The dense attack sounded, and at the same time, there was a crazy drop in the life value of ll and Haifeng. Fortunately, their armor was strong enough, but the impact of the dense attack broke through the two people’s hasty arrangement of quarrelling defense. The speed and force of the terrorist attack made ll and Haifeng even have no resistance. When the last ring sounded, the two people were directly blown out like dead.
However, everyone knows that they are not dead, but they can’t breathe because of the continuous blow to the chest. Of course, if the congestion completely blocks the breathing, then the two people will be suffocated in a short time. Fortunately, when they fall to the ground, they spit out a big mouthful of congestion. At the same time, they have gradually regained consciousness when they are treated in Wang Feifei.
"Old blood is unlucky enough this time! But it’s even more unlucky to know how much it will cost to repair this time. "It’s harder for Yun to lie on the ground not far away than to get up. But soon he turned his head and continued to face two screaming spider guards. After hesitating for a long time, Yun slowly clenched his unknown sacristy dagger in his hand and slowly groped towards a spider guard’s body. Because someone in front of him attracted his attention, Yun’s action did not attract the attention of the monster in his eyes. When he flashed out of the shadows, Chen’s dagger stabbed him at an extremely horrible speed. This skill was instantly stimulated by Yun.
But the moment made him angry than what happened, because he found that even the spider demon guards in the second half of his body were extremely unscrupulous and covered with thick carapace, so his attack didn’t work as before, and he slipped in the past. Although the sharp dagger still left a clear mark on the carapace, this mark didn’t wave his dagger, and the cloud face flashed a trace of depression, but his attack didn’t stop. After all, he can now make the time longer than before, or it won’t cause irreparable consequences to his arm if it doesn’t exceed a certain time limit. At the moment, the cloud body jumped up directly and stuck behind the spider demon guard like a gec
There is no doubt that this is the place where the Spider Magic Guard has a huge dead angle and its back has not resisted the attack. But most of the time, the Spider Magic Guard will not be approached by people because they used to have a younger brother around them. Unfortunately, now those younger brothers have already become Chen Kai before them. They have no experience value in their experience slot. The Spider Magic Guard can be depressed and keep shaking his body. He wants to throw the clouds away. The Spider Magic Guard’s huge body does not rely on six legs to support it, because they have six legs, but their forelimbs grow on both sides of the body like mantis instead of supporting the body like spiders.
Spider demon guards have four legs, but these four legs are extremely thick. Each leg is thicker than Chen Kai’s thigh. It is thicker than the original feather of the carapace. It is a pity that the four legs are covered with carapace, and the defense is as high, and the section is completely wrapped in the carapace. Root attack.
Yu Yu’s attack was a direct failure. If it was successful, Xue Haifeng wouldn’t have been beaten so badly. His situation was worse than that of Chen Kai, and Chen Kai’s life was less damaged. But Xue Haifeng now feels ribs ache to death even after taking a breath. Although the ribs are not broken, it seems that they are no different from the broken ones from the negative state. Most of the rib fractures are definitely not a good thing, and the reason for this consequence is very simple. That is, everyone has blood Haifeng epee in the attack, which has caused damage to the spider demon guards.
It seems that not many sharp epees hit the carapace like hammers, which means that when the black dwarf musket didn’t work, Blood Haifeng made achievements with a blunt instrument. Although this caused less than 1,000 points of damage, it was still damage, wasn’t it? The injured spider demon guard didn’t attack closer to Zhao Tiezhu, and he didn’t attack the feather, which looked more bullying, but attacked the blood Haifeng, the guy who retreated. Of course, if blood Haifeng could break free from cobweb, it might be fine. It’s a pity that Liwen was busy helping ll remove cobweb. As a result, he didn’t take care of this blood Haifeng, who was far away from the monster, so he was tragic.
However, regardless of the tragedy, Haifeng rode in the back of the spider guard cloud, but his dagger kept attacking the spider guard’s back. Finally, he really found a fragile place in the dense carapace. The sharp dagger pierced the weak part of the carapace less than an inch like tofu. Unfortunately, the cloud dagger was less than 15 centimeters long, and even if it was sharp, it would hurt each other’s lives.
When the cloud was thrown out, the vitality of the spider demon guard didn’t drop much. It was his fault that the horse turned to escape the debt after being attacked by the cloud. The result was that the injured position was exposed to other people’s eyes, and one of them quickly took out a gun from his backpack with a mottled blood pike.
