"Simple, the ability to maintain 90% injury reduction needs to be flawless. As long as his golden body is polluted, this ability will vanish; The infinite life recovery requires that the heart of life must be in his golden body to work. As long as his heart is dug out, this ability will be broken! "
"Theoretically, both of these points have something to offer, but …!" Xuan night coherent analysis, "because of the complementary characteristics of these two abilities of God, the choice of our action target needs some consideration. Obviously, it is unwise to choose to dig the heart for God first. Under the protection of the golden body with 90% injury reduction effect, it is not generally large to dig the heart for him. It is better to pollute his golden body first. When his golden body is polluted, it can’t help but lose 90% of the ability to reduce injuries, and at the same time greatly weaken the protective effect of his golden body on the heart of life. Then we will dig his belly and dig his heart, which will be relatively easier! "
"That’s right!" Nine nodded, "I am working in this direction now! But after listening to the confession of this female angel with eight wings, it is not easy to achieve the goal of polluting God’s golden body! First of all, let’s not say that this God is like a good family at ordinary times. He can’t get out of the door and the second door. Basically, he will stay in the paradise without special circumstances. It is not so easy for us to launch a surprise attack on him. Before his ability to reduce injuries by 90% has not disappeared, even if we can successfully launch a surprise attack on him, I am afraid it will be difficult to pollute his golden body! "
Xuan night agreed, "in the face of the existence of the top, storm is not a wise choice, outwit is the best policy! We can avoid the heavy and light, avoid his golden body defense ability, and pollute him from the inside out! "
Li Tang heard that he was holding his chin. "Then you’ll have to use dirty tricks and add something to his food and drink. As long as he succeeds, he will be prostrate!"
"You don’t have to think about it!" Jiuzhong shook his head. "These methods were all tried by Lucifer, but they never succeeded once. In eating and drinking Lazarus, the old boy of God is really too cautious, and there are basically no flaws to be found!"
"That’s not the feeling? !”
"Of course not!" Nine fold a smile, "the eight wing female angel’s confession has provided us with an excellent breakthrough! Yeah, it’s just that how do we make use of this breakthrough? This is a problem. I don’t have a good idea yet! The main reason is that God, the old boy, is too strict to guard against it, and it is difficult for any unclean thing to directly approach and pollute him! "
"Since any unclean thing in the finished product can’t get close to God’s body, we can also consider changing our strategy. Don’t directly use unclean things to pollute him, and use a variety of things that are not within the scope of unclean things to approach him in a roundabout way. Once these things are absorbed by him, they will react in his body and generate unclean things, so he can’t prevent them even if he is careful!"
"It makes sense!" Jiuzhong patted his forehead. "How could I forget this quarrel? This routine often appears in the poisoned bridge in martial arts novels!"
"It’s a professional killer, and it’s professional enough!" Li Tangchong Xuan night pricked up his thumb, "then what we need now is a formula that can generate unclean things! Which one of you has it? !”
Everyone looked at me, and I looked at you, shaking my head. "Nothing!"
"This is simple!" Jiuzhong directly opened the guild channel of Hell Wild Flower and asked all the members of Hell Wild Flower for help. Three heads are better than one Zhuge Liang, not to mention tens of millions of heads. Soon, many players of Hell Wild Flower sent messages to Jiuzhong.
Jiuzhong opened all the information, glanced through it, and finally chose a formula that best met the requirements.
"The blood of iniquity, that’s it! Wait for me, I’ll be right back! " Said the nine heavy directly start the fixed-point transmission function of the transmission ring and move away.
A moment later, there was another flash of virtual light, and Jiuzhong appeared in front of everyone. "Done, action!"
In the afternoon, in front of the Paradise of Blissfulness.
The eight-winged female angel, who is already a nine-heavy person, once again came with a new team of female angels as usual in front of the Elysium Palace, showing the archangel’s seal to the Archangel Guard guarding the Elysium Palace and requesting to enter the Elysium Palace.
The archangel guard routinely checked and confirmed that the archangel seal of the eight-winged female angel was correct, and then let them enter the paradise.
