And with Jia Xu as the military adviser, the Xiliang Army is no longer blindly brute force to attack Mona Lee to lure him into the encirclement. Li Jue, Guo Si, Fan Chou and Zhang Ji surrounded him and killed him all around, making him a warrior. The number of people who took care of his head and tail was far smaller than the other side, so he lost all the way to Chang’ an and followed him. Xiliang Army reoccupied Chang’ an.
When Wang Yun died, he refused to listen to Lu Bu’s bitter advice and fled together. He chose to die with Chang ‘an.
Or is it that Dong Zhuo is dead and there is nothing he can’t face?
Feng Zhang thinks this man is so stupid that the so-called "integrity" is even more ridiculous. It’s not like you didn’t bend your knees to Dong Zhuo. Can’t you bend your knees again for Li Jue and Guo Si? Or just run away? What’s the shame?
Feng Zhang personally feels that it is probably because it is difficult to bow down at the peak of force.
What is the virtue of Dong Zhuo? Li and Guo are the virtues. The so-called beam is crooked. The people of Chang’ an are happy. For dozens of days, the flag of Chengtou has changed again, burning, killing, looting and looting, and it has become another baptism for the people of Chang’ an who have suffered a lot.
The lowest valley in life, Lu Bu probably fell into hell from the highest cloud for the same reason. I didn’t expect that there was another righteous brother, Cao Cao, but chose Yuan Shu to take refuge. However, although Lu Bu was brave and brave, he always refused him.
Then Yuan Jia’s boss Yuan Shao, the head of Yuan Jia, a wise man with three rites for four generations, accepted Lu Bu and defeated the black mountain thief together. Unfortunately, Lu Bu’s arrogant old habit made him offend Yuan Shao’s people many times and finally made Yuan Shao kill his heart.
If JASON ZHANG hadn’t taken Lu Bu in, Lu Bu might have died in the river.
By the way, JASON ZHANG Cao Cao and Yuan Shao are good friends. Yuan Shao ordered JASON ZHANG to kill Lu Bu. JASON ZHANG didn’t do it. As a result, JASON ZHANG Yuan Shao wanted to kill him. But after all, JASON ZHANG was weak and Yuan Shaoqiang was still worried about Lu Bu.
At this time, Pang Shu, a native of Chang ‘an, secretly hid Lu Bu’s home and escorted him out of the city to reach the river. Lu Bu considered for a moment and then ordered his men to escort Feng Zhang.
How can you protect your family if you are like a lost dog? The only person in this world who told him to rest assured was Feng Zhang. Unfortunately, Feng Zhang was not the boss or he would have defected long ago.
As JASON ZHANG and Yuan Shaoqian became more and more nervous, on the one hand, they were afraid that JASON ZHANG would eventually kill himself to cater to Yuan Shaoqian, on the other hand, they were not willing to live with Lu Bu in such a fearful day, and left JASON ZHANG to come to Chen Liu, the satrap, and Zhang Miao.
I’m sorry, Zhang Miao is a friend of Cao Cao and Yuan Shao. It is necessary to say that Zhang Miao was still a rebel when Cao Cao started to beg for Dong. Who knows that after the First World War, Gu Cheng fell down, Cao Cao became Zhang Miao’s boss.
In the historical fact, Zhang and Cao are very good. When Cao’s father died in Tao Qian’s hands, he held his breath and tried his best to fight for Xuzhou. Cao Cao told his family, "If I don’t come back this time, he will take care of you at Zhang Miao’s place." This shows how good they are.
But it’s strange that Zhang Shou left Lu Bu here. Yuan Shao told him to kill Lu Zhang, so Yuan also told Cao to kill Zhang Cao and refused. (Yuan Da’s husband can see that many of them are even more cold-blooded than Cao Mengde’s black heart and rotten liver. Many of them want to kill their former friends. Cao Cao is cute enough. Let’s scold him less.) But at that time, Cao Cao was less powerful than Yuan Shao. Zhang Miao was afraid that Cao Cao would eventually kill him, so he listened to Chen Gong’s words at that time. Lu Bu’s strategy was almost undefended. Of course, almost the whole state of Cao Cao
This man is really worthless. I don’t know what it is
Being in a panic all day, Lu Bu came to Zhang Miao’s account dejectedly and was comforted by Zhang Miao’s kind words. If he didn’t accept it here, he really went to Cao Cao, but in the face of Feng Zhang Lu Bu’s pride and inferiority complex, he couldn’t let go.
After Lu Bu settled down here in Zhang Miao, a man came-Chen Gong.
Historical Chen Gong seems to have nothing to do with leaving him after Cao Cao killed Lv Boshe’s family by mistake, but he didn’t like Cao Cao’s shaking the cremation reform measures in Yizhou and killing himself for repeatedly making concessions to "celebrities", so he abandoned Cao Touzhang, but said that Chen Gong was not so closely associated with the word "sense of honor"
Bian Rang is estimated to be a talker who stays at home all day like Kong Rong, watching erotic dances and writing small obscene poems. His opposition with Cao Cao is only because Cao Cao was born as a eunuch, so Shao Shi said.
"Master, the opportunity of competing for the deer is just around the corner!" Chen Gong’s small eyes are full of flowers.
Section seventy-one Conspiracy Qingzhou
When updated, 233 1:1: 569 words
Said that Jing brothers should go to Jing Lou to report another group: 291419, although people don’t say much at present.
