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Chapter 3 Salt Party will die
"White lotus apparition? What kind of kung fu is that? " JiReFeng puzzled look at Qi Yufeng turned to look at his third brother.
Qi Ruoyun pulled out a long pipe tobacco pouch and squatted on the soles of his feet. When he saw his eldest brother, he couldn’t help staring back. "I don’t know so much about farming alone?"
Qi Yufeng bowed their heads and said, "I didn’t delve into this White Lotus Kung Fu, but it seems that this’ White Lotus Sage’ should be a subjective and objective achievement method, and it is not surprising that they can practice it to this point in half a year."
"What’s subjective and objective … Xiao Feng, to put it bluntly," Jirefeng couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed when listening to Qi Yufeng talking around.
"Is that you imagine how powerful you are and then how powerful you will become …"
"Bullshit … I still want to god" JiReFeng muttered.
"It’s a bit ridiculous, but this weird stuff is really unreasonable, just like those who invite’ Sir Zhong’ and’ Sun Dasheng’ to overdraw their lives for a moment of strength."
"Feudal dross … What now?" JiReFeng commented 1 continued
"They know too much. I think …" Qi Yufeng thought for a moment and made a gesture of chopping hands.
Jiruofeng shook his head dissatisfied. "How can you decide life and death casually? Now it’s a legal society without investigation and study. It’s too dangerous for you to do so."
He pulled the door to wake up the two men and handed them a cigarette. After they smoked for a while, they smiled and asked, "Dare the young man kill anyone?"
His words are full of temptation and encouragement. Both Qi Laosan and Qi Yufeng have different attitudes towards them.
Hedgehog head and broom head looked at each other and looked at a face of inscrutability. Jiruofeng couldn’t help but nod his head. "Well, if you want uncle to let me live, I’ll do what you want me to do."
JiReFeng hearing zheng cold hum a driveway "education is a rogue! You love how to solve how to solve I don’t care "say Deng Deng floor.
While JiReYun is a little worried, "Xiaofeng, what can you do with the police?"
Qi Yufeng looked at the direction of the hills and smiled. "You can rest assured that the law seems to be unable to sanction some guys."
The next day, Uncle and Sanbo quietly left Qi Yufeng and Chen Shuai at home, waiting for Jiruocheng to return with Qufei cigarettes.
When they entered the door, Chen Shuai asked, "Is the ID card finished? Show me quickly. "
QuFei smoke slightly embarrassed to take out a stack of all to Chen Shuyi Chen Shuyi sighed, "alas, my ID card is ugly and I don’t know what I have to do, but it’s a beautiful woman. How to take pictures is sure to be better than others …"
While she was spitting, she turned over her ID card and couldn’t help but stay. Is that your new name? "
She quickly looked at Qi Ruocheng and Qi Yufeng and gnashed her teeth. "Which one of you gave it up?"
"He!" The original gaudy smile happily sit together harmonious father immediately betray each other.
Qu Feiyan sat beside Qi Yufeng and asked softly, "Have you solved everything?"
Qi Yufeng nodded. "According to your plan to lure the snake out of the hole, most of them have been solved. A man named Fan Zhuo is very clever. He didn’t go back when something happened here. Sanbo and I wanted to wait for him but didn’t want to jump."
JiRe into mirth way "Fan Zhuo Fan Wan this’ organization’ is quite interesting"
Qi Yufeng disdained that "what nonsense organization is just a group of students who graduated from college and didn’t find a job. Fan Zhuo got together and learned the magic of the white lotus to form a rogue criminal gang."
"According to the guy who wears glasses, these guys have been robbing, taking drugs, practicing, robbing again, taking drugs and practicing again. I don’t know how many lives have been lost, but the police dare not find fault easily because of their high kung fu."
Qi Ruocheng asked a few more detailed questions and turned to look at him and asked, "What lessons have you learned from this?"
Qi Yufeng zheng "what does this have to do with me?"
