Just now, the masked man threw a sleep powder Grenade, and at the same time, Longye had his super power under control. He was knocked down before the sleep powder affected him to fall asleep directly. The cursed doll has disappeared. Just now, when the masked man threw the Grenade, he took it back into the elf ball.
I have to say that this juggling skill is flexible, so you can do so many things at the same time in just a blink of an eye.
At this time, the evolutionary state of mega was released, and Aerodactyl praised it and took it back to the elf ball. It seems that it was a very English decision to take the Aerodactyl elf ball with you before, otherwise we don’t know what it will be like today.
Come to the sleeping mask man’s side, Longye unceremoniously picked the key stone of the Muppet evolution in his arms, and then released it, cursed the doll before waking up, and took it into fossils.
These things are not going to be exchanged for other kinds of ultra-advanced fossils through unified recycling. Now there are enough elves in Longye who can mega-evolve, and there is no point in adding another one.
"It’s rare for evolutionary keystone and ultra-advanced fossil to be paired and left in your hand, which may come later."
Put away your fight, Ryuno, and Nazi tied the masked man and threw it into Super Archer 3.
"I want to see what this masked man looks like." Nazi took off the mask curiously.
It’s a common face. Longye is sure that he has never seen each other, but it’s normal. Longye just came to Carlos to know each other, that is, how can those people who appear in the animation know each other casually?
The driver super water turtle No.3 Longye and his party escorted the masked man to the nearest police station and told Officer Jenny about the situation. After that, Longye directly handed the masked man over to Officer Jenny. At this time, the masked man was awake and Junsha directly took him to the interrogation room for interrogation.
A masked man wanted to argue, but Officer Jenny soon found a similar case from the police station network file. The reporter was also an elf trainer, and he also encountered the matter of threatening to fight and then robbing the super-fossil.
The informant described the criminal as exactly like the masked man, and he finally had nothing to say.
Although the masked man admitted to robbing other super-fossils, he didn’t say a word about the whereabouts of those super-fossils and whether he was organized or not.
"According to the information we have now, this masked man must have been manipulated by an organization. They planned to rob the single trainer of the fossils. This organization must be so powerful that even if he was caught, he would not dare to disclose it to the organization information."
Officer Jenny told them the result of the trial seriously, and Officer Jenny also told them, "Mr. Longye, you may have been watched by this mysterious organization. Please be more careful when traveling in the future. If you hear from them, please inform our police immediately."
"I will definitely cooperate with the police." Longye got up and shook hands with Miss Junsha and said.
After leaving the police station, Nazi said cautiously, "Longye, should we let the source team investigate that mysterious organization?"
"No," Longye shook his head. "The source team’s ability in Carlos is not much better than that of the police. It is difficult to find each other’s true identity. After this time, the other party should have found out my identity. It is very unlikely to start again."
Because Longye has the status of honorary champion of Fengyuan, it is two different things from the robbery of several ordinary trainers. If something happens to him here in Carlos, it will definitely cause widespread public opinion. It is not worthwhile for that mysterious organization to have a super-advanced fossil.
In fact, Longye really hopes that those people will continue to trouble themselves, so that he can take the opportunity to harvest several sets of mega evolution props.
"You’d better take the two main elves with you. If there is an emergency, it’s still too slow for the Super Arrow Turtle No.3 elf to lose the system," said Na Zixin.
Longye nodded seriously. Although he won’t be afraid of possible enemies, he won’t be too arrogant to be prepared.
It turns out that the analysis of Longye is correct. After a while, Longye never met a man who wanted to rob the super-fossil like the masked man.
Chapter 639 Zygarde Cell
It’s been a week since the mask man was solved. In this week, Longye has been expecting someone to come and gamble with himself in the super-advanced fossils. Unfortunately, he waited for so long in vain but no one appeared.
Since the other party is no longer looking for trouble, Longye can temporarily put this matter aside and turn his attention to other things.
At this time, Longye and them have come to the nearest forest to Gumu Town, and they can reach Gumu Town by walking through this forest.
Once again, I came to the forest dragon field and finally remembered that I had set a goal when I came to Carlos, so that Scorpio King could learn Gulado’s exclusive skills. Cliff Stegosaurus field needs to complete a ground attribute to say that small elves.
In fact, the Carlos area has a ground attribute, saying that there is one elf, and that is Zygarde.
Zygarde, another kind of elf, said that it is normal to live in Carlos area in different States. You can see its complete form because Zygarde is a polymer composed of many cells and individuals, mainly consisting of cells and cores.
