At the first level, he learned Q, and when he came to the middle road, he saw the source of the shadow of the wheel mother, so he tried to see if the wheel mother in Q could wander there and didn’t go.
"Let’s exchange skills!"
Q source thinks that he is not afraid to exchange with the wheel mother because his Q skill is directional, but the wheel mother Q is non-directional.
Once you make a move, he can’t hide from the other side, but he has to be far enough away from the professional player to hide from the round mother Q.
Soon it was mom’s turn to go into his Q range.
Q source immediately smashed a Q to the wheel mother, probably knowing that she couldn’t hide and didn’t go to fight back.
Q source has long wanted to exchange skills with each other. After Q comes out, he immediately becomes alert and walks obliquely behind to prevent Q from being reached by the other side.
However, what depressed him was the mother’s turn, not Q, but the general attack.
When Little Fa Q horse arrived at Lunma, Lunma actually lit up a white shield.
Magic shield!
Lu Zhan’s mother actually learned E at the first level.
You can resist an opponent’s spell skill when you turn on this skill.
At this time, e, his shield counteracts the small Q skill.
Lu Zhan immediately went to give Xiaofa a general attack.
The small method is that ap naturally won’t fight with him, but he can retreat back to the rear and get Lu Zhanyi for nothing on his way.
"Level 1 learning E …"
Q source is a little depressed. This skill choice is obviously the first-level pair. After learning, they don’t play according to the conventional route.
He doesn’t know that Lu Zhan’s heroes have always been living and learning, and there is no fixed routine.
In a good state, even if ad is in a good state, it will carry out its early suppression and not let the small method take advantage of it.
The two men looked at each other face to face in the middle line for a while, and Fabregas never dared to come again.
Wait until the little soldier meets the little dharma before it emerges.
After learning E-level line clearing, Lunma’s ability is weak. Lu Zhan pulled Lunma to the side of the line of war and planned to entangle with Xiaofa here.
Xiaofa knows that after learning E at level one, she won’t suffer for the second time. He will be relieved to fill the soldiers in the back and wait for the upgrade.
As soon as round mom comes, he will back off. Round mom won’t dare to be too arrogant without e, and she will go back to recruit soldiers as soon as she comes.
Q source ate a blood bottle to make up the blood volume, so she was not afraid of being harassed by Lunma.
His small Faji skill is quite solid, and three Q’s in a row have been taken away directly, and the last one has gone up by three points.
A normal wave of soldiers cleaning each other, the small method level Qd is just enough to make up the knife, and the Q source department of three small soldiers makes up for it.
On the other hand, after getting a little cheaper at the first level, Lu Zhan also focused on recruiting soldiers
He doesn’t have the intention of clearing the soldiers, because he knows that the faster he clears the soldiers, the slower the soldiers on his side will die, and the more times the other side will arrive, the more Lu Zhan will not give the other side this opportunity.
Soon, both of them rose to the second level of small dharma at the same time, and when they upgraded, they raised their hands in the battle line and threw an E out.
Twist a few edges and put just one edge on the left, which is the only way for the wheel mother to pass.
However, Lu Zhanlun’s mother, a beautiful E, escaped the small method, and her return is a Q.
Both of them added skills and developed skills at the same time of upgrading.
Xiaofa twisted her body to avoid the wheel mother throwing the flywheel and throwing the Q skill at the same time.
Lu Zhan moved his position during the general attack, so that the flywheel, Dafa and himself formed a three-point line, so that when the wheel flew back to the farthest distance, it was once again on the action route of Dafa.
Q source moved sideways to avoid this Q. However, such a move ate Lu Zhan’s general attack and he could retreat again.
The second-level fight against the Q-source method has suffered again, but fortunately, the round mother’s pursuit ability is not strong enough to make him not lose too much.
In the next few minutes, Q Yuan tried many times to get a chance to win the first round of E. However, every time E was just released in the land exhibition, but it was hidden by E.
Although there are several sides of the small method E that can last for 3 seconds, it will not be controlled when passing through one of them.
It’s the turn of the mother to ask E to hide once, and for him, the road to reach the front of Xiaofa becomes a Ma Pingchuan without a barrier.
The difference between e and Ed was almost the same, which made him very headache.
Apart from basic skills, the most important reason for his success is the perfect release of E skills.
In ordinary team battles, every E has the effect of saving the world, which can divide the battlefield and separate the opponent’s attack.
When playing solo on the line, he often directly trapped the other side, consuming blood or killing is quite tube.
But this game …
"I’m not afraid of death, but what’s the ad … even if it’s an AD, I’ll take a gear to control it …"
Q source is going crazy
It’s rare for the country’s first law to be beaten so depressed.
He will also be blown up, but he has never been punched in the air every time. It feels like a psychological torture.
He glanced at Lu Zhan and made up five more soldiers than he did. Although he had accumulated more than ten points of strength, he was still very dissatisfied.
He didn’t have much money. He remembered the previous three losers. He didn’t want to fail as easily as those three, so he gritted his teeth and chose to go back to the city.
"Now both of them are level 4 Dafa and actually gave up this wave of soldiers to return to the city to supply equipment!"
"It’s a little hard to understand online. Should he still be able to support one?"
"No, Dafa went out of the equipment and went to the road!"
The pilot lens gave Fafa a close-up of the evil little mage Vega, and she jumped to the road step by step.
Abortion and Liker looked at each other and thought, "Is that okay? !”
Of course, the first two sides agreed that it is not against the rules to look at nothing but the head of a small law firm.
It is also a foolish thing to see Dafa’s way to Lu Zhan.
It’s not his own way of thinking. It’s better to develop alone when you get to the road than to be suppressed by him in the middle.
"Do you want to change yourself to the road?" Lu Zhan hesitated.