It took Sun Sheng a long time to suddenly find that Mint’s scream was gone. When I opened my eyes, I saw Mint’s big watery eyes and her red and purple cheeks.
Sun Sheng immediately surprised his hand and trembled, but it led to mint dint. This sound was one hundred times more violent than aphrodisiac for Sun Sheng, and he couldn’t help but hug the mint in his arms and kiss it.
The lens is not suitable for children.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Wanan Wulin family
It’s a pity that Sun Sheng was lying on the ground looking at the sky with mint in his arm, remembering the situation just now, and I couldn’t help feeling that I had reached that level. I couldn’t help but see that the two of them were going to have a deeper understanding, but in the end, nothing was done. How could I not make Sun Sheng upset?
It is natural for two people to hinder each other. If they are not friendly enough, they will not be able to take off their clothes. It is as difficult as going to heaven to do something they want in the game. In the end, they will be punished for their "desire for words."
"Who do you think this friendliness is a bit of a slap in the face?" Sun Sheng asked mint with some regret.
Mint was his cheek burning just now, and I don’t know how I didn’t resist it. If it weren’t for the friendliness, I almost let his hand. Now Sun Sheng asks Mint, and his right index finger and thumb help Sun Shengqing wake up.
"Ah …" Sun Sheng exchanged notes, and it was obvious that Mint had a light hand.
Sun Sheng was pinched for a long time and didn’t dare to speak until Mint.
"Xiaoyan was so powerful. Why didn’t you tell me before?"
"Why didn’t I tell you that I always told you that Xiaoyan was very powerful, but you didn’t believe it?"
Think about mint, too. Sun Sheng was in Xiaoyan before, but he was regarded as a joke by himself. Only now did he know that Sun Sheng was telling the truth.
"No, no, you deliberately misled me. Every time you went to Xiaoyan, you were always in a good mood, like a joke. How can we take it seriously?"
"Oh, don’t start work. I made a mistake on purpose." Mint’s hand was put on Sun Sheng’s arm again. It was very "gentle" and "touching". Sun Sheng had to bow his head to admit his mistake because of Mint’s female power.
"Deliberately, I can’t let you go. I have to let you wake up and see if you dare to lie to me." Mint’s hand strength is stronger. Sun Sheng wants to cry at this time, facing such a girlfriend’s teeth, she can only swallow it in her stomach.
The two of them have been joking for a long time (it has always been Mint’s "slapstick" and Sun Sheng’s "joking"). Mint finally has to go. Sun Sheng is glad that Yu is also quite nostalgic, but there is no need to talk nonsense when he thinks that there are still many days left.
I’m afraid Sun Sheng didn’t expect that the two talents would meet again in less than a day. This meeting was not a private matter, but because of an important event-the second gang in the game-Wan ‘an Wulin Family was finally established.
It has always been a mystery who bought the guild token in the auction, and now this mystery has finally been solved. There is no doubt that buying the guild token is Wanan Company, which is the second strongest enterprise group in the world and naturally has the strength to bid for the guild token.
Sun Sheng got to know the news as early as the first line. The establishment of the Wan ‘an Wulin Family Guild was extremely high-profile, and he did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to inform players of the news through unified broadcasting in the game. This news has come to nothing special. People have already sold the token of the guild and returned the game. Unexpectedly, the second guild will be established soon, but it took a long time. Now the establishment of the Wan ‘an Wulin Family makes people feel that it is not so strange. At the same time, the Wan ‘an Wulin Family also invited the iron and blood to help them resist the monster siege on the pretext that their guild is not strong enough!
Since it involves iron and blood, and it is such a big thing that Sun Sheng can’t help but go to Iron and Blood Village, at least he has a title of iron and blood elder.
When Sun Sheng came to the Iron Blood Hall, he saw some bigwigs in the gang discussing how to deal with it. The cat demon didn’t sit but walked back and forth in the hall.
Seeing Sun Sheng’s arrival, the cat demon said, "You’re here just in time to discuss with us whether we should send someone."
