One is Yin Mo and the other is Ye Fan.
Maybe she should consider asking her new agent Zhang Yufan if she has this card.
I didn’t forget that I was still drinking Yin Mo in the Cold War. After a long time of meditation, Li Re finally dialed a word.
It was just dawn at four o’clock in the morning, and Li Ruoxi sneaked out of the back door of the Yin chaebol with a handbag on her shoulder. She wore a cap and jeans, and her face was uneasy.
She swung left and right, and finally her face showed surprise when she expected a figure coming in front of her.
"Wan Qing Wan Qing, have you finally arrived?"
Li Re cherish like a cat beside Mu Wan Qing Zheng big eyes blinked Mu Wan Qing nai stretched out his hand and took out a card from her pocket and waved the "promise is this one"
Li Re cherish to look up at the black card in Wan Qing’s hand, which makes them shine. "Wan Qing, I knew you were the best. Tell me how you got it."
Mu Wan Qing gave her a white look of "stealing Bai" and she said with a positive face, "I’m warning you if I get scolded by Ye Fan for this matter, you must help me stand up."
Li Re nodded like garlic. "This is absolutely no problem."
Mu Wanqing stared at her eyes strangely after she finished. "But if you cherish this card, what do you want? Although it was stolen, we two women went to the brilliant capital."
Li Re regretted interrupting, "What’s the matter? That Li Yaobin was sent to Brilliance as a duck, but he was not ridden by a woman. If Brilliance has no female guests, what’s the matter with this Li Yaobin being sent?"
On second thought, Mu Wanqing felt a little reasonable, but her face was still uneasy. "But let’s talk quietly without saying anything."
Li Re cherish lip slightly think of Yin Mo yesterday those moves she was upset.
"If you don’t tell them, let’s go by ourselves. In fact, I just want to do something when I go to Brilliance, but the place must have this black card and ink. I can’t get it. Please help me."
Mu Wanqing’s face changed slightly. "You’re going to do things in Brilliance and haven’t told Yin Mo. Oh, my God, I’ll be scolded."
Li Rexi resentfully gritted his teeth and looked jealous. "Are you a child? Are you still afraid of being scolded? Come with me to ensure that you are all right? Wan Qing, you haven’t contacted me recently. I finally asked you something. You pushed from pillar to post."
Mu wan Qing was appointed to wear glasses in her satchel, and her face showed a look of throwing caution to the wind.
"Okay, okay, it’s my fault. I’m wrong. Then let’s go."
Conveniently stopped a taxi, Li Rexi took out his costume hat from his satchel and put it on Mu Wanqing’s head. "You miss Mu’s family must keep a low profile, otherwise we will be famous this time in case of being photographed."
Mu Wanqing took the hat and adjusted it well. When she heard this sentence, she couldn’t help but have a black line. "Since you all know the consequences, you still have to do it."
After she finished, she looked at Li Rexi with a serious face. "And shouldn’t you be trying out for a new artist now? What can you come out without authorization? Sure enough, Mrs. Yin Dong is really profitable."
Li Rexi shook his head and interrupted, "That’s not the case. I snuck out."
Mu Wanqing turned white. "Don’t tease me."
"It’s not a good thing. Why do I tease you for dinner?" Li Re snorted with indifference. "Anyway, that bastard Yin Mo must have something to hide from me. Since he is not going to say it, it’s good that I checked it myself."
However, if she does find out the truth, please don’t blame her for being too surprised to explode.
Mu Wanqing frowned and suddenly realized, "You said that Yin Mo had something to hide from you. Maybe he was a white lie. Maybe some things just can’t let you know. If you cherish me, why do you always give yourself nothing to do?"
Li Rexi shook his head. "Wan Qing, do you know Yin Jun?"
"Who are you talking about?" Mu Wanqing almost bit off her tongue in surprise. Her appearance caused Li Re to cherish a trace of doubt. "Why do you react so much? How do you know?"
She said, touching the bar. "Speaking of it, this Yanjun is also surnamed Yin and won’t be a relative of Yin Mo."
If this is the case, then Yin Mo will be so worried, and this person will have a reasonable explanation.
Mu Wanqing shook her head and barely swallowed to interrupt the topic. "If you cherish it, tell the driver where to go quickly. The driver is waiting in front. Let’s talk about something serious first."
"Do you think I’m not serious about the topic now?" Li Re looked askance at her.
Mu Wanqing sighed, "I don’t know Yin Jun and I haven’t heard of what Yin Jun and Yin Jia have. Yin Mo and I have been college classmates for many years. Don’t you trust me on this?"
Li Rexi answered her with a grain of salt.
Mu Wan Qing raised his right hand and swore, "I swear I didn’t lie to you. If I lied to you, I would." Before she finished her words, she was covered with Li Re’s pity.
"Well, well, you’re not a man who swears. I know that there are many people named Yin. I didn’t say I don’t believe it. I don’t understand what Yin Mo’s face changed when I heard this name."
Li Re precious little words let Mu Wan Qing feel relieved, she tentatively asked
"What did this man named Yin Jun do to you?"
"Nothing is just being pressed against the wall and eating tofu, but it’s not a serious matter, it’s just being touched on the neck, but this man’s character is a little wicked because he gave Ruoting."
Li Re cherished words and made an eyebrow expression. Mu Wan Qing stared round his eyes. "He ate your tofu and it was him that day in the private restaurant of Mokalina."
V Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Brilliance is terrible scene
Li Re precious little nodded. At this moment, Mu Wan Qing’s mouth has been wide enough to close properly.
"You just said that Yin Jun ate your tofu. What did he do to you? It’s so simple to touch his neck. If I cherish it, I won’t tell Yin Mo. Tell me quickly."
Seeing her in such a hurry, Li Re was puzzled. "In fact, he didn’t do anything but press my neck and stroke the scar behind my ear. Wan Qing, do you think this person is sick?"
Mu Wanqing pursed her lips and frowned. "Maybe you mistook one for another. Forget it. Don’t think about it."
Li Re cherish some suspicious looking at her voice to relax to "true".
"Aye, hurry up, don’t ask. If you ask again, be careful that you are caught by Yin Mo." Mu Wan Qing put on her waist to scare her. Li Re looked at the black card several times, and this just frowned and ordered the driver.