Cosmic game
main body
The first chapter is introduction, the initial understanding of the game.
Layout theory
It’s a game fantasy based on the background of the era in the third year of AD, such as
The earth human beings have made brilliant achievements, formed three major literary styles, namely, the eastern literary style of the earth, the western literary style of the earth and the colonial planetary literary style, and realized the communication status of the mainstream literary style of the whole universe. The technology was extremely developed, and the breakthrough of folding technology and super-is technology was realized.
Due to the constraints of the Universal Alliance calendar of 351 years and the Earth calendar of 297 years, the Universal Alliance signed a permanent armistice agreement, and the Universal Alliance Dafa restricted all militant PK universe regions. All human races expressed strong dissatisfaction with the coordinated and sustainable development of the entire Universal Alliance, and found ways to pour out human spirits and emotions, so as to achieve stability and unity. In the Universal Alliance Congress, we promoted and approved the Universal Alliance Company to produce a super game that almost completely simulated the whole universe and United Wen Chao reality, named "Cosmic Game".
It is expected to design three parts. The first part can be called "The History of Earth Development-Four Holy Weapons Theory". The second "History of Galaxy Construction-Star Revenge"; The third "History of the Cosmic War-Dark Light"
In the first part, the main characters are the stars, the waves, the sky, the banner, the wind chimes, the sunset, the island, the apricot, the sky, the demon flag, the rising sun, Madonna, Green Bush …
The second part is to be narrated
The third part to be narrated
The first part:
The main narrative method is montage. I hope this new story-telling method can be understood and supported by everyone.
The main story has three parts: the first part, the first protagonist’s interstellar wave adventure; The second part is the growth and development of Tianbang; The third part of the battle for the four sacred weapons of the earth
Talk about a career.
In the professional earth, human occupations can be generally classified into six categories, namely, science and technology occupation, warrior occupation, mage occupation, merchant occupation, ranger occupation and other non-combat occupations (including life, art and literature, etc.). If you meet certain requirements, you can learn many other vocational skills outside the occupation. The second part is to be described.
The third part to be narrated
Cosmic United Network Company has developed a super-optical network game with the theme of the universe, which has been widely welcomed by all the stars in Cosmic United Network Company, because this game is based on the different models, habits and lifestyles of 141 major human races, the known game scenes of 1.2 billion stars, and at the same time, according to Pang Dafa’s team’s imagination of the unknown world, many unknown scenes are arranged outside this 1.2 billion stars for players to explore and discover. Once the game was announced by Cosmic United Network Company, it immediately aroused great interest among Cosmic United Network players. Interesting because this game well meets the needs of players to explore and explore the universe, face-to-face contact between alien races, and to understand each other’s race ability and quality. Of course, there is also Star Wars. This game is very generous, and the number of players involved is at least one trillion. This is the most original online game. It is unimaginable that this sensational real simulated universe game can be made thanks to the folding broadcast technology and ultra-high ultra-light technology. In this game, it is difficult to distinguish the boundaries of players’ NPC, so it can be said that it is a fantastic epic giant.
Please follow the footsteps of the master Star Wave and enjoy this fantastic limit.
When the divine light flashed, I heard a mysterious voice saying, "Welcome to Cosmic World". You have chosen the rare ranger career of the earth race. I have respect for you. I hope you can persist until the last dawn of the universe. "
It’s so interesting to say "hold on until the last dawn of the universe". I’m afraid I can’t play the middle way and quit this game or change jobs.
When I came to this game, the first sentence I heard was so thrilling. Fortunately, in reality, I have been intimidated for a long time. Hehe, for a career like Ranger, which is growing very slowly, I should stick to it in the end. People have patience and resilience to play.
Let’s look around first and see what this game scene is like. I can’t help but stay out of the role generation hall. Where is this? Is it a skyscraper, all kinds of flying cars crossing everywhere and passing through the vast sea of people? Is this a game? I tried so hard that my eyes froze. Isn’t this Beijing, the largest city in the East? However, it’s a bit different from how the means of transportation changed to flying cars. The skyscrapers are too high to see the top. What should I do now? What is suitable for my job? Going to the game experience must be an upgrade to kill monsters, but it doesn’t look like a monster zone at all, does it? I was staring blankly when I suddenly heard a female voice behind me and asked
"hey! Are you an NPC or a player? "
When I entered this game, I became a friend of NPC. My eyes were not quite that. I turned around angrily and tried to send a horse but shut up. Oh, a beautiful woman. A standard oriental beauty style. Black hair, snow-white skin, tall and slim. In front of me, the breeze blows her white dress. The most wonderful thing is that her eyes are flashing with mysterious light.
Ma Bai came over. This must be a religious professional player. There is no way that all female occupations in online games are beautiful women, especially in this cosmic game. The professional settings of women of all races are definitely based on the aesthetic concept of the race. I don’t know what those alien beautiful women will look like. When I grow up to be far away from this solar area, I must enjoy it well. I heard this sweet voice that was a little angry and said
"Why are you staring at me? Have you never seen a beautiful woman? Answer quickly! I also want to grow up to be a flying machine early. "
As soon as I heard the horse return to absolute being, I said
"I am a player, not an NPC"
"Hey, why didn’t I see a player dressed like you? What’s your occupation? It’s so strange. "
I gave a wry smile. The Earth Ranger has really become a rare animal. I just saw a scientist, a warrior, a religious person and of course a businessman in the role production hall. It seems that I saw an alternative dress, but a female player should be a female ranger. I just came in and didn’t pay attention to talking to the rare animal. Her abnormal thoughts.
