"Ha ha ha small … do you know that you are the last guy I decide to kill? I’m going to put you in the end and slowly torture you to death …" Ke Zhela Luo smiled at Mu Feng coldly and said that his face suddenly turned cold and added, "Before you make a false call …"
Ke Zhelaluo’s words made Mu Feng and Huo Yan and others puzzled. Did Ke Zhelaluo even know that Mu Feng was accumulating damage and preparing to summon skills?
"Boom …" Just as Mu Feng and others were stunned, a violent roar came from the feet. When Ke Zhelaluo was talking, he suddenly shot a shock arrow. When he was dizzy, Mu Feng’s heart was tight. Ke Zhelaluo wanted to raid. I really don’t know who his second target was.
"Sou …" Two black arrows were shot from Kezhelaluo’s green bow and arrow rapidly, which was a forbidden magic arrow "jump … 412". One forbidden magic arrow hit the moon and another arrow hit it … The stabbing spirit was brought by fire, and the elder was also shot and stunned. Why did Kezhelaluo suddenly take care of him? Did Kezhelaluo just say that the second target was him?
Ke Zhela Luo set off and rushed out on a brown bear. The goal was impressively … Zifeng Zifeng seemed to have expected that this guy was not kind to himself. Zifeng ran when Ke Zhela Luo Gang started, but strangely, he didn’t run far away, but ran horizontally behind Yuli. After coming to Yuli, Zifeng stared at Ke Zhela Luo with cold eyes and stopped running.
"Hum … where did you go? No one saved you …" Ke Zhelaluo shouted arrogantly while taking a bow to shoot an arrow at Zifeng. His second goal was Zifeng, the guy who controlled him and controlled him, the guy who made him suffer a long-term resistance attack by strange shadow spells.
Ke Zhelaluo may have been too murderous to notice Zifeng’s escape route, and he just ran a few steps and escaped behind another player. He even didn’t notice that Zifeng escaped behind a hunter player.
"Psst …" A burst of white ice fog hissed and rose from Kezhelaluo’s foot. Kezhelaluo rode a brown bear and suddenly eased. At this time, Kezhelaluo did not notice that Zifeng was dressed as a hunter in front of him. This is a hunter level 1. You can learn the frost trap. Although it is not big, it can prevent the target from attacking yourself in close quarters. It is a necessary skill for summoners.
Ke Zhelaluo was cursing when he heard another "Ka Ba …" Then he came to mount the brown bear in pain and called a huge trap to appear at the foot of the brown bear. Ke Zhelaluo was annoyed.
After such a delay, Mu Feng and Huo Yan quickly resumed their actions and then rushed to Kezhelaluo. Ji Yue also resumed her treatment and the snow fluttered. Hurry up and help Zifeng to add blood. Zifeng finally escaped. Kezhelaluo’s attack failed and she glared at a green rain glass.
"kill everyone and we will definitely get this boss!" Mu Feng shouted that it sounded like he was shouting at Ji Yue, Huo Yan and other players, but actually Mu Feng was shouting at Ke Zhela Luo. He found that the boss design was more arrogant and arrogant, and people were most afraid that people would look down on him, so Mu Feng deliberately stimulated him to make him lose his cool.
Mu Feng decided not only to * * hit Kezhelaluo’s spirit, but also to destroy him. Now in the soul of Ling, people never say that they have not made a fuss about boss’s personality. It is really at the forefront of the "times" to think of this.
"Hum, I’m so arrogant. I’m trapped, so I can bully you. The real battle has just begun. I just want to play with you more or you’ll be dead!" Ke Zhelaluo was angry with Mu Feng and stopped talking. He shot an arrow in his hand and glared at Mu Feng. His eyes helped stab Ling, fire, an arrow through the heart and others to take the opportunity. It was another storm. Anyway, Ke Zhelaluo hated it. Now he is in Mu Feng. Let Mu Feng play with him.
"That’s good. Anyway, we will play with you sometimes, so we will play slowly …" Mu Feng said to Kezhelaluo with a smile. He wants to be smooth now or when the sixth floor calls Mu Feng’s heart. At this time, he cries Mu Feng in waves, waiting for that moment, expecting the horse to turn into reality …
"Ha ha is very good but …" Just then, Ke Zhe La Luo said to Mu Feng with a heavy eye. "But … it is necessary to be strong if you want to play longer … Let’s enter the second stage of the battle. I hope you won’t let me down too much …" Mu Feng saw Ke Zhe La Luo Meng grab an arrow and put it on his green bow and arrow. Mu Feng looked cold and sweaty. Who is still alive when such an arrow is shot? Is there a bug in the game?
