[Secret Chat] You whispered to [Iraqi people] what you meant. I don’t understand. They played very well, that is, one of them made a mistake, and the second time they evaded this question, they could call smoothly.
[Secret chat] [Iraqi] whispered to you, are you stupid? They can make it there, and you can’t go on looking at the mess. From this, you can see that it’s just a waste of time to delay. Why don’t we join hands with them to pressure them to get the money back and find another reliable group?
[Secret Chat] [Iraqi] whispered to you, Oh, I think we are all poor people who have been cheated. Believe it or not, I will give you a good warning.
She never planned to finish the tour with the team. She chose those who would work with dps or wet nurses and were conceited and capable. After they made a mistake, they made an excuse to ask them to refund their money, so that they could get a cheap head and keep more than half of the money-this was before others’ IQ was high.
However, will there really be such a group to make her swindle?
I really don’t want to say that she has succeeded several times. What did she see in the forum? Did you say that the package group was shameless to speak ill of our group with equipment?
This title is really a long time, and I saw this Iraqi sister figure in this title
Persimmon is soft to pinch. This Iraqi girl specializes in picking those regiments whose command is not long, and it is still immature. The commander of the regiment will pit his teammates to the fullest, and then the regiment will help to play/learn the name to enter the team. After that team made mistakes and destroyed the regiment several times, it will "argue" and ask to quit. If there are other bosses in the regiment who are inciting them to refund their money together, they will often succeed.
"…" I don’t know what to say after reading this story.
The secret chat channel Iraqis are still talking. Lotus said that she has a golden tongue, which really makes people feel tempted.
The thief can’t get a streamer response, and the Iraqi people are also silent. I can’t say streamer. Look at her streamer and look down at her upper. Can you see that a flower will probably not hinder her? Yiren squinted and judged.
The iraqis’ hot sight brought streamer uncomfortable and stared back angrily.
Who is this person pretending to be flat-mouthed by Iraqis?
After reading the post, she had a good impression on the person in front of her, but she honestly started fighting with five people without a wallet. Her equipment is not as outdated as it is without money, and its attributes have changed greatly. It can be seen that she once smashed money.
I believe that the team leader who has seen her equipment is willing to accept this "boss"
She cheated many groups with this equipment.
It’s not a fire for streamer to turn to this post, and she has already sunk into a corner. It’s also her intention to turn to it and fortunately she saw it.
Streamer hits the friends panel and sends the post link to all friends, so that they can pay attention to it. By the way, I will secretly chat this link to the head of the delegation.
The dps of this group is not bad. More than half of them are scattered by the head of the group. There are not many players, and the second child and the third child are difficult. Even if there are few fixed groups, they can pass at one time.
[Secret chat] [Tang Cen Bai Yu] whispered to you: I will pay attention to it.
When the wet nurse brought people back to life, someone came running from the resurrection point of the big ship and brushed the buff outside the Juyi Hall. The head of the team told me how to play it again and told him later, "Just find a corner and squat like just now."
"Call husky ready to meet hatred … dull you don’t stare blankly! Move! "
"The excavator is away from the crowd!"
"Watch out for a husky blood. He’s dying!"
Boss’s big move is to verify whether the team members are sharp or not. "One, two, three, four … You guys will be deducted from your salary when the moon sets."
[Team] [White Lingyun] The ugly man is already lying on the floor and the handsome man is still alive.
[Team] [First Real Poison] … Get rough!
In the last stage, the second child made a big move, and the third one came to be a Mawei. The number of employees here was much reduced. "I can’t get rid of it!"
Several wet nurses pulled people up to meditate, recovered their qi and blood, drank clean water and ate, and their hunger and fatigue values were about to exceed the standard.
[Team] [Iraqi] I’m not following! You can’t beat it, but you also said you wanted a package, boss, and a refund!
After a long silence, the Iraqis finally attacked and angrily accused them of not being able to beat the boss.
[Team] [First Real Poison] Don’t get excited, boss. We said we couldn’t refund half of it. We didn’t refund it a year ago. Your spare parts and equipment won’t be refunded again, and we also called in the past. When it needs a little bit,
[Team] [Iraqi] I didn’t even get the equipment of the old one. You promised to get through before I came in, but now your penis is tangled and there are three boss. You said it was necessary, but it’s been an hour since the old one. How many times have your group been destroyed? You have to pay me back! Or I’ll complain to gm about you!
Tang Cen Bai Yu and others get the time to wake up, bite their teeth, don’t let go, don’t refund money.
[Team] [Iraqi] You … You insult others too much! Time, you should say something. You want to find another group, too!
