"Falling star! Do you want to fight? " If you don’t notice staring at your sight, Ilizart can wipe his neck himself. Although he may be a little worse than the falling star, if you really fight, the two sides are absolutely neck and neck.
"Hit it! Who’s afraid of who! Ilizat, don’t forget that you crossed the line first. This is my territory! " The falling star slowly got up from the chair, and the white thigh was completely covered by the purple robe, which made Ilizart feel depressed.
"What if I cross the line? Can’t I come out for a walk? Who stipulates that I can’t come to your site? " Illizat’s body terrorist forces released that great force to the outside world, causing waves around him, and a little bit of terrorist flash wrapped around him to erase his body. If these flashes were more powerful, then maybe Illizat’s body might be erased, but these flashes could even break through the surface defense layer of his body, let alone hurt his body.
"I stipulate! My site is forbidden. How about Ilizart stepping in? !” The terrorist forces are released from the falling star. In the fluctuation of power, the purple robe of the elf demon queen slowly floats to reveal that it is whiter than two long legs.
"Not so good! Do you think I will listen to you? No one can stop Ilizart from going where he wants to go! ! Even you! I’ll be afraid of you if you don’t want the falling star. In my eyes, you are an unwanted bitch! !” The loud voice roared at the falling star, but as soon as the words came out, Neil knew that something was wrong behind Ilizart. He stepped back a few steps from consciousness and was retreating at the same time, and Nigrim was really angry this time because he had felt the majesty of his queen.
"Something you say it again! ! !” Sen Lengbi’s words are generally uttered from the mouth of the fallen star, gnashing their teeth. The tone makes Ilizart’s consciousness take a step back, but he soon reacts and thinks that he was scared back by the other party’s words. hold can he go like holding his little brother?
"Say say don’t I will be afraid of you? Falling star, you are a … lying trough! You crazy bitch! " Illizat’s words haven’t finished yet, and a horrible purple Lei Long directly descended from the sky and exploded towards him. Great power has plowed a gap of 100 meters on the ground, which is still the convergence force of falling stars. As a result, if she is released, this horrible Lei Long will instantly run through the distance of 1000 meters.
"Dare to scold me this time I must let you taste the dirt! Ilizat, you idiot! " Lei Long, the terror, did not dissipate directly in the manipulation of the demon queen, but swam in the middle with the swing of her palm, and then with the gentle touch of her finger, she flew directly towards the new position of Ilizart.
"If you two want to fight and go to the abyss to fight for me, I will cut you all down! ! !” With a domineering tone, a terrorist blade directly tore the falling star to control Lei Long, and at the same time annihilated the Ilizart release attack.
"Desmas, why are you intervening?" Ilizate’s voice was full of anger, and he was burned by Lei Long, but the actual injury was not high. However, he was depressed, that is, Desmas intervened, so it happened that he didn’t see how the other side did it when the other side intervened, that is to say, the gap between him and Desmas was very large, which made Ilizate feel very unbalanced. He felt that even if there was a gap between himself and Desmas, it wouldn’t be too big, but now it seems how wrong this idea is.
"Should I stay out of it and watch you destroy Telamis?" Desmas’ voice was full of anger. If it wasn’t for Ilizart’s strength, he really wanted to kill each other directly, but Ilizart’s strength was so strong that even if Desmas could kill each other, there was no guarantee that it would destroy Telamis and even the whole Denzel forest.
"Destroy what? This place is just a cage. One day, I will destroy this cage and enter the outside world. I Ilizart will not be tied here forever. Even if I want to continue to be a prisoner here, it will be you, not me. One day, I will make the name Ilizart ring in the ears of all elves, making them tremble and make them pay for everything they have done. "In the middle, the devil roared wildly, but his words just fell and were directly bombarded by a falling star. The terrorist thunder force crossed the kilometer distance in the middle and sent Ilizart to the kilometer day.
"Damn bitch! Falling star, you forced me! !” The body terror demon power formed a black magic flame, which directly shocked the thunder wrapped around the body surface, and then Ilizart raised his weapon and chopped at the demon queen who rushed over.
The 100-meter-long black demon force formed a black crescent that swept towards the demon queen in the middle, and the black crescent that dashed towards itself was a stroke of hand, which formed a pure purple thunder in front of your face, flashing around her constantly, scattering the black demon force, and the collision of the terrorist forces produced bursts like muffled thunder.
