Just as mosca turned around, the instant Xiaojin seized the opportunity to wield the osteotome, and it happened that the osteotome was directly hit in front of the frost dragon anus Xiaojin, a powerful pet. He also introduced the huge impact to make the osteotome go straight into the right part about half a foot. mosca, the injured dragon, swept Xiaojin out of his ability to be beaten by the dragon’s tail and never cared about bloodthirsty to find it for revenge.
The anus is invaded by a foreign body, which is a great shame. How can mosca be pampered and arrogant? A huge roar hurriedly turned the faucet to prepare for killing Xiaojin. "Damn dark creatures, despicable guy, you … you actually hurt the great mosca’s ass, which is absolutely unforgivable!" Mosca’s eyes are red, and he has no interest in playing any more. It’s also because if your ass is hit … Hehe, I believe you will go on the rampage like the frost dragon!
The blow succeeded. Xiaojin was hit by the fierce dragon tail again before he retreated. This time, the injury was even heavier. There were a few health points left. If he came again, he would have to lose a familiar. Even so angry, mosca didn’t intend to let Xiaojin go. This hurt his enemy, the huge dragon tail, swept to the seriously injured Xiaojin again. If he was hit this time, Bare also tried to revive it.
It’s just an instant thing. Even if Xiaojin is about to die, he has been preparing for it. It’s a time to rescue it. It’s a 12-level super monster. Is it so easy for Xiaojin to save a person in front of it? Xiaojin also knows that this time it seems that it can’t escape this robbery. Although it has been seriously injured, it still doesn’t want to die like this. Even so, Xiaojin has been rushed to the end of the dragon, and it has been badly hurt. Xiaojin is on the verge of death with snow and frost.
Bare, if it doesn’t look good, quickly put away Xiaojin and let it go to pet cultivation. I’m afraid it will take a long time to recover this time. If bare, it will take a little time to recover. Xiaojin is in danger this time. Looking for opportunities, bloodthirsty didn’t miss this opportunity. In mosca, I was bent on dealing with Xiaojin’s huge dragon tail and swept to Xiaojin with a rush of thunder. At that moment, the frost dragon mosca’s abdomen once again showed flaws.
I have been paying attention to bloodthirsty. Seeing this situation, my eyes immediately lit up and seized this fleeting opportunity. I made a long horn, put a white hoof and a pedal, and shot at the belly of the frost dragon at the speed of time. mosca slammed and roared, constantly looking for Xiaojin, and forgot that he still had an enemy bloodthirsty.
"You give me out hateful reptiles will know that plot against … you roll out for me I want to tear you up! Ah … You scumbag are plotting against my great mosca again! " In the roar, mosca couldn’t find Xiaojin. His eyes were red and his eyes were bare. It seemed that he didn’t suddenly disappear.
But the IQ is very high, and it can also see that it can play tricks here, that is, the human who doesn’t know the depth is red-eyed, staring at bare and growling, as if he wanted to find the answer there, but bare told it to be disappointed, so he didn’t care about it.
At this time, mosca was filled with anger, no matter how important the human being was. He no longer cared about studying it. Anger made him lose his mind and thought of destruction. He ignored nothing but anger. mosca was about to act and destroyed the culprit. At this time, he had decided that bare was the root cause of its humiliation
But I didn’t expect bloodthirsty to attack at this time, and the speed of bloodthirsty was better. In just a few seconds, the belly of the frost dragon came into close contact again. Coincidentally, this time, the wound was caused by bleeding, and the abdomen suffered heavy pain again. mosca almost didn’t shed tears
Gu won’t continue to attack bare and fly quickly. Isn’t it a little late to react at this time? Feitian mosca bent down and licked the abdominal wound. When approaching the wound, a healing water magic also sang a water curtain in its mouth, which formed bleeding in its abdomen. The wound immediately stopped bleeding and contracted for a short time. Scaring was to protect it, but scales could not grow immediately.
The little damage caused by blood and bloodthirsty is nothing to Frost Dragon, which makes it indignant because of carelessness. The guy who looks like a bug in his eyes has been injured one after another. How can mosca stand it?
If this revenge is not reported, other dragons will know what face he has to mix with and face the same clan! The more I think about it, the more angry I am. After treating my body injury, mosca looks for the guy who hurt himself. After seeing the ground containing Nai bloodthirsty, he secretly ran away. Isn’t there another one waiting for him to abuse it? The dragon wings quickly flew to the bloodthirsty and the thick African claws flashed to the bloodthirsty.
Once again, I just want to make persistent efforts to give this big guy a good performance in front of his master, and at the same time, it is also revenge for Xiaojin. Although I always bully him, it is just to make trouble. After so long, the two people are no longer so right.
