is approaching the end of this rush trip. When he saw the soldiers and dwarf soldiers in Berkner Town lined up in front of him, Lao Wang was moved by tears of joy. Of course, when Lao Wang rushed into the security point, the skeleton demon who had been chasing behind them stopped, and then slowly retreated before everyone watched until it disappeared in a huge ho bigger than the undead.
At this time, Lao Wang has reported the information he learned about the undead to the temple paladin intermittently, listening to the trivial words in his ear. Paladin Sean kept having problems with Lao Wang.
"You said that the undead was split up after being hit, and then a pile of powder rushed into the traveler’s mouth, and finally the bone spur killed the traveler?"
"yes ~! Yes! If you don’t believe me! You can ask him! " Lao Wang pointed to the player who fled back with him and said that this player was actually closer to the skeleton demon than Lao Wang because he tried to attack each other with several other people.
"yes! That’s it! A few other people and I tried to attack that monster before, but the root of the weapon chopped at it couldn’t hurt each other. Although it was directly chopped into powder by us, the powder got into the mouths of three people at the same time. If I hadn’t hid quickly with another person, I would have died together! " The player named Li Qiang said that his hands kept waving, and then he found that the paladin was looking at himself in a strange way, and his eyes were constantly shining with gold S.
"How do I feel so painful!" Looking at the eyes of Kim S, Li Qiang suddenly felt that some parts of his body were stinging. Then he found that the paladin pulled out his weapon and then a sword struck him. Then he didn’t know anything. But this player named Li Qiang didn’t know it. It doesn’t mean that Lao Wang didn’t see it. When he found that the paladin Sean pulled out his weapon, he knew there was a problem. But he didn’t expect that the problem would be so serious that he followed himself all the time. This player suddenly turned into a bloody undead and still very fresh undead. A flesh-and-blood undead who just tore off his body surface and jumped out of the player’s body.
However, in the face of a paladin, it doesn’t make sense for such a flesh-and-blood undead to jump out, because the paladin directly chopped the just-jumped undead into ashes with a sword, and the sacred flame burned up a big living person or a flesh-and-blood undead with a height of more than one meter, which was chopped by a sword in a short time and then burned into ashes less than one centimeter thick.
"You! Clean up the ashes! " After leaving this sentence, Sean left Lao Wang alone, because he didn’t find evil breath in Lao Wang, but Lao Wang didn’t move for a long time after listening to the words, and then he collapsed to the ground with a limp foot.
"I wipe! If I had known, I wouldn’t have had a bloody mode. md is always scared to pee! Oooo ~ ~ "Lao Wang rubbed his face hard and retched a few times to make his stiff face recover. At the moment when Li Qiang’s body was torn from the inside, Lao Wang’s only feeling was that this md was too horrible. In retrospect, he still felt horrible and disgusting, so he finally didn’t listen to Sean and disposed of the ashes. Of course, even if he didn’t handle it, it would be fine. There could be no evil forces left in Sean’s horrible sacred power attack root. All traces from skeletons and demons were clearly understood.
However, although he killed a bloody skeleton made by a skeleton demon, Sean’s mood didn’t change too much, because these bloody skeletons were hard to find before they were sent out, and there was no other way to escape back to the defense except to investigate by magic. It would be very troublesome to investigate thousands of players one by one, but Sean had to do this work. Three paladin bishops with him released a large-scale magic to investigate these players. In less than five minutes, hundreds of bloody skeletons were found and taken away, and they had been planted with bloody skeletons when they didn’t know it.
Of course, some players are still found to be aware when they are treated with magic to treat those kinds of quilts planted in players’ bodies. The only feeling of players is that some ashes emerge from their bodies, but they don’t know that these ashes will kill them. This is a means of killing skeletons. Actually, compared with the horrible bone spurs, these bloodless attacks are the most deadly. People planted with bloody skeletons don’t know what attacks they have suffered until the bloody skeletons are fully mature, and they will find that their bodies have been occupied by something else.