Look at that trail not far away, Chen Kai, they are moving carefully. Now they don’t want to enter the original temple, but go to another small temple half an hour away from them. Everyone is moving carefully and praying that they are lucky enough to get there before dark. When Chen Kai and them move, they must also pray that the battle will not wave to the ground. For players, it is close to the battlefield level of thousands of people, although they are in Nero. Aria and other help have killed two lords-level monsters, one of which is still a demon Lord, but both of them are in a state where the other side’s strength has not been exerted. Even repelling Neil Shadow Song and Nigrim and others’ attacks is also a state where the other side has not exerted its strength.
At the same time, the battle of the odd strong is almost the battlefield level of 10,000 people but 100,000 people. Of course, Nero Aria and others don’t count their fighting capacity, which is simply the shame of the odd strong. But there is nothing that can be done. If their strength is restored, they can still show off a little. But now they can’t even beat the title level of exorcist. If they are a master of destructive spells, they can definitely abuse Nero Aria and other elf wizards and can’t find the north. Of course, that is the current state.
Fighting in the sky is two horrors. In Chen Kai’s opinion, the fighting capacity of the other side is at least one million people, that is, the level that gestures can destroy a city where millions of people live. At the same time, he is more aware that this is still an outbreak of strength between the two sides. If they make the Ministry so absolutely able to tear, he will see the scene of being torn almost when Chen Kai looks up.
Teramis gradually becomes dim, the sky is shattered like a mirror, and the terrorist forces are venting outward, making the whole world tremble. Chen Kai definitely has a feeling of doomsday now, and the doomsday breath is so close to himself that his breathing seems to be stagnant.
"Keep walking! We must speed up the pace! " It is not only Chen Kai who feels that his breathing is stagnant, but also several elf wizards feel that the world seems to be going to ruin. This broken scene has greatly shaken the fields in their bodies, because most of the strange and powerful fields are the rules of the world attached to the main material plane.
"Those two guys aren’t demigods, are they?" Yun felt that his world view was about to be subverted, and his voice was full of trembling. Although he touched the body of the demigod, it was the first time that he really saw the demigod fighting.
"no! They should probably be dominated by demons! " Naraku Srde’s voice is full of fear. He doesn’t believe his judgment a little because he feels that even a crushing blow has not reached the limit. If the two fighting men are demigods now, there should be a collision between the world and the world. But it happened that without that, the fighting in the sky could not be demigods. At the same time, because of the demon root, there would be no demigods. When the demon strength exceeds the level of the Grand Lord, it is impossible for them to either fall or become demon masters.
God controls the kingdom, and the devil controls the power, which is a white matter for all advanced spellcasters, but the success rate of the promotion of the demon Lord to the demon master is lower than that of the original strong man to the demigod, but at present, there are two such things and there seems to be a third one. No one will believe that the three demon masters who stay in the main material plane just think about Naraku and Srde and feel that they must be crazy.
But even if they are afraid of falling stars, they are demon masters, and they certainly won’t be masters of the abyss plane. Only when they control an abyss plane can the demon masters have real dominance. Without the abyss plane, they are vagrants and their strength is not strong, but this strength is definitely not strong. For Nero Aria and others, a demon master is enough to kill them all instantly, because the demon master’s fighting capacity is definitely in the demigod.
"Demon master! Holy shit! " Hearing this name, Chen Kai felt that his IQ was a little insufficient. For him, demon domination was equated with God. At the thought that he was at the bottom of his eyelids at the level of two gods, he felt that he was not far from death. At this time, he was not worried about his own life. The only worry was that Alisha, a tauren girl, didn’t know if she died here. How did Chen Kai tell Arno that the scroll in his hand was rooted in this forest? Unless a few elf mages released the door, it was possible to make a door that could travel several kilometers, because this area suppressed such power quite severely.
When Chen Kai looked up again, there were no two horrors in the sky. Obviously, their fighting area was already in the clouds, because Chen Kai could see the thick clouds in the sky being torn open from time to time, allowing dim starlight to pour with violent explosions.
"Why is it so horrible to nest in Telamis?" With such a question, Chen Kai ran again because there were ghosts of those horrible demons around them, but the battle in the sky made these shadows afraid to hide in the dark, even if it was already dark.
