When wine enters the stomach, the lips and teeth are fragrant.
The hot and scalding heat flow is spreading, and Hammer finally knows why there are so many idiots who spend a lot of money on * * * * * * * to drink-even he, the miser, has an impulse to spend money on wine, let alone others. This is the wine that men drink!
This time, he didn’t let Chen Han get to the point, but he drank wine after wine, as if he had forgotten the purpose of coming here.
Before long, there was not a drop of wine left in an altar. Poor Chen Han and Kaqicai drank two cups, and all the rest went into Hammer’s stomach.
"Is there anything else?" Han’s fiery eyes stared at Chen Han.
"Let’s get down to business first …"
"Give me an altar of wine, the same as just now, and talk while drinking, otherwise it’s out of the question!"
"I …"
Chen Han is very impulsive in wanting to criticize women, but thinking of the cultivation gap between each other and asking for help, he can only take out an altar aged for 20 years and hand it to him.
When Hanmo carefully put the jar in his arms and tasted it slowly alone, Chen Han said, "Senior, your adventurer must have a high level?"
"Top class."
Hammer said slowly, an adventurer like him who has been an adventurer for n years has reached the realm of fighting the emperor, and the level of adventurers will reach the highest level.
However, adventurers are extremely dangerous jobs, and many top adventurers die in the mission every year. In fact, this is also a way for the gods to balance the number of unofficial top experts.
At the same time, it also explains why adventurers spend a lot of money. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow today. Who wants to bring wealth into the coffin?
Hammer is a special case, which is why he has the nickname "penniless". No one knows what he needs so much money for.
Chapter 715 Please enter the urn
Have the ability to complete high-level tasks, but not qualified to take on tasks,
Conversely, Hammer can accept any level of tasks. In fact, many adventurers have reached this level, but not all of them will take high-level tasks.
As the director of the Adventure Trade Union said before, the lowest commission for assassinating a core member of the empire is tens of billions of magic crystals, but that is almost an impossible task. It’s better to die than to take the task. More importantly, once you take the task, you have to pay the deposit. If you can’t complete it, the deposit will not be returned. Moreover, in the case of the failure of the task and the survival of the adventurer, the level of the adventurer will drop because of the failure.
Therefore, without a certain degree of certainty, adventurers will not randomly pick up tasks, so that many tasks have been hung in the trade union for thousands of years and have not been completed yet.
"Take the task as you, and I will finish it, and then you can get 10% of the task bonus." Chen Han said the purpose.
Hammer directly refused his request, put down his glass and sneered: "First of all, you don’t have the ability to complete high-level tasks at all. If you fail, my adventurer level will fall." Secondly, if you accept the task, you have to pay a deposit of 10% of the total amount of the task. If you fail in the task, the money will be lost. When you complete the task, I only get a bonus of 10% of the total amount of the task. If you fail, I will not only lose this deposit, but also the level of adventurers will fall. More importantly, there will be a failure record in my career as an adventurer, which will have a great impact on the future employment trust. "
"20% dividend!"
"Three-component red!"
"Senior, this is my biggest concession."
"I also said, no!"
Hammer is not a fool. He doesn’t know the man in front of him, but many people in Fran know some basic information.
There is no top player around him, and his own cultivation is not enough in the early days of the fight, which is to pull the relationship with Kaqi. However, the official is not allowed to contact the adventurer industry, and Kaqi can’t give him any help in this matter. It is a joke to complete the task.
"Unless … unless you can prove that you have the ability to complete the task." In hammer’s view, if he really has the strength, he is willing to accept the business of making a sure profit.
"I can’t prove …"
Chen Han shrugged his shoulders with a sad face, glanced at Kaqi at his deskmate and said instead, "However, I have a way to prove to you that my master is very strong and he can help me complete the task. Of course, it’s not here. If you are interested, you can come with me to * * * * * * *, and you will witness my master’s ability with your own eyes. "
After hearing what he said, Kachi asked with surprise: "Is your master in * * * * * * *?"
"No, otherwise I wouldn’t be so passive, but he has been here and left something in * * * * * * to prove his strength."
"So that’s it …" Cage was obviously disappointed.
"good! I’ll show you! " Hammer grabbed the jar and stuffed it into the space bracelet. Before he left, he didn’t forget to drink the rest of the wine in the cup.
When a group of three people left the restaurant, several men stood up on a table in the restaurant hall.
The sound that outsiders can’t hear is passing between them …
"Do it now?"
"Hammer is a master of fighting the emperor. No one knows if they have anything to do with it. It’s best not to startle them before they are absolutely sure."
"Damn it!"
"Don’t worry, there will be many opportunities in the future, and he must die!"
They don’t know that besides them, there are several pairs of eyes staring at Chen Han in a shop opposite the restaurant. These people have the same purpose as them.
When Chen Han * * * * * * in Givenchy’s shop, the mastermind behind the scenes of several people who were originally prepared to make trouble had already changed their plans: since it is useless for him to make trouble, let’s use a simpler method to completely kill this irresistible competitor in business!
Unfortunately, Chen Han first followed Kazi, who was protected by four masters, home, and then went to the adventure trade union where no one dared to make trouble, and then he even brought out the bucket emperor’s silence.
In other words, there is no chance to start work at all during this period.
A line of people soon returned to * * * * * * *, but not the shops there, but into the other side of the community. There is a quarter of the place, with a large number of top magic circle blessings, and the defense is tight and indestructible, which is also the place where Chen Han will stay in the future.
In addition to the backwardness, it is extremely secret, and even Aubrey and others can’t enter. There are more than half of the places in front for hospitality.
"Where is the evidence you said?" Don’t want to waste time, hammer just entered the door and asked aloud.
"You swear you won’t tell anyone what you saw, because that’s where I practice, and even my men can’t go in." Chen Han said solemnly.
"I swear …"
In fact, Chen Han’s original intention is not to make Ham swear, and there is no secret in it. The meaning of his saying this sentence is not to restrain Ham, but to tell Kach indirectly.
Sure enough, Kaqi laughed and said, "Razer, I’ll wait for you outside. Since it’s a secret place for your practice, I won’t go in."
"We are brothers and don’t need to be strangers." Chen cold embarrassed said.
"Because we are brothers, so I can’t let your * * exposure, everyone has secrets." Cage said with a smile.
"Well … you have a drink first, and I’ll be out soon."
Although Kaki was curious as hell, he was not a man who didn’t understand the rules. He also knew that Chen Han said those words just because he didn’t want him to go in.
Along the aisle on one side of the hall, one magic circle with amazing defense force opens and then relates under the control of Chen Han.