Yesterday in princess royal, he drank a bowl of ginger soup and then drank another bowl. He broke out in a sweat at night, but he didn’t catch a cold. Mo Xunzhou speculated that it might be because he had recently strengthened his physical exercise and increased his epidemic strength.
It’s not convenient to tell Xiao Fengyu directly that there are four emperors who don’t find a boat. The four emperors also saw something and said to Xiao Fengyu, "I’ll leave now if I say it."
"Three elder brothers walk slowly" Xiao Fengyu went to see Xiao Hongqing off.
Off such as Xiao Hongqing Xiao Fengyu looked at Mo Xunzhou "How did you come to see me? What’s the matter? Tell me about it. "
Mo Xunzhou nodded and asked Xiao Fengyu directly, "Does Princess Yu have any speculation about the people behind the scenes yesterday?"
Smell speech Xiao Fengyu some hesitation eyes slightly invisible light sink a way "are you trying to say my big brother snow salt business?"
"I learned from my third brother that Big Brother controls the price of salt in the market. We have sold salt and know how profitable it is. Too much profit will make people unrecognizable."
Control the salt price in the market. I didn’t know that Mo Xunzhou’s ambition was so big before. You should know that the salt business between the official camp and the non-official camp in the market now is the non-official camp.
"If you want to control the price of salt in the market, it is not only necessary to get people to deal with more salt merchants and official salt … Is it true that the official in charge of customizing the price of salt is already a big emperor?" Otherwise, why does the big emperor want to make big money by salt prices?
"You’re right, it’s actually not too secret. Big Brother has expressed his attitude to reason. We should all give him a face. If I knew before, Big Brother might not want to control the price of salt, so you wouldn’t be stared at by my big brother." Xiao Fengyu regretted some things.
She is a princess, although the profit of snow salt is not low, it is not to the point of driving her crazy.
Mo Xunzhou is different. If there were no snow and salt, Mo Xunzhou would not have suffered that accident yesterday.
"How do you think about the bright side from the bad side? I have made a lot of money, and I have a better life even if I leave my family. I want to know … what is big princess’s attitude towards this matter?" Don’t find the boat hanging eyes way
"My sister Huang will be very angry if she knows." Speaking of her sister Xiao Fengyu, she couldn’t help laughing.
"What kind of angry? Will you think that I am too much? " Don’t find the boat a little nervous and asked
Xiao Fengyu took a surprised look at Mo Xunzhou. I didn’t expect that Cong Mo Xunzhou didn’t recognize the meaning of her words.
"Of course, my sister is angry with her brother, because she is not doing business, but bullying others, not to mention that you and my sister are also hitting my sister’s face when they shoot at you." Xiao Fengyu said.
"So big princess will be on my side." Mo Xunzhou’s lip angle can’t help but evoke a half-enlargement.
"Of course, you are my sister, Xu, her husband, and she can’t be our big brother here."
"In fact, I also worry about you … maybe in your opinion, we are a big brother and a female compatriot. However, our five brothers and sisters are not as close as you think." Xiao Fengyu bowed his head and said.
"When I was a child, Huang Jie and I also forget it. As we get older, our brothers become more unfamiliar …"
"Do you know that my sister almost went to have a marriage? When this happened to the Xiao family, my big brother and my second brother never expressed their feelings. I don’t know if they were afraid of losing the support of the Xiao family. Anyway, they didn’t have my sister-if they had said a word in court, they would have forgotten it, but they chose to remain silent. Since then, our brothers and sisters have had bad feelings."
Even a female compatriot doesn’t have to be good, especially if the other person is heartless first.
And Xiao Fengmian is obviously not an indiscriminate person. This mo Xunzhou is finally completely relieved
After returning home, Mo Xunzhou immediately went to Xiao Fengmian. In his confidence, he told his fears and grievances about this incident.
The letter soon reached Xiao Fengmian’s hand. The letter made Xiao Fengmian jump between the eyebrows and clenched his hand unconsciously. "Big Brother … you are really not afraid to fight with me."
Xiao Fengmian thought that he had left Mo Xunzhou that piece of Yu Pei before leaving, and he couldn’t help but smile bitterly. That piece of Yu Pei might prevent most malicious people, but the eldest brother with her mother, the heir, was not in the scope of fear.
But it’s too much to shoot your own brother-in-law even if you don’t intend to kill anyone.
It’s a pity that she’s too far away from Beijing to confront her eldest brother right away.
And Mo Xunzhou doesn’t need Xiao Fengmian to do something here. It’s better for Mo Xunzhou that Xiao Fengmian isn’t in Beijing. You know Mo Xunzhou is not a person who will knock out his teeth and swallow his stomach. Since the other party has already made moves to him, how can he return the favor? Xiao Fengmian is not very easy if he is still in Beijing.
Just waiting for Xiao Fengmian’s reply for a few days, Mo Xunzhou has not been idle while searching for more information and contacting the major salt merchants in Beijing privately.