Bow … Pull the string … Aim? When Mu Feng came, he would set his target at Zifeng, but Kezhelaluo pointed the arrow at the middle string, and when it was full, Kezhelaluo drank a lot of "magic flame meteor arrow …" With his skill command, he saw that the arrows quickly flew to the sky.
"Brush brush …" After a second, dozens of arrows with black flames fell from the target, pointing to Mu Feng, Yuli, Jiyue and others. "Click … 36545" A rocket accurately hit Mu Feng’s body, and Mu Feng cracked his mouth in pain, and then looked at others. Everyone in the team was shot by an arrow, even his younger brother’s ice and white python didn’t let go. At this time, a cold light smile crossed Mu Feng and others from Kezhelaluo’s mouth and didn’t notice it.
Rick Zhelaluo’s offensive became more violent when he came. Although the forbidden magic arrow and shock arrow were not shot out again, Ke Zhelaluo’s magic flame meteor arrow made Mu Feng and others have a headache, especially for treating Ji Yue and snow fluttering, which was even more busy.
Minutes passed quickly. Purple Maple joined the battle again. Mu Feng and others were all happy. Purple Maple’s attack was still considerable. You know, Purple Maple used to kill all the ghost brakes. Although Mu Feng and others don’t know what means Purple Maple used to kill the ghost brakes, Mu Feng needs to know … Purple Maple is very strong.
Just when Zifeng joined the battle again, the peripheral group war changed, which made Mu Feng and others feel a thrill again. This guy is too ghost, isn’t it? He is still manipulating the peripheral skeleton war while fighting.
After the boss war in Mu Feng and others, it wasn’t long before the second group and the fourth group of the Mu Feng Desert Temple quickly wiped out the skeleton monster behind them, and then slaughtered the frontal skeleton monster with a group of three combined soldiers. With the addition of the Mu Feng Desert Temple to the fire and other idle forces, it was much easier, and the encirclement of the skeleton monster gradually narrowed, which can be said to be victory.
Chapter 59 Purple maple was hunted down
(the seventh watch)
With Mu Feng’s barren temple, joining the blazing fire and other idle forces suddenly relaxed a lot, and the encirclement of the skeleton monster gradually narrowed, which can be said to be victory soon.
However, just as everyone was smiling and planning to destroy the skeleton monster and appreciate Mu Feng’s killing of boss, three strands of skeleton monsters were suddenly killed on the back, left and right sides. Moreover, these skeleton monsters are all animal-type skeletons such as giant rats, skeletons and scorpions that have never been seen before, and they rushed to the players to see such a scene. The temple gang and the heaven gang were all better. Those idle players suddenly made a mess and clamored for what to do.
The news of the siege was quickly answered by Mu Feng and Huoyan. The 1234 groups of the waste temple just visible to resist the impact of Xinli Skeleton Army. The Yanhuang gang narrowed the attack range and strictly adhered to the positive enemy attack behind the waste temple and turned to the passive attack on those idle players …
According to the order of Mu Feng and Fire Inflammation, the battle of the peripheral players’ skeletons became deadlocked again. At this time, the frontal skeletons suddenly attacked the players like crazy. At this time, many idle players turned into white light and disappeared into the monster attack. Many teams suddenly became mutilated. After a short reorganization, the idle players joined the battle again. At this time, their strength has been reduced by about half.
The sudden change of peripheral fighting made Mu Feng and others fidgety, but fortunately, their battle against boss went smoothly. Mu Feng can say that Kezhelaluo’s attack life is declining now, but Mu Feng doesn’t know that Kezhelaluo is planning a sharp "sneak attack"
"Magic flame meteor arrow …" Ke Zhelaluo once again pointed the bow and arrow at the number of days, and the rockets roared. Mu Feng’s troubles frowned, and the spirit quickly returned to the magic and the possession of the devil’s soul and immediately threw it into the body. Blood medicine and magic medicine were also eaten at the same time
Because Kezhe Laluo’s meteor and arrow attack is an attack, Ji Yue and Xue Piao Piao have limited magic and skills, so Mu Feng and them thought of the key treatment and universal care method. The key treatment is to let Ji Yue and Xue Piao Piao take care of fire inflammation first and kill Zifeng second.
Then Mu Feng and others first made their own efforts, and Ji Yue and Xue Piao Piao came with a treatment method. This method helped Ji Yue and Xue Piao Piao to get relief. Anyway, Ke Zhelaluo would not go to attack others actively. Although others were attacked and killed, the meteor shot and lost blood, but he could slowly recover after taking some blood medicine himself.
This time, as before, all the people also resumed the fire inflammation with Ji Yue and snow fluttering, and Zifeng first attacked with blood sucking and carried Kezhelaluo in a good state, while others in Mu Feng took their own medicine and slowly recovered.
