Seeing this creature’s mouth with huge fangs sticking up in the air, and those ugly but extremely thick demon horns, whether it was Llewellyn or the monkeys behind them, all quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and then the group of monkeys first abandoned Llewellyn and his party and ran away in the direction of coming at a very high speed.
"These ungrateful guys" Chen Kaida cursed, even though he knew that the macaques might not know what he was scolding. After all, they were a group of monkeys even if they were trained by druids.
"Boom" accompanied by ll cursing the huge and horrible creature in front of them. First of all, he greeted ll. It was not the language that ll expected, but a huge hammer with a metal spike, which was thrown at ll at a very high speed.
Maybe Chen Kai’s threat is the biggest in that monster’s perception, or maybe it knows that Chen Kai’s extremely despicable method has killed more than a dozen hands. Well, there may not be more than a dozen, but there must be a lot of them.
Therefore, Chen Kai became the first member of all people who was frightened out of my wits and dodged. Of course, he was with his side, Zhao Tiezhu Xu Fei, and the target of the popular hammer was him, not Zhao Tiezhu or Xu Fei, who was closer and farther away. Chen Kai first flashed from his position.
Accompanied by a terrible scene of flying debris with a loud noise, Chen Kai’s original position was completely replaced by a huge pit with a diameter of more than one meter. At the same time, with Chen Kai dodging others in various embarrassing ways, he was out of the attack range of the monster because it was dragging a hammer head on the metal chain with a length of more than five meters to sweep the attack.
No rational player wants to be touched by the hammer head, except the dead. Once they are touched, it means a terrible consequence. At best, the fracture is almost smashed into a paste with the head, just like Chen Kai saw those horse thieves killed by Lokas some time ago.
Ll: they certainly don’t want to be those horse thieves who fly out of their eyes. When they see the hammer, they all choose to keep a certain distance from that weapon.
"Boss, this guy must be." Yun racked his brains to give this terrible creature a name that matches his identity, but once he didn’t remember what it was, he could tell that the other person was a monster by its twisted and ugly horns.
"You’re talking nonsense." Chen Kai simply wants to kick the ass of the cloud. Everyone knows that this guy is a fool, but Chen Kai and none of them are stupid. However, because there are so many kinds of miscellaneous demons, even the aborigines often don’t know what those grotesque miscellaneous demons are. The more they are doped with demons, the more strange they will become.
But not knowing the name of this monster doesn’t mean that Chen Kai doesn’t know the level and identity of this monster. It takes an effective injury to let Chen Kai know enough information, and a distant attack is the best long-range injury at this moment. Therefore, Yun is very conscious of taking up this job. Even if he doesn’t like to do this, he is the tool that Chen Kai can find that is most likely to cause damage to this monster.
Therefore, whether Yun is happy or unhappy, he must raise the crossbow machine to make an attack gesture against the monster and launch the crossbow in the crossbow machine. When he raised the crossbow machine, Yun knew that he would definitely be countered, and he knew it from the huge monster’s eyes, but even so he pulled the trigger.
A bolt instantly shot out from the cloud’s hand and hit the other side before the monster could react, but Yun regretted shooting the other side instantly. At that moment, he would rather not know the other side’s rank and identity.
The cloud of "Chain Hammer Miscellaneous Magic Rank 67" is almost crying. Tell the rank and identity of the monster in the unified certification among the ranks, and by the way, add its profile among the aborigines, and formally rank the "template for the higher commander of humanoid creatures".
"Fuck you, it’s still a humanized creature." Ll almost wants to curse the unification because this name is too cheating. Of course, it makes Ll call dad the depressed high commander template, which represents one thing. The miscellaneous demon belongs to the silver high and is one order away from the Lord.
"Kai, you’d better stop cursing and find a way to do it quickly. This high commander must have mastered several kinds of nirvana skills … how can mother be so fast?" Su Xinghe’s words haven’t finished yet, but he saw the black and red light coming from the miscellaneous magic hammer and the huge chain hammer was gently turned by it like a toy.
Then everyone saw a huge red meteor heading straight for the cloud. It was a meteor flying at a height of 2 meters and flying close to the ground. However, no one can ignore the power of the meteor and plow it out of the ground by airflow. You can see that if the cloud doesn’t flash this time, then he is dead.
The actual cloud really wants to dodge, but the reality is that he doesn’t make a dodge motivation at all. When he wants to dodge, a terrible and suffocating oppression locks him in place. In this force, the cloud can watch the huge hammer with cold light coming straight at him.
In order to save the lives of others who were scared to death by the meteor hammer, Chen Kai and Su Xinghe made the most effective and fastest way for them to get close to the chain and wave their weapons and cut them in the chain.
