It’s that the knight’s body weight is a little too heavy. Two people dragged him to walk fast, but he was chased by the claw demon behind him in a few seconds.
"Oh, my God!" Dragging the Cavaliers, the two players directly let go and threw the knight player who had finally recovered to the ground. When the player woke up, he suddenly saw a triangular face like a mantis. This face had a bloody maw and two sharp horns.
"Click" accompanied by blood spatter and broken limbs, the unlucky knight player completed the arduous task of stopping the enemy and created a barrier for his companion to escape into the side room, although this barrier was not what he wanted to do.
Ll panting with Chengfeng in the open room, seven Catharine ran behind them, followed by the team, and the unlucky players came in along their smell, and the claw magic directly smashed the thick rock wall with a hint of red and white blood clots and rushed into the room.
Most residential houses in Mifez have a very strong artistic atmosphere. Residents here like to carve thick marble into columns or decorate them directly, so that the earth element mage can mold some supporting walls with strange styles.
But this kind of wall is obviously not strong enough for those claw demons. Chen Kai is very depressed. Looking at the broken wall not far ahead, it turned out to be a gorgeous rock wall engraved with beautiful relief, but the beautiful relief is obviously as defenseless as the face carving pattern.
"Carve what * * why don’t you carve a few knights in armor?" Ll quietly shrank in the corner and looked at the three black claws that came out of the carved belly of * * and flashed the whole rock like a sharp cutter, and then bumped in.
"Flash" Chen Kai quickly turned around and ran into a closed wooden door and rushed out from the back of the house. Behind the wooden door was a very prosperous street. I don’t know what happened. Residents and adventurers wandered around the street and several teams of players kept running.
Instantaneous stagnation of street people watching from the street room rushed out ll them and the sad players behind them just then a black claw brushed out from the wooden door and fell into the last mage didn’t react before directly chopping him into pieces.
"Ah ~ ~ ~ ~" A sharp cry was emitted from the throat of a chubby woman. Chen Kai felt that she could be compared with the famous soprano Anne in reality at this moment. Roosevelt rang like a noise, attracting the whole street, and then it was as quiet as a silent film, leaving Chen Kai and their running steps and breathing, as well as claws tearing bones when the claw demon killed civilians.
"Oh, my God, the claw demon", "How can Aurora be a demon in Mepheus" and "Help me ~ ~ ~" The noise keeps spreading in the street, but Chen Kaike is not in the mood to pay attention to the five claw demons behind him, chasing him like gangrene.
Almost wherever he fled, the talons chased him where they stood in front of them. The civilians and adventurers were directly turned into dismembered bodies by these talons, and blood and bones scattered in the original street slabs carved with exquisite patterns, leaving bright red blood.
"* * There is no master in the whole street." Ll was panting and drooping his right arm and running there. Yu Chengfeng had already found out that even if the target of claw monster was not himself, he parted ways with Ll directly and claimed to help him move reinforcements.
"This ungrateful guy helped me away." Ll’s lazy snowballing flashed a huge claw, and his right arm once again gave out a bone fracture and it hurt. Ll almost couldn’t get up.
Chen Kai almost feels that the bones in his right arm may have turned into rice noodles, and it is still smashing that kind of arm with blood still oozing. Chen Kai quickly got up from the slate and continued to stumble towards the front.
Not far from the street, there is a large group of temple knights rushing towards Chen Kai. Compared with those shining temple knights who tremble at the sight of demons, these Zen temple knights have performed much better, but Chen Kai always feels that they also regard themselves as targets.
Look at that flashing red fighting light and throwing spears towards yourself. Chen Kai can’t help but criticize these temple knights because they are going to kill him together because he is too close to those claws.
"These bastards are really cruel. I’m also a knight of the Temple of Morning Light." Ll dragged a pair of spears and injured his leg and hid behind a huge night lily tree. Of course, compared with the spear inserted beside the claw demon like a hedgehog spike, Ll was hit by two thighs, which is good.
