Ah, the fat side is bleeding. Brother Long is bleeding.
Fat and angry, short, tender and thin feet, put them in longge’s face. Oh, my God! Brother Long flew.
Dragon was fat with a foot chuai a somersault and fell in the distance. Alai exclaimed that Longge ran over and gave Longge a sweat.
The dragon wheezed and said, "It’s amazing. I’m afraid I can’t handle it. I’m almost exhausted. I have to go at once."
O food turned to look at the same flustered, did not dare to attack them magic inflammation urgent way "no! It’s dying, too. We can get rid of it if we work harder. "
Dragon a face of nai "I also want to! But I have finished breathing, and I can’t fight if I want to. The physical attack root has no effect, and its wound heals too fast. "
A Cai gritted her teeth and took out the last bottle of grass leaves of Yin and Yang, knocked out half of them and stuffed them into the mouth of Xiaolong, carefully putting away the remaining leaves.
"By hiding private!" The dragon swallowed the middle of its mouth with a curly tongue, and a strong cold came out of it in an instant.
The dragon’s whole body was twisted in pain, and its mouth screamed at a very high price-it was going to mutate.
O food frightened hurriedly ran.
Magic inflammation is also a panic and I don’t know what will happen.
The body of the Chapter 19 11 incarnation as an adult
After eating the grass leaves of Yin and Yang, Brother Long immediately changed dramatically. His head, limbs and body were strongly twisted and deformed, and he kept squeezing and contracting. Brother Long fell to the ground and groaned in pain. His tail was fierce. verbally attack touched the surface of the earth and magma was splashed everywhere by him.
A Cai hid from afar and looked at Long Ge in awe. I don’t know what happened. Arguably, Long Ge is pure yin. It should be okay to eat the pure yin leaves of Yin and Yang grass, and it should be okay to eat a bottle before. What’s suddenly like poisoning now?
If there are still some worries in Al’s fear, then the look of magic inflammation is really extremely frightened. It has just been enlightened. Wisdom is the method to accurately analyze the present situation. It is intuitive to feel that it is about to face the most dangerous enemy in history, from the middle-level beast to the order beast-the last step left before soaring.
The identity of the beast is divided into three levels, each level is divided into three levels, and each level can greatly increase the ability of the beast.
From the characteristics, the unchangeable transformation of low-order beasts is unspeakable; Middle-level beasts can change; The order beast can finally incarnate into a human form.
Jiuyuan Shenjiao is a class god beast who can speak human words but transform the form of law; After eating a bottle of cabbage in the deep pool and giving it the leaves of Yin and Yang grass, it evolved into an intermediate stage with changeable size. Now we are entering the class-personification.
When the beast breaks through the class, it will become a true god on the immortal list, just like the white scale dragon, it is not a beast but a true god (dragon god)
The magic inflammation belongs to the class yang attribute, and the god beast can send out some simple languages. It depends on the geographical position to get a draw with the intermediate dragon. Now the dragon is promoted to the class again. If you don’t let the magic inflammation panic?
Jiuyuan Shenjiao’s body shrank smaller and smaller, and after a painful transformation, it finally turned into a young man of about 20 years old, and the cabbage actually looked the same.
A Cai was dumbfounded at a distance-isn’t this fooling around? Why did Brother Long become himself?
Brother Long’s transformation has finally been completed. He is naked and soaked in magma. His head is black and bright, his hair is ten times more handsome and ten times colder than that of A Cai, and his face is red and watery, which sets off his delicate, smooth, ruddy, healthy skin, flexible, strong, moderate and extremely standard physique.
All this makes the vegetable claw crazy and heartbroken-since lettuce gives birth to dragons, is God jealous that I am too handsome and charming and deliberately let Long Gefan punish me?
Brother Long floated in the boiling magma with his eyes open, and a flash of light flashed through his eyes, blooming a bright and colorful divine light. He got up from the magma and looked at his hands coldly and said
"Do you still want to fight?"
Magic inflammation fell trembling in the magma and was completely overwhelmed by Brother Long’s power. Now the class dragon has absolutely enough strength to resist the class’s killing and taking its roots.
Longge looked at it contemptuously and turned to ask. He looked at Choi and asked him to deal with this loser.
The magic inflammation was frightened by the arrogance of longge. Such a dramatic scene made Alai overjoyed and Alai hurriedly ran to express her deep condolences to the winner.
Brother longge walked out of the magma flow and came to the edge to take over the clothes from Alai. Alai took a closer look at his face and leaned against it-it was another self who actually violated his portrait.
A Cai smiled and asked, "Brother Long, do you think I am so handsome and graceful that I turned into me?"
Longge blinked in surprise and said, "I’ve seen two people who didn’t see clearly before, and I don’t want to do what you did!" I won’t choose you if there are other people here to borrow.
Your expression looks particularly obscene and treacherous. I deliberately hardened it a little. If others mistake me for you, it will be difficult and detrimental to the image. "
A Cai qu touched his nose.
O food place to vent his eyes glanced at one side shivering magic phlogistic o food pointing to it swearing "* * * what are you doing in the magma? Want to seduce your uncle, is there a vicious person like you in this world-oh, no, you’re not a person. I’m sorry, I’m wrong. Please forgive me. "
A Cai is in the right voice and then scolds-scolds Mo Yan with tears in his eyes and a sad expression, asking Long Ge for help. Long Ge will not offend A Cai because of this. His hands are stuffed with ears-the whole world is quiet!
A Cai took a broken sword in his hand and grinned, "You Y horse come out and die."
Mo Yan’s face was sad and his mouth was wide open. After a long time, he spit out a few words: "I don’t want to die ~ ~ ~ Forgive me!"
O food laughed "you don’t want to die? I can get a lot of good things if I kill you. Where can I get the artifact if you don’t die? "
Magic inflammation saw that it was difficult to communicate with him, so he told Longge a lot of animal language. Longge nodded and said to Alai, "It said it would take the initiative to hand over the artifact and submit to you."
A Cai nodded and said, "I want to see your sincerity and hand over the artifact first!" "
Magic inflammation honestly spit out a bow from his mouth to dazzle the divine light, which immediately filled the whole cave. The bow was as vivid as the sun, making people look up, and even ignoring the artifact, longge looked at it with amazement.
Houyi Divine Bow-Ancient Artifact Houyi Place
Houyi’s Arrow-The ancient artifact Houyi attached to the bow of Houyi has a spiritual form and needs pure yang qi to stimulate it.
The magic arrow followed Hou Yi for a long time and developed its unique characteristics. The enemy was weak and did not shoot. Women don’t shoot; Crows don’t shoot
Dropping blood to recognize the Lord requires courage to crown the sky
Ask for divine power-strength 11
The body of the Chapter 20 12 Guard Piglet
Fat magic inflammation spit out the artifact, nervous looking at the food and longge.
A Cai was very satisfied with the property of Houyi’s bow, and put away the artifact. A Cai smiled and said, "Good attitude and sincerity, please mix with me!"
Mo Yan nodded and said that Brother Long frowned. "Can’t you make a contract?"
"What contract should I sign?"
Brother Long whispered a few words in his ear. "What a drag!"