The rotating speed of the black vortex is accelerating, and the hexagonal stone array is shaking more violently.
In the past, the hexagonal stone array began to rotate rapidly with the black vortex, gradually turning into a huge bloody cocoon, which wrapped Xiao Lingyu tightly around.
Bloody cocoon wrapped in Xiao Lingyu slowly flew to the black whirlpool, and when it completely fell into the black whirlpool, it suddenly accelerated, just like an arrow left, and went deeper into the whirlpool.
In the process of rapid progress, the thickness of the bloody cocoon is decreasing, and it seems that a lot of power is consumed on the road.
Half an hour passed before the bloody cocoon rushed out of the black whirlpool, while the bloody cocoon was only a thin circle.
At this time, Xiao Lingyu’s lotus flower also became very weak. He fell from a void and landed on a beach of the sea.
"The consumption of blood escaping from this boundary is too great … I have to go to sleep immediately … this should be the Tongtian Holy Island."
After Xiao Lingyu finished this sentence, he collapsed on the beach, letting the sea breeze blow and the waves beat on himself.
I don’t know how long has passed. A group of monks with dumpling heads came to the beach. They soon found Xiao Lingyu, and they gathered around carefully.
After this group of monks turned around Xiao Lingyu several times, one of them took out a big harpoon and stabbed Xiao Lingyu in the chest.
To the surprise of these monks, their sharp harpoon could not pierce Xiao Lingyu’s body.
Then, the monk with the harpoon jumped high, then dropped rapidly, and his big harpoon fell again.
A scene that surprised them even more appeared. After the harpoon stabbed Xiao Lingyu in the chest, it was broken with a click.
Then all the monks took out their spears and greeted Xiao Lingyu, but their spears were either broken or rolled up, but they couldn’t help Xiao Lingyu, or even cut Xiao Lingyu’s skin.
This group of monks chattered for a while, and then carried Xiao Lingyu away with his back to the sea.
It took three days for the monks to come to a small village and put Xiao Lingyu at the gate of the village.
After entering the village, a monk ran and shouted. Soon, countless monks came to the village entrance and surrounded Xiao Lingyu.
The monks in this village are all dumpling heads, but their cultivation is not high.
A little later, a monk came to the village, watching the elderly. He stared at Xiao Lingyu for a while, and his face was uncertain.
After the old man gave a strange cry, the monks around the village entrance carried Xiao Lingyu into the village.
In the middle of the village, there is a small square. In the middle of the square, there is a big iron pillar that needs three people to fold. This group of monks tied Xiao Lingyu to the iron pillar.
The binding is like a thick chain made of black iron, which looks very strong.
Later, the old man shouted at the big iron pillar and opened his mouth to spray a hot flame.
Suddenly, the whole big iron pillar was like a lit wood, and it began to burn. The monks in the square clapped their hands and cheered. They danced around the big iron pillar and sang more strange songs …
Xiao Lingyu this pair of body, the most afraid of estimation is the fire burning, what’s more, the flame on the iron column is not strong, don’t hurt Xiao Lingyu that exists.
After burning for three days, the fire seemed to have no effect at all. The old man cast a spell to put out the flame, but he took out a summons bead and sent a message.
A few days later, a divine light flew over the village and landed directly on the square.
The newcomer is also a monk with a dumpling head, but he is obviously much higher than the monk in the village.
The old man talked with the monk, and the monk turned several times around the big iron pillar, which was to let the old man untie the chain and wrap Xiao Lingyu’s body with a divine power and fly into the sky.
It also took a few days for the monk to stop in front of a small town.
The friar brought Xiao Lingyu into the castellan’s mansion. Before long, another stronger friar came to the town and took Xiao Lingyu away.
The stronger dumpling friar brought Xiao Lingyu to a large city, which was also tied in a secret room underground of the Lord’s mansion.
In this secret room, there is also a big iron column, and Xiao Lingyu is tied to it.
The big iron column is burning with fire, which can make the space of the celestial body fluctuate slightly, but it can’t make Xiao Lingyu’s body have the slightest damage.
The duke of Jiaoshou in this big city waited in the secret room for nearly three months, but finally he had no choice but to wash out the fire, so he had to take out the summons beads and report the matter to the higher authorities.
However, this time, it took nearly ten years for a strong dumpling leader to arrive.
After seeing Xiao Lingyu, the first strong man in the God Emperor’s period saw Xiao Lingyu, his face changed a lot. First, he observed it very carefully for a while, and made sure that Xiao Lingyu was in a coma before he was relieved.
Hesitated for a long time, the god emperor dumpling first strong to Xiao Lingyu’s body wrapped in flying out of the big city.
After flying all the way for ten years, I crossed countless small villages and large and small cities in the middle, and the strong god emperor stopped in front of a mountain.
This mountain range is very huge, with countless peaks and ups and downs, but it is much smaller than the real big mountain range, and it can only be regarded as a small mountain range.