"I don’t know-!"
Master Jin Wu shook his head regretfully and said, "If I had known that Narcissus was gone forever, I shouldn’t have let her get away from the truth so rashly. I have never seen a monk with a talent for refining vessels like her. Your mother has been refining vessels with me for just a few years, but she has learned 90% about me. If she had been more calm and thought about it in the future, the level of refining vessels would definitely be mine …"
With that, Master Jinwu came over and put his hand on Yu Long’s shoulder and said, "Earlier, I found that you are somewhat similar to Narcissus. Now it seems that you are right. Naturally, you are somewhat similar to your mother. You are Narcissus and naturally inherited the fine bloodline of Narcissus. I believe that you will become an excellent master of refining in the future …"
"Son, I want to accept your cousin … now let’s hold a master gift?" Master Jin Wu said, "I will give you everything I have learned all my life …"
Yu Long was shocked, and he decided to accept it.
It is a very important ceremony to learn from the master in the mysterious realm, and we can’t be careless at all.
Long Yu knelt in front of Master Jinwu, while Master Jinwu put one hand on Yu Long’s forehead and instilled some basic refining knowledge directly into the sea of Yu Long consciousness.
"Son, from now on, you will be my disciple of Master Jin Wu. In the future, you are destined to inherit my mantle …" Master Jin Wu asked, "Will you protect our mentoring with your life?"
Yu Long calm a say with smile "this is hard to say …"
Master Jin Wu flashed a different color in his eyes. "Being loyal to our door is to …"
Long Yu nodded.
Master Jin Wu suddenly looked and asked, "If I ask you to kill Long Tianze now, will you do it?"
Yu Long was asked for a while and then said, "I can’t do such a thing … I can promise to be loyal to you, but it is definitely not stupid loyalty."
Master Jinwu didn’t get angry when he heard this, but nodded in agreement. "I like your honesty … You are very similar to your mother in this respect, son."
Yu Long knelt in the center of the earth and complained a little louder. "Master, I wish I knew more about my mother …"
Master Jin Wu smiled. "You look like a child. You probably worshipped your mother?"
"Am I right?" Master Jin Wu stared into Yu Long’s eyes and smiled and asked, "If one day your mother and I become enemies, which side will you help?"
Long Yu is one leng. Intuitively, he feels that this sentence of Master Jinwu is not just a metaphor.
Master Jin Wu added, "Hehe, don’t worry, I’m just saying … to be honest, I will insist that your mother Narcissus should inherit my mantle."
After a pause, Master Jinwu suddenly asked, "If one day you find that your relatives are murderous monsters, how should you face them?"
I don’t know! Yu Long answered neatly this time.
"What would you do if your relatives killed you?" Master Jin Wu continued to ask.
Long Yuxian felt that Master Jinwu’s question was getting more and more strange and sharp.
"I don’t know!" Yu Long answered truthfully.
Calm down.
I secretly wonder what Master Jin Wu’s words mean. Is it #]? What should he know?
Yu Long looked at Master Jinwu with a confused look. He had a cool smile and could not see the abnormality.
Eyes turn Yu Long asked, "master, do you know something? For my mother and father, I hope you can tell me the truth? I beg you. "
"Ha ha! -"Master Jin Wu laughed a few times." You have a good imagination, but you are in the wrong place … My questions are all assuming that I just want to know your disposition … "
He paused and said, "I hope you don’t think too much."
Yu Long didn’t take the words of Master Jinwu to heart. He was thinking that Master Jinwu’s words were definitely meaningful, unlike what he said now, which was a random assumption.
Yu Long is thinking that Master Jinwu has sat back in the cane chair.
"You’ve sat there, haven’t you?" Master Jin Wu waved and said, "From now on, I will tell you the basic knowledge of refining device …"
Yu Long quickly left messy thoughts and listened.
You don’t have to worry about your skills, and refining is really a good career.
It was not until dark that Master Jinwu finished the class. He called Hongliang to take Yu Long to rest and continue the class the next day.
In this way, a month passed quickly, and Yu Long’s talent in refining was incisively and vividly, and Master Jinwu was very satisfied.
It took a year to learn something, and Yu Long completed it in a month. This achievement is almost different from that of Narcissus.
Master Jinwu likes this novice brother very much.
And Yu Long’s heart is very eager to know the current information.
In the second month after studying, Yu Long took the initiative to ask about something with his mother again, but Master Jin Wu avoided it. Three days later, he even gave Yu Long a holiday to calm his mind first, because it would be dangerous to have distractions when refining the vessel.
Moreover, Master Jinwu has repeatedly said that his knowledge of narcissus is limited. According to him, he was interested in what narcissus refining talent was, and he was not interested.
As it is now, he is not interested in the origin of Long Yu’s private life. What he cares about is Yu Long’s talent in refining utensils.
Seeing that there was no chance, Yu Long took the opportunity to take a vacation. He planned to take his uncle Long Tianze back to Qingxin Xiaozhu and let him settle down there. He himself went back to the real world to see the situation and then made a decision.
There are also things he cares about in the real world.
First, according to the Japanese, Tang Xiangxiang is about to go out, and I don’t know if she has cultivated successfully in heaven. Secondly, Wang Guowei’s incident was also noted by him. In addition, he also plans to go to the Bada Desert to visit a power guild.
"Come back a year later …" Before he left, Master Jin Wu confessed.
Returning to Duanmu City, Longyu first gave his uncle Long Tianze to Hua ‘an to take good care of him, because in recent days, Long Tianze had to digest the formula of Ssangyong Shenhuo Ring to master it completely, and it was safest for him to stay in Qingxin Xiaozhu.
In the future, Long Tianze has decided that he must go to the desire world to find his eldest brother.
Yu Long expressed concern about this, but tried to dissuade him.
Ma Xiaomei talks with her grandfather Ma Zhengfeng and Ma Zhengfeng’s good friend Wen Yuetian about Tao Lixiu and spell system almost every day these days.
Generally speaking, during these two months, she has made rapid progress in her study and knowledge.
At the same time, she rewarded Ma Zhengfeng with her father’s thoughts and practices. Ma Zhengfeng was very angry about this. He treated Yu Long as a brother, and it was obvious to all that he had helped the Ma family during this period, but his son was actually calculating Yu Long.
Ma Zhengfeng has decided to go back to the real world with her granddaughter to see what this rebel really wants to do …
Iron Wolf and Wen Yuetian learned that Ma Zhengfeng was going to the real world, and they immediately expressed strong interest and hoped to go together.
Ma Zhengfeng naturally won’t object, but this matter will eventually have Long Yulai clappers.
After some deliberation, Yu Long agreed to take Ma Zhengfeng and others to the real world. For Ma Zhengfeng, Yu Long still prefers to have less Ma Zhengfeng, which is not so powerful.
When he left, Yu Long inquired about Jinfeng and Fubo with Huaan again.
It’s that Hua’ an who can’t tell clearly. This Yu Long has made Hua’ an pay attention to it in many ways, and has repeatedly said that if there is a place where he can find it, he must talk.
After returning to the real world, Yu Long parted ways with Ma Zhengfeng and his party, because Ma Zhengfeng was in a hurry to visit Ma’s house, and Ma Xiaomei naturally accompanied him.
Just back to his room, he received a message from Yukime that Xue Ji told Yu Long that skull and bones and the walkers were getting more and more fierce. Xuanmen had sent hundreds of brothers to Tianhai to deal with this matter together with government departments. Today, they are studying Yukime, which means to let Yu Long get there as soon as possible to participate in this matter, which will enhance his influence in Xuanmen.
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