Chen Kai, who just got up from the ground, didn’t have time to wipe the blood on his mouth. After seeing the wound caused by the cloud, he quickly thought of another weapon sleeping in his backpack. When he pulled out his weapon, he pushed his legs and his body disappeared from the original place in an instant. The flashing leggings that he had acquired had been completely integrated into the armor by elf wizards and ancient wizards. Chen Kai needed a little magic to exert this leggings effect. In an instant, he broke through a few meters and almost appeared directly behind the spider demon guard who had just turned around and prepared to attack. The bloodthirsty Langjinus pike in his hand was directly directed without delay.
At the moment when the pike with penetrating effect didn’t go into the clouds to make a wound, everyone heard a harsh sound. Because the gun of Chen Kai was not just as simple as stabbing it, he directly rushed quarrelling into the pike as if he didn’t want money, and then exploded to splash out foul blood, which directly turned Chen Kai’s armor into black white smoke. Of course, this is not that the armor is corroded, but that Chen Kai’s body surface is attached with quarrelling protector and spider magic blood with evil power to produce a natural reaction.
Sharp pike in ll brute force actually directly penetrated the spider demon guard’s abdominal carapace into the ground. Attacking from the outside destroyed the carapace, but it was easy for the spider demon guard to be nailed to the ground for a short time, so there was no way to cause harm to others.
However, Chen Kai, they won’t just forget the strategy of killing him while he is ill. Everyone will soon target the injured spider demon guard. They know very well that they want to completely kill it. After all, they have to take another spider demon guard away, so everyone looks at the cloud, but now the cloud says that there is no way. After all, he just used violent kinetic energy, although his wrist was not injured, but it is absolutely impossible to make the second time in a short time. At the center, he glanced at the spider demon guard and found the other’s back. There is no obvious defect, that is to say, the weaknesses of the two spider guards are different. If you want to know where the weaknesses of this spider guard are, you can probably test a little attack except asking Abola who made them.
Fortunately, one of the Spider Magic Guards can now pose a threat to Chen Kai and others. Of course, they soon found that they thought of this a little earlier. So some Spider Magic Guards were stabbed in place by Langjinus pike for a moment, and they told everyone that he was fighting, and Chen Kai almost got caught again. When he flashed back wildly, his original place was replaced by a hundred dense thorns.
Of course, this time, after flashing, Chen Kai needs to replace the magic crystal for his leg armor. Although the ancient wizards are very strong, they still don’t solve the problem of flashing magic consumption. They still need the magic in the magic crystal to drive it. However, the installation position of the magic crystal has shifted from the knee to the waist to extend the magic delivery array, which not only makes the spell launch more natural and faster, but it is Chen Kai who has to react. The previous stab attack on Chen Kai didn’t come to react. Naturally, there is no way not to get caught and flash this. There is no way to remove the ability. When the spider silk was hit by cobweb, Chen Kai didn’t make it. The most important thing is that although the effect of the ancient mage’s modulation skill has been enhanced, the pit daddy’s magic consumption has also increased. Of course, the ancient wizards didn’t know that Chen Kai was a low-level magic crystal. When they designed it, they all designed it according to the extremely magic crystal scheme. Chen Kai was trapped in a money.
However, it is very convenient to replace the magic crystal, and it will fall to the ground with a little finger button, and then ll can put the magic crystal in the position where the magic crystal will be self-heating and naturally fit. This design is naturally very suitable for replacing the magic crystal in battle, and ll soon replace the magic crystal, but in the face of the crazy release of the spider magic guard ll, they can’t do anything about each other. Although the spider magic health seems to be slowly decreasing, it’s a pity that the pike bloodthirsty attribute is not activated this time, otherwise it will cause the other party to lose a lot of health.
When the injured spider demon is not settled, Chen Kai and others have to face another spider demon guard who is not injured. This feeling is absolutely very depressed and uncomfortable, because this spider demon guard has caused terrible damage to everyone when Chen Kai and others inadvertently, and then the attacked person will be as depressed as the poor blood Haifeng. It is almost useless for everyone to watch the physical attack. It is even more difficult to say that the spider demon guards are hurt by magic attacks.
