"Brother Qi, do you have anything on your mind?" Lad went to JiNa side and sat down, holding his arm and asked tenderly.
JiNa this just came back from daydreaming, busy way is ok. The excuse is that I’m just a little tired from training today. Xiu Xiu a listen to hurriedly heartache for JiNa massage the muscles of the whole body. JiNa also don’t refuse, lying on the sofa and let Xiu Xiu kneading. In my mind, I still think of Qin’s watery things.
The wall clock on the wall "ticks", Xiu Xiu vigorously help Qina massage the whole body, Qina is enjoying the service of Xiu Xiu while thinking about Qin like water. After a long time, Xiu Xiu stopped his movements and asked softly, "Brother Qi, are you still tired?"
Jina looked at Xiu Xiu and gave himself a hard slap in the face. In front of Xiu Xiu, his little face was full of fine sweat, and he was sweating profusely, and his mouth was breathing heavily. The concern in his eyes made Qina feel ashamed. I was thinking about other women when I was with Xiu Xiu. I’m so sorry for her. JiNa Xiu Xiu in her arms, gently kissed the lad’s forehead to express his apologies. Xiu Xiu felt a little puzzled with shame and joy: Brother Qi seems to have something wrong today.
Because he was worried about Qin Yishui, Rhea had already discovered this problem, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. In his impression, Domenica was a very self-disciplined person, so it shouldn’t be because of his irregular life that he was in conflict with his little girlfriend. Young people have their own solutions, and they don’t have to intervene. A genius like Domenica should not be affected by trivial things in life. Rhea thought for granted.
But in fact, Qi Na is also a human being, and he is a mortal in worldly desires. He is not a god who jumps out of the three realms and is no longer in the five elements, but will be troubled by the common things in the world of mortals.
In Zhou’s home game against Reggina, the starting Qinan was in a surprisingly poor state, and there were many inexplicable mistakes in the game. Rhea had to replace him in the 70 minutes of the whole game. And Naples finally lost the game without fans. Reggina took advantage of a set-piece in the 85th minute and their striker Amoruso headed the goal, killing Napoli.
After the game, Naples Sports Daily used an article entitled "Without the support of fans," Santo Dominica fell to earth "to evaluate the performance of Qinan in this game, as the" mouthpiece "of Naples Club. They didn’t criticize the performance of the Napoli team, but they were also worried about the performance of Domenica, because Napoli’s next league match will be away against Serie A giants AC Milan. If Dominica is still in this state at that time, then Naples is likely to suffer two consecutive defeats in the league. And if you lose again, Naples’ current league ranking will be in jeopardy.
Volume III
Chapter 134-We will conquer the San Siro
Asia is also a top two player recently. He was suspended at home, and the players were suddenly suspended, resulting in losing to Reggina at home, which put him under great pressure. In the face of media questioning, he chose silence. He regrets that he didn’t communicate with Dominica in time. So the day after the game against Reggina. Rhea stopped and went out from the dressing room to train Dommonica. The master and the apprentice began a heart-to-heart conversation.
"More Monica. Can you tell me what happened to you recently? Did you have a fight with your girlfriend? I see that you have been a little depressed during your recent training. " Rhea pointed to the chair next to him and motioned for Zena to sit down and asked.
"No, something happened to a friend in China, so I’m a little worried. It may lead to a little ups and downs! ! !” Qina also don’t have too much to hide.
"A very important friend?"
"well! ! ! Sort of. Don’t worry. Head. I will adjust, I know the importance of the next game. "
Seeing that Qinan said this, it is not easy for Rhea to ask again, and the coach should not interfere too much in the private lives of players. Domenica is not Beckham, and he is not Ferguson. He still understands this. Domonica is a clever man, just mention him appropriately.
Sure enough, in the training that day, Qina didn’t get distracted like a few days ago. The performance is very positive and active. But in fact, Qina’s worry about Qin Yishui has not decreased at all, and he just buried that kind of worry deeply in his heart.
Three days passed quickly. On Tuesday, Naples embarked on a journey to Milan. In order to adapt to the venue and atmosphere of the away game in advance. Naples usually arrives at the away game one day in advance. This is always the rule. In fact, most teams in Serie A do this. This month, Serie A will be a one-week double match. Therefore, it is also a great test for the physical strength of the players. Fortunately, there are no other competitions in Naples except the Coppa Italia. If you want to participate in the Champions League like Milan and Juventus. Napoli’s existing lineup may still be a little weak. But only for the league, these players are more than enough
To the surprise of the whole team. At the exit of Milan airport, there are many media waiting for their arrival. Seeing the arrival of the Naples team, the reporters waiting here swarmed, as if the dissatisfied woman who had been in the spring for a long time waited for her lover. Of course, the target is Dominica and Rhea.
"Monica, what do you think of this game? Do you think you will win? You know, you just lost to the weak Reggina at home. " A reporter holding a microphone with the logo of Milan Sports Station on it asked.
