Things have been settled satisfactorily. Chu Yun doesn’t know whether to go or wait.
The dark emperor just saw the dark rain, and Chu Yun didn’t have the heart to take it away directly.
"Forget it …" Chu Yun decided to stay here for a while as a good thing.
However, the dark rain and the dark emperor are finally in a stalemate and rarely talk like a pair of strangers.
For this Chu Yun is very nai …
Early Chu Yun hugged the famous goddess, kissed her face and walked around her charming body with her hands.
If her fans know that the goddess in her mind is so blasphemous, they will probably unite to tear Chu Yun to pieces.
Chu Yun just got up when the school came to talk. Chu Yun said he didn’t want to go, but the problem was that the school would let him go or not.
The school also said that if you want to go, you can go to all kinds of sundry things
Chu Yun can sigh that Lin Weiwei has great influence. If it weren’t for her, would the school lower its posture and beg for itself?
First day of fighting!
Except the next day!
Re-learn on the third day!
Chu Yun felt that a lot had happened in these three days.
Today, after military training, everyone in the class gave out a set of camouflage, and a bitter day is coming for the students.
Chu Yun is not worried that military training is a joke because he is a power.
One by one, the middle school students in the class merged with the principal in Tailang Road. "The body is revolutionary money. You need good money to have a brighter future, otherwise everything will be yours, and military training is not only your body, but also your willpower and spirit …"
When the headmaster finished wearing a military uniform and walked out of the tall and straight waist and firm face, the domineering male Hanwang immediately attracted a group of girls to scream.
Chu Yun’s class is psychology, with men and women equally divided. There is a saying that good men and women are not tired when they work together.
"at ease!" Instructor dignified way dark face the slightest expression.
Students should be at ease at once and not be careless.
"attention!" Instructor’s way
The students were as serious as before they stood at attention at once.
"at ease!" The instructor shouted
Time and time again, some students are lucky enough to have shown their impatient expressions.
"We officially know each other-my name is Tiehei Niu!"
The instructor laughed at this sentence, not because they didn’t want to laugh, but because they couldn’t hold back.
How can the iron black cow have such a wonderful name?
"Quiet!" Instructor Yizheng said that he knew his name was a little rusty, but what could he do if he came out of the countryside?
Some students are quiet, but some students are still laughing, depending on the dignity of the instructor.
"You, you, you come out!" The instructor points to the three avenues with the biggest smiles.
Be instructor pointed at three people immediately stopped laughing.
"Come out!" Instructor roared
The instructor was terrible and dignified, and the three of them hung their heads because the three of them felt very faceless.
These three are all male students, and their physique belongs to the very strong type.
"Ten laps around the playground!" Instructor pointed to the playground majesty way
Three people were startled when they heard the ten laps. If they really finished the ten laps, they wouldn’t get up today.
"Instructor, I know I was wrong." A boy bowed his head and hurriedly apologized.
Ten laps is killing people!
The students in the class looked at the three men sympathetically and couldn’t help shivering. Fortunately, they laughed less just now.
"I’ll teach you the first rule now …" The instructor scanned everyone. "Soldiers should know from orders?"
"I know!" The students shouted that they still knew about this.
"If we know that we still don’t run!" The instructor roared at the three people, which was terrible.
"I, I blare …" The tallest one cried with a red eye.
It’s understandable for girls to cry, but it’s really funny for such a big boy to cry.
It’s useless for Chu Yun to cry after a while!
"I’ll give you three seconds. If you don’t run, don’t come to my team." The instructor counted "1, 2 …"
The three men ran away before the count of three, especially the one who was crying and running, and his body was so strong that it was a disgrace to men!