The big emperor wants to control the price of salt, and it is impossible for the major salt merchants to bypass the people behind the major salt merchants, even if they are not as powerful as the big emperor.
People’s business is doing well, you suddenly join in strongly, and you want to cut off other people’s financial resources. How can major salt merchants agree?
Mo Xunzhou made people tell the major salt merchants that the emperor wanted to control the market price of salt. The major salt merchants suddenly became angry and wanted to unite to let the emperor give them a good explanation. Mo Xunzhou did not let them make a move, which made the major salt merchants very puzzled.
"What? Even the emperor should not be so overbearing. "
"Is to know that today’s positions can be more than just the big emperor. It’s really annoying that we should support the second emperor." Knowing that the big emperor is going to salt merchants, he angrily said.
There are a lot of famous salt merchants in the big emperor, but they are not enough compared with the salt merchants in the sky. This is an extremely powerful force, and they have the ability to inherit the throne to a certain extent.
After all, which emperor is not short of money and really wants to make these salt merchants make trouble? Of course, the big emperor has losses, and the second emperor is afraid of being happy to die.
You have something to say.
Mo Xunzhou spoiled the boy’s best life ~
Chapter 37 Chapter 37
Mo Xunzhou can still remember Xiao Fengyu’s saying that Xiao Fengmian almost went to talk to his brother, the Big Emperor and the Second Emperor, but he didn’t speak. Mo Xunzhou naturally didn’t intend to take advantage of the Second Emperor.
"Ladies and gentlemen, even if we can make a big deal out of this matter, will it be difficult for the big emperor to abolish us salt merchants after all?"
"In that case, we don’t take this opportunity to bite a big piece of meat from the big emperor’s body to teach him a lesson. Presumably, even if the female emperor knows, he can’t say anything." Mo Xunzhou asked people to speak on his behalf.
"That’s true. After all, we salt merchants can’t shake the throne of the great emperor, but how can we bite a big piece of meat from the great emperor?" Salt merchants doubt way
They are businessmen who want to keep the money in their pockets from being taken away by the emperor.
"We can cooperate with the Great Emperor for a pretence first. After all, your identity is not simple. The Great Emperor wants to break your future income, so you have to show some sincerity." Mo Xunzhou said.
Those small salt merchants and big emperors can let their salt merchants suppress and annex these moves, which will not be the top of those big salt merchants.
Without Mo Xunzhou’s idea, perhaps the salt merchants would confront the Emperor or solve the matter in a roundabout way. However, after hearing Mo Xunzhou’s idea, the salt merchants could not help but light up their eyes and clap their hands and say, "This idea is good, which has taught the Emperor a lesson and won’t hurt our bones."
The most important thing is to let the emperor completely dispel his thoughts.
When the salt merchants began to act according to the plan, Mo Xunzhou looked at another piece of information in his hand. For Mo Xunzhou, the salt merchants were at best a pioneer, and his real killer was another man.
Mo Xunzhou didn’t forget that the snow salt business has been handed over to the female emperor. Because of Princess Feather, the snow salt will be sold in the south first, but it is a problem when it spreads to the north.
It really takes Mo Xunzhou to set the price of snow salt in the south or the female emperor to buy a bucket of snow salt. This means that the female emperor really uses snow salt as a matter of benefiting the country and the people, not as a tool to collect money.
In this way, how can the emperor who tries to control the price of salt in the market resist the impact of snow and salt from the southern market
Xiao Fengyu knew that the snow salt could not be sold for long before he let go of the purchase limit and planned to earn as much as he could in this last head.
Mo Xunzhou said with a smile, "We can pack the snow salt after the southern snow salt market hits-maybe someone will still buy it."
"It’s also those powerful families who have money. They care not about money but about face." This Xiao Fengyu has a deep understanding because she is also one of them
"By the way, I heard that you found a lot of guys who hold a grudge against you during this period." What did Xiao Fengyu think of?
Princess royal’s solution is at best a wannabe Mo Xunzhou. Even if he has a target for the culprit, he still makes people look for’ evidence’ with all their heart.
The emperor is very secretive. After all, it’s by fighting with a female compatriot in princess royal, Anshun Hou, that he can’t find the boat. On the surface, it’s like he didn’t find it. He found a lot of guys who hold a grudge against himself.
And Xiao Fengyu said that it must be because Mo Xunzhou has mastered the evidence and bears a grudge against Mo Xunzhou. Now he has secretly poked and poked and acted because Mo Xunzhou’s identity is too high. If they don’t search, they won’t know it.
Mo Xunzhou can’t be calculated. He’s not polite to those guys who want to make moves on him.
Most of those people were cleansed. After this clean-up, there were not many cleansed men left when they entered the palace with Li Zhipeng.
Secondly, there is a small part … the Mo family.
It can be said that if Mo’s family didn’t scamper along with Mo’s boat this time, they might have forgotten that Mo’s family was here.