"Think about it. If you weren’t so careless, these people wouldn’t be lost and the victims wouldn’t have to die …"
Qi Yufeng was speechless when he heard this, and a sense of unease immediately rose in his heart.
This "White Lotus Magic" is just a by-product when he got the "Safflower Secret". His martial arts are all famous masters, and he never took it to heart, even if he lost it, he didn’t check it for a long time.
However, it is such a humble person who almost forgot the secret after reading it in his eyes, but it has caused so many disasters and caused so many waves …
Qu Feiyan’s mind was alert to see that his face was heavy and he quickly said, "Let’s take the first step to retrieve the Jiuyang Zhenjing; Then the second step is up to you. "
Qi Ruocheng wondered, "What’s the second step? Why don’t we just find that Fan Zhuo in the second step?"
Qu Feiyan said with a smile, "After such a big change, how can he easily come forward to this kind of desperate generation? Maybe we can do something. Let’s put those four people back and just make a lead."
JiReCheng slightly zheng immediately clap your hands, "wonderful, you deliberately missed four people and sent snowballs to monitor the four of them. When they get back, it is natural to find Fan Zhuo, and Fan Zhuo must be suspicious after this change and bury the bucket from now on."
When Qi Yufeng heard that Qi Ruocheng’s analysis was quite reasonable, he laughed. "What should we do next?"
Qu Feiyan smiled after a moment’s meditation. "This kind of people can’t come forward until they are forced to the end of their tether. Let’s keep telling the police their whereabouts according to the news of Fox. I guess they will have to come to us again in a few days."
Qi Ruocheng said, "Then why don’t we follow the fox’s whereabouts and take the initiative to find them trouble?"
Qi Yufeng and Qu Feiyan hurriedly said, "No!"
Qi Ruocheng looked puzzled, "What?"
"No, no, there are too many people in the city. Let’s have a quiet scenery here and it’s just like pillaging," said Qu Feiyan Jiaochen.
"What do you think?" JiReCheng turned to look at the son.
"What do you mean by’ hmm’?"
"Don’t you always agree with my mother?"
On this day, the bright lights in the downtown business district are fascinating.
Towering skyscrapers are clean and tidy, and streets are full of pedestrians in a hurry.
"This is so beautiful!" Qu Fei smoke looked at the model wearing a wedding dress through the glass, and her eyes were fascinated and exclaimed
I haven’t heard from that ridiculous "organization" for several days, and I don’t know how they managed to escape from the fox’s pursuit of Qu Fei-yan, so I will go out shopping and get fresh air, and Qi Yufeng Nai can follow closely.
"This is a wedding dress. We really don’t want to buy it now …" He explained angrily with bags in his hand.
Qu Feiyan wronged turned his head and stared at him with a pair of crystal clear eyes. "Then we can get married …"
"How old are you …" Qi Yufeng realized that such a leprechaun has spent tens of thousands of oceans in less than a day, from modern toys to western musical instruments to clothing decoration. No one refuses to see what fun it is, so he is bound to buy it.
"You just don’t love me, and you don’t want to marry me …" Qu Feiyan’s eyes immediately filled with dense water vapor and turned slightly red, and she learned to look at the heroine and said sadly.
"Oh, my aunt, we can’t even fit it in that car. Can we do it again?" Qi Yufeng encouraged him, but at the same time, he was filled with grievances, saying that he was full of ambitions to rebuild Huashan, but now this money …
"Are you worried about money?" QuFei smoke cocked his head and stared at a pair of koo eyes asked to him.
"How is it possible!" Qi Yufeng stood for a long time in the chest but finally nodded when he saw Qu Fei staring at the smoke. "It’s a little …"
"Didn’t uncle say,’ Money is the king’s egg, and then we can earn it again’? Why don’t you even have this ambition when your martial arts are so high?" QuFei smoke asked with a frown.
"That’s because he doesn’t make money! More than two thousand dollars a month salary he is not don’t love zha "Qi Yufeng lamented.