The cell core looks like a green worm.
There are a large number of cells in Zygarde, which are distributed in every corner of Carlos. They don’t care about the will and thinking process, and they can’t make moves.
The core part of Zygarde is a kind of brain similar to cells, but it surpasses other cells at the same time. At the core, they have self-awareness and can communicate with other cores through telepathy, and they can also observe other places from the perspective of cells
It is too difficult to find a few palm-sized and invisible cores in the vast Carlos area, so it seems that only the persistent villain scientists of the Flash Flame Team can do it.
Longye now has no research on this elf who has never seen it with his own eyes except knowing some information about Zygarde.
"Zygarde cells are distributed in all parts of Carlos, and they should be found in this forest. I don’t know if defeating them can be considered a miracle."
Longye once asked Tong about it, but Tong Gen didn’t give an answer, but let Longye explore it himself.
Although Zygarde cells are very special in form, they belong to a kind of biology after all. The trees and rocks around them absorb and release energy are definitely different. It is necessary to carry out precise measurement through the super water turtle No.3 surface detection system. Longye is confident to determine the location of Zygarde cells in this forest.
"Boss, is there anything in this forest that can be seen at a glance? Is it necessary to start the super water turtle No.3 detection system? This thing is very troublesome to operate." Meow meow complained while fiddling with the console.
"Stop talking nonsense. When have I ever asked you to do anything?" Longye stared at the screen tightly to display the test results.
"Maybe it is this time …" Meow meow muttered 1 again.
After about 30 seconds, the first test ended, and the screen did not show any abnormal situation. "Boss has nothing."
"No," frowned. "Keep testing. I need more accurate energy comparison results this time."
"Yes, meow, meow, meow" made a funny salute and then quickly fucked up on the console.
The second time, because of the need for more accurate comparative analysis, this time it took much longer than the first time.
After nearly two minutes, the test results finally came out.
"Look, there are really things around here that we can’t see," Nazi said in surprise, pointing to the monitor.
Meow meow smell speech will immediately detect data through special image processing software to make a three-dimensional image, so that the three of them can see more clearly.
Right in front of Super Archean 3, the trunk of that big tree is about 1.5 meters from the ground, and the palm-sized special energy source is very conspicuous.
Not only this one, but also one with such a special energy source, according to the 3-D image on the screen, showing that the super water turtle No.3 is 50 meters away from Fiona Fang.
"Longye, what the hell are these things, invisible elves like kecleon?" Nazi pointed to the screen that thing and asked.
Longye smiled mysteriously. "We won’t tell you what this is for the time being. We’ll take a look at it ourselves."
In Longye, lead Nazi and Meow Meow to the Super Arrow Turtle No.3, and they come to the big tree that shows something invisible.
"Nazi, you have super powers to search that big tree carefully."
After listening to Longye’s words, Nazi released her super power with a grain of salt. Nazi’s strong super power wrapped the whole tree in an instant, and through her keen perception of super power, Nazi found something hidden in an instant.
The super power wrapped the hidden thing in front of her, and Nazi saw the picture through her eyes. I still thought that her super power was trapped in a mass of gas. However, through the super power, Nazi clearly knew that it was some kind of soft and transparent object.
"Is there really something?" Meow meow curiously stretched out his paw, but meow meow meat ball felt something as soft as a water balloon. "What is this, meow?"
Nazi and Meow Meow looked at Longye together. This time Longye was finally no longer sold. "This is the Zygarde cell of the elf in Carlos area."
Then Longye told them what she knew about Zygarde. Nazi and Meow Meow were surprised and opened their mouths. They never thought that there were such strange elves in the world.
"Boss, you said that Zygarde Core can monitor the whole situation of Carlos through these cells distributed in various places in Carlos. So are we also seen by it now?" Meow meow curious asked.
"I don’t know how far Zygarde Cell and Zygarde Core seem to have a special telepathy theory. I don’t know if Zygarde Core is monitoring us through this cell now."
When talking, Longye also reached out and touched an invisible Zygarde. The cells were soft and slippery and felt like a pudding.
First, he was controlled by super powers and left the tree, and then he was touched by Longye and Meow respectively, but this Zygarde cell didn’t react at all as if it were really lifeless.
Chapter 64 Gains and Disappointments
"Is there any way to make it manifest? It’s so strange to face a mass of gas." Nazi turned to Longye for help.
"I can’t make it visible for the time being, but we can help it wear a visible coat."