The dragon soul struggled to swim in the opposite direction, trying not to vortex. Suddenly, he felt that his feet were suddenly entangled in a circle of things. His first impression was aquatic plants, but when he really looked down, he spat out a bunch of blisters one after another. Why are there octopus in this place?
And this is definitely a BOSS octopus. You can see it by looking at its size. The dragon soul secretly lamented how it was so unlucky to slash its sword at the octopus tentacles.
However, the octopus seems to have made up his mind to pester the dragon soul to death. He once again stretched out several long tentacles towards the dragon soul to entangle all the limbs of the dragon soul, and another one entangled the dragon soul neck.
Angry dragon soul how to struggle is also of no help. Finally, I tried to turn over my wrist with a holy light ring aimed at octopus’s bulging eyes.
"Holy light! 」
The holy light pierced the octopus’s eyes in the water. The octopus didn’t expect the dragon soul to attack in this way. It was a big surprise that his eyes were hit hard. The angry octopus threw the dragon soul out.
The dragon soul was relieved, but before he could adjust himself, he was startled to find that his misfortune had been dumped by the octopus one after another, which was just right to throw the dragon soul into a huge vortex.
Suddenly, the feeling of everything was surrounded by the dragon soul, and the dragon soul closed its eyes tightly and didn’t want anything. At this time, it was also possible to resign itself to fate.
I don’t know how long it took the dragon soul to feel that his body was slowly passionate and fell to the ground. He slowly opened his eyes and was attracted by the scene before he was glad that he was alive.
A huge wall is painted with criss-crossing lines. In the middle of the lines, there is a round area with clear blue and three waves painted as totem. The dragon soul turns white. This should mean that the water totem turned out to be so simple, but it’s really bad to think that the old man hid the water totem in this way. Hum, destroy it for him now.
As Xuanyuan Excalibur left an unforgettable mark on the water totem, the dragon soul foot vibrated greatly, and a huge dragon soul foot suddenly appeared. A second later, he and the star Wu Tian landed side by side on the land.
"Boss, you are back!" Coca-cola released a joy that they had fallen into an extremely passive struggle, but with the destruction of the water totem, the old man’s body melted and eventually became a spring water.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Nai Ferry! Sudden cold brain teaser
"It’s just ahead!" Coke with ice shouted excitedly, this is the three groups of them climbing a long step and climbing a high platform.
"Is this still Shenshen Mountain?" This is the first sentence when the spokesman of death saw the scene before him. He was on the last step. The other three people heard his sigh and took a deep breath. In front of them, the platform can no longer be called a platform. It is no wonder that the spokesman of death sighed like that. In the distance, there is a huge palace. It is very exotic. English is engraved with "Caribbean".
"How should we get there?" Forever, Xianjian frowned. A few people suddenly stumped them as in the past. Now they suddenly have the Tang Priest standing by the Tongtian River.
"Maybe that person can help us." This is a boat like a lonely leaf floating from a distance, and a middle-aged man with a righteous face is ferrying in the boat.
"Hey boatman! Ferry! " Inclination love carefully shouted at the distant boat with his hands flared on the first step.
"I am Google!" Opposite shouted
"Don’t stop me, let me attack him with a bare blade, I will kill him." If it weren’t for the death spokesman and coke and ice, I guess the water surface has gone bare-bladed. I didn’t expect this boatman to have such a joke when he looked upright.
But the boatman slowly sailed the boat to the shore where they were, or the serious expression "Do you want a ferry?" Middle-aged hanyin heavy asked
They nodded.
"Well, I’ll take it. I can definitely hold you guys on my Titanic. Don’t worry, I will never sink (middle-aged man is embarrassed to explain when everyone’s face suddenly changes), but if you want to take my boat, you have to pay a certain price."
"Gold coins? We can afford it, "said the immortal sword impatiently. At this moment, the spokesman of death firmly grasped his sickle behind him. It seemed that his horse was about to start fighting. No wonder he now thought of being a ferryman in hell.
"Don’t talk to me about money. I’m not a greedy NPC." Middle-aged Han assumed a righteous expression as if the immortal sword was bribing him. "If you want to take my boat to the palace on the other side, you must answer some questions for me."
Middle-aged Han’s answer was that they didn’t expect that at this moment, the spokesman of death, the sickle of death, slowly fell down, and the first person to be asked by name turned out to be him.
"Everyone has three chances. If I ask three questions correctly, then you will pass." The middle-aged Han slowly spit out the rules of the game. The spokesman for death looked at him in front of him and said, "The first question is that Xiaobai looks like his brother and plays an idiom."
The spokesman of death was shocked by this powerful topic. This guy can come up with such a shocking topic, but then he thought that sometimes many people really want to have a less serious appearance. When the spokesman of death thinks hard, the answer to this question is Little White Brother Little White Dove? ? ? How can there be such an idiom? ? ? “54321? ? ?” Middle-aged Chinese people are doing the countdown seriously, which is like a death knell. They are banging on the head of the death spokesman, "It’s time for you to fail to give me the correct answer." Middle-aged Chinese people mercilessly wiped out the death spokesman, "What’s the correct answer? ? ? The truth (really like) is white! "
The spokesman of death spat out blood and played like this. Isn’t this hemp called cheat people? Well, that’s the first question. Anyway, there are second and third questions.
"The second question is, what did a turtle walk through a pile of shit but leave three footprints on it?"