When Chen Kai and others rushed to the dilapidated temple, they saw several demon ghosts around the temple. Without hesitation, the sacred flame dealt with these guys. Chen Kai pushed the dusty temple door heavily, and then everyone filed in. When Chen Kai slammed the door, he tried to rush to the back to close the other door, but at the moment he turned around, his breathing stagnated. Hundreds of demon ghosts appeared in his sight. Just after breathing smoothly, they were recruited by the evil gaze force to make several people react. Fortunately, Chen Kai and others entered the temple with enough people to let these evil demons take care of them, but Chen Kai was not taken the lead in taking care of them, which is why he was able to directly release his magic after seeing these evil spirits.
Although Llewellyn has not yet recovered, his fighting capacity is still five dregs, but just because he wields weapons to fight doesn’t mean that he can’t make magical attacks. When the burning white flame spreads instantly, the scream of terror rings in everyone’s ears. Fortunately, several elf wizards quickly spread spells to protect the wall. Otherwise, Llewellyn will definitely lose more than half of their fighting staff, and even if they don’t die, they will lose their ability to continue fighting in a short time.
"Whoo! Girl halo! !” Instantly pour out his magic, but Chen Kai feels that he is about to lose his power. There is no doubt that he will be a little longer when the five dregs of the war continue. It is not allowed to force such a huge magic even if his body is in a state of recovery. However, Chen Kai’s move has instantly eliminated less than a dozen demon ghosts and made him gain tens of thousands of experience values. But for Chen Kai, what he needs now is Rola Chen aura support rather than income experience values.
When the last demon ghost disappeared into smoke, the wizard wizards had already lifted up the collapsed idol, and Wang Feifei had also helped Rola Chen to decorate the altar. However, when Rola Chen prayed for the combination of life force and natural force, Chen Kai found that they seemed to be in a tragedy because the temple was not complete. There was a place above the head that was destroyed, where one after another demon ghosts were slowly coming in from the outside, and the temple produced natural power, which was extremely thin. The root method kept all the demon ghosts out to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 19 Ancient City-Teramis (14)
Look at that demon soul shadow slowly struggling to enter the temple overhead, Chen Kai and others look very ugly, because now no one can sometimes deal with these guys who invade the temple, Chen Kai, but there is no way to make Rola Chen even more silent, praying that she has no spare capacity to deal with these demon souls.
At present, the only thing that can deal with these demons is Wang Feifei, but she is not a fighting type. Priests master offensive magic, and there is such a thing as sacred purification. At the same time, her magic is not a range aura like Rola Chen, but a single attack magic, which means that Wang Feifei can attack one target at a time.
When the first demon ghost rushed into the temple from the gap in the temple, Wang Feifei sang a magical spell. A golden sacred force directly lit the other side and turned it into a wisp of ashes. However, the total amount of Wang Feifei’s magic power, she killed more than 30 demon ghosts at most, which was the limit, because she had consumed a lot of magic in dealing with these monster faces before.
The magic has not been fully recovered, and her ability to continue fighting is very poor, and dealing with so many demon ghosts is also a threat to herself. If one or two demon ghosts release evil gaze, then forget it, but when their number increases to dozens or hundreds, just releasing evil gaze is enough to make a holy area fall into a state of fear and move. Although the number of demon ghosts trying to enter the temple in Wang Feifei is controlled at ten, they do not have the skill of evil gaze, and there are also evil shocks, which are not low in attack skills.
Fortunately, Rola Chen’s prayer produced divine power, which gradually filled the temple with a faint breath of life. Although the power is still very thin now, it is enough to weaken these guys’ attacks and make Wang Feifei’s consumption lower when releasing magic. It can be said that if Rola Chen didn’t keep praying, the number of demon ghosts rushing into the temple would be more, and with the power gradually filling up in the temple, those natural runes in the temple were slowly stimulated, but the wall breach made the seemingly extremely strong defense appear loopholes. Those demon ghosts were gathering around this loophole.
If Chen Kai and others didn’t spend the last two nights in another temple, which turned it into a gathering place for most demons’ souls, then the number of demons’ souls trying to rush into the temple would be even more. At the same time, two powerful monsters fought in the sky, which also made some demons’ souls afraid to come out, which reduced the number of demons’ souls. However, as time went by, when the distance between the two terrorist battles became more and more off the ground, when they found that Chen Kai and others were not found in the original temple, these demons’ souls gathered in their own kind and then formed a piece of pressure outside the temple.
