"After stealing it, a group of Kelong people grew up in Kelong … but at that time, the government of Buddhism and human alliance was very good. After all, Buddhism has always been supported by the government."
"Because of this, this group of Kelong people were naturally not released, but were combined with Licheng fertility tools and some powerful women in human society to create a group of people with more perfect genes and more terrible talents!"
It is for this reason that Buddhism has lifted the lust caution in a certain range and allowed a very small number of monks who have reached a certain level of cultivation to marry and have children.
"Buddhism has changed from religious belief to blood inheritance … I dare not enter the Buddhist bliss star."
Lin was stunned for a long time before he said, "This time the sixth special training scene should be around the 5th century … Do you mean that’ life burning technology’ is not a science and technology, but a martial art that appears in or comes out of Elysium!"
"That’s right!"
At this critical moment, the Dark King’s Club and Lin are less than an hour away from the end of the sixth special training registration. It is said that such a large number of them are of course related to the sixth special training.
"But … I’ve gone through five special trainings. I won’t talk about the first one or two, but I haven’t heard of any Buddhist bliss star in the last three!" Lin said
"Do you believe in science or religion?"
"Science, of course!"
"Did you think religion was scientific?"
"But the fact is that religion also conforms to science. If it doesn’t conform to science, it is doomed to disappear in the historical river … Do you believe in religion?"
"Don’t believe it!"
"Have you ever thought about religion?"
"…" Lin said with a wry smile "No!"
The Dark King said, "That’s right. If you are a little concerned, you will definitely know the star of bliss. But why don’t you pay attention to Shaolin when your martial arts level is not low?" You know a lot about the history of the 21st century, and you can’t help but know the phrase "Shaolin comes from the martial arts".
"I know!" Lin said, "But I don’t believe … After all, martial arts appeared much earlier than Shaolin."
"That’s true," the Dark King nodded and said, "Martial arts appeared not long after the appearance of human beings, but before the appearance of the Three Emperors and Five Emperors. Martial arts appeared because people and animals struggled to hunt animals, so they had to have certain skills, and this skill gradually extended to the most original martial arts, and they were able to capture their own prey, forming a real martial arts religion. At this time, there was not even a shadow."
Martial arts
Kung fu!
Is to give’ martial arts’ need to learn, need to learn, and need to have certain skills to learn, so that we can master what our predecessors have summed up in the shortest time.
"What are you going to tell me?" Lin knows that these news are important for the sixth special training. Lin knows that the dark king will never be kind enough to tell himself that there must be some intrigue brewing at this time, although he can’t guess the reason.
"Double insurance!" The Dark King said, "If I’m unlucky, I don’t get’ Life Burning’, at least there is you. What you said is still very credible. I believe that if you get’ Life Burning’, you will definitely share it with me."
Lin still doesn’t believe that he knows himself too well
"Otherwise, why do you think I should choose to tell you this at this time?" The dark king looked at Lin.
"I can’t think of it!" Lin shook his head and stressed, "I can’t think of it now, but thank you for your little information. Let me know that some np can stay out of trouble, so don’t bother."
"Ha ha!" The dark Lord said, "I see you have a good attitude. I’ll give you a more informative one."
"Well …" Lin looked at the dark king strangely.
"Think about what the purpose of Buddhism is!" The dark king said
Buddhist purpose!
Eat fast, read Buddha, kill knives, abstain from sex, caution, wine … Er, what else?
Lin Lai was able to continue thinking about going, but the idea was interrupted by the dark king, who said, "It’s time, otherwise we can’t come."
Lin looked up at the dark king and said, "Well! It’s time for you not to release water or I’ll be dead. "
"You should know something about my deeds, which I believe is also quite good. People will pay for me and I will pay for it!" The dark king said with a smile
"Then just kill someone close to you in front of me!" Lin said very concisely
The dark king just stepped out for a while and immediately stopped. Looking back at Lin, he saw Lin Yi holding a Vulcan gun in his left and right hands, and he didn’t speak. He turned and continued walking towards the base gate.
This is Time, and this is the game world. In this game world, there are rules of the world, especially in times of war … If you kill a player outside the base, you will be deducted from the military. If you kill a player inside the base, your military will be doubled. It will even be considered treason and you will be removed from the Union Army.
Everyone knows that this catch-up will not be specially written … After all, this is the army.
There will be no punishment if other soldiers are killed when they take the initiative to attack in the base.
The dark king stepped into the military base!
Lin followed closely, his steps were extremely steady, and his fingers were on the trigger face of Vulcan gun, ready to fire at any time.
Chapter four hundred and thirteen Training!
The dark king walked into the base step by step in the former forest and in the latter.
At the gate of the base, the master player was nervous and stepped back step by step.
Dark King "…"