"Psst ~ ~ It really hurts. These Zen temples are crazy, and they have a blood slot in their spears." Llewellyn looked at the blood rushing like a fountain, and the horse turned white because his health value was rapidly passing at 5 o’clock every second. In a few seconds, his remaining life of less than 1,000 points would turn into an egg.
"I hope that Eye Niang is equipped with quick-acting hemostatic powder, otherwise I will die." Chen Kai quickly took out a bottle of dark powder from his backpack. This is a hemostatic agent from Liwenli Store, which was boiled by himself with some hemostatic drugs. It is actually more like ointment.
After pouring the ointment on the wound, Chen Kai slowly took out the bandage and tied it to the surface. Although he didn’t know the effect of the medicine, the sticky ointment really blocked the wound, and then he supported it with one hand and slowly climbed over to the safe place.
Although the knights of the Temple of War are almost deadly to fight, and their number is several times more than that of the Claw Magic, their strength is relatively poor. After all, the Claw Magic is in the seventh order, while the knights of the Temple of War are the highest and the lowest knights.
Like a hungry wolf entering a herd of horny goats, it is a battle for knights of the temple. Occasionally, a few claws are chopped off, but the price is the knight’s life.
"I didn’t mean to sin." ll prayed to the knight who fell on his crawling road and fought in the temple. Although his stomach had been torn by the claw magic, he was still tenacious and alive, but he was in a coma.
"I hope you can live, but don’t take revenge on me. I was also hunted by them." Llewellyn took out a bottle of holy water and poured it into him, then slowly climbed over from the other side. Llewellyn stopped after climbing a little distance, and then put a mixed blood clot on his face and neck from the blood of the knight in the Zen Temple.
Then he found a better place to put a half body in his belly, and the whole person just lay on the ground and pretended to be dead. At this time, the only way for Chen Kai to save his life was to pretend to be dead, because he was surrounded by constant fighting, knights of the temple and demons dragged two injured legs and couldn’t climb far.
Whether it was a man or a demon who stepped on his side, Chen Kai made up his mind that he would not cry out even if a few bastards stepped on his thigh. One bastard stepped on him, and he didn’t cry out.
"Mom, if I know who stepped on me, I will trample him * * in turn." After slowly calming down around, Ll slowly closed his eyes and his face was burning and painful, which covered his arm like a twist.
There is a strong smell of blood around, a smell of burnt meat, but these are not as heavy as the strong smell of feet. Chen Kai slowly turned his head and saw a dark foot on the left side of his head. A fly was circling around the blood clot, but when it stopped, the foot would shake.
"It’s better to play dead than to take off your shoes." Ll was smoked and tried to hold her breath, but maybe the fly harassed the guy who played dead too much. The Ll companion directly put his head into Ll’s mouth and tried to insert it into Barry.
"Dude, you have to play dead, so you don’t have to do this to me." For the fast fortress near your mouth, Llewellyn quickly pushed it, but it was the guy who wanted to play dead who screamed.
"ghost ~ ~ ~" and then bang the unlucky guy fainted directly.
"Ghost, you are always alive." Chen Kaili tried to knock on that guy, but a heavy noise made him quickly shrink his head back and continue to hold his breath and play dead.
As the heavy sound got closer, Chen Kai decided that his heart was about to jump out of his throat, but considering that some monsters were terrible, he had to control his heartbeat and slowly adjust his breathing to reduce the heartbeat speed to the lowest level he could control. If Chen Kai felt any lower, he would stop his heartbeat and suffocate himself.
"Don’t come here." Ll quietly prayed in his mind that he was in a state of escape. It is estimated that it is impossible to connect together. As the master gets closer and closer to Ll, he feels that his level seems to be lost.
"Huh?" On Chen Kai’s side, a very familiar woman came to his ear, and then he felt his chest pressed to cover the body. He was directly moved and lifted up from the ground by a pair of very strong hands, and there was a quiet call by the way.
"Chen Kai, Chen Kai, wake up, wake up" is a very familiar sound. Chen Kai is confined to his eyes and calls him to see a beautiful face with blood, which is Su Wan’s face that has been following him around.