There are still more seats in the hall. Sun Sheng is also welcome to pull up the chair and sit beside Mint. In addition to knowing Sun Sheng and nodding at him, there are several people who have never seen Sun Sheng. They all quietly ask about the origin of Sun Sheng and then show an abrupt look. Although Sun Sheng doesn’t feel how famous he is, he doesn’t know that his outstanding performance in guarding city has been enjoyed by many iron-blooded players, but most of them have heard of the name of excessive Buddha but have never seen Sun Sheng.
"Can’t go to their guarding city with what let us help? It’s good not to tear him down. "It’s a green sword. He’s always outside with the help of the killers and rarely goes back to Tiexue Village. Therefore, when Sun Shengchao spoke, he felt a little familiar but couldn’t remember who it was.
"I also feel that we can’t help them defend the city. It is said that we all have to sacrifice some help, and it is a loss for us to hang up for each help. The invitation of the Wulin family is not kind." This is that he has become a core member after eating sugar every day for a long time
"Don’t go? Don’t just let the players laugh at us? " This speech was made by a Potter, and what he said was exactly what everyone was worried about. If it weren’t for this reason, there would be no need for you to rob my business at this meeting. Should I thank you? Not to mention sending troops to help defend the city, but if you don’t go, it’s hard to be laughed at by other jokes. I’m afraid that the title of narrow-minded iron blood will stink.
"Go to also not line, don’t go to also not line that how to do? I don’t know who came up with this stupid idea. If I find out, I’ll have to skin him! " Fat mercilessly took a chair handle angry and said
Not everyone who is fat is uncomfortable in their hearts. This Wanan Wulin family presented a big problem to Iron Soul as soon as they debuted. They wanted to embarrass Iron Soul, and there must be some losses in their strength. No matter how they arranged it, they always lost their minds.
"I think we can go." Speaking is a shot by Fei Yue, the iron-blooded master. As soon as he exports, everyone’s eyes are all on it. "Casualties are difficult, but we can also get some benefits. Players who don’t participate in combat can still make up for the experience lost because of death if they die too soon, and we can also exercise our newly recruited teamwork ability. If they perform well, we can help our iron and blood soar through this guarding city battle."
Everyone thought about it and felt that what he said made sense.
"But can we get double experience rewards when we send them to help the public?" There are still some people who are not at ease in Hou Yi’s heart.
Feiyue shot a gun and laughed. "That’s the point. We sent the gang to the past, but we will ask Wan ‘an Wulin family to send us to the alliance and then lift it after the battle is over. Moreover, we are an independent war and will not be under their command. If they don’t promise, hey hey, it will not be us when people say it." Fei Yue said that here, he shot a gun and killed insidious smile.
It’s quite damaging for everyone to listen to the idea of one leng one leng Fei Yue shooting. What’s it called again? That’s right, call it playing along! While expressing approval for him, people who usually get along with him can’t help but recall whether they have any problems with this iron-blooded Lord. Don’t let him count the money while he is calculating …
"Then who shall we send? How many people are sent? "
"I’ve also thought about this. It’s not good to send more people, but it’s not good to send less. I said it’s enough to send 200 people. I think I can go."
"I’ll go too, just to kill monsters and get twice the experience. Such a good opportunity can’t be a wave, let alone all the people who are cheap." The mage followed Feiyue’s shot and expressed his desire to go to the front line. After all, he can certainly catch a lot of this battle with his attack power.
"I’ll go too!"
"I’ll go too!"
When the mage said that everyone’s enthusiasm was mobilized, even mint had to go to mint and Sun Sheng could not fall naturally.