In fact, those bloody skeletons that have been killed are only the initial growth. For players, it may take a while for the bloody skeletons to grow up, and they will find out, but they can’t get rid of this horrible thing. To be continued.
The first volume Pao Chapter four hundred and sixty-nine Roar! Dragon Knights (2)
When Latamius, the Bones Demon, had no choice, he slowly dug up the road leading to the eastern city, but the excavation process was very slow, because he felt that his strength was not strong enough, so he collected the whole lava city to find the remains of the bodies, and then helped the undead caster to summon the dead world and the undead hell to strengthen his hands.
Of course, this short-term reinforcement can’t have an effect on the high-level undead. The Bones Devil hopes to strengthen the low-level cannon fodder so that it won’t be killed in an instant. After all, nearly half of the more than 30,000 undead summoned by the Bones Devil are five or six levels of garbage. If the former Bones Devil must have crushed and absorbed these undead, now he can choose to strengthen these garbage and turn them from low-level cannon fodder into high-level cannon fodder.
However, there is another idea in Bones Devil’s heart, that is, to summon those undead hands from the ruins of Dongcheng District after digging through the tunnel, but this is obviously unlikely because the dwarves or the guardians guarding the tunnel will not leave themselves trouble and danger. If you want to find the trail of undead, hundreds of players will flock to beat them up and turn them into slag completely.
For some players, the ruins in Dongcheng District of Lava City are the best place to search for treasures, because here you can find a damaged dwarf magic weapon, and you can make a lot of money if you find a handle. Actually, after the victory of the battle or the disappearance of the hundred-eyed giant from the earthly world, many players scavengers tried to enter the ruins in Dongcheng District, but most of them were stopped by the dwarves until the dwarves left most of them in the ruins and collected the materials they could find.
Although many players are very dissatisfied with this, after all, lava city is a dwarf’s territory, even if lava city has become a ruin at this moment. After the dwarves cleaned it up, players turned the whole lava city ruin upside down again. All the rock materials that can be found were collected by players, and the rocks were sent back to the spellcasters to reinforce the wall metal materials, while they were sold to dwarves or Berkner Town for gold coins at low prices. At the entrance to the lava city ruins, hundreds of players held up cards to buy various things. Whether it’s magic weapons or all kinds of materials, it’s better than the blood left by Baimu Giant. However, it’s good to find some of the former, and even if it is found, it’s hard to put it away. The most important thing is that the blood of Baimu Giant contains power, which is very evil. When ordinary players get close, the only feeling is that they want to kill people around them. Therefore, most players who find blood are not necessarily lucky, and they may become very unfortunate.
Up to now, there are more than a dozen players who have found the blood left by the Baimu Giant, but seven of them have survived and successfully sold none of them. Most of the time, these players are dragging their wounds and slowly moving to the entrance, reporting the location of the blood to the two paladins stationed here in the morning temple. Even the paladins in the temple dare not approach this blood full of strong evil breath. Although the battle has passed for almost half a month, the blood of the Baimu Giant is still very fresh and there are few ordinary people. Blood turns black after it dries up like that, but even if it doesn’t dry up, the blood of a hundred-eyed giant is still black, and it’s still that kind of darkness, such as jet black, which will dye the rock like coal.
At the same time, there are not many rocks that are found to be covered with the blood of the hundred-eyed giant, because the evil breath in the blood of the hundred-eyed giant is so strong that even if the bishop of the Temple of Dawn blocks them to block the breath, the magic will be polluted to black in a short time. Se, the rocks covered with the blood of the hundred-eyed giant can only be transported after being sealed in a special material box, and dozens of seals engraved with gods must be added in those special materials to prevent the evil breath from leaking out. This kind of box-making material is constantly infused with divine power during forging, so when these materials are successfully made, it will almost naturally emit a strong sacred atmosphere. The Dawn Temple is dedicated to placing important objects and sealing evil objects. Each temple has this technology. The only difference is that the sources of divine power are different when it is infused into metal. At the same time, the boxes made after different divine forces are infused into metal also have special effects. For example, the temple of life has a very powerful effect on keeping living things.
