All the remaining energy in Chu Yifeng’s body is injected into the pike. The thunder fingering has been amplified through the pike and the amplitude of the pike has increased. I don’t know how many times the power has been amplified. An extremely thick electric dragon broke out above your gun tip, which is more than ten times thicker than the electric awn just passed through the spirit sword.
Chu Yifeng shot the pike into the sky, and the electric dragon, which wanted to pierce the sky, took the momentum of conan the destroyer. Those falling black snowflakes immediately shattered and disappeared.
The electric dragon roared and bombarded the black ice wheel in an instant. The black ice wheel gave a moan, which seemed to meet the nemesis. The degree of rotation slowed down immediately and began to tremble under the attack of the electric awn.
And Gu Tianpeng, who has been fused with the black ice wheel, immediately felt uncomfortable in his heart, and his body trembled involuntarily. It seemed that his whole body was falling apart. At the same time, the depths of his soul were hit hard, just like Chu Yifeng’s thunderbolt finger directly hit his soul, and he suddenly felt very dizzy.
Thunder refers to the great increase in power through the destruction of the Chinese fairy, which has already gone beyond the power of the fix-up world. The power of the lightning has reached the realm of Xuanlei, and there are signs of further improvement under the destruction of the pike. However, the real yuan in Chu Yifeng’s body has been consumed.
Finally, the black ice wheel couldn’t bear the bombardment of the Chinese fairy, and there was a sound of ice breaking. The six-pointed star in the middle of the black ice wheel broke with a bang!
At the same time, Gu Tianpeng’s body shook one mouthful blood and couldn’t stop spitting it out. The original black face was covered with a layer of gray and unbelievable eyes staring at Chu Yifeng, but he finally flipped through his eyelids and fell down.
And Chu Yifeng is really consumed at this time, but Chu Yifeng’s eyes are bursting with brilliance. At this time, more than half of them are still standing with spiritual strength.
Gu Tianpeng fell down and even the black ice wheel was shattered. Gu Mingxia’s heart in the distance suddenly gave birth to a rage. His face was as cloudy as the bottom of the pot, and his muscles kept twitching. You can think of his inner anger at the moment. Gu Mingxia’s figure flashed and he appeared beside Gu Tianpeng. First, check his son’s injury. Now Gu Tianpeng’s injury is not very heavy, but his mind is badly damaged. At this time, the remaining energy in the body has been somewhat uncontrollable and he has started to flee about. At the same time, there is the energy of self-destruction.
Gu Mingxia first crossed a real yuan to Gu Tianpeng’s body to help him suppress the energy of automatic escaping, and then a pair of angry eyes stared at Chu Yifeng tightly.
Although Chu Yifeng can’t mobilize the real yuan, he has already sung an empty city in his body, but he still stands upright and never gives in to Gu Mingxia’s eyes.
"I want you to be buried with the black ice wheel!" After saying his word, Gu Mingxia suddenly disappeared from Chu Yifeng’s eyes. Chu Yifeng’s pupil expanded but he couldn’t find Gu Mingxia’s shadow.
Just in an instant, Chu Yifeng felt a distortion of the space in front of him without warning, and an arm was completely wrapped in black light, which was exactly the same as Gu Tianpeng’s black ice breath, but the energy contained in it was not the same. The energy in the black light was even stronger than Gu Tianpeng’s blow with the fairy black ice wheel.
Chu Yifeng had no time to hide. He could only watch the black light hit his body. Chu Yifeng felt the cold feeling. He even thought about what it would be like to become an ice sculpture.
But just when the black light was still a foot away from Chu Yifeng, a lux light curtain suddenly lit up in front of Chu Yifeng. The breath contained in the red light curtain was completely opposite to the black light. It was a fiery breath.
Then there was a creaking sound, like a burning red soldering iron inserted into the ice water, and immediately a piece of water mist rose in front of Chu Yifeng.
ChuYifeng some stupefied at the sight of this scene has not yet reacted, but Feng Qian Shan came out from behind him, but now he is holding a hand with a dazzling red light flashing on his hand. ChuYifeng immediately understood that the boundary of lux in front of him is a masterpiece of Feng Qian Shan.
