The number’ 14932′ rises from the top of Tapes’ head. This guy’s total blood volume is 530,000, but Lena has also caused him some damage. The kiss of death failed to directly deduct his full blood state of 3. This guy roared wildly and crashed into the enchantment. It seems that he was hurt by me and lost his mind ~ I saw this guy bump into me, and my heart was already bumping into him with such a huge body force. Who knows if I can turn off the high-order spell power?
"curse of life!" Once again, a little staff directly offered a sacrifice. This is insurance. I’m afraid that the limit of 7 will kill that guy. It’s almost bad luck for us ~ When Tapes horse is about to hit the enchantment, the life curse gray light waves spread out in Tapes. This guy’s body froze and then he hit the enchantment heavily, shaking it violently ~ shaking my heart with a burst of instability.
Tapes twisted after hitting the enchantment, and then a’ 34352327′ damage number rose from Tapes’ head. This guy is really dead! A few rays of light and colorful light fell to the surface, and then the huge dragon corpse fell to the mountains and Woods. Of course, there were many ghost dogs and trolls in hell, etc. ~ How can I wave such a good thing? Directly against the enchantment to chase a wave of his hand towards the body of Tapes, and directly receive the body into the backpack. Hey, hey, fortunately, we still have a backpack. The backpack is calculated according to the unit. If one thing is a unit, it will occupy one square. If you put the law in it, this guy can’t put it in for dozens of meters!
Put away Tapes’ body. I stared at the thing that was falling with colorful light and waved my hand to put away the colorful light. I was about to continue to collect other things, only to find that the bastard of the Blood Wing Devil also rushed over. That guy quickly collected two things. I grabbed the other one and was directly enveloped by the enchantment.
I’m angry that something was robbed! Look at Lena next to her eyes. It seems that her skills are ready!
"Fly away!" Lena drinks.
At the sight of the Blood Wings Demon King, my heart is full of unwillingness. This bastard has reached the level of God and the speed is extremely fast. I really can’t do anything to him for the time being! I’m about to leave with Lena. It suddenly occurred to me that when I was an advanced care teacher, I got the exclusive skill of soul master-soul harvest! There are 5 seconds to kill the target! Md, try you!
"Wait for me for two seconds!" I said it quickly, and then I stared at the prince of blood wings and read it in my heart. Come on, then lean over!
That guy seems to be very obedient, and he really rushed to this side at a distance of two or three hundred meters. It seems that this guy can see that this guy has entered the 100-meter range in a flash. I pointed my staff at this guy with a heavy finger, "Soul harvest!"
Chapter 422 A virgin hangs
The prince of blood wings seems to be very obedient. It seems that the distance between 200 meters and 300 meters is rushing towards this side. It seems that this guy can see that this guy has entered the range of 100 meters in an instant. I am very happy to point the staff at this guy.
"Soul harvest!"
"Be careful flying!"
In my confusion, I seem to hear Lena exclaim and lose consciousness again with me ~ I wake up and find myself in a strange place ~ I feel depressed when I look around! Reincarnation Hall ~ Holy shit ~ Hang up!
What the fuck? Am I not in the boundary? Why did you hang up? Shit! Lena!
Nervous, get ready to call Lena. I’m hung up. The boundary must be broken. If Lena doesn’t leave, she will be killed by that bastard!
At this moment, a series of white lights flashed ~’ Ding, you kill the blood-winged demon king level 1 at present 72” Ding, you kill the blood-winged demon king level 1 at present 73” Ding, you kill the blood-winged demon king level 1 at present 74′ …
Five upgrades in a row showed that my level rose directly to 76, followed by another unified display.
Ding, you were attacked by the blood wing demon king. The death level is 1’75! I’m in grade 75? Kill the blood wing demon king? It turns out that there are 64 levels! Ha, ha, ha, I quickly looked through the records. Damn it ~ I don’t know how many monsters I killed in the original 64-level spell. The gold was put away without any points. I got it myself and went straight to 67, and then I killed Tapes and went to 71, but I was so nervous that I didn’t even pay attention! Note that heiyaПge ппппппп can watch the latest chapter.