They don’t know what to say in the face of this monster, Chen Kai, whose defense ability is extremely terrible. The problem is that they are mobsters, and there is even more horrible boss behind them. At the same time, Chen Kai and them are also white. If they drag on, they will probably come out before they finish fighting, so they must hurry and make a quick decision.
The first volume Chapter 337 Re-enter the dark nest (4)
Although Chen Kai’s idea is to make a quick decision, everyone knows that in the face of such opponents, their ideas and reality are often contrary. The spider magic guards who were nailed to the ground by Chen Kailang’s Qinus are still launching attacks in France, moving their bodies and constantly releasing people’s thorns and cobwebs to attack Chen Kai and others.
Fortunately, these stings and cobwebs have a limited range of attack. After Llewellyn pulled their distance, the injured spider magic guard could never hurt them again. But the remaining spider magic guard was not bullied by Llewellyn, and the boss important thing is that there is a more horrible guy behind these two guys. Actually, Llewellyn and them may have to plant it hard in that guy’s hand at this time.
Everyone is in a bit of a bad mood at the thought of here, but in the face of the spider demon guard Chen Kai, even if he is in a bad mood, fortunately, the spider demon guard this armored tank is a bit congenitally deficient, although it looks terrible, but the speed is definitely beyond its soft rib. It is also very difficult for the tank to rush up, but although the congenital deficiency leads to the soft rib, it doesn’t need to run fast in the dark nest, so this soft rib root is nothing, because in this dark nest, no matter how slow it runs, it can finally chase Chen Kai and they can’t run, and Chen Kai and they may be taken advantage of
Carrying a shield in front of Zhao Tiezhu, his feet were nailed to the ground, and the shield was pressed in front of his face, and the spider demon guarded his forelimbs so that it didn’t attack. Although it was dangerous and probably not at all, at present, it was the only way he could think of blocking the other side’s attack in a short time, which soon failed. Although the two huge forelimbs could not wave, the small limbs were still able to release the attack with a gap in its chest, accompanied by continuous detonation. Zhao Tiezhu was carrying it. The shield hand trembled uncontrollably as if it had been hit by a number of pile drivers, which forced Zhao Tiezhu to retreat continuously. Finally, Nai fled backwards with the shield, but the guard who continuously released the spider magic didn’t catch up, but turned huge and popped up his forelimb behind him. Unfortunately, he has gradually understood the trick of the spider magic guard. Chen retreated and avoided flying out of his forelimb at the moment when the other side turned around. After Chen evaded the attack, his giant sword in his hand slammed directly. Unfortunately, it was as easy as in the past when the other side’s carapace crossed the ice like an ice skates. Except for leaving a trace that looked a
However, although such a move is a bit futile, everyone believes that every little makes a mickle makes a mickle wears the carapace of this spider demon guard, which will definitely be broken by Chen Kai and others. In the case that Chen Kai’s sword has not made any achievements, others will not hesitate to wave their weapons at the place where the spider demon guard has no traces of dissatisfaction with white. In the past, it was like this that attacking the other side required the attacker to be strong enough, and the weapon control degree in the opponent was high enough. After all, there was a way to break the other side’s carapace by continuously hitting a position.
If Chen Kai didn’t have sharp weapons in their hands, it is estimated that they would never do such a thankless thing. If Chen Kai didn’t have confidence in their own strength, they didn’t have the confidence to do such a thing. Of course, if they hadn’t already understood the attack law of the spider demon guards, they probably wouldn’t have the courage to do such a thing. When a monster is found out, the actual distance is pushed down, which is a matter of time. Although this truth is not particularly suitable in this game world, it sometimes seems that the cards are found out. Things often break out, which makes players have unexpected fighting power. Some timid monsters sometimes break out even more fearsome than in the past. Chen Kai, although they are confident to kill this spider guard, are also worried that the other side will suddenly break out, and it may be their bad luck.
It’s a pity that it seems that Llewellyn’s luck is not very bad, or that this spider demon guard has bad luck. Although Llewellyn’s siege continues to make cobwebs clear themselves, it also releases stings to Llewellyn’s surprise, but in the end, its armor is shattered by Llewellyn’s attack, which is full of magnificent breath. The sudden stabbing of the spider demon guard’s chest is a crunchy click. Although it breaks the carapace, it doesn’t cause much damage to the other side, but the broken carapace means that this spider demon guard won’t last long.
