Although Wedson was drunk, he was only six or seven minutes drunk. Except for his limp body, he didn’t use drunkenness to talk about drunkenness. When he was drunk, he sat down at the table to rest and gasp.
Kabi couldn’t bear to see it again. First, some people blamed the hemp rats for getting drunk, and then he lifted four long dining chairs side by side and lined up in an instant to create a small soft bed, which helped Wedson to lie down.
Dogs have a keen sense of smell. Wedson’s strong smell of alcohol attracted him to [offside]. He wagged his tail and approached him. His nose shrank against Wedson’s head for a while, and then the dog’s mouth "blared" and he walked away step by step.
Wedson was just a little drunk, and his head was touched by something foreign, which was still noticeable. He just reached out to the back of his head to dial the dog’s nose, but Wedson walked so fast that he wouldn’t know what was moving his head after all.
Seeing that Wedson was lying in Kabi, he set up a small soft bed and collapsed. He squinted and asked inarticulate, "What is moving my head?"
After listening to this, almost all the others were made to laugh. Except Amdo’s west eye expression, several people in Marmot Tusk Roffman all laughed their heads off, and Mr. Haas just took a mouthful of cigarettes and almost choked on the smoke ring swallowed in his throat when he laughed.
What do you mean, that guy Wedson was drunk alone?
A few people in the Incabi hemp rat have a game to cope with the semi-season finale against La Coruna the next day. Besides, coach Coboni is strict in running the army. How can he let his players get drunk all night before going to the game?
A few people in Roffman, Marmot Tusk, have been drinking one or two drinks in Wederson’s strong drink, which is just a play. Anyway, Wederson doesn’t take part in the competition, so it’s a big deal to go back to the hotel and sleep, so later that little boy was really drunk.
The two brothers Peibeiao Andosi don’t drink too much. Besides raising their glasses and cheering together, the two brothers rarely touch the glasses. Peibeiao just tastes every dish, which seems to be just to fill his stomach. Andosi is even more interesting. Not only does he rarely hold a knife and fork to eat, but he is also very inattentive. Maybe he is worried about being put at the restaurant door [Joel]?
From the official birthday party tonight to now, Mr. Haas has been sitting alone in the corner of the dining table, not only eating some vegetables to fill his stomach, but also not surprisingly, he finally couldn’t bear not to get up and go out to smoke cigarettes, saying that it was such a trouble, and finally turned half of the dining room into his private smoking room
There is smoke in the dinner, so you can’t be short of wine. It’s strange that Mr. Haas rarely touches the wine. The glass was also held by him two or three times. Although he was persuaded to drink by a few people before, he didn’t give in to others’ persuasion without losing courtesy like Wederson. After they refused the hemp, the hemp didn’t persuade him again.
Chi Kabi asked Mr. Haas before that birthday party is a happy event. Can’t Mr. Haas have a few more drinks?
Mr. Haas replied, "I believe that after you win the European Golden Boy Award, I will have a lot of follow-up things to deal with, such as contacting those tabloid media to keep myself awake at work, so I can’t drink more. In fact, I also want to drink more because it seems interesting not to drink a few drinks on my birthday, but after all, I won’t drink much if I want to continue my work the next day."
Kabi "hmm" and said "I’m white! Just like we have a game in a few days, we can’t drink too much and we can’t play too late tonight. To keep a good mental state before the game, we have to go home early and rest. "
Mr. Haas agreed with this sentence and said, "That’s right! Maybe the old man Coboni will call the players one by one to make a sudden investigation to see if the players have gone in and out of nightclubs and stayed home all night. If any players are really caught by him, they will definitely be punished by the executive department. "
Kabi stared at his eyes and looked surprised. "No? The coach should not interfere in the private lives of the players, should he? "
Mr. Haas chuckled and said, "Maybe the old man Coboni won’t be so strict when there is no competition to deal with, but the old man in the key competition has reason to do so."
A few people in Tusk heard these conversations. Garque is the captain of Granada team, and he is even more aware of coach Coboni’s style of running the army. He interjected, "Mr. Haas is very reasonable. As far as I remember, it seems that coach Coboni really did this kind of thing, but it was a long time ago."
"Oh ~?" It is hard for Kabi to believe that coach Coboni would do such a thing. Even if it is verified by captain Tusk, it is still hard for him to believe it.
Although the long winter night prevented everyone from celebrating Kabian Dorsi’s birthday, I had to take a step forward when I talked about it here.