Finally, he fought for his life and killed the blood-winged demon king, and he rose to level 76, but he was also hit by the blood-winged demon king when he was dying, and he fell directly and dropped one level again! Goddess-level guy is really not a general horror. If we didn’t have the enchantment of fate, we wouldn’t be able to turn up the waves at all!
Damn virgin hang up! But yes, I made a lot of money and got promoted to 11 levels once! Don’t worry about Lena being killed by that bastard! Earned earned!
I laughed at the sky and attracted a burst of supercilious look from the players around me ~ but it seems that I was recognized by many people ~ "Oh, my god, that’s flying!" The first person flying how also hung up ~ "
"Yes, it’s flying! I will hang up if I depend on him? "
"Cut that what’s strange? The first person didn’t practice a little bit, did he? Isn’t it normal to hang up? It’s not a god. No one can die once ~ but I don’t know what he touched. He has a dragon pet! "
"Yes, what is so powerful?"
"Well, he won’t be hung up a little insane? Why are you laughing again after a sudden change of face? "
"You silly ~ didn’t you see that he just flashed white light? That’s an upgrade. I think it flashed several times in a row! It’ s strange not to laugh! "
"I ~ is really you look at the ranking list ~ Nima hang? It’s all level 75! "
"What? Level 75? Hang up and get to level 75? I remember not long ago, I saw it was only level 64 ~ You are not mistaken, are you? "
"Nima, I was wrong. You can’t read it yourself?"
"I’m going ~ I want to complain about the bug. It’s hard to get an absolute bug upgrade. How can it be upgraded to level 11?"
"Know what is impossible? Even a dragon pet flying will die. Do you think killing monsters will be thirty or forty? I guess he must have picked out some horrible guy somewhere ~ Otherwise, it would be impossible to have so many levels and die ~ "
A group of players waiting in line for resurrection in the metempsychosis hall had a heated discussion ~ After laughing for a long time, I finally got rid of my virginity and my feelings of great sadness and joy. I quickly pulled the equipment bar and checked it. Fortunately, the soul mage lost three pieces of equipment in the second equipment bar of the Dragon Magician profession, but with Lena there, I should get it back, right?
We have to revive quickly. I wonder if Lena has come back!
After a long time, I got rid of a lot of questions, and then I got rid of a lot of begging for membership and shouting for worship. The players finally came back to the Black Dragon City.
At the first time, Lianna got Lena’s response. It’s okay. The body is still there after the death of the blood-wing demon king. There are still things that have fallen. I hung up. The east and the west have been packed together by Lena. Now Lena is still dealing with those dark unicorns and emperor-wing demons brought by the blood-wing demon king, as well as those monsters that have gone to the mountains and hell, such as ghost dogs and trolls.
"Lena, wait for me. I’ll be there soon!"
"Well, there seems to be no inferno in this valley. The whole valley has been filled up by falling rocks on the surrounding slopes, and I don’t know how many are still alive."
"It’s better not to. Be careful and fly with magic dragon, the demon king of blood wings. The dark unicorn and the demon king of emperor wings are hard to deal with. I’ll pass soon!"
Running towards the array, I suddenly found that the speed seemed to have decreased a lot, and I felt a little bit weak all over. I wondered if I could pull the property panel to wipe it ~ The dizzy property of a red Arabic numeral 57 behind hunger was directly reduced by half ~ Holy shit! Actually like this?
Nai ran to the firm, took a pile of advanced cooking, ate two servings, and finally restored the hunger to 1: 00, and all the properties were restored. If the hunger was high when dealing with the severe boss, the properties would be reduced, so it would be in trouble ~ I took things and flew directly to the array and then sent them to Turner City to summon half a wing to the southwest for a minute and then shuttled to the middle of the mountain quickly.