Some players have changed their eyes when they look at streamers.
[Team] [Streamer] Don’t pull my leg. I refuse to take the blame. I didn’t intend to find another group girl. Naturally, I have to continue.
The sharp man is still alive, and the water man is dead
The Iraqi abacus was smashed by the streamer initiative.
See can’t refund money and equipment quit, she simply will streamer also to pull water, there is no reason to have her a person to bear their malicious eyes, indeed as expected, as soon as she said the words, all eyes fell on streamer, even the colonel’s eyes were somewhat suspicious.
I’m not going to quit the group. I still have your secret chat records here. Do you want me to show them to help you remember? Are you trying to persuade me to leave?
Team Iraqis, you … I have a grudge against you, and you are so wrong and sorry …
Time has to sigh that my sister Jin Doudou came without a trace of defense. Is this sister a graduate of drama school? The sense of drama is so strong
Her words dispelled many girls’ doubts, but the male players still expressed doubts about the hostility of streamer, not because Iraqis were really wronged, but because streamer was too aggressive. My sisters have apologized and she has not let her go.
I’m sorry for the team time. Don’t start a quarrel. Be a good boy. Whether you go or stay is your own business. I have nothing to do with you. I’m not a relative, a lover or a family member. Don’t cling to it at will. I don’t want to have an extra sister for no reason.
"…" Iraqis were streamer gas red in the face and chest ups and downs to see straight a lot of male eyes.
Team Tang Cen Bai Yu I reiterate that when I entered, I said that all the weapons, suits and spare parts, including cheats, of this sect are yours. You can’t return half of them. Just now, the goalkeeper has already left the Iraqi equipment and touched an old box, and also gave her weapons and defense necklaces. Then from that moment on, the conditions for the package have been met. We won’t refund you because you can’t beat it. If you want to quit the team, I respect your choice, but we won’t return your package.
Tang Cen Bai Yu actually didn’t figure out how she succeeded before, so she can be said to have been deceived by her. The head of the regiment is inexperienced and soft-hearted
He will never compromise.
I have no problem with team time. I believe you.
The streamer said that he could not agree more with both hands.
The Iraqi bit his lip. This time, it’s considered that someone accidentally touched the tough group. It’s even more blunder whether this group is still a semi-fixed group! Now we can continue to brush with them, otherwise her money will be wasted. "I agree."
Tang Cen Bai Yu said that he was very satisfied with explaining the transition stage from the second child to the third child again. The key point was to retreat from Juyi Hall in melee before the big move to reduce the damage and carry a wave of dps firepower over the enemy.
"beautiful! Husky, you take the hate gun and grab the hatred! " Tang Cen Bai Yu commanded that "the fire broke out and hit his health value by 7!"
Everyone’s heart is falling. Whether it’s downsizing or getting through this key turning point depends on who dares to wander off now. Listen to the leader’s command and walk.
Streamer also volunteered to output before.
The second child went to the third child at the same time, and the second child left the stage, leaving the third child in Juyi Hall.
"Very well! Then come on, before waving to us, the first owner of dps and hps will be rewarded. "Tang Cen Baiyu encouraged the big radish to hang in front of his eyes, and everyone was just at ease and didn’t dare to take a breath in an instant, for fear that dps was not breathing."
The top three dps naturally hold their own throne, and the top five feel that they can squeeze the third with one effort. Almost everyone is catching up with the dps statistical list, and dps has increased to varying degrees.
The streamer crane passed four or five people in front of her without saying a word.
"Yo, hey, this boss is really good." Dull belongs to those four or five people who have been surpassed. He rubs his eyes and doesn’t believe it, but it is exactly the case.
be ill
Look on coldly and keep the posture of entering the war. Iraqis sneer at the streamer behavior in their hearts. The boss of the package group is waiting for the equipment to be picked up in the back. We have to join in and fight with it. Isn’t this full and nothing to do?
This time, the advancing speed was unexpectedly smooth, and the third child entered the penultimate stage. "The Ministry broke out and pushed the third child into the last stage before the big move!"
Tang Cen Bai Yu also excitedly warned himself not to get too excited and didn’t finish playing boss.
The deputy boss of Junshan and Canglingzhai will almost break out in the end. At this time, the boss will stay where he is. Everyone will find a good place to hide. If the boss can’t see the place, he won’t be hurt by the big move. This damage is almost a spike of 10,000 blood. The iron horse riding a shield is killed in front of the boss.
Boss, don’t move in situ, read the skill of "self-destruction". Tang Cen, Bai Yuyi, made others scattered, and Iraqis quickly found a cabinet to hide. The streamer was still in situ to see if there was any place to hide.