"Father!" In the Heavenly Palace, the female angels with eight wings led the female angels through the crowd of soldiers and kings stationed at the gate of the Heavenly Palace, entered the Heavenly Palace, and paid homage to God who had been waiting for a long time above the throne.
"hmm ~!" Seeing this group of female angels led by the female angel with eight wings, God smiled and nodded, then stood up from the throne, turned around and walked into a transmission array next to the throne and disappeared.
Seeing that God had entered the transmission array, the eight-winged female angel also came to the transmission array with dozens of female angels behind her, lined up to enter the transmission array one by one and disappeared.
"Boy … it’s really a step-by-step!" Eight wings female angel behind the crowd of female angels, nine heavy looking at the front of the transfer matrix, muttered in my heart. This teleportation array is the same as the Blissful Gate he met in the Temple Cathedral in the human world. It has the teleportation function and can also detect and detect the target people who enter it.
There is a reason why no archangel found him in the Temple of Heaven.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-seven Live and smell.
Because now the image of Jiuzhong is not his own image, but a beautiful female angel.
This is the method that Jiuzhong thought of before to sneak into the Paradise. First, get the leading female angel with eight wings, and then take advantage of the convenience she provided, and pretend to be a female angel by using the physical special effects of Princess Xiangxiang, and sneak into the Paradise with the brigade.
As it turns out, the effect is very good, and the whole process of Jiuzhong coming in is unimpeded, and no clue has been found.
Although Elysium Palace has a second monitoring checkpoint, it doesn’t make any sense to Jiuzhong, a disguised entity with special effects, so it naturally passes the monitoring and disappears into the transmission array.
“……!” Seeing the female angel of the nine-fold incarnation disappear in the transmission array, Helen, who stayed at the entrance of the main hall, frowned and mused.
The virtual light flashed, and his sight returned to normal. Jiuzhong found that he had come to a brand-new scene, surrounded by a vast sea of clouds and a boundless blue sky, in which there were groups of pocket cherubs chasing and dancing, which were like peace and holiness.
The interior of the scene is a huge square pool, which is filled with nectar and jade, and the surface of the pool is sparkling, reflecting colorful glow, magnificent and dazzling.
In the middle of the pool, there is also a circular terrace. On the terrace, there is a big bed with the same circular shape. At this time, God is lying on this bed, half-naked, revealing his chest. When he sees a group of female angels coming in, he hooks his fingers at the female angels with a smile on his face. "Come here and let the priest love you ~!"
"This beast! !” Seeing the scenery here, and then looking at the God who is singing and laughing on the bed, Jiuzhong secretly scolded, "Damn it, I will enjoy it more than Lao Zi!"
Before in the 18th floor of hell, after the Dragon Magic Team and the Crazy Magic Team heard the confession of the Eight Wings Female Angel, everyone was outraged. This is the reason. I didn’t expect the open God to look like a compassionate god stick, but he was an old Yin X stick behind his back. He took advantage of his power every day and enjoyed himself wantonly. It was really despicable and selfish. Such a good welfare should be taken by himself and not shared with the people!
"Yes ~!" Angels are very happy with God’s call, so they will throw themselves at God.
At this time, the leading female angel with eight wings stopped these female angels. "Only by bathing in Tianchi in advance can you serve the priest!"
"Yes!" A group of female angels promised to take off their clothes, receded their shirts, and flew into Tianchi for a bath after being naked.
Nine heavy mixed in the angel group, a look at the other female angels are off, he also can’t help but take off, anyway, he is a gentleman, there is nothing to lose by taking off, so he also took off a bright and clean walk, and with the flow, he jumped into Tianchi to bathe.
In the face of dozens of beautiful angels, most of whom are naked, taking a bath together, it is inevitable that some animal blood will boil in the beautiful crowd, but it is limited to this.
Although you can’t do anything for these choppy beautiful angels, it’s good to have an eye addiction. After all, watching a group of beautiful angels take a bath is not so easy to meet.