A strange sneer crossed Mu Feng from the corner of Kezhelaluo’s mouth. I happened to see Mu Feng’s heart tighten. This guy suddenly smiled so insidiously. There must be something wrong. So Mu Feng was ready to wake up. Everyone should be careful. Kezhelaluo may have to play tricks, but Mu Feng has already started to play tricks before Kezhelaluo can export …
"Sou sou … three long black arrows flew out from Kezhe Lalo with a sharp sound, and Ji Yue, snow fluttering and fire inflammation were all frightened. It was a little incredible to look at the forbidden magic arrow in the chest. What did Kezhe Lalo shoot three forbidden magic arrows?
"Ow …" Ke Zhelaluo sat in a brown bear and let out a low roar, pointing at the fire inflammation in front of him, which was a claw, and then the body suddenly jumped out, aiming at the purple maple in the distance. Ke Zhelaluo really stared at the purple maple as he said.
"Hum, I’ll let you chase …" Mu Feng said, and ran out with Kezhe Lalo. He wanted to paralyze Kezhe Lalo brown bear with lightning. As soon as Mu Feng left, he felt a cold foot. The whole face suddenly turned into a piece of frost and white, and with a slight blue ice, it quickly spread to his body from the sole of his foot.
Without a second, Mu Feng was frozen into the ice, frozen at the same time, and fell in the fire, ready to chase and attack Kezhelaluo’s stabbing spirit. The white python was not frozen because it belonged to the ice property. At this time, it moved its thick body and chased Kezhelaluo.
Large-scale freezing trap! Mu Feng brooded in the ice, wondering when that guy Kezhelaluo would set a trap. How come I didn’t think about Mu Feng at all, so I looked at Kezhelaluo in the past. Kezhelaluo was so eager to shoot three forbidden magic arrows and secretly install a frozen trap, which would definitely attack Zifeng Zifeng.
At this time, Zifeng didn’t hide or flash, and just stood there coldly watching Kezhe pull Luo Jiyue, snow fluttering and others, forbidden magic arrows, and Mu Feng and others were frozen. He saw it in his eyes. Kezhe pull Luo was determined to kill him this time. Silently, Zifeng’s palm was faintly sweaty.
"Whoosh …" Something with golden light suddenly flew out of Kezhe Lalo’s hand, and the luminous object with arc gently landed in front of Zifeng. A closed trap appeared in front of Zifeng, and Zifeng’s face suddenly became ugly.
Kezhelaluo hummed, one by one, and the arrows shot out directly at the animal trap pliers "Click ……". One second after the animal trap pliers were broken, Kezhelaluo had come to the front of Zifeng, holding his black spear high and showing his pride. insidious smile "Go to hell …" Kezhelaluo shouted that the spear in his hand was conveniently …
"Click ….." Kezhelaluo’s spear stabbed Zifeng heavily, and Zifeng’s body suddenly trembled slightly. A big red "4511" floated from Zifeng’s head, and Zifeng’s eyes were full of horror. He looked at Kezhelaluo with a very scared expression. Kezhelaluo sneered and slowly pulled out the black spear, then laughed and said, "Haha, now you know you are scared? Just now, I saw that you were dragging … "Ke Zhelaluo wanted to say something, but he found that the expression on Zifeng’s face changed at the moment he pulled out his spear and returned to the previous indifference.
"Brush …" At a moment, the purple maple suddenly disappeared in front of Kezhelaluo’s eyes, and the mage flashed "Mom was actually taken in". Kezhelaluo only realized at this time how calculating this guy in black mage costume was. He didn’t hide or flash to let himself off guard, but he also got himself a spear to show his fear expression, paralyzed himself again, and then made the mage flicker and escape. He was fighting for it with his own bait.
"Ah … don’t run away." Kezhe Lalo turned around and chased Zifeng in the distance. At this time, Zifeng ran away and ignored the madness behind him. Kezhe Lalo is also very angry now. He also prepared two skills to kill this black wizard, feeling that it was just in case, but now he has let the target he will kill go.
Regardless, Kezhelaluo put his heart on the bow and arrow with a long bow, a finger and three arrows "Sou Sou …" The three arrows were connected end to end, and he flew to Zifeng to see Kezhelaluo shoot three arrows, one arrow pierced the heart and the rain glass. First, he was surprised, then he was envious.
"poop-poop … 44323 … 45232 … miss" three arrows respectively hit Zifeng’s face turned black when he escaped. Now his expression is not pretending to be true. He is really afraid that he will come. He intends to lure a gram of Zhelaluo at close range and then fight for a spear. It takes a few seconds and then make him blink and escape. But people are not as good as the sky. He didn’t count that Kezhelaluo still has the skill of keeping hands. The three-shot injury has made him on the verge of red blood. Fortunately, one arrow narrowly escaped.