But it didn’t expect people to fly. Looking into the distance, mosca was bloodthirsty. Who told him that he couldn’t fly? Can give up continue to think it gave up the somebody else mosca didn’t give up bloodthirsty was about to return to the master’s side when the frost dragon has come with thunder and lightning potential …!
Chapter 336 incarnation of god
John has been watching from the sidelines, and his heart is pounding with the arrival of the dragon. Don’t say that she is a girl and come to you. John is also frightened. That’s right. If you say that you are not nervous, it’s sheer nonsense. You are crazy and nervous. John "Is that monster your western dragon?" Why is it so big? What do you think we should do? "
"I think it should be. I have seen it before I saw it for the first time, or I doubt whether it is in those magical realities!" John kept a close eye on Mosca, who was still hunting for bloodthirsty, and never got a chance back. He never expected to see it here. Although this is a game, how can he not watch it carefully!
Infatuation is like dreaming that John doesn’t pay much attention to himself, and he doesn’t like to look at the dragon. John can’t help but wonder and look at the frost dragon and drill his hands tightly. It can be seen that her heart is very nervous, but she is somewhat flushed with excitement. I don’t know whether it is caused by nervousness or for other reasons.
John waited for a long time in concentration, but he didn’t see his infatuation like a dream. "How so quiet at the moment! Yes, she keeps asking questions! It won’t be scared! " Can’t help but feel guilty and look back at the side like a dream.
But I saw her eyes staring straight at the jade face and staring at the front. John wondered, "What is she looking at so seriously that she is distracted?" So I followed her eyes and saw a huge figure standing in front of him, braving the fire. "Oh, it turned out to be someone’s pet. What am I?"
John just breathed a sigh of relief. Before he could put the newly released familiar, it disappeared in a burst of golden light. A tall and mighty man was replaced by another figure. John couldn’t help but immediately rise a sour feeling and inexplicable sorrow. He couldn’t understand it himself. What’s wrong with this man?
Looking back, my eyes are still staring at me like a dream for a long time, and I am no longer interested in watching the dragon. I am also lost in thought, and I will know what I am thinking.
Not to mention the fact that the two of them said that mosca attacked from the middle and pursued bloodthirsty ground warfare. This bloodthirsty was a big loss. Because bloodthirsty could not fly, it caused an effective attack on the dragon mosca. On the contrary, the dragon mosca took advantage of it, which was many times higher than bloodthirsty. It was on land that bloodthirsty could take a little speed advantage. Now it is good, and even that poor advantage has been lost. It was beaten back in the root room.
I hate bloodthirsty mosca for being able to hide everywhere. This time, I was cruel. If I don’t kill this guy who hurt myself continuously, how can I get along? mosca, the dragon, became more cruel and wanted to kill bloodthirsty. He couldn’t stop greeting bloodthirsty. The speed of the dragon is good, but the dragon is not weaker than it. The bloodthirsty body keeps showing scars, and the health value drops extremely rapidly.
But bloodthirsty fought back. This time, mosca learned his lesson and never landed again. When he was happy, he would come back with several dragon magic, which made bloodthirsty snow and frost hit the body and slowed it down a lot. Although bloodthirsty is a familiar with double attributes of gold and fire, it also took a beating on the powerful frost dragon.
It’s a few blink of an eye, and bloodthirsty is already in crisis. At this time, bloodthirsty is already in a state of completion. The huge dragon is not commensurate, but it gives mosca a lot of convenience. It is easy to attack the early bloodthirsty body, which makes mosca even more cautious. A dragon rhyme reminds me again that with the dragon’s mouth, a four-or five-meter-long ice blade flashes cold and cold. It seems that he wants to give bloodthirsty a final blow and completely erase this guy who once brought shame to it.
The speed of the ice blade is very fast, and it has been completed in just one or two seconds. The long ice blade is rowing an arc to the bloodthirsty, and the bloodthirsty is still bothering itself. The ice is struggling! The root force dodges, not to mention the hard connection. After so long, the bloodthirsty health has been left. If you are hit by that ice blade, you can be born with a chance base equal to
Bare is still a long way from bloodthirsty. If you want to take root for it, you won’t come. If you don’t transform, bare can’t take it. If you touch bare hard, there is a way to go. That’s the huge grade gap in the ice blade spike field, which makes bare the master look at his familiar being tortured.
The ice blade is getting closer and closer, and bloodthirsty hasn’t been able to break free in the ice entanglement. Did it just hang up? Only a few players of the Holy Alliance gathered around william james and watched with the figure of the dragon mosca. They were disappointed to see Xiaojin almost killed, but then they were excited. But they believed that they had formed a group with the dragon mosca and the dragon occupied the wind. All the hatred would be rewarded.
