"Is it true? My brother lied to me. Did he really go to Tianqing Cave? Flag rising sun! I’m not done with you! You give my husband back! Go to hell and I’ll kill you! You liar! Bad guy! "
The girl cried and rushed to the mountain pass. If he did go there, he might never see it again! Linger will never see the man she hates the most and the man she loves the most. She is the only man he has ever danced with. What’s the point of such a life, such a game and such a lonely life adventure?
The leaves of the mountain are yellow and the girl’s heart is scattered with the wind, so she is worried about her crying and crying.
"Husband! Husband! Bitch husband! How can you be so stupid! What are you doing with that sword? What are you doing with that sword for me? I’ve lost your mind! I want you to be with me every day. I don’t want anything! Please come back! "
Wandering around, fluttering, softening a man’s heart and softening a man’s love.
The girl suddenly remembered the strange language of the man when we parted that day.
"I am willing to kill you …"
Now I suddenly realize that this sentence is the lifelong dream of the woman he loves to realize.
She fell heavily, struggled to bleed, but didn’t feel pain. Instead, she lay on her back in the rubble in the middle of the mountain and stared at the northern sky! I remember that sentence again, that sentence that I will never forget.
"I am willing to kill you …"
"I am willing to kill you …"
"I am willing to kill you …"
"Sister Sunset, you are back."
"I have something to ask you, please say yes."
"say it!"
Two women in the city tower far looking at that day GuGuKou mountains ups and downs like the floating Mario that beautiful woman in a snow sweater suddenly look a stay face reddish gently way
"Sister Sunset, I’m sorry!"
The woman dressed in a purple coat slowly turned her head and looked at this once very good sister face with a hint of anger.
"Sister Star asks you to look at him because she believes you, but what?"
"Sister, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry."
Called the star children low head gently said that was called the sunset elder sister suddenly face a bitter sigh a way
"Now say these what else? Shouldn’t you be with him? Why? "
"Sister, that’s what I’m begging you for. He’s in danger. Please ask her to save him!"
"What? Danger? At most, you don’t hang up one piece of equipment or two pieces of equipment once or twice. You are Miss Daqimen! Just send him some good equipment? "
Sunset coldly said the girl’s face is a stay with KuQiang way
"But he-he is ten million times more dangerous than this. He was cheated to a very dangerous place. Do you know this place, sister?"
"I know? You should ask your eldest brother for the banner of the rising sun. He is a warrior in the East China Sea, and he has a million soldiers. What can he do that he can’t do with his favorite sister? "
"But it’s him-it’s him-"
Girl can’t say anymore sunset a stare blankly said with
"Does he-"
"well! Yes, sister. Do you remember that night when you came to visit our Daqimen and heard the secret? At that time, I also begged my sister not to tell, otherwise there are many other master players in our Daqimen who will be implicated. "
Sunset suddenly face a nu scold a way
"Banner star, you have gone too far! I cann’t believe you tricked him into going to that place with your brother. Have you forgotten what your brother said? It’s a place where soul are imprisoned forever! Wave he was cheated by you and hurt by you! "
"I didn’t! I didn’t lie to him. Look, this is the letter he left me. "
Sunset face a lag stretched out his hand and slowly handed the letter in the hand of the flag star. His face was pale and his hands trembled slowly, and his mouth twitched gently. A few light questions were asked
"Did he really write this to you?"
The woman looked at sunset glow look change for a long time before quietly ordered a little gently way
"I’m sorry!"
Sunset gave a wry smile and looked up at the distant mountain and the distant day gently way
"Do you think if everything can be done over again, can he treat me like you?"
The woman just listened to her face suddenly rising with an abnormal blush, and she was about to blurt out the words in her heart, but finally she could bear it and silently looked at the distant mountains and the tears in her eyes in the distant days finally could not help but flow.
Chapter DiYiErSan Wolf queen small white
Take the soul key and follow this kind ice monster to a crystal door full of strange runes and emitting purple light! Love angel waving wings way
"that pregnant white wolf is behind this door, but it’s dying. It’s my love that keeps her alive. Today is her birth day, and once her baby is born, she will die."
A face of excitement came, and the wolf king howled and lacked his tail. Suddenly, all the wolves stared at each other. At this moment, I just hit the crystal door and saw a swollen belly in the distance. The mother wolf quietly crawled on her head, and there was a semi-purple ruby shining on the crystal floor as big as a goose egg.
"Ow! Wife! "
The Wolf King squealed and rushed to the white side of the Wolf King. After the Wolf King, his body gently rubbed against her, he gently opened his eyes and tried to get up, but he didn’t even have the strength to call. Obviously, he was seriously injured. The wolves slowly surrounded him and quietly looked at the white wolf tribe in front of him! Our gawk at this scene in front of me, I also shocked to look at this scene in front of us for a long time, our quiet way
"Angel, can you tell me what’s going on?"
"I brought this pregnant mother back from the entrance of Tianqing Cave. After she said three words’ Heavenly King’, I didn’t know what it meant, she couldn’t speak anything. Now her organs can’t be restored. I can love the holy light to maintain her weak life. Once she gives birth, she will die."
The angel of love, the ice devil, said softly that all of a sudden the wolves were in a commotion, and all of a sudden the wolf king was short of tail and turned to the angel of love.
"Who hurt it like this? Please tell me."
The angel of love’s beautiful face shines faintly, just like the heavenly saint calling her, she shook her head gently, turned around and waved the wings of that beautiful angel and flew to the wolf. After that, Xiaobai gently said to it
"Are you ready?"
Small white struggled and nodded his head.
"well! Well, I’ll get what you want. "
Suddenly she read aloud a way
"The most sincere love in the universe! Please get the final crystallization of love! Let the truest and truest love continue in the new life! Please accept that bless from the saint of Libra! "
With that, a dazzling white light came from the angel’s body and mind and hit the suspended purple ruby. A stronger purple light flashed and flashed to cover the wolf’s back. Suddenly, the little white body drifted hazy as if it had turned into the flying creature.
I gawk at suddenly heard jack Bauer shouted
"You! I know you guys! Star: I’ve seen you. You’re not Libra. You’re Andromeda! I want to bite you to death! "
Xiao Qiang shouted as if he were crazy and rushed over. This can’t be done. The Queen Wolf has made me a human shame. It and its tribe deserve my respect. This time is a critical moment. I am busy rushing to catch Xiaoqiang’s left hind leg. This little strength is quite great, dragging me forward. Suddenly, the ground is so slippery. It’s all smooth crystal ground. It’s naturally easier. I shouted
"Xiaoqiang! Wait till she gives birth! You are likely to harm the mother and her children by going now. "
Xiaoqiang a stare blankly stopped to say
"Forget it. I’ll wait until these male wolves admire my voice."