Cat demon wanted to think, anyway, these people’s strength is not low, they will definitely not lose, and they will fall into a broad-minded reputation among players, and they all agreed. In the end, he didn’t hold back and joined the support army.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-three Looks like a shortcut to upgrade
Anyway, it would be nice if the gang members didn’t go too early before the battle. However, at the establishment ceremony of Wan ‘an Wulin Family, several people were still going to give their support. Wang Maoyao didn’t go, but he sent a leading potter to congratulate him. This is also the result of discussion. If Maoyao went to Wan ‘an, maybe the rest of the players would say that he was eager to please Wan ‘an Wulin Family. This is a cat demon. They absolutely can’t bear to send a hall master to show that they are eager to pay attention to Wan ‘an Wulin Family and will not lose their attitude. By the way, Sun Sheng thought about it for a while before the guarding city war of Wan ‘an Wulin family. Sun Sheng decided to upgrade Xiaoyan first, and the level was raised. In the battlefield of guarding city war, Sun Sheng didn’t want to let people know that Xiaoyan was a red bird who usually stayed in his head, but in the guarding city war, Xiao Yan also had to make a move. Don’t beat the arrogance of Wan ‘an Wulin family. Sun Sheng didn’t like it when they were first established. I believe that Xiaoyan was very narrow-minded about iron blood. When people pay attention to the situation, it will be difficult for them to get up again because of their arrogance. How do you say it? I also hung up the name of an iron-blooded elder, and I have to help iron-blooded elders do something.
But then again, there seems to be one way to keep the small flame from being exposed, that is, to make it turn into a flaming phoenix. People’s imagination is rich, so I’m afraid it won’t connect the seemingly harmful small flame with a majestic phoenix.
The upgrade location is still selected in the Woods around the bamboo forest, where the monster level is not low, which is much higher than that of Xiaoyan. The experience of killing one monster is considerable. For example, Xiaoyan can get thousands of experience if she kills a monster with a level of 6 or so. Even if Xiaoyan needs a lot of experience to upgrade, she needs to kill for 30 years to upgrade to the next level. Moreover, if she is lucky enough to meet a monster with a level of 4 or 5, even if it is as high as 70, Xiaoyan can get it, and the experience will be more than 10,000.
Anyway, Sun Sheng, a passive monster, didn’t worry about his own safety when watching Xiao Yan kill monsters. He was lying on the ground with a grass stalk in his mouth and staring at Xiao Yan’s experience window. Sun Sheng couldn’t help sighing when he would have such strength. If he could kill monsters 30 or even 10 levels higher than himself, he might already have 40 levels. In a short time, he thought that if Xiao Yan got experience, he would be able to give himself 50 levels in half a day, but these were only limited to thinking. Experience gained from killing monsters can give pets the most, but not players. Experience is calculated according to the amount of damage to monsters. In other words, if pets hit monsters with nine health points, players can get up to 10% experience points. If they want, players will distribute their experience points to pets according to their own wishes.
Thought of here, Sun Sheng suddenly sat up from the ground with a start. A monster with a level of 10 to 60 can gain thousands of experiences, but he can gain more than 100 points of experience by killing a monster with the same level. Now, the small flame attack power is more than twice his own. Comprehensive analysis of the gap between his own attack power and the monster’s defense power. If you do it yourself, you can almost destroy the monster by one-sixth to one-fifth of its health, and you can get the corresponding experience value ..
Sun Sheng’s heart is surging. Maybe he has really found a shortcut to upgrade …
At present, this 61-level python still has half of its health value. Sun Sheng figured that no matter how he hit it, he would not have time to deal with himself. He adjusted an experience distribution mode and drew out a purple bamboo stick. Sun Sheng set off a fireball at the edge of his casting range.
Python’s attention is really focused on the small flame. No matter how Sun Sheng’s fireball hits it, it won’t even twist its head. Rest assured, Sun Sheng simply took out all his skills and put a fire wall around the python.
Python hangs up. Sun Sheng’s experience bar is 763 points long! In normal times, you can only gain experience by killing seven monsters of the same level. This is still the case when the python has half health!
Sun Sheng’s eyes are red when he looks at the monster figure flashing through the Woods. This is a lot of experience! !
Then something else happened all day. Sun Sheng did nothing but kill monsters.
Sun Shengcai will make a move when it knocks off the monster’s health by a quarter. This is also when Sun Sheng later found out that if he played early, even if the monster knocked off a lot more health than himself, the monster would still come at himself. This kind of thing once impressed Sun Sheng enough. At that time, a wild boar arched Sun Shengyi’s health, leaving a bloody skin. At that time, he felt that even if he fell again, he might be lucky. When Sun Shengxiao was lucky, he turned his attention to the wild boar. When Sun Shengxiao finally came back, he killed the monster.