William james is proud to throw a provocative look at John, who is not far away from them, than to make indecent gestures. He is thinking, "You won’t be proud for long. Don’t summon a so-called god of war to control the game. Hum, you never thought that you would provoke a powerful frost dragon!" Wait till it kills the guys you summoned, and see how I torture you two unappreciative guys. "
William james’s provocation shocked jealous John, only to realize that the crisis has not been cleared yet and he is still in deep danger. How can he still be in the mood to eat that inexplicable dry vinegar? How can an acquaintance be willing to let william james go crazy and fight back with the same gesture, but forget that there is still a girl around him. Look, this time, she woke up like a dream and happened to see John gesturing.
The original red face is even hotter. I can’t wait to find a hole in the ground to blame and glared at John. He pretended not to see it and turned away from his heart, but he was not calm. "Is that man a player?" Can he beat the frost dragon? "
Chapter 337 incarnation of god
Infatuation: I’m still thinking about bloodthirsty, but I’m in crisis. I’m trapped by ice entanglement. The bloodthirsty root forces to dodge, or the ice blade is attacked by a hard knot. Look at the ice blade sent by the dragon. Its power is definitely not low. In the lowest state, the bloodthirsty root can’t be connected. Is it just hanging on the ice blade?
This is to wait and see. Those people agree that this bloodthirsty is the law. The ice blade has escaped this robbery. In a flash, even bloodthirsty is about to give up resisting despair. He glanced at his master in a low voice and a wolf hissed as if to say goodbye to his master. "Ow … Woo …"
Bloodthirsty, I looked at my eyes bare and determined, and then I dropped a tear in my eyes. Then I turned and rushed at the ice blade. Because of the ice entanglement, the speed of bloodthirsty was seriously affected. The speed team was not normal, and the bloodthirsty seemed to have played a desperate role. Some of the flames were extinguished, and then bloodthirsty burned. Life suddenly soared, and my huge body grew again. This is a self-exposure precursor, the dignity of Warcraft, and it doesn’t want to be destroyed by the enemy.
After bloodthirsty, he inherited his father’s bloodthirsty wolf king’s personality characteristics, and then he regained the enemy’s situation. He also chose to blow himself up and wanted the enemy mosca to die together. Seeing bloodthirsty, he will enter the last edge of self-explosion. Once bloodthirsty blows itself up, it will disappear completely, even if it is a player’s pet, it will be resurrected forever.
"Bloodthirsty … don’t do that. I order you to end the explosion!" Seeing that something was wrong, bare was anxious to stop it immediately, but bloodthirsty seemed to be crazy, so I ignored bare. The owner’s bloodthirsty life energy continued to grow, and it was very fast. The flame grew longer and higher, and it didn’t increase a little. That means that once the bloodthirsty life energy burned to the top, it would disappear forever.
While bloodthirsty burns life energy, bare soul contract has failed. Root method constrains bloodthirsty self-explosion. Bare heart aches while trying to unite bloodthirsty, trying to find a way to stop it from self-explosion. Usually, I treat it like a brother root, but I don’t treat it as a pet. Seeing that bloodthirsty is on the verge of self-explosion, bare has no clue to fall into anxiety.
Chasing mosca saw the enemy actually inspire life energy in an attempt to blow himself up after the ice blade was urged. How can this be done and how can you give bloodthirsty this chance? Huge wings even shook at the bloodthirsty, trying to kill it before the bloodthirsty blew itself up. Its speed is almost catching up with the ice blade, and it will take a little while for the energy of bloodthirsty life to condense. But the ice blade is about to come to the body and the dragon’s claws have been struck, and it will be defeated. At this time, bloodthirsty is a little desperate.
Even the chance to blow himself up will lose his ability. The dragon is fighting against mosca’s claws. At the same time, it is like a bloodthirsty ice blade. At the same time, it is "rumbling" for two consecutive loud noises. A dust smoke sounded in the bloodthirsty place, and the smoke fans went around and lived in the crowd for a long time.
Did the bloodlust of a great generation of pets just die? In the diffuse smoke, you can’t see and hear the wind whistling brought by the roaring of the dragon mosca’s wings.
"Ah …!" Seeing bloodthirsty annihilation in the distance, Zhang greatly may be worried about his fate!
"That … that bloodthirsty so dead? How can it be like this! What shall we do? " John muttered, I don’t know whether to ask myself or ask him again, but it’s not hard to see the worried expression on his face
"I … I don’t know. I want to be born in that situation, right?" Although I don’t believe that such an excellent familiar will be finished, I have to believe that bloodthirsty can escape and die.
Some people are fond of worrying about people and bloodthirsty, which brings unknown troubles to infatuated dream John. However, only a few players of william james and the Holy Alliance are excited, and 90% of the members directly die in the bloodthirsty golden talons. This is good, and they can be relieved by being killed by the dragon. It is better to kill the guy who summons pets. In william james, they can’t lift their faces and scream.
