Master Li once again vetoed "You are an instrument, not a password!"
Mad dog dragon thought again, "If you don’t give a gift this New Year, you will get a demon mirror."
"Brother, alas ….. it seems that you have this mirror edge." Master Pear sighed. "Ah, I remember seeing me, Knox Sass, Demacia, who is afraid of it, can rival the trap, and have everything between life and death."
This password made Mad Dog Dragon want to bow down completely, but a miracle happened.
The magic mirror really sends out a bunch of dazzling bright light as thick as a bowl, and when the steps are swept away, white smoke is constantly emitted.
Mad dog dragon quickly posted "The Sting Order" and took a closer look at those ghosts who were stunned by the light of the demon mirror.
This strong light has a very long range and has been shining at the gate of the imperial city.
However, after those ghosts were wiped out, the earth suddenly shook, which lasted only about 2 seconds, just like a demon mirror shining on some huge wild beast, and now the beast has awakened.
Mad dog dragon is still in doubt, but the gambling master doesn’t care so much "let’s go!" "
Since it is daytime, he will naturally not take the imperial palace. He took the route sideways and bypassed several palaces. After that, the four of them came to a garden.
This garden is very large, although it has long been dilapidated, but pavilions, waterside pavilions, high walls and rockeries are all estimated to be the royal back garden.
"Master, where can I find water?" Mad dog dragon is curious
"Come with me!" Take the lead in gambling and walk deep into the garden. A dry well in several rockeries looms large.
From the outside, it looks like a well. Actually, when you get closer, the eyes of Mad Dog Dragon light up. This wellhead is bigger than a rope, and it is almost 3 meters to the bottom of the well.
The most root is not wet sapropel, but a stone road leading to the distance. This passage is about 2 meters long, and at the end is a stone gate.
The door is also engraved with patterns, and you can vaguely see such a picture by carefully identifying it with the help of hand light
The princess Loulan held up a slender staff as if casting spells in the sky, and several raindrops fell from the sky and merged into a river at her feet.
Push the door and see if it is a river with a width of 5 meters.
Without saying anything, the squatting of the four people was a binge drinking, and at the end of this passage at the door, there was a stone facade still engraved with patterns. Through the picture, it was still the princess Loulan, but her hands were folded as if praying that clouds were engraved on her head.
What does this mean?
Mad dog dragon pushed Shimen did not move.
"It’s strange that two doors are almost in front, but not behind. It’s not a dead end!" The mad dog scratched his head.
He said that gambling is very much in favor of "this is how I talk about the law when I come during the day. This door is the enlightenment."
Li Bai stared at the pattern and said, "Is the ground behind the door?"
Everyone wants to know this problem, but they really can’t figure out a way.
Mad dog dragon carefully observed the pattern before hitting hands. Although it was covered with a lot of dust because of its age, it can be seen that the craftsmanship of carving this picture was extremely high, not only clear but also very fine, even the princess Loulan’s hat and feathers were outlined.
Mad dog dragon touched those lines carefully, as if enjoying an art carefully. When his finger touched the bead on the princess hat, he suddenly felt something different and couldn’t help but press it slightly.
"Hua" a door frame issued a huge friction.
Try pushing Shimen again, and it was beaten.
"The original machine is carving the picture!" Mad dog dragon raised his hand and took the lead in the door.
Behind the second door is not a passage, but a huge darkroom.
This room is particularly exquisite. The floors are made of smooth and neat jade, and the surrounding walls are carved with square stone walls. There is an iron rod in front of each carved painting to support a long lamp.
"I’ll light the lamp!" Master Li volunteered.
After all the long lights were lit, the whole room was as bright as day, but then four people found that the darkroom was really large, at least more than 1000 square meters, but now it seems that the road has come to an end and there is no other import and export.
"Brother Gambling, Sister Pear, let’s see if there are any other exits in this room?"
The three of them also followed the example of mad dog dragon, groping around one by one, trying to find out the machine, but unfortunately they didn’t touch any machine for a long time
On the other hand, if you look closely at the mad dog dragon, 10% of the paintings are carved with Princess Loulan. It seems that there are many movements of the princess, such as casting spells, praying, sitting in meditation and sleeping. These paintings always show the princess’s every move in great detail.
However, there are also some pictures that don’t carve princesses. For example, there is a picture of a mad dog dragon that is very impressive. It is in the mountain temple that several people bow down in front of the god’s case, but there are no objects.
Mad dog dragon’s eyes flashed. He believed that these pictures had a great connection, but after watching them for more than half an hour, the three masters were tired of looking for them and simply sat down to rest.
"A brother ever find out the machine?" Libaichi spiced beef jerky
Mad dog Long Shen said, "From an architectural point of view, this room should be a secret room for recording some kind of sacrifice or ceremony."
"A brother is absolutely right!" Master Li sat down next to Libei and shared beef jerky.
"One brother must have found a way out. It’s easy." The gambling master also got together to share it with two people, and it became obvious that the beef jerky was not enough for three people to grab it.
Mad dog dragon took a left photo and a right photo and didn’t find anything unusual in this secret room.
At that time, he was also confused. If the entrance to the celestial world is in the imperial city according to Wu Dashuai, then the palace must not go. So many of them didn’t find anything in the search. On the contrary, the gambling master found that this water source is very similar to the entrance.
The question is where is the real entrance? How to fight?
Suddenly, he suddenly turned his head and three great poems got up from the ground. There was movement outside Shimen, and the movement was not small.
Not long after, a group of players swarmed in. The first soldier was extremely burly and his armor was glittering, and he was holding a big axe. Only this axe was comparable to a man’s height, and holding it in his hands was like holding a feather duster.
There are more than a dozen people in this group, and there are no other professions besides wizards and care teachers.
Mad dog dragon tried, "General Zhang?"
The first soldier was dazed. "Do you know me?"
"I don’t know!" Mad dog dragon smiled wryly. "It depends on you. If you are not General Zhang, who is?"
"Ha ha ha ha!" General Zhang burst into laughter when he looked up at the sky. The laughter shook the lights and flames around him. "What a vision!"
He lit up the id and it was "General Zhang!"
Mad Dog Dragon has never seen such an imposing warrior, but he already has a feeling that this warrior may have entered the Ninth Continental by himself to meet the most powerful warrior.
Sure enough, General Zhang laughed enough before saying, "I’ll spare you for your vision!"
The mad dog dragon jumped out before he could answer. "The bold thief spoke wildly, robbed me of water during the day and followed me at night."
Mad dog dragon said in horror, "Did he rob you of water?"
"Not him!" Gambling negative pointed to the general Zhang behind way "is the thief behind him"
Behind General Zhang, a bowman proudly said, "Idiot is not robbing the front of the underground river, and you are not the only one who is qualified to scoop water."
"I know it doesn’t belong to one person, but isn’t it despicable for you to drive me away by dint of numbers?"
Archers also laughed. "So what if I keep driving you? Come and bite me? Idiot, you are really an idiot! " to be continued
Chapter two hundred and forty-six General Zhang
"Bastard!" Master Li couldn’t stand it and jumped out. "Shame people are full of nonsense and are stubborn!"