Sure enough, as they thought, the second child didn’t block Lu Zhan. Then there was a boss.
At this moment, the second child is as depressed as the tall third child. He shook his head and looked at Lu Zhan. He could see a proud look, only to find that Lu Zhan was bending his head on the table.
"How to lie prone? Is he too tired? "
I thought that the former land exhibition had been fighting for so long, and now I have been fighting for nine times in Lien Chan. I suddenly understand that this may be our chance! He thought so.
Chapter 76 The Last Battle
Most people who like to play games have been immersed in the game for hours on end.
For example, when Lu Zhan played a solo game with six gods today, it took about three minutes, but it didn’t even last more than four minutes except for five minutes with the tall old man.
Although I played nine games, it took 40 to 50 minutes to add substitutions and other matters. It is impossible to be tired when I usually play at this point, but today is different.
Before rushing into the back room to save the burning night, it took a lot of physical strength to meet Xiao Chengqiang and them outside, especially for his arms to lose their strength due to strenuous activities. I still don’t think how to call for nine consecutive games is too much for my body.
"Hey, everyone is watching my jokes. Now it’s time for me to watch your jokes." The second child quickly understood Lu Zhan’s situation and said cynically to Lu Zhan’s direction
Lu Zhan was resting at his desk, but he was too lazy to pay attention to what he said. If he couldn’t lose a game in five consecutive kills, it would be tantamount to giving up all his efforts.
The second child snorted and went outside to the vicinity of ten people in the youth training camp. He whispered to their boss, "He is physically overdrawn and the boss tries to drag a rhythm."
Hearing the news that the second child brought back, the boss immediately smiled. He was confident in his own strength, but he wanted to beat Lu Zhan more.
"I just checked the information. This guy is very hot recently. I think he will be planted here today!"
Boss hey hey smiled and went into the back room.
Their conversation made Xiao Chengqiang feel strange that the two sides were not close. He didn’t hear what the other side was saying, but he felt very wrong in his heart.
"I’ll go and see!" Xiaoshengqiang said to Zhang Xi and others, and went straight to the inner door.
"hey! Don’t let it in! "
Smith’s hand thug came at once. It was the tattoo guy who was their first opponent.
"I want to see what happens!" Xiao Chengjiang worried about what was going on on display in Lu and held the man back.
"Don’t let me see it?" Zhang Xi saw that the situation was wrong and came along.
There was a dispute here, and Smith’s younger brother also surrounded him. Sky Blue and Burning Night were all walking this way.
Li Xiuyue’s bodyguards tried to keep order, but no one listened to them.
At Li Xiuyue, the bodyguards seemed to be asking if they wanted to start work. Li Xiuyue shook her head and she also wanted to see what was going on inside.
Seeing this, I was about to fight again. A man came out of the room.
"Stop it. I’m fine."
It’s Lu Zhan. He came to see Xiao Chengjiang when he heard the sound outside. They roughly guessed what was going on.
"Lu Zhan, otherwise we can’t think of other ways to fight like this!" Xiao Shengjiang clenched his fist and was very worried about Lu Zhan.
"Are you afraid of the last time you won all nine wars?" Lu Zhan smiled at him.
"I’m white" Xiao Chengjiang nodded and he and Zhang Xi retreated back.
A storm was quelled by Lu Zhan
"It’s not the first time to play a wheel war. Just win a few."
Lu Zhan deliberately took a look at the youth training camp over there. Nine people looked at him with their heads down, and one by one they vowed to lose in the end.
"Hey, it’s too simple for you to think about killing five in a row. Our boss is stronger than all of us combined. You can’t win the last battle." I don’t know who said 1 in the youth training camp
"Strength is better than strength to know" Lu Zhan turned and went into the back room.
When he entered the room, he secretly covered his hand. When he was fighting, his hand was hit by the other party. He didn’t finish it, but now it hurts.
"Do it quickly!"
Lu Zhanbai must not delay the first world war.
If you can’t win the last battle, you will put yourself in, and it will all be over.
"Fortunately, I chose Vayne!"
After a game, Obama Lu Zhan was afraid that the other side would take aim at himself, so he planned to change the hero so that he was the best policewoman in ad and was not so powerful in the later period. The highest output in all ad was Vayne’s big mouth Wei Lusi, a hero with a percentage of blood loss skills, but his big mouth was not displaced and his maneuverability was not so good. Moreover, he passively chose Vayne on this occasion without Lu Zhan.
When he was in Korea, Vayne, the night watchman, left a deep impression on him. He always wanted a Vayne.
Thought of here, his eyes turned cold and he sat in front of a new brain.
Ten different brains have been changed in ten battles. Fortunately, the brains are all uniformly equipped with unfamiliar keyboards and mice, otherwise it will become a challenge.
He read the data of Vayne, and Smith’s younger brother has helped him to fill more than three soldiers and killed a lot of ready-made experienced heroes.
Lu Zhan watched them choose their own equipment and changed a few pieces to go out of the house again.
Because the other party chose Obama, which belongs to a sharp skill, he chose the banshee defense suit, and the other equipment was the same as most ad outfits, except that the red fork was replaced by a sword.
After the first game, he felt that the sword’s explosive ability was better than that of the red fork. After all, it was impossible for the red fork to passively move without a pawn.
Coming to the middle of the road to get familiar with the battlefield, Obama also appeared.
Lu Zhan chose him to equip him at the first time, and the first thing he saw was the other party’s video.
"Sure enough, I upgraded the decoration to the real eye!" Lu Zhan sighed. It seems that the other party is very experienced.
Vayne’s big move period can be invisible by making Q skills, but this advantage will be abolished as soon as the opponent inserts his real eye.
However, Lu Zhan knows that even if the other party inserts an eye, the fast attack speed is extremely fast, and Vayne can still make a general attack in stealth, which still has some effect.
The two men will fight hand-to-hand and the other side will observe for a while like all the previous opponents, but I didn’t expect him to be direct
Obama took a step forward and wanted to be the first to take the lead.
Because Obama’s skills have two general attack effects, Lu Zhan didn’t want to fight with him, and immediately Q skills turned back one.
Vayne Q is not as long as Obama E, but it also keeps himself away from Obama’s general attack distance.
Obama didn’t lose heart and continued to chase Vayne. He had three faces and probably wanted to attack him after the three-face skill was over.
"Playing this spell is just what I want!" Lu Zhan’s eyes lit up and he was worried that he couldn’t make a quick decision with each other!
He fucked Vayne and pretended to retreat and ran away. When he saw the three-way attack buff removed, he immediately turned back.
Vayne’s flexibility lies in his full-level Q skill. It takes 2 seconds for Obama to wait for an E, but he can release a second Q. If he hits the opponent, his Q will be counted back in D.
"pa!" A crossbow in Vayne’s hand shot out of Obama’s body and there was a "stab"-he was hurt by the sword effect.
At the same time, Obama’s two attacks also shot at Vayne, and his injury was also not low
Before the Obama attack was over, he immediately lost a W-white cross-shaped laser after the general attack, which was very close to Vayne.
Vayne banshee was broken.