Si Nian smiled faintly, and looked through the eyes of the woman at the snow blowing behind her. "There is a place where too many people can kill me …"
The sad and beautiful eyes of the woman suddenly changed. "Where?"
Sinian said, "Huaxia …"
The bigger the snow, the traces of snow have been stained on the female hair and mink fur coat. Si Nian has been staring at her beautiful face. This face was once comparable to that of Yukime who died at his hands, but Yukime was someone else. Even though Si Nian lamented her beauty, she did not pay much attention to it.
Next to the two men, a man dressed in China and holding an oil-paper umbrella kept his eyes locked on the woman’s free cheek. He gently walked past Si Nian …
Suddenly Sinian’s right hand moved and reached out and turned into a phantom. When it reappeared, Sinian had already held an oil-paper umbrella and walked lightly to the woman opposite, covering her head with an oil-paper umbrella. "Come with me if you want to kill me …"
Female slightly raised her eyes and looked at Si Nian calmly and walked forward together …
The Chinese man who was robbed of the oil-paper umbrella by Si Nian has been acupunctured like a sculpture standing in the snow, watching the two people in front slowly leave. In his eyes, they are a perfect couple …
In the front hall of the Nine Prince’s Mansion, if the ministers of the DPRK and the city keep coming in with gifts.
"Four lords!" When several officials saw a carriage, the centaur quickly smiled and handed it over.
Four report responded with a smile "I didn’t expect several adults to come."
One person laughed. "Nine princes specially posted posts, but we dare not come."
The fourth report said, "I don’t know what my ninth brother is doing. Not only did he invite the DPRK people, but he also hosted a banquet for the top ten experts."
Another person answered, "I’ve been in the imperial city for decades, and I’ve never seen other martial arts experts except the gentleman at home. Today I want to see the world."
The fourth prince "haha" smiled. "Then let’s go in. Wang is also very interested."
It seems that Tianxue also likes to join in the fun. The snow in Jiuwangfu is like goose feathers fluttering all over the sky, covering the whole Wangfu.
Chapter ninety The accident
Si Nian and the girl came very late. At this moment, no one has entered the palace again
Si Nian took the oil-paper umbrella and handed the two invitations to the guards to have a look. Then he said, "Please go inside."
Si Nian and the woman became the focus. The hall was full of people watching and walking to the left seat. There were four adjacent seats. Si Nian didn’t care about others’ eyes closed and self-taught. The woman nodded her head and lowered her eyebrows as if she were shy.
The beauty of a woman has attracted people here to keep whispering and asking about her origin. Of course, more people are jealous of Si Nian.
A man dressed with a sword around his waist can’t help but say to the humanitarian next to him, "Gee, a small white face is accompanied by such a stunning beauty."
Another person’s eyes also stayed in Si Nian’s eyes, revealing jealousy. "Who is he? There seems to be no such person in Wulin. "
The former spread his hands and said, "Who knows, it may be a new show."
The flash in the third report’s eyes was greedy for women. He brought a guard with him with his hand and leaned forward respectfully.
The third prince said, "Ask me about the identity of that woman after the party."
Before the banquet, everyone was still waiting for the nine princes. The nine princes were notoriously late at the DPRK. His brothers have been used to his habit for decades, and several princes present have never been dissatisfied with his lateness. Since the princes have no opinions, other ministers and those martial arts experts have not shown dissatisfaction.
At this time, a few crisp steps rang out from the kitchens, and the number of people was nine.
At first glance, Lord Nine looks like a woman with a fair face, a melon-like face, light eyebrows, long eyelashes, a small nose and a small mouth like a cherry …
The third report laughed when he saw the ninth report. "Laojiu, you are late again this time. You will be fined three cups later!"
Nine report smiled and said softly, "Third brother has to punish me for three drinks every time. Do I only have three drinks?"
Four report grinned, "It seems that you still want to drink a few more drinks in Laojiu today. Then stay for four elder brothers and propose another three drinks to you."