Didn’t good the spirit say
"Doctor MM, I’m a ranger. There are still millions of rangers among the players."
"Hee hee Tong has just announced that there are more than 1.3 billion players on the earth, and 1.5 million people choose the ranger profession. It’s really one in a thousand. It’s rare to see me. After I call Daqi Fengling, I will become a first-class medical expert and an important member of the universe team. What about you? What’s your name? "
It is true that the profession of doctor is too important. In the whole universe game adventure, a team without a doctor will greatly reduce the safety of the team. It can be said that the beautiful profession of doctor will be an important way for female players to show their ability and charm.
I stare blankly said
"My name is Starwave."
"Interstellar waves? Nice name. It’s very suitable for your career. It’s erratic everywhere. Okay, do you know how to get to this city medical palace? I’m going to learn vocational skills and careers. "
I stare blankly again and said
"I just saw a lot of female players dressed like you seem to have gone in the direction of Wangfujing, Beijing. It should be there. Go quickly. Any game is strength."
"What about you? Aren’t you going to your career palace? Oh! By the way, I want to choose the sea birth. I don’t know how the system got me to Beijing, but the map in my personal package is still the sea. Can you share your city map? "
I smiled again and sent the map to her personal contact. She smiled at me and said, "See you after the wave!" " With a gust of wind gone, I just looked at her back and had a feeling of not knowing each other.
I heard the players coming out from the birth point, and there was a lot of noise in the professional palace.
Hey! It seems that I am really a layman of this game, and I still don’t know what to do. Originally, I had to go to the Ranger Palace first. I checked a person quickly and asked to report to the Ranger Palace first. I am dizzy in the Olympic Village! Where is this? Are Rangers all athletes? What about the Science and Technology Palace? Should it be in Peking University or Tsinghua? My horse checked the information and was in Nakamura.
I really can’t figure out why the Medical Palace will be chosen in Wangfujing, but I soon learned that the original choice here was made by the game manufacturer, and everyone would understand the career of the warrior. There are two places, one is the National Defense University, and the other is actually in a sanatorium for retired veteran cadres. Really? With such humor? But soon, one place will be the mighty Star Warrior Camp, and the other will be the mysterious mage profession in the religious profession where the general of the Star Team grows up? I’m curious. I showed it in the Ming Tombs! ? Suddenly, I really appreciate the meticulous work of this cosmic game, but it is not surprising that the operation speed of ultra-optical brain is trillions of times faster than that of brain, and the background generation of all scenes is intelligent automatic generation. A ultra-optical brain can decide the rules of the game according to the imaginary horse-made scene and play imaginary games.
Of course, there is also such a giant as Cosmic United Network Company, where all kinds of human beings participate in the game together. This is an explosion in the history of the universe. This is a cosmic gamer participating in the game competition. An earth player wants to fight for the honor of his own team in the whole race, while a group of earth players wants to fight for the position of the earth in the first area of the Galaxy Star, while a Galaxy Star player wants to fight for the position of the Galaxy Star in the first area, and a player must fight for the star group. The concept that the group fights in the position of the universe C, and the players in the universe C must fight in the position of 24 regions in the whole universe alliance, etc. Individual players are too small to have a long way to go in this universe game. I don’t want to be the first step of my universe game. A long way to take the first step.
Chapter II The First Class of Rangers
"Ranger" means "Ranger" according to its name. What about Ranger in this star game? Obviously, he is a knight-errant wandering in all corners of the universe. His birthplace is not too far from the Ranger Palace, right? Looking at him shows that it is 3 kilometers away from here. There’s no universal currency system. Isn’t it too poisonous?
Looking at the taxi ride all over the street and all the players striding on the 11th Road, this 3,000-meter and a half-man marathon, seeing that the Medical Palace is less than one kilometer away from here is simply gender discrimination, right? Ranger Ranger doesn’t run there. You can hear all kinds of earth languages all the way, and there is one object to scold your mother-Universe United Network Company.
Hehe, I had a quick laugh. I came to a fork in the road, and it was dark and went to the west. That’s the direction of the Warrior Palace. There are a few players here who are male.
As I ran, I had doubts about whether it was right to choose the ranger career. Oh, will the truth be in the hands of us Mensheviks? Obviously, a few ranger players backed out. Two ranger players dressed up in front of them were talking while running, saying that it is still necessary to change their careers now, and it will be discussed later whether the ranger will play or not. A big talk said:
"yes! I’m going to change my career as a warrior, and you’re going to change your career as a religion. There are so few players in this ranger career and it’s so far away. Only fools can play rangers when they get to other people’s homes to learn professional skills. "
Said the front by disappearing the two ranger players.