For example, now the dwarves come to protect the old king’s body, and the source of the coffin is the temple of life, which is full of life and divine power. Metal can protect the old king’s body, but it should have enough magic power. It should be said that his body will not rot for ten or twenty years, even for one hundred or two hundred years. Of course, it was covered with the old king’s body before. If the coffin cover is not hit, then after more than ten years of protection, it will suddenly come into contact with air, and some decay will still occur.
It took Chen Kai a lot of money to get the coffin of the dwarf king in the chapel of the Lord’s Mansion in Berkner Town. After all, the temple of life is not a place to produce coffins, and this kind of metal and material containing the divine power of life is not used to make coffins. If Rola Chen didn’t want to get this coffin, let alone spend money, even if he exchanged the top magic crystal, he might not be able to change it, and maybe he would be spat on his face.
There is a faint sacred light in the chapel, which is the result that Chen Kai and Su Wan have been praying. Both of them are the knights of the Temple of Dawn, especially Chen Kai or the knights of God’s grace. The prayers of the knights of the stars have generated a constant blessing. After such a long time, the whole chapel has accumulated a lot of sacred power, which is enough for low-level small demons and undead to smoke in an instant when they step in here. Of course, there can be no small demons or undead in the heavily guarded Berkner Town Lord’s House, and there are two dwarf kings in heavy armor at the exit of the chapel. It is difficult for others to get close to here except Chen Kai to come
Of course, Chen Kai is not in the chapel now, but in the highest dragon nest in Berkner Town, beside him, and Andre Bass. The reason why they want to be in the dragon nest is simple: they are waiting for someone.
"Andre brother! Is there a mistake? It’s been almost an hour. Why hasn’t it arrived yet? " Chen Kai looked up at the distant horizon with his head up. There were no visitors in his sharp sight. Not far away, Donnie slapped his paw on his mouth and yawned. Then he slowly got up from the ground and stretched himself. The tail flicked and the air was hissing.
"Keep waiting!" Andre didn’t look at ll, but his heart had cursed Gavaron Cook several times. At the same time, he slowly flew to Berkner with twelve dragon knights. Gavaron Cook, the dragon knight, sneezed several times in the middle. The high school cold air blew in his ear and his cloak was stuck to his armor in the Gangfeng wind.
"mom! That guy Andre must be scolding me! Ficker blames you for eating so much last night! " Gavaron Cook patted himself on the back of Feilong, but his words attracted Feilong’s dissatisfaction, and the dragon roared in the middle with anger.
"all right! All right! Ficker, I know I drank too much and I don’t blame your head office when I was delayed!
"Listen to the ear from the mount roar and walloon face Se is a little depressed. After all, the dragon knight can generally hear the roar of the mount white, especially after ficker’s roar, the surrounding dragons are making a low roar as if they were United for walloon.
"Ow ~ ~ ~" seemed to hear Gavalon’s apology. Feilong ficker growled and then swooped to the side. At the same time, he led twelve Feilong knights to appear in Berkner Town from high altitude through thick clouds.
At the same time, the ground was just preparing the stairs, and Donnie seemed to hear something. He raised his head and made a loud roar toward the middle, and floated toward the middle with a strong breath. Then Donnie waved his wings and jumped into the high dragon nest and flew directly into the middle. At the same time, after Donnie flew up, another dragon, Xiaojin, also jumped out of the room and followed Donnie’s wings to meet the sky. At the same time, he showed Berkner Town his territory and found two little dragons who swooped down from it.
However, when ficker heard Donnie and Xiaojin roar, his eyes suddenly lit up, and it seemed that he remembered the owners of these two sounds. For dragons, although they were called rich and vigorous in different growth periods, there were some special things that would not change like human accents. Although ficker had not seen two little guys for a long time, after hearing the sound, Ma recalled it and sent a loud sound to the side from the middle. Long Ming was like seeing two little brothers and sisters for a long time.