The Sixth Prince also said, "Laojiu, are you putting on makeup again when you come out so late?"
Nine Lord smiled indifferently. "Brother Liu knows and asks?"
"Ha ha!" Three report laughed "Laojiu you have grown so beautiful still have to make up? I don’t think those princesses in your palace are as beautiful as you. "
Nine report left hand fingers gently lift cover powder lips laughed "they can also be called beautiful? It’s just a group of fat and vulgar powder … "
Staring at Lord Nine, many people feel sick after a burst of coldness, but no one dares to show that they have to bow their heads and drink …
The ninth prince said, "Then please treat everyone to dinner."
Then, with a clap of his hands, the nine princes made a group of maiko dance gracefully into the music, and they danced seductively into their reverie.
"Huh?" Nine report just sat down soon, holding up the luminous cup with hands, and her beautiful eyes swept through the thoughts and then stopped at the female body.
With a bright eye, the ninth prince asked the housekeeper next to him, "Who is that woman?"
The housekeeper looked at the stunning woman with her eyes looking down at the nine report. "I don’t know the report …"
Nine princes raised their eyes in surprise and looked gloomy. "You are responsible for inviting all the people in Wulin, but you don’t know them?"
The housekeeper shivered slightly and then hurriedly explained, "Your Majesty, I’m sure that woman is by no means the one I invited."
"Oh?" Nine report heavy eyes and low eyebrows are still staring at the unknown light hidden in the female eyes next to Sinian.
At this moment, a man dressed in a black samurai came in from behind and said to the ear of Nine Sovereigns, "Everything is arranged."
Nine report face with a slight chuckle and then nodded "good you go out to command"
"Yes!" The man immediately turned and hurried away.
The fourth report watched the man leave and suddenly felt something was wrong. He glanced around and saw that there were more than 20 people in the Wulin who had cold eyes. They didn’t pay attention to the dancers and didn’t eat seriously. They occasionally picked up their glasses and chopsticks with their right hands and slowly picked up the dishes on the plate.
The handsome face of the fourth report changed instantly, and then immediately got up and waved to the door.
"Fourth brother, are you in such a hurry?" Nine report eyes flashed a smile, staring at the got up and walked to the door, four report singing and dancing has stopped …
Four report heavy eyes stop slowly turned around and didn’t care about other report, minister don’t understand eyes in the field.
The fourth prince stared at the ninth prince coldly and said, "Laojiu, our brothers are not so cruel in one game, are they?"
"malicious hand! ?” The other report ministers in the field are all refined people. When the four report woke up, they woke up and their faces suddenly changed. They all realized that something was wrong …
"What are you doing!" A martial arts expert in the field saw that the person next to him was suddenly holding a sword and hitting him. He couldn’t help but quickly draw his sword to stop the man from stabbing a sword and then shouted, "Whoosh!" The man behind a sword to stay its escape has been in his body "dong! Peng … "The man fell to the ground with his eyes staring straight and turned over a table of dishes …
At this time, more than 20 martial arts experts quickly drew their swords and drew their swords to the rest of the dozen martial arts experts, and the short swords suddenly appeared in the hands of maiko in the killer field, respectively, and attacked the guards behind the princes and ministers. At that time, the hall saw the swords and swords, the blood spilled, and the tables fell and the bowls cracked.
Si Nian is still closing his eyes and practicing self-study. The stunning girl beside him still hasn’t changed. A pair of sad eyes are staring at the desktop.
The third prince clapped his hands and flew beside him, and the attacker roared at the ninth prince, "Laojiu, what do you mean?"
Nine report responded with a smile "It’s a pity that seven elder brothers didn’t come today …"
Three report by glaring stare way "you are not afraid of my father to waste you! ?”
Nine report chuckled at three report aside by two martial arts experts drove back four report way "you die he can take me as? The emperor is me after all! "