How many people does it take?
The players who poured out of the Coalition forces suddenly overflowed the sea like a black cloud, and a huge shadow enveloped the earth, like a gentle but huge black lang tide rolled to heaven and earth.
Leaving the Kuroshio far behind, the fleet was swallowed up by the rumbling earthquake, and the mechanical screams swept past and swept to the array of gods.
"Amien’s last battle, we may have to pay for our ride."
Luo Yunmeng’s eyes are calm, and the cold wind blows up her long hair, raising her cloak, demon lotus armor, shimmering, huge death sickle, knife front and cold mountain flash.
"If you pay for it, you will pay for it. If I come, I don’t care about Lolo. Do you think we may win?" Qiya and Yuemei are dancing happily in her hands, and the two lights of blue, black and red are constantly entangled and separated.
"He said it was enough to fight and work hard. He didn’t care about the ending, and neither did I."
"Then your sky is hanging?" Sleeping in the rain, half-earnest, half-teasing, squinting and smiling, "Don’t worry, you won’t lose. The gods and myths are different, and the souls of the gods can’t be scattered no matter how many times they lose."
"We can win … I believe we can win!"
Not far away in the blue sea dragon back hell darling suddenly way
Bai Liusu and others can’t help but turn their heads together and look at the darling of a pair of bright eyes covered in a black robe from head to toe
She said, "The gods are not alone. We have reinforcements!"
"Did you forget to do the pirates? They are all my companions. "
"Yes, we still have reinforcements, but we can’t come." Bai Liusu murmured in the month.
In fact, what she wants to say is that more than 20 thousand pirates are nothing compared with the myth that thousands of Coalition forces will arrive even when they arrive. But it doesn’t matter whether you are in a hurry or not, because you are only fighting!
"Ride the regiment to attack!"
More than a hundred riders flapped their wings at the same time, and the wind suddenly blew and the heavens and the earth roared and echoed.
Mecha cockpit is responsible for directing the fleet myth. Moqian, the first priest, looked at it coldly like a dark cloud, and rode the regiment calmly to fight back.
Four hundred mecha are flying at a speed, and when they are thousands of meters apart, the bare mecha guns roar.
The missile dragged a bright silver tail flame and pulled out a straight trajectory in the air.
At that moment, Luo Yunmeng waved the sickle of death and suddenly cut to the virtual.
There are signs that a dark storm is hovering from the blade and soaring in the sky. In a blink of an eye, the black storm is spreading in the two armies.
The storm was so deep that it suddenly appeared in heaven and earth. Most missiles were pulled out of the scheduled flight path by the strong suction of the storm vortex and plunged into it.
Then more than 200 missiles exploded in the death storm at the same time, and the impact of the devastating explosion dispersed the death storm, which also shocked the remaining missiles. As a result, more than a dozen of the 400 missiles finally hit the intended target
However, even so, these comprehensive strengths are only a little stronger than the fourth-order riding. It is not enough for the flying mecha to hit the riding with only one missile, which will cause the other side unbearable damage, let alone seconds kill.
At the moment when the storm broke up, the riding regiment took the opportunity to rush for a few breaths and swept out hundreds of meters. The high-ranking riding masters like Luo Yunmeng, Lan Yunmian, smoking without fire and Hell Beloved were already on the edge of the plane group.
"The empire of the gods fought to the death!"
"Oh, it’s spirit of war again. Aren’t you afraid that others will say you are narrow-minded?" Summer rain foam looked at ChengTou spirit of war fortress couldn’t help ha ha laugh.
"It’s more convenient for me to push this road horizontally once." Ye Feng replied, raising my hand to signal the army to stop being single and manipulating the golden-winged Dapeng bird slowly to fly to the gate.
"Coming, coming, city crossbowman, aim fucking."
"Hurry up and prepare the arrow tower, and give the old control skills to the remote."
"The colonel’s guy has more than 130 levels of suppression. Does he have this control skill in his costume?"
"Yes, yes, colonel, look at that armor. I’m almost scared to pee."
"Mom eggs throwing caution to the wind …"
As soon as the head of the regiment asked for praise, he heard the goods look tragic and said, "I say, why don’t we surrender?"
Sure enough, Ye Feng sees the city’s dense head and the crossbow tower hangs on the avenue 100 meters away. "Tell the war soul to give you spirit of war one last chance to surrender. He has three minutes to consider it. If he doesn’t drop me in three minutes, he will destroy spirit of war!"
At this moment, at least half of spirit of war players in Chengtou want to surrender and forget it. Is it a shame to be destroyed? You know, surrender alone can reduce the level loss by more than half. The so-called green hills are not afraid of firewood. If you keep your strength, you will get revenge next year.
Han Xin can be humiliated by his crotch. What is it that we surrender today without a fight? There is no need to worry if you are afraid of mythical revenge afterwards. It is meaningless to worry about the aftermath if you can’t survive this robbery.
So the players stationed in Chengtou are clamoring for surrender on the team channel, and the morale of the army is completely dispersed.
Sitting at the headquarters, I heard about the situation of the Yugoslav capital, and almost no old blood gushed out. Finally, I decided to fight to the death with several big brothers.
He was lucky in the end, just as Qin Shiyue said earlier that attacking the fortified city by a group of cavalry troops was against the tactical theory, and it was definitely a faint move. Besides, the criss-crossing ditches and pits outside the city were not enough to curb the charge of red fighters
Cavalry can’t rush up, that is, the combat power is not as good as the orderly infantry with professional collocation.