【 Silent Sirius Little Purple 】
Pet level 25
Pet level demigod level
Pet type beast
Sub-type earth beast
Pet-based attribute
6/6 points of life
Magic 192/192 points
Experience 1%
Physical attack 6536~172 points
Magic attack 41~762 points
Defence 15 points
Power 3536 points
Agile 1755 points
Intelligence 11 o’clock
Physical strength 195 points
Pet’s existing skills
Bite Violet quickly bites a target and causes continuous corrosion to the target. It can evolve without consuming magic.
Death Fog Violet will cause ineffectiveness and damage to the target passing through the fog. Death Fog will increase the casting scope, duration and damage degree with the higher level of Violet.
Night perception Xiao Zi was born with four wonders, and night perception is one of them. Seeing the moonlight, Xiao Zi’s ability of six senses will be 5~1 times higher than usual. She can perceive all living creatures and hear their sounds. The night perception lasts for one minute at most, and Xiao Zi will go into a state of sleep for two hours.
Introduction of pets Silent Sirius born after the intercourse of Purple Wolf Emperor and Red Wolf Queen was invaded by mysterious dark forces before birth, from which it gained a quarter of a demon lineage, and the rest three quarters were divided into purple Wolf Emperor lineage, red Wolf Queen lineage and Sirius lineage. Unfortunately, Silent Sirius was born as a female purple wolf and became a player Mu Feng Zun pet through blood spirit contract, and named Xiao Zi Xiao Zi, who has a rapid explosive force and can release powerful dark attacks. There are also four magical techniques to assist him.
saddle horse
【 Magic Life Demon Wolf 】
[Ten-element synthesis scroll] This scroll has ten slots, and each slot can be inlaid with a corresponding element. Ten-element stones will be able to be synthesized into a ten-element synthesis scroll containing ten-element weapons, which can only be discarded by the emperor’s spiritual master.
The slot of wind stone has been inlaid.
Slot of hidden stone is inlaid.
Leixi stone slot is not inlaid.
The wooden stone slot is not inlaid.
Huoxi stone slot is not inlaid.
Water stone slot has been inlaid.
The slot of earth interest stone has been inlaid.
Poisonous stone slot is not inlaid.
Slot of smooth stone is not inlaid.
Life stone slot is not inlaid.
[Fragments of Trap Staff] Purple God-level weapons are scattered to synthesize the unique weapon "Trap Staff" of Emperor Lingshi. At present, two pieces of Trap Staff are a mysterious weapon containing strange and evil forces. A long time ago, the master of Trap Staff divided the Trap Staff into five pieces in hatred and then discarded them into the soul world.
Vocational skills
[Emperor Spirit Body] Passive Skill Emperor Spirit Master’s life recovery speed increased to 2%.
[Emperor Lingzhuang] Passive skills have a certain chance to get parts of the Emperor Lingshi’s exclusive professional suit when they acquire equipment through intentional means.
[Di Lingli] The passive skill Di Lingshi has a certain chance to trigger an attack bonus and increase the attack power by 2% and 2% when casting spells to attack the enemy.
[Emperor’s paranormal skill] Active special skill Emperor’s paranormal skill can be superimposed on another skill surface, so that the effect is to increase all the attributes of this skill by 3% for 24 hours. A staff of Emperor’s paranormal skill can be released once, and the skill cannot be superimposed for a second time after the superposition of Emperor’s paranormal skill for 12 hours. At present, it can release the weapon of Emperor’s paranormal skill, the eternal staff of heaven, the second magic source staff, the hidden white staff, and the blizzard anger.
Other skills
[Dark Swallow] Purple demigod level skill level 35 skill level can be upgraded, which requires dark energy/ 1-point skill passive effect will extract a little dark energy from an enemy target when killing it. Players can benefit from dark energy conversion magic attack or defense. 1-point dark energy conversion magic attack or 5-point defense effect lasts for one minute. If dark energy is not used for one minute, dark energy will automatically accumulate in the upgrade skill. Active effect Players summon a dark vortex with a diameter of one meter for 6 seconds. When the skill lasts, the dark vortex will continuously enter nearby enemies. Do multiple damage and slow down by 25%. If the Dark Vortex attacks the same enemy for more than 4 seconds, it will generate a little extra dark energy for the caster. When it attacks for 6 seconds, the Dark Vortex will absorb 1% of the target’s maximum life, and half of it will be transferred to the caster to absorb the life effect. It will halve the skill of boss, consume 5 points of magic and cool down for 15 minutes.
[Melting Mystery] The second upgrade of color scale skills Special skills At present, the only effect of melting mystery is to select several pieces of equipment for melting. The effect of melting is to fuse the selected equipment forcibly. On what kind of equipment can be put together for melting, you can melt new equipment. After strengthening, you can directly take new equipment when melting. This special growth skill can never be forgotten.
[Celestial Forbidden Array] Color Grades Skills Special Skills There are nine types of celestial forbidden arrays, each of which can be superimposed on each other. Nine types of overlapping power can be blocked by people.