"Buzz …" The two treatment waves respectively fell on the purple maple body, and the purple maple was finally released with her heart. "Click …" In the running, the purple maple found that Mu Feng and their ice had melted and quickly moved to Mu Feng. After that, Kezhelaluo was in hot pursuit. Because of the speed difference, Kezhelaluo was close to the purple maple, holding the black spear in his hand.
"Lightning flashes in the sky …" When Zifeng just ran past Mu Feng, Mu Feng’s freezing finally lifted a flash. With a blue fire, Kezhelaluo’s brown bear suddenly stopped rushing forward. Kezhelaluo’s air roots itched and waved at Mu Feng even if Mu Feng didn’t dodge. When he wanted Zifeng to fight for it,
Once again, Kezhelaluo’s sneak attack failed, Ji Yue and others banned the magic and disappeared, and several people in Mu Feng also resumed their actions, but … Kezhelaluo was like a purple maple this time. As soon as the brown bear resumed his actions, he rushed at the purple maple again, ignoring Mu Feng and several crazy cows. Even Mu Feng cursed Kezhelaluo. He now has a goal to kill the mage wearing a black robe!
In a strange scene, the mage Zifeng ran wildly in front of him. Now he is covered with all kinds of defensive and high-speed buff. Behind him is boss Kezhelaluo, while behind Kezhelaluo is another group of people, such as Mu Feng, Yuli, Yanhuang Gang, Huo Yan, etc. In this chasing circle, Ji Yue and Xue Piaopiao are responsible for giving Zifeng blood.
Mu Feng and others once again entered a balance in this boss war, and Mu Feng later recalled that this balance was abnormal because there was a seduce bossm as a mage in this balance!
Chapter 599 A goal
At this time, Mu Feng discovered how appropriate the restriction skill is. The restriction mentioned here not only refers to the French movement, but sometimes it is also a good choice to slow down. Mu Feng is happy while running and killing Kezhelaluo, because now the protagonist in the battlefield makes Mu Feng feel happy. At this time, Mu Feng discovered that the advantage of this novice brother is not that it attacks or its huge body, but that it slows down … Frost venom.
"Hiss ….." A mass of white liquid suddenly crossed Mu Feng and others’ heads to spray Kezhe Lalo to Mu Feng, fire and other people’s faces suddenly showed excitement. Hey, hey, you can kill it again. Seeing white liquid spray Kezhe Lalo to yourself is also an angry frown. Damn it, it’s frost venom.
"Hua … 3452" venom was covered with Kezhelaluo and brown bear in a moment. Suddenly, it moved like a slow motion. Several people in Mu Feng surrounded Kezhelaluo with evil smiles. It was a fierce attack. Kezhelaluo waved a spear horse to fight back, but several people in Mu Feng didn’t hang him. Now he is slow to death. He can casually avoid the past. Mu Feng bowed his head and avoided the spear that stabbed him and continued to attack. At the same time, he silently said 3 … 2 ……………………….
Three seconds later, several people in Mu Feng crashed and dispersed again. Kezhelaluo resented biting his teeth and looked around. At this time, Zifeng finally stayed in the distance. At this time, Zifeng was a face of provocation and indifference. From the heart, Kezhelaluo shot a brown bear and then killed several people in Mu Feng. Continue to take advantage of Kezhelaluo and kill it. It’s a cool thing to kill. It’s better than having a mad cow to fight against it.
Fire inflammation, rain glass, an arrow through the heart and several people killing are cool, but they are far less cool than Mu Feng. Their cool is superficial, and Mu Feng’s excitement has already reached his heart at this time, because … his sixth layer of virtual summoning damage to accumulate horses is enough.
Mu Feng thought to himself, "Hum, wait for the old demon lord to come out, and still steal to kill you like this?"? We’ll see who chases who! However, Mu Feng recalled that in fact, he didn’t have to be obsessed with the ultimate call. If the fifth floor summoned the virtual dragon early, it is estimated that the problem can still be solved.
But ….. Mu Feng is also worried about his previous team method to get rid of Kezhe Laluo, who is also a guarding city boss, isn’t it? But now it seems that Mu Feng feels that he seems to be worrying.
There is no sign that Kezhelaluo launched an attack, and a violent roar came from Mu Feng and others’ feet to Mu Feng, and he felt a violent shaking of his face, and then his brain became dizzy. Then he showed that he encountered Kezhelaluo’s shock and arrow attack method. Moving for 5 seconds can make the skill but the skill countdown will be extended by 2 times, and the shunfa skill will be delayed by one second.