After half an hour, I finally found Lena again. Lena has turned into a human form, and those dark unicorns with emperor wings have been killed by Lena’s department. Those hell dogs and troll soldiers on the ground have also been cleaned up by Lena.
"Is Lena okay?"
"It’s okay! Flying just now is how to return a responsibility? What did you do when the boundary disappeared? How come the blood-winged demon king died after he rushed in and you disappeared? I don’t feel contracted with you for a moment? " Lena looked at me nervously and asked
"Ha ha Lena just can finish is luck! I was ambushed by the blood-winged demon king, and I didn’t start work on the arrogant hell magic dragon until I opened the enchantment. After killing the hell magic dragon, I was robbed by that bastard of the blood-winged demon king, and I was not willing to sneak up on him. I decided to try a soul harvest on the blood-winged demon king that I had never experienced magic before! Pure luck, but I didn’t expect to be hit by me for the first time. I really killed that bastard ~ but I didn’t expect that it was just when that guy rushed over and the enchantment came, and I was killed by that guy ~ "
"Soul harvest? Can you kill all the blood-winged demons? " Lena looked at me in surprise and exclaimed, "What? Have you just been killed? "
"Well, that’s right ~ I was killed, but no, I’m an adventurer from another world. I’m a little different from you. When we were killed, our strength was reduced, and it didn’t matter if we could be resurrected again."
"Dead can come back to life? No wonder I just can’t feel the contract with you for a moment, "Lena said with a frown.
"But I was really a little impulsive just now. In fact, I shouldn’t take any risks. If my magic doesn’t work, not only will I be killed, but you may also be killed by the Blood Wing Devil. If that happens, I will regret it." I looked at Lena and said with a face of shame.
"Ha ha, I was really scared when I saw the enchantment disappear." Lena’s face was dying, and I regretted it even more, but then this girl’s pretty face laughed. "But I’m not okay now? And you know, it’s a care mentor level, and you actually killed the blood-winged demon king! If the elders in the tribe know it, they will be shocked, and your partner will be envied to death by the younger generation in the tribe! "
"If there is such a situation after Lena, you should remember that it is too dangerous to leave immediately, you know? Anyway, you know I won’t die. "I stared at Lena with a serious face.
"I know that if this happens again, I will pay attention!" Lena charming should way with a smile.
"Uh-huh. Where’s the body of the blood wing prince? And did he drop anything? "
"It’s all here!" Lena smiled and waved her hand, and a bunch of things appeared.
"I didn’t master this ability until I reached the holy level. I can create something smaller for myself in the virtual space." Lena continued, "The body of the Blood Winged Devil, some things I picked up next to his body, things that fell out when you disappeared, and things that I got after killing other demons are all here."
Looking at a lot of things, I’ll get the body of the blood-winged demon king out first. This guy is not an inferno, but a blood clan. I don’t know if I can pick anything.
After a busy time, everything was taken care of, and even with me, I put away the body of magic dragon Tapes in hell, and the harvest was great!
This guy’s body is really good, and it’s a good thing. A pile of wings is actually a god-class material. Haha, maybe you can refine the superb Tianyi. And this guy’s claws are also a god-class material.
In hell, magic dragon, haha, it’s a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with dragons ~ Lena was disgusted when she came to pick up Tapes’ body. After all, Lena was a dragon ~ But after a few words, she stretched her brow and picked a lot of dragon skins. I got a lot of dragon tendons, dragons, dragons, dragonflies, dragons’ blood and dragons’ wings, as well as a lot of dragon meat and a dragon egg.
There are also a lot of things harvested by the corpse department of Diyi Magic Dark Unicorn, and the dark unicorn eggs have also got three hell double-headed dog eggs, but two hell ghost dogs have not, but they have already made a fortune! In addition, there are a few cool things, Tapes, the blood-winged demon king dropped the artifact!
I was happy for a long time, but I didn’t expect trouble to come soon ~
Chapter 423 In trouble