Be sure to take this wild man!
These two days, their brothers have been fighting. This man is a qualified meat shield. Wouldn’t it be a pity not to bring him here?
Looking around the east and west, Zuo Tangtang found that after kicking the pavilion, he was full of chatting and finally stopped his role in a brothel to meditate.
"hoof ~" suddenly sounded a joke.
Although Zuo Tangtang is full of words about this, he still can’t help shouting his name "Lao Bei!" "
"Ouch, ouch, ouch, that’s old North. I’m sad!" A familiar strange tune also appeared.
"Ha ha! Flow! You are here! " Zuo Tangtang is very happy that two people have not appeared for a long time.
"You don’t go to Lu again now?" Zuo Tangtang asked curiously.
"Why don’t you go! Hooves! If you go ~ I’ll take you to fly ~ "said Northfinch, very worried.
"Come on! Come on! " Liu Shang is very dismissive of this. Seeing the old North boasting so much, people don’t know how to undermine it. "You are such a pit! You don’t look at what my records have been destroyed by you! "
"Alas, alas, how can you talk!" Beique seems to have been poked at a sore spot and is very reluctant to fight back. "I didn’t pay attention to it at the moment. If bar owners is the other party …"
"Oh, you can all fight!" Zuo Tangtang really doesn’t like them to discuss things they don’t understand again. "Don’t take me with me when I play that pit. I don’t play."
"Hoof is ok! I tell you … "Northfinch hasn’t wanted to give up the idea of wooing hooves.
"Old North, don’t lie to hooves. Maybe hooves are talented and you’re miserable!" Flow and then pout
"Well, stop it." Zuo Tangtang turned to the topic. "Alas, I am alone in this nest almost every day! You bastards! None of them come! "
"We are here!" Beique and Liuxiao Qi replied that they all looked very wronged.
"We are here!" At this time, another voice rang in the channel. "We’ve been waiting for a long time, and as a result, there are those two fucking men in our house’s eyes, and we didn’t see me and Yunxian."
"Xiao Qi?" Zuo Tangtang was surprised to see that the five-person nest had not been gathered for a long time. Finally, the number of people arrived. "There is still a bath?"
"Ahem …" MuYun idle low cough for two.
"Oh, I’ll go! Xiaoqi, you son of a bitch! You make it clear to me! " Flow Shang instantaneous nu "what is that two fucking men! Ah! Say it! You explain it to me! "
"Er … this …" Xiao Qi deliberately pretended to be hesitant.
"I was wrong. I shouldn’t have said that." Xiao Qi admitted his mistake in a short time, and Zuo Tangtang himself was going to hear voices.
This is not a normal plot!
"Oh ~" said Liu Yi, a big name. "Then tell me what you should say. I’m giving you a chance."
"I was wrong because it wasn’t two fucking men, but actually one." Xiaoqi said sincerely.
"Ha ha ha!" Liu Xiao laughed wildly.
"Nima I offend you? Xiaoqi? " Koo’s move to Beique was very angry, especially after hearing Liu Xiao laugh so arrogantly.
"No," said Xiao Qi. "I mean, Liu Yi is that bastard, but … I don’t know if he is laughing!"
Laughter came to an abrupt end
"Old North, do you think you are crazy?" Xiaoqi is very worried about asking the old North.
"Gee, I don’t think it’s crazy like it’s sick!" Beique said this in an old-fashioned way.
"Ahhh! ! ! Xiaoqi! Old North! ! ! I want to fight with you! ! !” If Liu Xiao could rush in, he would have rushed into the brain and hit his head against the two of them.
"Oh, your sister, please call someone to drag him away!" Xiaoqi fears that the sky will not be chaotic.
"Ha ha" Zuo Tangtang is also cheerful. She feels that she has not been with them like this for a long time.
When I heard Zuo Tangtang laughing, I was silent for a while, and then I came to Xiaoqi again.
This time, it’s not as funny as just being full of deliberately pretending to be wronged, but with a little seriousness, regret and guilt.
"hoof, hoof, sorry"
He said in such a low voice
"Oh, don’t worry, what a big deal! Do you still remember that "even if Xiaoqi didn’t discover anything and apologized, Zuo Tangtang knew it."
It is true that that kind of thing often happened in games at that time.