Qinan is no stranger to such a scene, which can be said to be a battle-hardened one. He didn’t stop. Because he knew that as soon as he stopped, he would definitely fall into the encirclement of reporters. He replied as the big army advanced.
"I know that AC Milan is a strong team. They have Kaka and Ronaldinho. But we are not afraid, in fact, it is useless to be afraid. I don’t want to say that we have come with a learning attitude. We have only one purpose, and that is to win, but a draw is acceptable. I just haven’t considered losing. " Qinan is in a bit of a bad mood these days because of Qin Yishui’s disappearance and the team’s loss at home. Therefore, when I heard a reporter from Milan Sports Station picking on the crumbs, his answer was rarely angry, and he was no longer modest and cautious.
How crazy! ! ! The reporters of Gazzetta dello Sport are not angry but happy. It is rare to hear such arrogant words from Domenica. The title of the manuscript came out, "Domenica is arrogant. Vowing to get all three points at the San Siro, Zinan’s words that the draw was acceptable were automatically ignored by him.
The reporter next to him is about to ask again. Domonica has followed the whole team on the bus to the hotel, so they have to turn their target to Rhea, who is at the end of the team.
"Ai Du, Sir. Just now, Domenica said that he would get all three points in San Siro. Is that your plan? " The reporter’s kung fu taken out of context is also perfect.
Hmm! ! ! Domenica, who has always been modest and prudent, would say such a thing? Rhea is a little puzzled. He was far away from Dommonica just now, so he didn’t hear Dommonica’s answer in an interview. But it doesn’t matter if you don’t hear it. He can find 108 ways to answer this question in one minute. Originally, he wanted to play Tai Chi and push hands with reporters as usual. But he suddenly changed his mind. He wants to use a desperate way to get the players with a little low morale, especially Dominica, excited again.
"Are you? Did Dommonica really say that? Now that he said so, I’ll just say it. Yes, we are here for three points, and we can’t accept any of them. This is not only what I mean, but also what the whole team means. We will conquer San Siro! ! !”
The audience was stunned! ! ! Is this still the calm and calm coach in my impression? Why do you feel more and more like Munnio? Mourinho made similar remarks last season. As a result, a war of words between the two teams was triggered. Now even Rhea has become like this. It’s incredible. It’s incredible.
Leaving this sentence behind, Rhea quickly stepped onto the team bus, leaving a group of reporters standing there stunned. By the time they wake up, the bus in Naples has left.
The hotel where Naples stayed is some distance from Milan airport. On the bus carrying Naples players, Rhea stood at the door of the bus and told all the players what he had just said in an interview. Rhea words say that finish, the car immediately like fried pot, Hamsik first stood up and asked timidly.
"Boss, when did you become so crazy? You know who we’re playing against, AC Milan! ! ! It seems that no one dares to say that he scored all three points at the San Siro except Munnio. "
Don’t you have so little confidence in yourself? "Rhea eyes a stare, frighten Hamsik hurriedly shrink into the seat.
"Domonica, the reporter outside the airport said that you also said that you would get all three points, right?"
Jina nodded and didn’t explain much.
"Well, it is good that you have such an idea. Marek, look at Domenicardo’s self-confidence, where is he like you? " Hamsik hiding behind the seat, vomit vomit tongue also dare not refute.
Rhea then mobilized. "What happened to AC Milan? It’s just slightly superior to us, as long as we play our own level and state. It is not a dream to get all three points at the San Siro. I hope you can surprise the whole Italy in tomorrow’s game. Let those who see us clearly know that we are no longer a weak team. We have been able to compete with giants like AC Milan. " By the time Rhea said these words, the bus had stopped at the gate of the hotel where the team stayed.
"Well, remember, I have released in front of the media to take all three points, you don’t want me to lose face? Of course, my humiliation is also your humiliation. I hope you can make me leave Milan with my head held high. Instead of going back to Naples in disgrace. Have a good rest tonight. Tomorrow morning, we will gather at the training ground for adaptive training. " After the training, Rhea led the whole team into the hotel to rest and prepare for tomorrow’s game.
In the hotel room, Qina was lying in bed, thinking about Qin like water. Is meditation, Hamsik stealthily pushed the door and came in.
"Monica, go out to play? Staying in the hotel is boring. I finally came to Milan, but I can’t just come for nothing. You know, Milan is much more prosperous than Naples. "
"You are not afraid of the coach pulled out your skin? He told us, however, that we shouldn’t go out for entertainment in the world. Besides, I don’t want to go. I want to be alone in my room. "
Qina’s words once caught the death of Hamsik. You don’t see Hamsik smirking in front of Rhea at ordinary times. In fact, he is most afraid of Rhea in his heart. See can’t seduce Jina, Hamsik had to hang his head back to his room.
Qina took a shower and was about to go to bed when suddenly her cell phone rang. Take out your mobile phone and see that it was Xiao Canghai.
Is it that Qin Yishui has news?