After Su Wan smashed the carapace, the ruling blade in the feather’s hand did not hesitate to stab it from the broken position, which made the effect even more obvious. Everyone could see that the health of the spider guard had plummeted a little, but compared with the long life of the spider guard, it didn’t seem to be much. Fortunately, Chen Kai and others were not alone in accumulating strength when the feather put away his weapon and flashed. Xu Fei finally found the right opportunity to release the attack scarlet. The power of scarlet rays was definitely a lever when he controlled the beam to penetrate directly from the spider guard’s chest for a long time.
Of course, if the other side’s carapace is still intact, Xu Fei definitely doesn’t have the courage to make it, because the result will definitely hurt one of his own people by accident, because these spider demons guard the carapace and can rebound at the same time, otherwise, Xu Fei would have blown it with high-level spells, and the destructive rays caused much more damage than the feather’s knife, and because of the low defense of the carapace, the scarlet rays came directly to a confrontation, almost wiping Hulans and the original string of candied haws behind the spider demons guard from both of them. The beam of light made the two twilight knights who raised their weapons and prepared to attack from behind each other roll in great confusion, and then they were very miserable and were stabbed to the top by the stinging spider demon guards released because of pain.
The thick armor was hit by the ground stab, and the two of them almost never passed through the air. However, the soaring spider demon was quickly targeted for a long time again, and Xu Fei was hit by scarlet rays. Of course, the wound on his chest became wider because of the previous attack. This time, Xu Fei’s attack was easier and the damage was greater. Watching the spider demon guard Chen Kai, whose life value was crazy, they were in a good mood because it represented that the other side would soon be finished. We had to kill this guy and then kill the spider demon guard who was nailed in place, leaving the eye boss in their way forward.
In the end, Xu Fei shot the spider demon guard with the scarlet staff three times. It takes an attack to deal with ordinary monsters. Even if the scarlet ray is released three times, it doesn’t kill the other party. It reduces the other party’s health to less than half, and kills Chen Kai with the remaining half. Fortunately, Xu Fei has already expanded the wound with scarlet rays, otherwise it is really difficult for the cloud to plug the lit fuse bomb in.
As a series of explosions sounded, they almost didn’t kill the spider demon guards, and finally they became the slightly increased experience value in everyone’s experience tank. Because the spider demon guards were killed by Chen Kai, they didn’t rely on their own strength, and the experience value was quite rare, but they didn’t care that killing the monsters was the most important thing, so soon the spider demon who was nailed in place was also killed by Chen Kai. Their bodies were directly turned into scattered pieces by bombs, which was a step in the footsteps of gay friends and the world.
However, Chen Kai, the two gay friends spider demon guards, will face a more powerful boss. But at this time, Chen Kai found that the strategy they thought before seemed a bit unrealistic, because even if the boss was scratching outside, it didn’t come out to take a look at the idea. It was quietly there, as if to be a quiet handsome man, but it is estimated that whoever saw its body and that strange face would not think it was a handsome man, but would directly shout a monster.
What makes Chen Kai depressed is probably the situation of this monster at the moment. They wanted to attract this huge monster to the outside passage, but it happened that the other party was not as good as Chen Kai. They were willing to cling to their old nest like a dead house and refused to go out. But in the face of this guy, Chen Kai had to bite the bullet and go in, because behind it, there was not only a huge stone treasure chest, but also a road leading to a deeper dark nest. For example, Chen Kai, they all had to go in and meet the boss. If they didn’t push, Chen Kai, they couldn’t be called players.
Look at the monster Llewellyn huddled in the cave, their faces are all tangled, because there is a monster in the whole cave, that is to say, there is no small monster at all, so in general, the strength is either extremely terrible, or once they fight, even their own people are cut crazy, of course, so the fighting capacity of the monster inside must be very strong, so although there is a boss, Llewellyn didn’t do it, but Llewellyn didn’t do it, which doesn’t mean that others won’t do it. In the stunned eyes of a group of people, the neat equipment behind them suddenly ran out
"Cossack knights handle affairs! Idle people flash! " Looking at Mao players in front of them, Chen Kai really wants to give their swords to each other, but there is no way for them to be numerous and powerful. Even if Chen Kai can do a good job, everyone will definitely suffer some damage. The most important thing is that Chen Kai thinks that these guys will have a result when they rush in, and that is, they will be happy when they go back. Lei Feng is very happy and sits in the same place with a wave of his hand. These so-called Cossack knights will go in and play boss.