This question can’t be baffled. The spokesman of death heard this phrase in elementary school that year, "because he said it stinks with one hand over his nose."
"Correct answer." The middle-aged man was taken aback, but then he regained his serious expression. Then this guy said with a heavy nasal voice, "Once upon a time, there were dogs, cats, rats, mice, cats and dogs. What was behind the dogs?"
This question once again stumped the death spokesman. The middle-aged man just sounded particularly strong, especially the first word. The death spokesman gently repeated his words, "Rush forward?" ? ?” But at this point, the middle-aged man sighed and said, "Well, you’re lucky."
The spokesman of death suddenly became stupid. He didn’t know how he passed, and everyone behind him was puzzled (in fact, there was a dog before the "worm")
The second appearance is coke with ice. Look at him, and you know that this guy is an absolute joke master. This kind of joke is the best for him. Sure enough, he didn’t say the third question, and he jumped off the boat happily, and then made a face at Cheng Lian, who was leaning towards the shore, to show his superior IQ.
Forever, Xianjian was ranked in the third appearance. Xianjian has a high IQ, plus coke and ice. He has been making suggestions and finally reached the third question smoothly.
"What is a white plus a white?"
"How come it’s white again?" Forever Xianjian sighed with emotion that white appeared frequently and frowned again. One white and two white "white plus white rabbit! (wo)”
Seeing that the immortal sword has passed smoothly forever, the middle-aged Han’s face has become a little ugly. He definitely can’t make the love of the journey easier this time. He turned to the love of the journey and gave the first question, "How many letters are left after ABCD26?"
I don’t hesitate to say 24, but thinking about the problem will never be so simple. E’s love for horses is associated with UFOs.
"21 UFOs are leaving because of E" Cheng Lian shouted that she had a superior IQ. She was surprised that she typed the question so easily, and suddenly her confidence increased. Even Coke with ice was cheering for her.
The next step is to make persistent efforts and go straight to Huanglong.
However, the remaining problems are all difficult when we get home. Several people want to break their heads and can’t figure out what the answer is. The expression of the title officer has become more and more very happy. A question has been answered incorrectly, but now it’s the last chance. Holding the match point, the title officer finally read out without mercy. "321? ? ? It’s time for your answer to fail. "
Four people actually had a love affair and didn’t pass it smoothly. The middle-aged man waved his hand at the love affair and said, "It’s not that I didn’t give you a chance. Now find a way for yourself. Haha!"
However, a cold sword was put on the boatman’s throat to "pick her up". The immortal sword threatened forever, but the boatman was not threatened at all. He continued to punt and sang loudly.
"I don’t believe in evil!" A person who has been dumped on the shore can’t help but feel great, regardless of whether he has stepped into the vast water.
"I can actually be in the face!" Tilting love suddenly found this amazing discovery. It was because everyone was angry and turned their eyes to the boatman who was still singing, but the boatman still wanted to say with a serious face, "You called me to take care of my affairs." Seeing that everyone was about to kill people, the boatman still insisted, "Boating is a coolie, 500 gold coins per person!"
Chapter one hundred and thirteen Pirates of the Caribbean! Captain Jack’s Ninth Palace (1)
Everyone jumped out of the boat together and also attacked the boatman with a tacit understanding. How do you know that this abnormal uncle boatman actually made a punt and laughed and braved the waves on the surface of the water and disappeared into the sight of everyone?
"Whoo-hoo, how can you meet such a bad NPC?" Angry love can’t help but let out a series of light blades on the boat that has gradually gone away until you hear the sound of the hull being cut by a powerful light blade. The loud voice of the boatman resounded through the water. "You damn guards, old boat? ? ?”
Only in this way can Cheng Lian feel at ease. Looking back, he is stunned. Everyone easily waved at them. Let’s go in.
Although it can be seen that coke with ice tried to make the phrase "narrow-minded woman" sound very low, it was still listened to by the wind.
"What did you say, Ice Monster?"
"Guardians, you look really energetic." As soon as you stepped into the ninth palace, there was a warm welcome. "Welcome to the Caribbean world in the ninth palace."
Everyone came in and saw that the outside was paved with water, but there was not much difference between walking on the surface and the serious road. The sleep was very clear, and it was easy to see the fish swimming in the water, surrounded by a lot of Caribbean decorations. It seems that this BOSS still knows how to enjoy life.
"Wow, handsome boy!" This is the first reaction of tilting love to see the BOSS in the town hall. Although it’s a little radical, her eyes are almost popping out, but it just says that this male flower is beautiful (-||).
Is the guy in front of me like the avatar of Captain Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean? As deep and uninhibited, his eyes are elegant, he wears a sword around his waist and laughs at a 45-degree angle, which is childlike.
"I told you I was very handsome." The BOSS of the opposite town hall gently caressed his elegant gray long hair and let out a look at the whole love. If it weren’t for the death spokesperson behind, she would definitely pass out. Does that mean that the anthomaniac was the first time this guy saw the dragon soul? ? ? "It seems that you should get his information quickly," said Forever Fairy Sword, flipping his eyelids.
"What? ? ?” Qing Cheng Lian discovered her gaffes and saw several teammates full of contempt. Looking at her face, she got the BOSS information of the town hall.
Captain Jack’s famous deeds of pirates in the Caribbean have been arranged several times. Animation has devoted his life to treasure and struggled hard. His personality is changeable but his strength is strong. He is one of the best in many town halls. He has the will to fight and is in the mood to control the first-level town hall BOSS.