Ficker sounded like a floodgate, and dragons roared one after another in the whole day, and Chen Kai and others also saw more than a dozen figures appear in the sky. However, at this moment, in the middle of the game, Gavaron Cook was depressed and wanted to make a magnificent appearance. As a result, now he is sitting in ficker and greeting two little guys, and he braked directly in the middle of the game. If he called, he didn’t get a response. ficker simply ignored him, as did other dragons.
In the end, a dozen flying dragon knights finally landed safely. Of course, the area of the dragon nest is limited, which can accommodate several flying dragons. Therefore, more flying dragon knights directly let their mount friends land in front of the Lord’s House in Berkner Town. Little Square has set up a number of huge food troughs specially for flying dragons in Little Square, but there is a flame dish cooked by the poor dwarf. Because Chen Kai found that two little guys like this food very much, he thought of this dish to entertain these flying dragon knights, and their mounts were Chen at the same time. Kay is also very much looking forward to those dragon knights eating this kind of flame cooking, because most of the time, if they have never eaten anything, their master dragon knights will also eat some by the way and eat it first
Gavalon also looked at being brought to the plate. His face was a little strange. Although it smelled good in his nose, he always felt that Andre and Llewellyn were smiling strangely. But when he looked at ficker’s expectant eyes, Gavalon chose to cut a piece of meat and put it in his mouth. Then Gavalon felt a fierce fire element burst out of his mouth, and then he couldn’t help but open his mouth. A slender one was more than a flame and jumped out of his mouth directly.
"This md something! Ahem! ! !” Gavalon kept coughing. It was the first time he ate this kind of food. He was unexpectedly caught in the preparations. In fact, not only he but also other dragon knights were caught.
"This is a good thing! Black dwarf flame cuisine! Only when you have a festival can you eat extreme food! " Andre teased Gavalon, then cut himself a piece of barbecue and put it in his mouth to chew slowly. He cut a small piece of meat because he had eaten this kind of barbecue, and he felt the element of fire churning in his mouth, and he felt a small flame spewing out from his nostrils.
"What a good thing! Can this thing be eaten? " Look at Andre’s nostrils, flames wafted out, and the face of Valon became very strange. But he soon found that there was a scuffle behind him. It turned out to be several dragons fighting for the barbecue. The Dragon Knight repeatedly tried to stop Donnie and Xiaojin from picking up two huge animal legs and running away. For the dragons, this kind of food containing the power of fire elements is extremely to their taste. Of course, ll will not prepare too many flame dishes. Even if Berkner Town has more money, it can’t stand the consumption of 50 kilometers. There are more than 30 kilograms of meat pieces in the end, and there are too many things to eat. It is really not cost-effective. The most important thing is that once these meat pieces are cooled, they contain fire elements, which will naturally dissipate and have no taste after reheating.
"Of course you can eat! All right! Welcome to Berkner Town! " Although Andre is not the owner here, he still reached out to Gavalon and hammered him hard in the other side’s chest.
"You’re not the host here. Why do I want you to welcome me? Yes! Kaichen! " Gavalon slapped Andre’s hand and then tried to slap Chen Kai’s shoulder. As a result, he found that Chen Kai’s three-meter-tall body was beyond his reach.
"Welcome! Gavalong Pavilion! " Chen Kai naturally knew that Gavalon was embarrassed. In fact, Bath tried to slap him on the shoulder several times, but he was extremely depressed and gave up. Only when he made the spell shrink himself could Bath get past the addiction of slapping the half-giant’s shoulder.
Just as Berkner Town is welcoming a group of dragon knights, some players in the ruins of the lava city in the world are closing in on their fighting power near the exit of the crack tunnel. After repeated sweeps by players, the chances of finding good things here are very low, but there are still many scavengers who are willing to take pains. After all, compared with grabbing things from monsters through fierce fighting, the number of things picked up is much higher. The most important thing is that you need sharp eyes and run fast enough, so you don’t need to have too strong strength.