Zhang Miao sat restless as if she had a needle stuck in her ass.
Chen Liu, the satrap, watched as he turned out to be a civilian, and Cao Cao became his own boss after begging for Dong Yi’s battle. He used to have to bow down and talk to himself, but now he has to bow and scrape.
Even this change of status as a friend is uncomfortable.
Because Zhang Miao desperately wants an opportunity, an opportunity to prove himself, although it seems that he has nothing to get to prove.
For Dong, he didn’t shine during the war, even his opponent Dong Zhuo didn’t put himself in the eye. It was Cao Yuan Shaoliu who got promoted, not him.
Now Lu Bu is living in front of the tiger prison in his own account, and before Huang Zhong’s absence, he certainly knows how heavy the super man is.
The problem is that Lyu3 bu4 is a double-edged sword. Wherever he goes, he will hurt Ding Yuan and Dong Zhuo, and then Yuan Shao wants to kill him. JASON ZHANG seems to have the same meaning. Yuan Shu simply ignores him.
And Chen Gong’s meaningful words made Zhang Miao’s heart feel depressed for a long time.
Chen Gong, eager to be good at sense motive in Zhang Miao’s eyes, can see at a glance that his heart is a little disdainful, but his face is as usual. "Today, the collapse of the Han Dynasty is the time when the master has made great achievements. Today, there is Lv Wenhou to help his man, who is brave and brave, and who can’t achieve great things." Although Cao Gun zhi elbow on the side of the couch, I expect that there will be a big war when Xu has made bad friends … "
Chen Gong’s thin lips flew, and Zhang Miao sounded excited, as if this was the best chance for him.
"Master received Wen Hou Yuan Shaoding don’t like such as salt life fuck kill master? It is better to pre-empt the boat. "On the one hand, Chen Gong is eloquent, and on the other hand, he provokes Zhang Miao’s uneasiness, making him feel that he is doing nothing if he does not act at this time.
"A word from the public palace makes a sudden attack?" Zhang Miao’s eyes sparkled with excitement and he finally wanted a man.
"Here," Chen Gong’s skinny fingers like chicken feet even clicked three points on the sheepskin map. "If we can form a line and March into Yuzhou, the sky will look up at the master."
Zhang Miao gawked at the map. Although these three places, Zhongmou, Xingyang and Yang Zhai, are close to Luoyang, they have not been caught in the war for Dong. Compared with the populated area from Luoyang to Chang ‘an, they are simply "prosperous". Although these three places are poor, it is no problem to bear the people’s livelihood in these three places for the whole Zhou economy brought by the Feng Zhang effect.
More importantly, Yang Zhai is close to Yuzhou. If this place is managed well, it is possible to occupy Yuzhou territory.
"good! Just as the public station said, I ordered your military adviser to take the lead in raiding the three places! " Zhang Miao hit the map with a punch full of pride.
Chen Gong looked at this one who finally got a big smile. I don’t know if the corners of his mouth were sarcastic or appreciative.
Just as Zhang Miao was preparing to make a big show, the imperial edict came to the court to order Cao Cao to help Qingzhou Mu Tian Kai beg the yellow turban insurrectionary thief.
In the official history, the introduction of this person is really pitiful. One is that Gongsun Zan people, and the other is that they fought Yuan Shao with Liu Bei. That’s all. It is estimated that there is nothing wrong with it or they will not ask the court to send someone to help suppress thieves
Great opportunity! Even if he doesn’t ask Feng Zhang, he will try to find an excuse to fight in the past. You know, after Cao Cao started, the two most proud troops are Qingzhou soldiers and the famous "Tiger and Leopard Riding"!
Because it was a military discussion, this time it was not in the state shepherd’s house, that is, Lao Cao’s house, as usual, but in the handsome tent of the military camp
Lao Cao is the only one who can sit and talk about business. Even Guo Jia and his weak body can reach him.
But you can shake the fan
Now Feng Zhang drives the whole Cao camp to recognize that they are close to IQ, and the people have a fan of goose feather, duck feather and cattail leaf paper to make everything.
Lao Cao doesn’t care what key you shake. You have to give me advice after you shake it.
Feng Zhang is now half of Cao’s family and the last one to enter the handsome account. There are so many people in my day.
On the left hand side, a bunch of military commanders, Xia Hou brothers, Cao Cao brothers, Gan Ning, Huang Xu, Wen Pin, Dian Wei, Hua Xiong, Xu Rong and Lv Qian, as well as the conflicting Shi Huan, were brought because of the meritorious military service.
On the right hand side, a line of "fan gang" Cheng Yu, Xi Zhicai, Guo Jia, Shuang Xun, Ye Liu, Mao Jie, Man Chong and several new civil servants Feng Zhang remembered a name called Du Ji, and the whole tent was just as Feng Zhang had expected.
Speaking of this, there is another story that Du Ji has to tell. Feng Zhang has always been a joke about equal positions or peers. As soon as the poor guy Du Ji entered Jun, he immediately attracted Feng Zhang’s attention and chased after his ass and affectionately shouted "Xiao Ji Ji (penis)!"
It took this "penis" adult a long time to enter Cao camp, and everyone knew him. No matter where he went, there were always people pointing fingers.
"Look, this is the new little JJ!"
"Do you know about this private matter?"
"You know a bird! It was the mad general himself who said that several brothers present heard it! "