The English commentator’s voice was full of panic, while the Italian commentator was full of surprise and a trace of disbelief. The football was hit by Carol and flew to the corner of the penalty area, but Zhang Tiehan suddenly arrived there and rushed to catch the ball in the first two steps. Heinze didn’t realize the problem when he caught the ball. O’ Shea saw it, but his position method effectively intercepted Zhang Tiehan.
I’m afraid even if he intercepts it for the first time, there is no chance.
Because when Zhang Tiehan got the ball without stopping for the first time, he chose to turn around and volley! Turn around and volley at the corner of the restricted area!
The position is quite bad, but so is goalkeeper Carol.
What Zhang Tiehan needs to do is to draw the ball into the goal frame. By the time Carol realizes that it is not good and wants to run back to the good position, it will be too late. The football has already rushed over again. As it keeps hitting the post, the football has bounced into the goal when Manchester United fans look with a glimmer of hope. To be continued.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-four The emperor possessed himself
When Zhang man of iron shot for the first time, no one thought it would be a goal. Unless Carol’s head was dizzy, it was almost impossible to score directly from 30 meters away, especially if the player in front didn’t block the line of sight. Even if he shot directly at football, he could not score from Heinze and O’ Shea’s past theory.
"Zhang shoots …" Alfie said with a turning point in Malay. "There is no suspense about football being haunted by Carroll’s double boxing, but Zhang has no other way. After all, Heinze and O ‘Shea can’t let him break through easily."
The Italian commentator lost his way: "Zhang shot is very threatening, but Carroll is also doing quite well. He is about to replace Howard’s main position. At present, Carroll’s performance is doubtful whether Sir Alex Ferguson will make Howard the main force again even if Howard returns …"
The Italian commentator is talking about Carol’s performance, but it is actually a long-range shot from the front, which can’t reflect the goalkeeper’s level. It can be said that Carol didn’t make a big mistake. Worse, he chose double boxing instead of holding the ball in his arms, which proves that Carol has no confidence in holding the ball directly.
Of course, he may just want to reflect Zhang Tiehan’s shooting threat.
For example, Italian commentators are all oriented to Rome. After all, Rome is an Italian club, but when he said this, his voice suddenly took a turning point, which made those fans bow their heads in front of the camera and feel sorry again.
"Emperor … it’s Zhang!"
What’s the matter? What’s the matter?
Many people looked at the screen again because of this sentence, so they saw Zhang Tiehan change his position and reappear in front of the ball, then turned around and volleyed the football and rushed to the goal again. Carol didn’t show any standard this time. He didn’t make a symbolic jump until the football flew into the goal, of course.
But nobody likes Carol’s performance. The important thing is to score!
It’s a goal!
“gal! gal! gal!” The Italian commentator’s voice was full of surprise and excitement, as if to determine what "the ball is scored!" It’s a goal! It did get in! Zhang Zhang shot himself and shot himself from a long distance! He once again opened the door of Manchester United and scored the second goal, which is also his eleventh goal in the Champions League! "
"Seventy-seven minutes, seventy-seven minutes! Zhang helped Rome lead the score again! "
"Well done! Zhang, the 20-year-old top scorer in Serie A and the top scorer in Champions League, once again proved his ability! At this moment, he is simply possessed by the emperor! "
Emperor possessed!
When the word came out from the mouth of an Italian commentator, it was recognized by many fans, including various media reporters and famous football players. How could Zhang Tiehan score this goal if he could not be possessed by the emperor?
Long-range shooting by yourself … This is incredible!
Strength and coincidence are indispensable.
However, the No.13 Roman player did a lot of live games, and the TV station made a slow-motion playback at the first time. From the playback, we can see that Zhang Tiehan rushed to the goal at the first time after finishing his first shot, and when Carol tackled the ball, he suddenly turned to the left as if he could grasp the opportunity, but it happened to be in the direction where the football flew out.
Can’t this be done by the possession of the emperor?
Naturally, they didn’t know that Zhang Tiehan had such a magical skill as "seeing through". They could explain it this way, but anyway, Zhang Tiehan scored the ball!
Manchester United occupied the advantage of the whole game, so much so that at half-time, Rome was able to crouch in front of the goal and put up an iron bucket defense, but no one expected that Rome would lead Manchester United again, which was really incredible
"Emperor …"
Even if you don’t believe in Catholicism, many people have expressed the same sigh.
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At the same time, Zhang Tiehan has been frantically running towards the audience stands.
First, he compared himself to the camera on the sidelines and stretched out two fingers than his fist to signal that he had scored two goals. Then he turned around and ran around the stands. He was so fast that he couldn’t catch up with the Roman players.
Zhang Tiehan shouted as he ran, "I scored! Goal! Do you see it? I’m Zhang man of iron. This is me! Ha ha ha … "
He is smiling, but his eyes are red.
Finally, Zhang Tiehan stopped panting. At this time, he was already behind the goal in Rome, so he went over and gave Pelizzo a hug, and held out two fingers to the camera on this side.
Totti finally came around Zhang Tiehan’s shoulder.
"Zhang Gantai is beautiful!"
Totti gave Zhang Tiehan a thumbs-up and Zhang Tiehan, in turn, put her arms around Totti’s shoulders. The two men gaudy in front of the camera, and Totti also gave a hand to the camera lens. Zhang Tiehan shook his hands with two fingers.
He is really a little excited and can’t help it!
Two goals hahahaha … Always scoring two goals for Manchester United at Old Trafford! At this moment, Zhang Tiehan wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t laugh at all and didn’t know how to express his feelings. Then he hugged everyone with his teammates, and even a reporter on the sidelines got a hug.
It was a day when Zhang Tiehan was a sports TV reporter and he was a little excited when he hugged him.
After Zhang Tiehan left, he also exaggerated to his colleagues, "See? Zhang hugged me after scoring! I decided to support Rome after this! "
"You’re English."