After another two or three minutes, the stowaway and Shenshan finally came over. In these two or three minutes, the imperial wind kept turning and looking at the doorway. Before the stowaway came over, the stowaway immediately greeted him and said, "Brother stowaway, go ahead along the railway track for a few hundred meters and there is a highland hidden there. When we come out with our old buddy, we will go to the exile together!"
"good!" The stowaway said
Yufeng Huaying nodded and said, "Well, I’m going in, so hurry over!" Say that finish quickly turned and walked into the doorway.
"Let’s go!" The stowaway said and waved to where He Jinyu was.
And jinyu knowing immediately got up and walked in the direction of the people.
Highland is where seven people rest; When you came to the highland poison, you said something before the wind turned into a shadow for thousands of times, and then said, "In this case, once the train leaves the warehouse, it will be discovered by the officials of Xiaomeng City. Should we take some necessary measures?"
"Old poison, what do you mean?" Asked the stowaway
"I think we might as well destroy a section of railway tracks and make them a little trouble," you said a million times.
"Good way to do it!" If the rain eyes quickly said
"How about this track in the highlands?" The stowaway asked with a smile.
"I feel very good!" Poison you ten thousand times and say with smile
The partners are all smiling.
"Since we are going to tamper here, I think it is better to put two time bombs directly, which ensures that we may have unexpected gains!" God is good at discussing.
"good! Just put one at both ends! " The stowaway agreed, "In time, I think it will be set at 3 minutes after the train comes out."
They nodded in agreement.
"Ruozai and I will do it!" Oscar said that he has already walked towards the square track.
If the rain eyes quickly followed, they said, "You are there and I am here."
"white!" Oscar said without looking back.
Soon the two men were done, but they didn’t come back. Instead, they sat in the same place waiting for the train to ring high. Five people were white, and two people didn’t say much.
After more than ten minutes, the direction of the warehouse suddenly became deafening, followed by clicking, clicking and ringing. A train suddenly came out of the warehouse, and everyone looked at it and couldn’t help but gape. This train turned out to be an ancient steam train! to be continued
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Light clouds and light winds
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Light clouds and light winds
Everyone rushed to the direction without surprise, and Oscar and Ruoyu set the time bomb and immediately prepared the car when it exploded.
Soon the train came, and Jing Tianjia leaned her brain out of the window and waved her hand while the master shouted, "Express! Express! Express … "
When the train came, everyone was ready to climb to the ground conveniently. When the train arrived, the stowaway found that someone had climbed to the rear of the car. The first sentence of the stowaway was "Auntie and Ruozai climbed to the rear of the car and threw them away."
"good!" Two people excited way should be headed for the rear.
The wind, the shadow and the fire and the ice said in the same way, "I will go!" "
"You two are here to add fire!" Fine day jia immediately stop way
"Yes!" Wind and shadow, fire and ice respond quickly.
"What do you call these friends who are smuggling brothers?" Jing Tianjia asked
"This Jin Yu is generally called sister in our circles; This student and Jin Yu are a pair of beautiful women who are generally called brother in our circles; This kind of god is generally called God in our circles; This poison poison you ten thousand times is generally called old poison in our circles. "Every time a stowaway introduces a partner, he smiles or nods at Jing Tianjia." After introducing the four partners, he said to them, "This is Jingtianjia sister. How about calling us Sister Jia after seeing us?" Behind the question, I asked my partner, but I said to Jing Tianjia
Fine day jia laughed "good! That’s a good name! Sister Jia, I like it! Call me Sister Jia after everyone! "
"Sister Jia!" The stowaway five people cried with a smile.
"hmm!" Fine day jia joy should way
The wind, the shadow and the fire, and Bing couldn’t help being lonely, turned around and cried with a smile, "Sister Jia!"
"What are you two doing? Work hard!" Jing Tian Jia lightly chastising way
"Yes!" Two people face is laughing without education.
The stowaway smiled and said, "These two are Jia Jie’s good brothers, the wind and the shadow, the fire and the ice." In fact, the stowaway returned to the hotel from Jingtianjia the day before yesterday and introduced these three people to his friends once. This time, it is a formal introduction, that is, to hear his name and meet his person, when both sides are happy to say hello to each other.