Originally ling Feiyang has arrived!
"There are also masters in this Mongolian army!" Mei Chaofeng saw that tens of millions of Mongolian soldiers around him were also afraid of repeating her husband’s mistakes, so she glared at Ling Feiyang and immediately cast her flying skills and rushed outside the array. Mongolian soldiers had already been in love with each other. Seeing Mei Chaofeng rushing over, they rushed out of their way to avoid Mei Chaofeng on both sides, and their figure had disappeared into the night.
Chapter 24 Nine Yin Pushes Sister Zhen Jing
Temujin’s army lost more than 200 soldiers, and three of them finally killed the thief Chen Xuanfeng, but Mei Chaofeng still escaped.
Ling Feiyang and ChiLaoWen returned to the tent to report to Temujin. Temujin was deeply saddened to learn that the three-member love would be killed.
"Even if the king rummages through every turf in the tribe, he will find out the witch and cut her to pieces!" Temujin took an oath.
Chen Xuanfeng’s chest was engraved with the secret of Jiuyin Zhenjing Volume Ling Feiyang and did not cut this piece of skin but copied it with a pen.
"Jiuyin claw, destroying the palm of the heart, white python whip, moving the soul * *, snake-like raccoon dog turn, big magic fist, spiral nine shadows …" Ling Feiyang couldn’t wait to look through the concrete martial arts moves but didn’t remember the merits.
"Practice these martial arts tips should be in the volume …" Ling Feiyang thought, "The volume is now in the hands of the old urchin Zhou Botong. He has been trapped in the Peach Blossom Island by Huang Yaoshi, but there is still a place where you can find the volume. Part of the text is the tomb of the living dead, the sarcophagus, the secret room and so on. I must think of some way to go to the ancient tomb again …"
After all, Jiuyin Zhenjing is a high martial arts collection. Ling Feiyang doesn’t want to practice martial arts like the black wind and double evil spirits, but he still can’t help reading his eyes carefully and finally stops at "moving the soul * *".
"If you can control people’s minds by practicing this kung fu, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake to push your sister?" Ling Feiyang’s mind unconsciously emerges various unsuitable pictures for children.
"Facing the north, sitting with five hearts in the air, meditating and staying in the abdomen …" Ling Feiyang suddenly saw the passage "Moving the Soul * *".
"Hey? How come these sixteen words are exactly the same as the true heart formula? " Ling Feiyang’s heart was very strange, so he continued to look and found that there were some words similar to the sincere formula in many places
"Huang Shang, the writer of Jiuyin Zhenjing, is a civil servant in Song Huizong’s hand. That was at the time when Huizong ordered Huang Shang to make the Taoist collection" Wan Shou Dao Cang ".Huang Shang is very proficient in Taoist self-cultivation theory and will definitely integrate it into this martial arts secret book. The founder of Chongyang created the true martial arts, which will have many similarities." Ling Feiyang suddenly realized this truth and couldn’t help but be overjoyed.
So Ling Feiyang practiced martial arts in Jiuyin Zhenjing according to the gist of true teachings, but he still made a breakthrough in some critical points. Ling Feiyang is not the kind of person who likes to go to extremes.
"Even if you push your sister, you can’t go to the living to practice like those two Shabi …" Ling Feiyang felt that she still had a little bottom line.
For more than ten days, Temujin sent agents to search around for Mei Chaofeng, but the trace can be found. On this day, Temujin was discussing with Ling Feiyang to find Mei Chaofeng when a soldier suddenly came in to report.
"There are seven Han people dressed in strange clothes who are asking for a big sweat outside the account!"
"Is it that Chen Xuanfeng’s comrades came to seek revenge?" Temujin heart a fiercely but ling float in the sky is overjoyed.
"It must be Xiao Ying! The seven eccentrics of Jiangnan finally found it here! " Ling Feiyang hurriedly explained to Temujin, "They are not enemies but friends!"
Temujin was relieved to tell the soldiers to invite the seven eccentrics from the south of the Yangtze River into the tent. Zhu Cong saw Ling Feiyang at the tip of his eyes and shouted, "Ling Shaoxia, why are you here!"
Han Xiaoying a pair of beautiful eyes looked up at ling Feiyang’s face and immediately flushed and bowed his head.
"Xiao Ying is still so beautiful!" Ling Feiyang really looked at Han Xiaoying but forgot to say hello to everyone.