"I didn’t expect them to hide here!" Nigrim frowned as he looked at the temple shrouded in a faint natural force. He wanted to control the ghosts of those demons, but he didn’t expect that the roots of these demons were out of his control. If he hadn’t flashed fast enough, he might have been besieged by these guys.
"Don’t be too careful, you guys who have no bodies. I’ll beat you to death!" Looking at hundreds of demon ghosts gathering behind him, Nigrim’s voice is full of anger, while those who are polluted behind him are a little afraid that these demon ghost attacks can do a lot of harm once they fall on them.
When Nigrem growled at these demon ghosts, the demon ghosts gradually converged and finally formed a huge and dark demon ghost. This huge demon ghost with a height of more than ten meters exudes a strong demon smell. The most important thing is that this smell makes Nigrem feel fear and fear from the bottom of his heart.
"Disgama …" This is an elf demon who won’t forget his name if he regains his self-consciousness in Telamis. Even the most powerful one in Telamis has changed his name to Disgama. I hope he will remember that he won’t erase this name from his memory because he is the chief culprit in the fall of Telamis. Disgama? Nursen? The corner of destruction, when this terrible demon dominated and tore down the barriers outside Telamis, the whole city residents ushered in their own doom in an instant.
Millions of residents in the city of Telamis were directly killed when this demon dominated arrival, because this demon dominated almost to the level of the demon master, that is, the level of the real god. Of course, the word almost made him still a demon master rather than a demon master. In the end, this demon master fell in Telamis, and his death also turned the living elves and animals in the whole Telamis and Denzel forest into what they are now.
Nigrim will never forget his expression when he got up from a bloody corpse. It took Nigrim ten years to slowly accept the fact that he changed from an elf to a demon. But after that, Nigrim used to wear beautiful armor. Lorraine starry night becomes a demon knight Nigrim who always hides in knight armor.
However, Nigrim didn’t have the courage to draw a weapon from the other side when he saw this huge demon ghost in front of him. The shining light in his black eyes caused Nigrim’s fear in his heart. Nigrim was still afraid of the terrible huge figure thousands of years ago. The demon master who destroyed Telamis was the demon knight’s heart forever. It was because of this nightmare that Nigrim’s strength stopped at the demon Lord instead of moving towards the demon Lord.
"Death ~ ~! ! !” When the sound sounded like a nightmare in Nigrim’s ear, he found that his neck was wrapped in coils of black energy, and at the same time, his body was also covered with these forces, which made his roots unable to move, and as the black energy gradually gathered, his armor was giving off terrible metal distortion.
"Ah ~ ~! !” When he roared out of Nigrim’s mouth, a polluted person’s body was pinched and sonic boom splashed out, and blood fell and splashed on Nigrim’s body, but he couldn’t help it because he saw that the demon ghost in front of him was becoming more condensed, and new demon ghosts were constantly being integrated into it to make it bigger and more solid.
In Nigrim, his body was about to be crushed by black energy, and a light shadow waved a weapon across it, saving him and cutting off the black power, which quickly disappeared like a broken limb and fell to the ground. Nigrim quickly recovered and directly grabbed his weapon and waved it at the huge demon soul shadow in front of him.
"Idiot! You attack the roots like this! " When Neil’s shadow song sounded in Nigrim’s ear, Nigrim didn’t know who saved him, but he didn’t know why the two masters were killed in the sky, but the ground hands had to help each other, but after seeing the shadow of the huge demon, he lost it. For the living people or demons in Telamis, Disgama is definitely what they hate most.
However, Neil Shadow Song didn’t expect that this huge demon ghost would fly away instantly when Nigrem attacked, but when the whole demon ghost head dissipated, two demon lords on the ground saw those extremely evil eyes that dissipated the demon ghost.
"damn it! Is Disgama really not dead! " Neil’s shadow song is full of trembling. An elf, a demon and a polluted person born because of that tragedy in that year will hate this name if they are conscious.
"I don’t know if that guy is dead, but I want to say thank you!" Nigrim vomited a mouthful of black blood. Now he is injured and injured. It is very good to be able to hold up with weapons.
"You’re welcome! Of course, if you don’t mind, I think I should kill you here! " Neil Shadow Song cast a glance at Nigrim’s neck, but at this moment a terrible force fell from the sky and directly smashed through an ancient elf building not far away.
"Falling star! Don’t you win this time, I will definitely come back to settle accounts with you another day! " Illizat rushed out of the ruins of the collapsed house and ran to his lair in front of Neil’s shadow song.