"What about the players?"
"Can players do this?"
A game is like a computer.
The character controlled by the player is the same as the god, but this program is controlled by the player.
"God’s running speed can break through the limit of the game system, which is caused by the continuous self-upgrading of the program!"
"What about the players? If the player lets the game character break through the limit of the game system? "
"The way for the player to control the game character is through brain waves … that is, the data input speed can reach the receiving limit of the game system or the receiving limit of the program controlled by the player for the game character, so that the effect of breaking through the limit of the game system can be achieved!"
"That is to say, I can make my brain wave input speed constantly high!"
Chapter five hundred and ninety-three Dead cycle thinking!
"For virtual games, the speed of human thinking determines the speed of data input, which also determines the speed at which players control the game characters."
"When the game system can still handle data input, the game will be all right. If the data input speed exceeds the load of the game system, it will cause data overflow, and these overflow data will not disappear for no reason, but the phenomenon of violating the rules of the game system will also appear."
"That’s right!"
"That’s it!"
"This is in line with the principle of computer operation … it is the data bearing capacity and processing capacity of this game system, but it is extremely scary, which is not comparable to those low-end brain systems in the 21st century."
"How can people think faster than the running speed of this game system?"
"But god can do it … can god really do it? God in special training is just a program, not that players don’t have real brains! "
"A little program can automatically upgrade and run to break through the limit speed of the system … What can a smart brain do this?"
"What kind of program can break through its own running limit?"
"And it must be a breakthrough again and again to finally break the limit of the game system and create a violation of the rules of the game!"
"what kind of program can do this?"
Lin’s whole person is still, and his horse will come into contact with the secret of God’s core in special training. All his attention is focused on this problem, and there is not a spark in other thinking.
Habitual thinking habits make Lin analyze’ God’ a little bit.
"God is a program!"
"God is an intelligent program with memory and horror memory … and everyone has his own unique way of thinking. This can be obtained from memory. God has many people and many elites, so he has many very advanced and unique ways of thinking and can think about many things at the same time."
"That is to say, God is not just an intelligent program, but also a number of intelligent programs, which can be split together, that is, multi-intelligent programs with one heart … The number of multi-minded’ multi’ is definitely not as much."
"A god with many ways of thinking may be able to make his brain work almost 100% … which is almost equivalent to many human elites thinking and inputting data at the same time."
"But it’s not right … this game is the product of the first century gods, and it’s not that more people and more ways of thinking can break through the limit of unified operation."
"Then how can we do it?"
Lin pondered over the first clue and made an in-depth analysis. After a circle, the result returned to the original point.
"God is a program!"
"God is a program that can upgrade itself. The way to upgrade is to memorize a lot of memories and mobilize them at the same time, which greatly speeds up the thinking speed … After cramming others’ memories into your brain again and again to reach the brain load limit … it is impossible to implant memories in a limited amount if the brain is not a material or a material!"
"Can be … ah, back to the original place"
Lin made an in-depth analysis of the second clue, but returned to the original place after a few minutes.
"God …"
A hypothetical condition is boldly guessed, but after an analysis by Lin once, a result is obtained. "If you want to break through the limit, you must be able to break through the limit. If you want to prove me, this guess actually needs me. It is like proving that one plus one equals two. The prerequisite must be met, that is, one plus one must be able to equal two … This is an infinite loop!"
"infinite loop!"
"One plus one equals two!"
"Chickens have big eggs and broken chickens!"
"That is, color is color!"
"One life, two lives, three lives, three lives!"
"Chaos Tai Chi, two instruments, three talents, four images, five elements and six hexagrams …"
Lin was shocked and suddenly opened his eyes and burst into awe-inspiring clothes. "Ha ha ha ha! So that’s it. So this question is as simple as that! "
"This is a virtual world, and I don’t really live in this virtual world, so I don’t need to breathe!"
"Even in the virtual world, np is actually a series of programs that need to exist by breathing?"