Ke Zhene heard Zhu Cong’s face and smiled. "Is it okay for Ling Shaoxia not to see Qiu Zhenren for half a year?"
"Master, he has passed away …" Ling Feiyang turned his attention.
"Who killed it!" Ke Zhene suddenly will iron rod on the ground when he heard this, but it was shocking to everyone’s ears!
Ling Feiyang then told the story of the cause and effect in the original place, and all of them were sad and crying in their hearts.
"Originally Yang Kang has found … we’ll go to find the Lama to avenge the high reality! Even if the seven eccentrics in Jiangnan are not good at martial arts, they must fight for a larger foe! " Ke Zhene sink a call way
"If the martial arts of the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River go to the Lama, it’s different from killing yourself!" Ling float in the sky want to hurriedly cried here "don’t! You have to train Guo Jing into an adult. Don’t miss my master’s ten-year appointment! "
"But we have been looking for it for half a year, but we have no idea. I want to ask Khan to help me this time!" Ke Zhene said.
"Khan has helped me find Guo Jing!" Lingfeiyang avenue
When this statement came out, the seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River were overjoyed. Han Xiaoying cheered and shouted. Zhang Asheng punched his chest and his blonde hair tightly hugged Xiren Nan’s neck Han Baoju. Even the somersault Zhu Cong was in tears in the tent! Temujin couldn’t help laughing at these strange people doing strange things.
"Great Khan Ende Jiangnan Seven Strange Newspaper!" Although Ke Zhene’s personality is very arrogant, he is also full of passion for Temujin at the moment
"It’s just a little effort!" Temujin said with a smile, but he was thinking to himself, "The martial arts of these Wulin people must be far better than that of our general. Wouldn’t it be a piece of cake if we could kill the enemy and chop the generals in front of us!"
"Ling Shaoxia, let’s go and see Guo Jing!" Zhu Cong said.
Ling Feiyang led the seven eccentrics of Jiangnan to find Ping Li’s residence. Ping Li saw that the seven eccentrics of Jiangnan were almost crying with joy. Little Guo Jing turned his eyes curiously and looked at the seven eccentrics of Jiangnan. Seeing that Guo Jing was a boy and so clever, he was very happy. Han Xiaoying even held Guo Jing in his arms and kissed him as if he were his own child.
"Seven sisters must want a baby!" "Downtown Xia Yin" blonde mouth said the corner of her eye but glanced at "Laughing Mituo" Zhang Asheng.
"Brother Liu, what are you talking about!" Blonde talk is often outspoken. Han Xiaoying already doesn’t care, but Zhang Asheng blushes and keeps his head down without saying a word.
Ling Feiyang looked at Zhang Asheng and saw the man with a short apron and clothes showing his hairy chest and sleeves rolled up high. His arms were black and his waist was covered with a pig-killing knife and he was dressed as a butcher.
"With his image can also be worthy of my Xiao Ying? Xiao Ying is my Ling Feiyang … "Ling Feiyang was thinking about Ping Li and suddenly said," It happens that it is Jinger’s first birthday. I want to invite you heroes Jinger to make a ceremony to grasp the week! "
"Good!" Jiangnan Seven Monsters immediately agreed to come.
Chapter 25 Guo Jing Grasp the Week
The next day, Ling Feiyang and the seven eccentrics from the south of the Yangtze River came to live in Ping Li again. Ping Li gave little Guo Jing a bath early and then put on a new suit and carried him to a table.
There are six things on the table: a writing brush, a stamp, a copper coin, a ghee cake, a rattle and a dagger. This dagger is engraved with the word "Yang Kang", which was the day when Guo Xiaotian and Yang Tiexin exchanged tokens.
The seven eccentrics in the south of the Yangtze River looked at the table cheerfully and thought to themselves, "If Jinger catches this dagger, he can learn martial arts diligently to avenge his father."
Small Guo Jing saw the table filled with all kinds of novelty and immediately danced excitedly. As soon as Li Pinggang let go, Guo Jing couldn’t wait to climb up. First, he grabbed the ghee cake and stuffed it into his mouth.
"Is Guo Jing a foodie?" Ling Feiyang thought
"What did Jinger choose?" Ke Zhene can’t wait to see things.
"Butter cake … he may be hungry …" Han Xiaoying said.
"Well, it doesn’t count this time!" "Ma Wang Shen" Han Baoju said.
"Then start again!" Ke Zhene Road
Ping Li put Guo Jing on the table again. This time, Guo Jing climbed up at the rattle and played with it in his hand.