Even though they didn’t gather much strength at this time, both of them cut their weapons in the clattering chain with jingling, and both of them bounced their giant swords without exception and the huge hammer was slowed down less than a little.
However, at this point, Liyun experienced a very severe life and death test. Someone bent his knee with a stick and made him fall backwards. The fierce gangfeng drew a long blood line on his stomach and cheeks. At that moment, Yunyun’s life value plummeted, but in the end, his grade was saved.
Yun couldn’t thank the man who saved his life before he went into a coma. He could tell others how he felt about being attacked, and then he was very honored to fall into a near-death coma because of excessive blood loss, but he brought the terrible locking and oppressive nature of the hybrid magic skill to other people’s minds.
"This is really not a good news," said ll hands trembling. His hands were naturally not afraid, but just shaken out by the chain force when blocking the chain. At that moment, ll could consciously chop the roots without much effort, and his hands were hurt.
"It’s not a good news, but it’s better to get the news early than to wait until we are all lost." Su Xinghe shook a huge sword in his hand. Actually, Su Xinghe felt that there was not much difference between knowing the news early and knowing it late because they could not block it alone without help.
Chapter 199 The staff of the earth-The Rift Valley (5)
The mutant monster is very powerful, and he has fallen into a coma for this, because he was scraped by the terrible power of the hammer head, but just being scraped will make him raw and need to be sent to the temple of life for recovery treatment, if he can return to the temple of life alive.
Chen Kai doubted whether he could live after being hit by a hammer, just as he doubted whether he could live after being attacked by a horse thief, but at that time a large group of reinforcements came to save them, and this time the reinforcement monkeys abandoned him first.
Ll cursed the old monkey in my heart, because they ran so fast, and Ll cursed the Great God in my heart, because it made this monster too powerful, with a powerful attack ability as high as five meters, a short-range combat range close to ten meters, and a terrible resistance that could offset the third-order spell.
"It’s just a main battle tank," Xu Fei said, and then held his head and quickly flashed to the left to hide the huge hammer thrown at his body
"I think it’s more like a humanoid mecha. Damn it, his skin is harder than iron." Su Xinghe quickly bent down to hide and grabbed the monster’s palm toward his head and then spat at the monster’s cut thigh. There was no scar there, but there was a pale white mark that could not be seen clearly.
This is a very asymmetric battle. Chen Kai and his colleagues kept trying to find the weakness of the hammer, but they failed again and again. Whether it was spell resistance or physical resistance, this tall and fat monster deserved to be a humanoid tank that could rampage on the battlefield.
At the same time, the most depressing and frightening thing for Chen Kai is that this monster has completely demonstrated the fighting capacity of advanced monsters, and it is dripping and exquisite, or most of the time, Chen Kai and them are jumping around the hammer monster like clowns, and that monster is waving a hammer and forcing Chen Kai and them to continue to jump.
As a matter of fact, up to now, this hammer demon has made a similar skill attack, others are ordinary sweeping and throwing huge hammers, which rotate in the hands of demons like toys or are thrown out. Chen Kai, they are not enjoying the beautiful arc formed when the hammers are thrown out, but participating in the formation of this arc.
"Brother Shui, we have to find a way, otherwise we will not be killed now, but will also be killed after exhaustion of physical strength." Zhao Tiezhu gasped and said that he needs to consume more physical strength to keep moving in heavy armor than others.
"I think of some way to? Why don’t you think for yourself? "Ll growled, depressed, because he was the first person out of the cloud to draw a scar on the monster, and then he was bombarded by the chain hammer monster with crazy revenge, almost like a violent rainstorm.
It was the bombardment that hit the land like thunder, and the hammer almost turned the ground with a radius of five meters into a crater, and this time it was Chen Kai who saw the second skill, which was even more terrible and destructive than the first named rocket hammer skill. Of course, it was that skill that hit people before all this.
After experiencing this wave of stormy bombardment, Chen Kai came to the conclusion that it was good news for him. The eyesight of the hammer demon seemed to be a little poor, or the reaction was a little slow after the attack was released, because at the moment when he was attacked by the skill, Chen Kai had spread his legs and ran to another place, and he took a magic step, an advanced pissing skill. Chen Kai hid before being hit by the skill.
At the same time, when the hammer kept hitting the ground, others took the opportunity to complete the attack and defense conversion. Zhao Tiezhu was very anxious to temporarily withdraw from the battlefield. On the other hand, Su Wanting stabbed the dragon gun in a standard straight-stabbing way toward the hairy thigh exposed by the devil.