Feng Qian Shan first smiled at Chu Yifeng and then turned to Gu Mingxia and said, "Gu Tangzhu, what are you doing? How can you degrade yourself and attack a younger generation? "
"Hum!" Gu Mingxia don’t talk just increased the strength of his black light immediately.
Phoenix Qian Shan doesn’t show weakness. Red light also shows a more violent momentum. Chu Yifeng stood beside Phoenix Qian Shan and immediately felt the hot breath. The exposed skin was shrinking rapidly. The water vapor in it had already been evaporated by internal heat, so he had to take two steps back, but his body was weak. Finally, he could only stand on the ground with a pike.
Feng Qian Shan glanced at Chu Yifeng and said to Gu Mingxia: "Lord Gu Tang agreed earlier that this is between the two young players and has nothing to do with our two sects. You can’t go back on your word!" Phoenix Qian Shan’s words are harsh, and his eyes are even more radiant.
Gu Mingxia also recognized the meaning of Feng Qian Shan’s words. He didn’t dare to go to war with the Xuan medical school, not to mention that it was important to cure his son’s injury first, although he was unwilling. So he withdrew his true yuan with a wave of his hand, and the remaining black light rushed to the fiery red screen and turned into a little spark and dissipated.
Gu Mingxia picked up Gu Tianpeng and glanced at Chu Yifeng coldly. He said to Feng Qian Shan, "I thought my black ice wheel was a very rare fairy, but I didn’t expect that you Xuanyi School also had a fairy or a Chinese fairy!"
Say that finish Gu Mingxia back Gu Tianpeng also don’t back to fly away from Linggui Island.

053 Baiji Dahuandan
Seeing Chu Yifeng standing there weakly and barely, Feng Qian Shan smiled and shook his head, saying, "You were really worrying just now. I thought you would become an popsicle, but you can break the black ice wheel. It seems that the son-in-law selected by Wan Ying for me is really good."
Chu Yifeng smiled helplessly and said, "What son-in-law did you choose for you? Isn’t your design driving me …" Chu Yifeng suddenly thought of a trace of tenderness in Feng Wanying’s fluttering white dress eyes.
"Take this pill and eat it." Feng Qian Shan ignored Chu Yifeng’s feelings, took out a bottle from the storage ring and poured out a red elixir.
Chu Yifeng took it over and looked at it carefully first, but he heard Feng Qian Shan say, "Eat it quickly. I don’t want to carry you back."
Chu Yifeng pie pie sent Dan medicine into his mouth and immediately sat cross-legged to exercise healing.
The entrance of Dan medicine turned into a warm energy and quickly flocked to the abdomen. Chu Yifeng sank his mind into the body. After being moistened by these energies, the yellow Leiying once again spread out layers of golden luster. Then Chu Yifeng operated Leixiao Shinto, and the energy that entered the body and Leiying began to be washed and refined by lightning and became more pure.
And Feng Qian Shan stood beside Chu Yifeng to protect him. When he saw Chu Yifeng put Dan medicine in his mouth, he immediately gave off a strong energy fluctuation. He could not help secretly nodding his head. It shows that Chu Yifeng’s cultivation method must be superior.
But just when he had a little idea, a series of dense thunder and lightning suddenly exploded around Chu Yifeng, which startled Feng Qian Shan. He quickly skipped and hid to one side to look at Chu Yifeng’s eyes full of shock and said to himself, "What is my son-in-law practicing? Why does it always thunder and lightning?"
Feng Qian Shan recalled every detail of the battle between Chu Yifeng and Gu Tianpeng, and finally confirmed that he had never seen anyone who practiced this method and had never seen a similar one.
And phoenix Qian Shan saw the pike eyes standing on the side of a tight and shrewd look, which was also one of the bright lights. Phoenix Qian Shan was once again shocked. This is definitely not an ordinary horoscope. What is the top grade horoscope? Compared with this pike, it is not a class at all. Just now, Chu Yifeng used this pike to break the inferior fairy black ice wheel, and this pike is at least a Chinese fairy.
However, Feng Qian Shan thought that Chu Yifeng could have a Chinese fairy. Who is Chu Yifeng? Is it really impossible to send a master to soar? Or is this all fake and he is a big faction? And ask him well.
