Have a good meal. How can such a bad thing happen?
Crew cut was screaming with pain because of his serious injury, and his friends quickly escorted him to the school clinic. When he left, several people did not forget to warn Chu Yun to be careful.
"I’m sorry, it’s all because of me …" Snake essence man is very self-blaming. If it weren’t for himself, he wouldn’t have released such a thing.
"It’s okay …" Chu Yun said that he patted him on the shoulder and said that it did not matter.
When several people came to school, Chu Yun was called to the office by the squad leader soon to report that he had fought on the first day and injured his classmates in such a serious way that his palm might be disabled.
The class leader is a woman named Li Yu, who looks quite young at about thirty.
"Do you really want to drop out of school even if you fight on the first day and hurt people like this?" Li Yu, the class leader, shouted at him.
"…" Chu Yun chose not to talk, but he didn’t regret it. Otherwise, the snake man might be a cold body.
And I saved two people.
One is a snake man, and the other is crew cut. If he kills someone, what will happen? He will go to jail and be shot if it is serious.
"Let me ask you something. Do you want to drop out of school?" Li Yu asked
"Don’t want to" Chu Yun bowed his head and said that he had always been a good boy in the eyes of the teacher before, but is it a joke that this happened when reporting now?
"Tell the ins and outs." Li Yu saw that he had a good attitude and planned to investigate clearly. If it was reasonable, it would be good if it could be removed.
"I am Xie Yingjun, Wang Shuai …" So Chu Yun said a general thing.
Li Yu proved whether Chu Yun said it was true or not, and also called Xie Yingjun and Wang Shuai to ask for a phone call, and the results were consistent.
"Have you practiced?" Li Yu looked at Chu Yun with a strange expression, except surprise or surprise.
"What have you practiced?" Chu Yun hung his head and looked like a good baby, so that the teacher could sympathize with you and try his best to help you.
"Is chopsticks in the palm?" Hearing chopsticks inserted directly into the palm of your hand, Li Yu is reading martial arts novels herself.
"Yes, I practiced." Chu Yun knew he couldn’t hide it.
After hearing the confirmation, Li Yu calmed down and said, "Go ahead and I’ll let you know if anything happens."
"Dad, you must help me, you must …" crew cut’s palm parcel is as crying and noisy as Zongzi. He has already asked people to find out clearly that the other party is also a student of Shui Mu University.
Crew cut’s father’s name is Wang Yuan. He wears a pair of eyes and a beard to look at Sven. He is a reporter of Huaxia Daily.
Wang Yuan said with a heavy expression, "I won’t let your hand get hurt in vain."
"Thank you, Dad, Thank you …" crew cut was excited to ask Dad to report his tragic events in Huaxia Daily, and then he could not only extort a medical fee but also get them out of school.
But crew cut thought of his hand a sad almost waste …..!
Chu Yun looked depressed when he returned to his new home late, but he was not too worried about it. It was not that he had no money to compensate for a medical treatment.
Entering the game late, the Chu Yun level has been thirty-seven, which is very high among ordinary players, but the players in the comparison level list are not enough to watch.
Today, as soon as he entered the game, Chu Yun heard an amazing news that a magic general was born. When he talked about the magic general Chu Yun, he thought of that The Hunger general.
It’s not really him, is it?
It is not clear about the magic general np, so Chu Yun went directly to the duke’s house to ask a duke.
"Lord, I heard outside that a magic will be born. What magic will it be?" At the sight of the duke Chu Yun directly asked.
"It’s General The Hunger!" Say these three when the duke’s eyes filled with hatred.
This kind of hatred is as terrible as the essence. Chu Yun can’t help shivering. If he lets him know that there is a little witch hiding around him, will he be desperate to slay it?
"Lord, can you tell me something about the inferno?" Chu Yun asked about the inferno because he didn’t have the strength to contact this level in his previous life, but he had to ask in this life because he has already dealt with The Hunger once.
"inferno alas ….." The duke sighed "inferno is very powerful, and in the hands of Emperor Ji, there are four big devils, and every strength is borne by the sky. In those days, ghosts and demons fought against the mainland, and several creatures died in the hands of the four big devils’ swords. Unfortunately, in those days, two big wars were eliminated, and one big demon king was still alive. Now The Hunger will be born, and maybe the mainland will face a catastrophe again."
"Can the Lord tell me exactly about the four great devils?" Chu Yun curiosity was hooked up and asked.
"Well, let’s talk about it so that you have a bottom in your heart." The duke took a deep breath and said slowly, "In the inferno war, you will be the dark devil, the dark devil will be the evil devil, the dark devil will be the evil devil, and The Hunger will be in the historical records. Among them, the ghost devil will have died in the ghost war. If only the original department had been eliminated."
"What grades are they?" Chu Yun’s voice trembled. He knew that The Hunger’s general level was Tianxuan and others didn’t know it?
"It’s said that it’s all day Xuan." The duke smiled bitterly and worried about the safety of the mainland.
"Everything is mysterious?" In the original Chu Yun War, there were both Heaven Xuan and Earth Xuan, but who expected that it was Heaven Xuan!
I can’t help shivering at the thought of The Hunger’s killing a billion lives. Fuck dan!
"What about the four devils?" ChuYun asked.
"The four great demons are much more horrible than the great ones. They are the Phantom of the Ghost, the Dark Emperor. Fortunately, the Dark Emperor died in the World War I." The duke was glad that although the remaining three great demons were not eliminated, the first one was already dead. This achievement is already very good.
"The Dark Emperor is one of the Four Demons and is dead?" Hearing this important news, Chu Yun thief can’t calm down.
Because the old beggar of the dark emperor is in the novice village, how can he say he is dead? ? ?
Chapter 214 Dark rain past!
"It’s a pity that the Dark Emperor is dead, but the other three demon kings are still ill …" The duke thought that if the demon king died in those days, the mainland would be at peace now.
Speaking of the dark emperor Chu Yun thought of that. Do you want to go back?
Novice village players can go back to the store and buy a cigarette. It can take you to the original place, but this cigarette is very expensive, but it is so-called for Chu Yun now.