In fact, this attack may be the biggest damage caused by Chen Kai and them up to now. 73. A not-so-high, ordinary damage didn’t appear crit at all, but it left a big wound in the thigh of the hybrid demon, accompanied by 5 points of bleeding damage per second.
Therefore, the monster suddenly became very angry, and its huge palm waved directly towards Su Wan, and on the other hand, the huge hammer was quickly taken back. At the same time, Su Wan quickly pulled out the dragon gun and quickly evacuated after the roar of the monster, even though that period was enough for her to once again cause damage to the other side with the dragon gun.
Su Wan’s kindness did not attract the other side’s favor. This move is just a philosophical way to preserve our health, but it is a friendly move for Su Wan after all. She didn’t attack again and didn’t deepen the wound. She just escaped the palm of the miscellaneous demon, but the furious miscellaneous demon wouldn’t think so. Its eyes widened and it could almost see bloodshot.
So live up to expectations, this hybrid demon has used its third attack skill, which allows all creatures around him to evacuate or die in a radius of three meters. The skill skill is launched as before, and there is no comment. Because the monster can’t talk, Chen Kai doesn’t know what the meaning of that syllable is, and of course he doesn’t want to know.
In fact, everyone doesn’t want to know the meaning of that screaming syllable in animal language (if it exists). For those who wear Chen Kai everywhere, the most important thing at the moment is to keep alive and give it another one after the explosion of that big guy.
Of course, doing so may completely irritate each other, but for Chen Kai and others, it makes no difference whether they are irritated or not. At the moment it appears in their sight, it is doomed that one of the two sides will definitely fall to the ground.
Chen Kai definitely doesn’t want to be defeated, like most of the fastest players. He wants to take all the equipment of BOSS from BOSS, including pants, and win all the battles. Although most of the time players are trampled on the soles of their feet by BOSS, there are still a group of people who are successful after all.
However, Chen Kai definitely doesn’t want to be one of the unlucky players who were trampled on the soles of BOSS’s feet and flogged. More importantly, he doesn’t want to fall into the unknown place when he finally climbed to the first few pages of the ranking. Even if Chen Kai’s own workshop has not been opened for a long time and has not received a valuable list for a long time, Chen Kai still feels that he is an ideal and moral professional player.
Chen Kai, an ideal and moral professional player, thinks it is very important to maintain a level of his own, especially in this game world where power is worshipped very much. There are three levels of otherness, where it will be despised by the aborigines, because at his age, if a professional is at least four levels, it is still the kind of talent that is problematic.
So Chen Kai definitely doesn’t want to be hung back to level 3 when he is about to upgrade to level 4, so he tries hard to dry up the monster. Even though Chen Kai feels that the characters in the game are bitter because of over-thinking, Chen Kai is still trying to find a way.
As Chen Kai knows, there is a big problem with the reaction ability of the hammer monster. Its reaction speed can’t keep up with its observation. Even when Su Wan has withdrawn from his attack range, the hammer monster still has to display its skills according to the established inertia. A terrible shock wave that enveloped Fiona Fang for three meters was accompanied by sweeping out the hammer.
Yes, they have been flashed in advance, and they have not suffered even a little damage. On the contrary, the miscellaneous demon wanted to stop the attack because of the attack effect, but it was a little hurt because of this, which made Chen vomiting blood the most. This miscellaneous demon lost his life for his own reasons, which was even higher than one of Chen’s several attacks.
Of course, this is a good thing for Chen Kai. At least he has mastered this evil weakness or suspected weakness. After all, it may be that Chen Kai and them happened to encounter special circumstances, but it cannot be said that there is something wrong with the evil reaction system.
The protagonist that Chen Kai has to try is himself. When Su Wan just withdrew from the hammer attack range, Chen Kai was ready to sprint to the miscellaneous demon, especially when Chen Kai saw that the hammer miscellaneous demon was injured by forcibly withdrawing the hammer, his eyes suddenly lit up and his body rushed towards the miscellaneous demon at a very high speed.
There are two small pits with a depth of 1 cm left on the original ground of Chen Kai, which was stepped out when Chen Kaili stepped on the ground. At the same time, there is a faint virtual shadow on the side of the two pits, and the shape can hardly be seen. That is the image of Chen Kai’s entry-level phantom step.
Yu Chen Kairen has already crossed the distance of more than five meters in one second and rushed to the front of the miscellaneous magic, holding up the sword and chopping it without armor. The moon white Guanghua sword burst into bright light in an instant and then slammed it on the terrible head of the chain hammer miscellaneous magic with great impact and chopping power.