"Long time no see," said hi to Ll’s unusually weak voice, but in exchange for each other’s laughter, other teammates who came to look for Ll quickly ran over and carried him and the unlucky aborigines who were scared by Ll back to the temple of life.
In the temple of life, Xu Fei returned the badge containing Lal’s pet to Chen Kai. Through the pet, Chen Kaike saw Lal lying in the bed covered with bandages and resting quietly. Although he looked weak in breathing, he did not seem to be in danger.
"Thank you," Chen Kai said to Xu Fei, who was lying in the hall of the Temple of Life. The whole Temple of Life and other temples with healing skills were now crowded with the wounded waiting to be treated, including temple knights and city guards. Nearly 3,000 people were killed and more than 1,000 people were seriously injured.
One of the hardest hit is the city guards’ military system. Now they are completely distrusted. The reason is simple: so many casualties are caused by demonized soldiers in the city guards. The whole city guards have been transferred outside the city and can’t enter the city until they receive the transfer.
Of course, compared with these, Chen Kai still has a more headache to deal with. At least more than 1,000 players intend to settle accounts with them, because they posted that false information and let them stand in the front line of the demon gushing out. As a result, they were stabbed to death by the city guards, and more than half of them were directly killed by the demon.
"It seems that Mifez can’t be mixed up, so we have to run quickly." Chen Kai felt a little weak after browsing the swearing posts on the Internet, but Xu Fei told him a very bad news that forced him to stay in Mifez for a longer time.
"May not be able to run? The news that the demon appeared in Mifez has already gone out for a walk, and now even the farewell party has been blocked from the traffic to other towns. Make sure that it came from Mifez, and talk about who was put in prison for half a month for the first time. "This is Xu Fei’s original words. Actually, he still has a more serious sentence to say.
"If the identity of the escapee is verified, the aristocrat will be directly executed and the fief will be confiscated." This is the last sentence posted on the notice board outside the temple of life in Mifez. The reason is very simple. All aristocrats who fight against demons should stand in the front line. This is the responsibility and righteousness of aristocrats.
"Bad luck" After reading a lot of notices, Chen Kai couldn’t help muttering a few words, and then walked slowly to the hotel with the help of crutches in Rola Chen, where they were waiting for Buzz and their mentor Kaiser.
After escaping from there, Chengfeng quickly found Kaiser, who was wandering around the Lord’s mansion, and then ran with him to help. When they reached that street, the whole street almost turned into hell. The five-claw demon slaughtered nearly 20 knights of the Zen Temple, and even beat back the knights who later supported more than a dozen earth temples.
Even Kaiser’s great swordsmen dare not be aggressive in the front. Those talons can rely on attacking them behind their backs. Moreover, the talons are not only five. After Kezeli attacked the black hand and other methods, he finally killed the five talons and rushed out directly from the other side of the street for nearly 30 new talons.
The newly-emerged claw demon directly tore the defense line that was hard to stabilize completely, and even Kaiser could drag Chengfeng to join the ranks of running. It was not until several holy knights made moves that the defense line was completely stabilized, and then the remaining demons were slowly eliminated.
But even Su Wan, after they pulled ll out of the pile of dead bodies, the battle of clearing the whole city still didn’t end, but it became more severe. The whole southeast city has completely turned into the territory occupied by the city guards demonized monsters, and a large number of low-level monsters are constantly pouring out in the southeast city of Mifez.
The level of these monsters presents a very strange state, ranging from the lowest level of demonized mice to the high level, which is terrible and close to the holy level of purgatory. The devil has turned the art palace into a demon paradise in the southeast city of Mifez.
Almost every moment, a large group of demons rush from the southeast city to other areas. Although according to the statistics of the real eyes of those * * divisions, the number of demons is not many. Except for the low-level garbage demons and demon creatures, the whole Dongcheng District can really threaten, that is, there are less than one hundred senior demons than claw demons.
The most worrying thing for the whole Mifez high-level occupation and aristocracy is that there is a real and equal high-level exploration location in the southeastern city. The most worrying thing is that most demons appear from that location, that is to say, there may be a demon gate in that location.