"Well, come here quickly!" Seeing that all the beautiful angels are coming to an end, God is eager to wave at them.
"Yes ~!" A group of beautiful angels, like the previous female angels with eight wings, are faithful believers in God, and they can give everything for God. Hearing God’s call, these beautiful angels scrambled to fly away from Tianchi and landed on the big bed in the center of Tianchi. Under the guidance of the eight-winged female angel, they began to serve God.
At the end of the meal, the garden was full, and a pair of vivid and fragrant meat X images appeared in front of Jiuchong.
Dozens of beautiful angels, naturally, can’t serve God together, but they are divided into dozens of groups and take turns to serve.
Nine heavy hiding in the last group of several beautiful angels, coldly watching the big bed in the middle of the god is carpe diem, see a face of oblivious to forget myself, immersed in meat x desire of god, corners of the mouth a sneer, which passes.
"Oh, you smell good!" After several rounds, it was the turn of the group where the eight-winged female angel belonged to serve God. As God fondled the charming body of the eight-winged female angel, he put his nose on her neck and sniffed fiercely, smelling a different exotic fragrance, which was intoxicating and at the same time, his sexual interest was great.
"This is specially prepared by me in order to better serve the priest!" Eight wing female angel some distracted way, "how, father’s adult, are you satisfied? !”
"Well, quite satisfied ~!"
"I am so happy to get your affirmation!" The eight-winged angel became more and more emotional and took the initiative to come forward to kiss. Her red lips occupied God’s mouth and she was infatuated with God for a while.
"Oh, your honey X juice is so fragrant and sweet!"
"I’m glad you like it!" The eight-winged angel kissed God for a while and said to God, "Father, I want it!" "
"Complete you!" God’s animal nature was completely released, and he fought in bed with this eight-winged female angel.
After some Wushan * *, the eight-winged female angel collapsed to one side, while God continued to fight with other beautiful angels.
Seeing the eight-winged female angel collapsed on one side, and then looking at God who continues to fight selflessly over there, Jiuzhong’s face is even more smiling. God, you are finished!
"Well … um …! ?” God, who is in the midst of war, suddenly stopped fighting and looked down at his chest with frown. "This … how is that possible? !”
I saw a little dark red blood spot on God’s chest, which was as white as jade without impurities. This blood spot grew rapidly and spread at the speed visible to the naked eye, and suddenly it was full of God’s whole body.
"Wow! !” Seeing the change of his golden body, God flew into a rage and roared. The beautiful angels on the bed were forced to fly out like broken kites, but just halfway through, they were suddenly set in mid-air.
"Who is it? Who did this to me? !” God’s expression is ferocious, so he strengthened the strength of imprisoning these beautiful angels and forced him to ask.
"Dragon Grammar Code-Kang Long has no regrets! !” Just then, a cold voice suddenly sounded behind God, and at the same time, a golden snapdragon appeared out of thin air and exploded on God’s vest with lightning speed.
All of a sudden, God Cui was caught off guard, was hit by a golden dragon and fell forward for more than ten meters before he stabilized castration.
"… sure enough, the injury reduction effect of this old boy has not completely disappeared, otherwise my blow should not only cause so much damage!" After the surprise attack on God, Jiuzhong did not continue to pursue, but stopped at the same place.
"What are you from? !” God turned around and glared at Jiuzhong.
Chapter six hundred and seventy-eight Sepsis ptomaine
"Oh, what do you say? !” Jiuzhong holds his arms and looks at God like an idiot.
"Before, the soldier king told me that I still didn’t believe it. Actually, there are really players who can’t chew their own weight and will try to assassinate me!" God pointed out that he had almost completely evolved into a dark red golden body. "You can’t have a chance to sneak up on me. How did you do it?" !”
"Simple!" Since God wants to stall for time, he is naturally so happy that he slowly explained to God, "There is no chance to pollute your golden body with the filth of finished products, but if you change your direction, I will use a variety of things that are not in the category of filth first, and you will naturally not notice! And when you collect all these things without knowing it, they will react magically in your body, generate filthy things and pollute your golden body from the inside out! "