When Kabi first saw it, he went to Pei Beo and asked, "Eh! When will Candace come? Everyone is full and ready to cut the birthday cake, right? "
Pebé o was able to react and watch before he said, "Almost? Just got off the phone with Candace. She said she was on her way. Think about it soon? "
Next to the hemp rat, he said that everyone is not in a hurry. Birthdays are only once a year. Don’t spoil the fun. After listening, Kabi finally got some comfort, so he let it go for the time being. They ate another round.
Fifteen minutes later, it was really difficult for everyone to bear extra food, and besides, they would have to eat a piece of cake later, so everyone put a knife and fork and took a break to wait for that Candace to send special doughnuts to be continued.
Chapter 21.6 million What?
It is said that after defeating Seville in World War I, many things happened around Kabi. Today’s World War I doesn’t seem to be a long time apart, but Kabi’s intuition is that it has been a few weeks.
Today’s home game against Kabi also has an excuse to put those troubles aside for the time being. After all, it is not suitable for him to have other thoughts in the center of the stadium, and it is beneficial to his performance to control this mentality.
So Kabi took a hot bath early in the morning, and the thicker and thinner the stubble was, the more he adjusted himself. Even though Mr. Haas said that he would get up early to catch the plane, Kabi got up earlier than Mr. Haas this morning.
Yesterday, after the small birthday party ended before midnight, they went home separately. Because that guy Wedson was too drunk to walk, Mr. Kabihas took the Pebeo car and sent Wedson back to the St. Wharton Hotel to confirm that Wedson would definitely sleep till dawn. After that, Mr. Kabichai Haas left the hotel again.
From the middle of returning home from the hotel, Mr. Haas didn’t talk much, but it wasn’t because of communication problems between the two people. Kabi recalled more things that happened recently. It was easier for Mr. Haas to make a summary of these things through meditation. After leaving the restaurant, the roadbed had to answer the phone every ten minutes, but he was too busy at the moment.
Interestingly, after Andosi walked out of the restaurant, he couldn’t wait to put a Granada jersey on his death and said that it was definitely not an ordinary jersey.
It turned out that Kabi knew Andosi’s personality well, and he had woken up with Marquis and Roffman earlier, saying that Andosi’s temperament was hard to guess. Since he decided to attend the birthday party, it was better not to make the birthday present for Andosi so grand. The simpler the base, the more suitable it was for Andosi’s personality.
It’s not unreasonable for Kabi to say that Andosi doesn’t seem to like anything. In that small world, there are pigeons, doughnuts, white paper and other funny things that are calculating people’s words. His brother Pebeo and his idol Kabi may just walk into his world.
Several people heard about Andosi briefly from Kabi’s mouth. After receiving Kabi’s wake up, they were not only considerate, but also did not give birth to any doubts. Finally, after Kabi’s discussion, several people decided to take their names in a Granada team jersey. This signed jersey was given to Andosi.
Recall that when Andosi received this birthday gift from several core players of Granada team, his immature face looked cold, and no one could find the slightest expression in his face. Even so, it does not mean that Andosi must be in a bad mood.
After receiving the signed jersey, Andosi sat in the same place with his head down and said, "Great! This is their signature! " I have read this sentence for more than ten times. If I don’t like it very much, how can I talk about birthday gifts for a long time?
It can be seen that the lack of expression does not mean that the person is unhappy and unhappy, which is confirmed in Amdo West.
Looking back one by one, Kabi thought of the manager of Qingye Bakery, Candace, the little girl who took over the family business. The name of this store made Kabi feel like a nonsense word. I never thought that Candace, the manager, also made Kabi have many questions.
That is to say, Candace is Kabi’s close to the same age. She is young and does not look for some people to understand the mainstream of society. Instead, she stays in a bakery all day to study the pastry system, which makes it difficult for Kabi to understand the real reason.
The deeper question appeared in the late birthday party last night in Rekabi, and they finally waited for Candace. Everyone thought that the little girl would leave after the birthday party, but the truth is often not like that. Candace left when she arrived at the restaurant and put in Andoxi’s special donuts and gifts.
Kabi didn’t even look at Candace’s soft and beautiful coffee. She left. Later, she learned from Peibeo that although Candace made some special doughnuts almost every year since she met Andoxi, she didn’t stay for the birthday party and eat the birthday cake every year.
This is another question. The more Kabi found out that Candace was unique, she saw everyone celebrating their birthday in Amdo, but her personality was stubborn and she left the restaurant without explaining the reason.
"What? This girl is so interesting! " Kabi longed for the answer, but he didn’t realize that there was an abnormal change in his heart.
Then Peibeo further explained that Qingye Bakery closed its business on the same day before dusk every day, but Candace often chose to stay alone in the bakery pastry room all night to study various pastry systems in a hurry.