The refined energy of Leixiao Shinto is very pure and very thorough, and a lot of energy is compressed. In fact, half of the energy of that Dan medicine was washed and filtered out, so when Chu Yifeng completely refined the energy of that Dan medicine, it only enriched 80% of the true yuan.
So Chu Yifeng woke up from pranayama and smiled at Feng Qian Shan and said, "Does Feng Zhangmen still have Dan medicine?"
"What for?"
"Give me another one. That one is not enough."
"ah! ?” Feng Qian Shan looked shocked. "It’s not enough. Do you know what Dan medicine it is? It’s a great return to Dan. Even people in the fit period have enough to supplement the real yuan. You are repairing at most now, but Yuan Ying actually said that it’s not enough. Your boy is seeing my Dan medicine and really wants to get more from me?"
Feng Qian Shan can’t completely affirm Chu Yifeng’s cultivation estimate, that is, in the late Yuan Ying period, but Chu Yifeng defeated Gu Tianpeng in the OBE period, so Feng Qian Shan couldn’t figure out exactly how to cultivate Yi Feng.
"I really don’t have enough." Chu Yifeng looks innocent.
Feng Qian Shan squinted at Chu Yifeng. Now Chu Yifeng doesn’t look like lying to him, so he took out the bottle just now and said, "Although Baiji Dahuan is precious, it’s not a treasure in the Xuanyi School. There are still more than a dozen in this bottle for you, but I can warn you that this thing can’t be eaten indiscriminately or increased. It’s just for you to replenish the real yuan quickly. Don’t take this as an elixir."
"I see." ChuYifeng also you’re welcome directly from the hand of the phoenix Qian Shan robbed the bottle. I wanted to eat another one, but I thought that self-cultivation was the most important thing, so I didn’t eat it again, but I put the Dan medicine directly in the storage ring.
Chu Yifeng felt a little embarrassed because he didn’t eat it, so he said gently as if excusing himself: "A hundred-great elixir has almost recovered to 80% of its true value and can fly back. Save it for later use."
The speaker has no intention of listening to Feng Qian Shan, who clearly heard this sentence from Chu Yifeng.
"A hundred-pole returning Dan only added 80% of the energy. Has Chu Yifeng’s cultivation reached the fitting period?" Phoenix Qian Shan some confused thinking.
On the way back to the Xuan medical school, Feng Qian Shan didn’t ask where Chu Yifeng’s pike came from. Originally, Chu Yifeng was still worried and didn’t know how to answer. Seeing Feng Qian Shan didn’t ask him, he was also happy, and he didn’t put the pike back into the storage ring, but directly integrated into the body. Chu Yifeng had some likes to use a powerful magic weapon.
Back to the Xuan medical school, it took only a few minutes to get into the room. Chu Yi saw a white gauze dress walking back and forth in front of the mountain gate.
Feng Wanying’s tall neck is standing like a beautiful white swan, and she is singing loudly and looking far away. Her beautiful eyes are full of worries, and a layer of fine sweat is slightly oozing from her forehead. She is holding a corner in her hand and rubbing her face with anxiety.
When seeing Chu Yifeng and Feng Qian Shan return safely, Feng Wanying just breathed a sigh of relief, and her face instantly turned into joy, and her face became ruddy because of joy.
"Dad! Childe Chu! You’re back. What happened to the duel? " Chu Yifeng and Feng Qian Shan asked earnestly before landing Feng Wanying. After all, this is related to his lifelong event.
"Alas, this boy failed to live up to expectations and lost." Phoenix Qian Shan pretended to be sorry, but also shook his head. But I didn’t expect that Feng Wanying didn’t care at all and didn’t even feel a little sad.
Feng Qian Shan looked up and saw that Feng Wanying was staring at Chu Yifeng with her head down, but the corner of her eye was not instantaneous, and Chu Yifeng’s face was a faint smile. When she saw this, Feng Qian Shan knew that her daughter must have been embarrassed by Chu Yifeng’s look. The tone was full of grievances: "It is said that girls are extroverted, and we both came back together. You are too busy watching him and don’t care about your father and me at all."
"Dad-"Feng Wan Ying realized her gaffes, and stamped a waste of shame and chafing on her face. A beautiful Tuo red moment filled her cheeks and eyes, but it was like a drop of water.