"mosca’s adult really killed that horrible guy easily. Come on, and then work harder to kill that little guy …!" William james cheerfully shouted to the frost dragon.
Mosca, the roaring dragon, was distressed that his goal was disappearing. At this time, he heard william james clamoring and immediately hit a water polo in his face to stop him from continuing. "Shut up, if you are still a little old, you will kill your garbage reptile immediately … what do you know? !”
With that, his eyes searched again, and he was not white. How could he kill it completely and let it run away like this? Even if it escaped, where did it go? Unwilling! Unwilling! In the case of finding fruit, I can’t help but focus on my bare body at last.
"You can’t find it if you don’t keep it!" Bare, see frost dragon look over coldly say
“……?” Mosca heard bare, more sure that he was cheating to cast a confused look, but he didn’t understand how this little guy got the monster hidden in front of him. He doesn’t know that once the player has the ride, he will find a pet where the pet can get a good rest or help the owner against the enemy at any time.
"Do you want to know where it is?" For this guy who almost killed his favorite pet, bare, but hated it, even the dragon can’t bare, cold and asked in a playful tone.
"Well, I want to know!" Mosca looked at bare strangely and finally gave in to curiosity and nodded and said.
"so!" There was a smile on his face, and suddenly the words changed. "But I just won’t tell you!"
"Roar …! You’re kidding me! The great mosca wants you to pay a heavy price. This is just fooling me! " Mosca after hearing bare degree words suddenly and violently roared body excited to bare.
"Then you come and give it a try! God of War transforms …! " Have long been prepared, bare, knowing that mosca will be furious. Before it can act, activate the Mars transformation attribute first!
Chapter 33 Spell Confrontation (1)
Press the activation button, bare, and feel that a huge energy extends in the body. Although the force is huge, it is very gentle. You can see that the original attribute is very high when you hit the attribute column. Even the skill of being sealed and unable to move is lit up at this time and can be used against the enemy at any time.
Still in the process of transformation, bare body was surrounded by a burst of seven-color light and slowly floated on the ground. The flying dragon mosca stopped when the position was flat, but the change did not stop because of soaring, and it continued.
Floating in the middle, bare in front of the dragon is no different from a fly. mosca felt a bad feeling when he saw bare change, but he was aggressive by nature. Instead of stopping it, he stopped the attack and looked forward to it with great expectation. Looking at bare, he was looking forward to this human being bringing him some accidents.
With so many opponents, I haven’t met a satisfied one yet! Mosca, the dragon, really wants to have the strength to compete with local opponents, but he can give it a shot. Guess that can satisfy its fighting. Typical fighting madness has always been that it is abusing others. Seriously, mosca really hopes that someone can abuse him once in turn. Maybe this guy is mentally abnormal, but it is absolutely abnormal anyway.
I was so excited when I saw bare transform into an infatuated dream. It was as if she had transformed into that person. Her little face was so pink and lovely because of her nervousness. Unfortunately, John was once again falling into the clutches of infatuation and dreaming, but his hand was getting stronger and stronger. Although her slender jade hand was really powerful.
Bare’s transformation didn’t evolve a step, but she just didn’t know if bare stopped transforming. I really doubt whether John’s thick arms can still be caught. John’s face is sore and he’s sweating, and he’s embarrassed to be infatuated like a dream. That seemingly smooth jade hand can grit his teeth and find comfort in his heart. "I’m a man caught by a woman. There’s nothing I can do!"
I put all my thoughts into the transformation, but I didn’t find John abnormal. I stared at Zhong Xiaoran closely, but I didn’t know that it would hurt my heart. She, John, is not in the mood to enjoy this rare and strange sight, and he is in the middle of suffering.
With a complicated mood, I watched and grasped my infatuation like a dream, and I was constantly contradictory in my heart. I had a bad feeling and climbed up in my heart! Looking at infatuation like a dream with a sour little muttered, "Isn’t it necessary for a np to be so nervous?" It is better to think about how to get that big guy is the right way. "
Because of selfishness, he didn’t think that if bare didn’t change, how could he beat the dragon! Once bare, few people present will leave completely! John’s infatuation in his thoughts is like a dream. Of course, it is impossible to know that it is just to grab John’s hand and work harder.
Let’s look at Bare’s rise in the sky. He feels that he is stronger than the dragon when he is filled with huge energy. Even if he has an impulse to the dragon, the transformation is not over yet. The seven-color energy package is bare, and his body shape changes when he is full of energy. His normal height suddenly skyrockets by two meters. Three meters; Four meters … The growth rate continues.
Soaring at the same time, bare body also appeared at the same time. A brand-new armor looked so terrible. It was hidden in the body. The God of War armor appeared in bare body to protect the Lord without waiting for the master’s call.