When I heard this, Kabi instantly understood that Candace insisted on correcting the reasons for birthday cakes. An obsessive pastry maker obviously couldn’t tolerate any flaws in cakes, just like a perfectionist artist, he always insisted on treating a new one.
After Kabi figured it out, his doubts were slowly being solved in rhythm. Anyway, he was full of curiosity about Candace, a little girl, and said that if he had the opportunity, he must communicate with each other well, strengthen and further understand each other.
However, Andosi couldn’t wait to tear the wrapping paper on Candace’s birthday present shortly after Candace left. Generally speaking, birthday gifts are nothing more than those things. Kabi was not interested in knowing what the gift was, but after Andosi finished tearing the wrapping paper, Kabi was shocked again.
The so-called birthday present held by Amdo West turned out to be a big pile of white paper, and there were about 100 pieces of it, just like those white papers copied by ordinary office copiers.
"What will be a blank sheet of paper? Too funny? " Kabi’s second question in his heart is puzzled by Candace. He is used to looking for answers from Pebé o for the first time.
And Pebé o explained, "Don’t you remember? Andosi likes to draw and write things on white paper that others can’t understand. Remember when Andosi once filled your mailbox with white paper? That’s it! Candace knows that Andosi likes to write in white paper. Candace prepared a big pile of white paper for his birthday this year! "
"oh? What is it? " This truth can be kept in my heart. Kabi didn’t ask it out. As the new questions became more and more bizarre, his interest in Candace secretly grew stronger and stronger. To be continued.
Captain Zhang 217
Granada team arrived at cames Stadium 90 minutes before the game. Although we can’t see anything from the preparation of arriving at the stadium earlier than the visiting team La Coruna, they are more suspicious of winning than the visiting team.
This is because their home team is not allowed to lose before the end of the half season, and no one can afford this result. It is better to take three points if you win a small victory or a narrow victory.
Moreover, coach Coboni also warned the players that they should not think much about other things in their minds, let alone worry about where they will spend their holidays during the winter vacation, and whether it is related to this game.
Later, he also woke up the players. If anyone fails to perform well and makes the team suffer, he will take a short winter break so that the team can return to training before the team. The players are really embarrassed to hear the consequences. I know that Coach Coboni is not joking.
While the players were changing their equipment, the assistant coach read out the starting and substitute lists of this battle, and the changes were not great. The chief striker was troubled by minor injuries earlier, and he was 100% recovered from the injury, and he returned to the starting lineup in this battle.
Here, the head also said that the hemp rat somehow pushed himself too hard in yesterday’s practice class. In a simple team training, a stride catch made the thigh muscle slightly pull, and the hemp rat felt a little sore at that time, and then got the professional advice of the team’s chief team doctor to discuss the hemp rat’s avoidance of the game.
How can I know that the hemp rat doesn’t think that way? Based on the fact that the thigh muscle was also covered with ice cubes, the masseur rubbed the affected area himself. It was a long time ago that the pain of creatine in the thigh was gone, and then he reported his situation to coach Coboni before today’s game, saying that the thigh muscle might even be strained, so did he express his willingness to be in a whole posture?
It is strange that coach Coboni said "OK!" instead of consulting the chief team doctor. Since you think there is nothing wrong with the thigh muscles, let’s play! "
Coach Coboni always likes to take risks. Yesterday, the hemp touched the thigh muscle. Although the player’s expression was not a big problem, he did not consider that the hemp is the first direct attack line in the team. If there is any mistake, the consequences are hard to estimate.
Just like when Kabi sprained his ankle, Coach Coboni insisted on taking risks. It seems that whenever the key moment comes, he will recognize that he will get a chance. At this time, the risk is worth it. Everyone wants to make the report card beautiful before the end of the half season.
Kabi has learned about the decision of the hemp rat and how coach Coboni replied that he had experienced such a bad thing himself, so he asked the hemp rat, "Really?" Don’t be reluctant! "
The hemp mouse said easily, "Nothing. Is there any problem? I know best. Did you see me walking hard at the birthday party yesterday?"
Kabi said, "No! It’s normal to walk. It’s usually different from walking after a war. You have to think clearly. "
The hemp rat "scoffed" and said impatiently, "You have a lot of bullshit. Did I have so much bullshit when you sprained your ankle and insisted on playing the game?"
Kabi immediately recalled that Marmot had comforted and persuaded himself, but the fact is that Marmot’s idiot really didn’t have any bullshit. Don’t talk too much shit yourself at this time?
The hemp rat inserted a sentence in the dialogue "Don’t worry! If I feel anything wrong with my thigh when I go out to warm up later, I will tell coach Coboni that I am not an idiot and know how to take care of myself. "