"Guess how long they have been following us?" Cloud looked at a few old players keep at the entrance to turn over their eyes and asked about the blood Haifeng around them. After treatment, the blood Haifeng injury soon stabilized, but the ribs were still dull.
I don’t know! But I bet they won’t last ten minutes! " Xue Haifeng is rubbing ointment on his chest. The exquisite therapeutic ointment can speed up the healing of bones, but he still can’t fight for a few hours or he will die quickly.
"Ten minutes? I guess it won’t take us five minutes to go in and collect the body! " Yun is very clear about the monster’s attack power. When he came back from the escape, he saw that the ground was attacked by this boss, and the very clear traces were left in place.
"Isn’t it? Is this strange so fierce? Then what should we do later? " Blood Haifeng listened to the cloud for a while, but for a moment, when the fighting broke out inside, he heard that the body was sharper than the blade. Of course, this is definitely not the monster’s body being cut, but the players of the so-called Cossack Knights were cut.
"Sometimes more people is not an advantage! It is a disadvantage for this monster to have more people! " Cloud smiled with his head down, and the smile was as insidious as it was, but it was not as insidious as those old Mao players who were guarding the entrance. They looked good because they saw that the players of the Cossack Knights were not strong enough, but the enemy was too cunning and powerful
The horror knife was almost cut in half where it passed. Looking at those fallen bodies, Chen Kai and their horses wondered if their armor could stop such a blade. As a result, they found that it seemed that they could not stop it. Can they avoid such an attack? After careful observation, everyone found that although it was a little difficult to hide, it was definitely no problem for everyone to disperse, so they felt that these old players were very poor. Although they soon realized that they were dispersed, the main tanks at the front had been killed and injured. The stupidest thing was that they never thought about trapping each other, and the result was tragic.
Of course, Chen Kai is looking forward to these players being able to give a little strength, even if they can’t hit each other hard, they will have a good look at the strength of this boss. Unfortunately, after discovering that they can’t beat this boss, these Cossack Knights players thought of not breaking out, but preparing to retreat. However, this made Chen Kai and them see the most terrible side of this monster, which is comparable to the terrible range attack of a sword storm. Several flying rotor wings suddenly flew out of the shell behind this monster. Although these wings are extremely fragile, they are very sharp. The most important thing is that their wave range is too wide, and the
"It’s horrible! It seems that you guessed it right! " Watching the last player spray blood and fall to the ground, the cold sweat on Haifeng’s forehead dropped bit by bit, and those players who stood at the door froze directly, because they never thought that their own people could not even escape at last, and a skill gave them a whole party.
"What do you think these guys will do?" Cloud gently took out his dagger and pointed it at Haifeng’s blood. Actually, he didn’t guess what these old players would do. It was definitely waving their arms and going straight to Rola Chen or Wang Feifei to kill one of them, so that ll and them couldn’t attack boss. This kind of thing is very common in the dark nest to prevent themselves from being pushed to boss and being picked up cheaply. Many teams will do it.
Unfortunately, these players were destined to choose the wrong enemy because they were not close to the two priests, so they were knocked unconscious by Zhao Tiezhu’s direct blow with a shield, and then they were knocked unconscious by ll’s direct single hand, and the rest of them did not say anything about it. In almost half a minute, they threw themselves into the cave and rolled to the boss’s side. Of course, in one second, the original blood was more screaming than in the cave, and several bodies lost their lives.
"This range of skills is a bit scary, but if you don’t let it be released, there shouldn’t be much danger. If you can’t do it, girl, you can release the sacred breast wall." Ll didn’t have much confidence when he said this sentence because they didn’t know whether the sacred breast wall could stop the boss’s big move. After all, the 100-member team was directly destroyed by this monster’s big move, and more than 30 remnants were cut into pieces by terrorist knife-shaped forelimbs. It is conceivable how tough the monster’s fighting capacity is.
"good! No problem! " Although Rola Chen looks a little ugly, of course, this is not caused by those bodies, but depressed. I didn’t expect that I didn’t provoke those Cossack Knights players and was finally attacked. This kind of thing made Rola Chen a little depressed.
"Boss! Why don’t we have another rest? " Yun looked at the bloody ground and was a little worried. Although he hoped to stuff the things that the old players exploded into his backpack, after all, security was the most important thing.