Players outside the black screen station witnessed a thrilling offensive and defensive battle. They were shocked by the strength of the black screen guild. Seven guilds attacked them for an hour and didn’t call. How powerful is this? They were also surprised by the farmers’ courage to leave three groups of people to defend the station and nine groups to attack the night station. They said in cold blood, "You are really crazy", and these players were also shocked by the decisive battle and the embodiment of power. The sentence "Even if the black screen guild has a farmer in the city and a person is in our gang, it really makes people admire such a heavy affection guild. It is the ideal place in their hearts.
Some players have sent messages to the three guild bosses asking for the final battle and the embodiment of power. Now they are chatting in the world at the entrance of their own residence, shouting, "Don’t hurry to join the brothers one by one …" They have been treated like this when they were two, and now they are flying like crazy pigs. A simple sentence not only scares the enemy away, but also advertises their guild.
Zhu Feng confessed to the heroic color at the station and sent more people to patrol outside the station, beware of some small guilds taking advantage of chaos to retaliate, not afraid of thieves stealing, but afraid of thieves thinking, and then floated outside the station with thimbles, camels and dead water. He was going to support nine groups of sheets to resist cold-blooded attacks.
Four people walked out of the station less than a kilometer away and saw six players coming from the opposite side. Zhu Feng saw the rhyme and guessed that it should be the Emperor Hiring Corps.
Before the dragon left, he said, "You may not know me. I’m the head of the Dragon Emperor Hiring Corps. It’s time for you to keep your promise."
Zhu Feng looked at the rhyme and then asked the fire dragon with a smile, "What are you determined to do with me? What if you beat me? "
"I heard that you are very strong, so I want to give it a try. You are a summoner and let you attack me three times first," said the fire dragon primly.
It’s no wonder that the Teijin is crazy. It turns out that the head of the regiment is crazy. Let the third recruit me to kill you. Zhu Feng thought with a wry smile and then said, "I can’t beat you. I have been killed by your five killers. Ask her if you don’t believe me."
A few people looked at Zhu Feng curiously and said, "I did kill him once, but I hope you two don’t kill each other during the competition because you are all my friends."
The five emperors were all surprised to look at her. If this sentence is spoken in other people’s mouths, it may be common, but it is very surprising for her to say the word’ friend’. This usually lonely and indifferent lover actually said that he is his friend. The weak appearance makes people lose their defense against her, and then they kill each other with strong strength. She likes to hunt down the master of the most heinous crimes list, and she actually admits that others are her friends?
Rhyme ignored several people’s eyes and stared at Zhu Feng in the same place. The other five people looked at Zhu Feng again. They wanted to see what was special about this person so that Rhyme could say the word friends.
When Zhu Feng saw Rhyme, she also hoped to learn from the fire dragon. I didn’t know what she meant, but she still said, "I can talk to you once, but you have to agree to accept my mercenary."
The fire dragon suddenly laughed and said, "It must be very challenging if you black screen guild can’t finish it. Our emperor just likes challenging things. If I take it, I can refund you double commission."
Zhu Feng thief said with a smile, "Well, I hope you can make a woman laugh once every 1 minute and once every 100 gold coins. This is 1.44 million gold coins for 24 hours. Don’t forget to let her dream and laugh. If this is completed, I will let you do it for a week in a row, and it is estimated that I will have no money after a week." Then I sent a transaction request to the fire dragon.
After listening to his words, everyone thought, what kind of woman can make him spend so much money A man with rhyme looked at him puzzled and thought that he really found our head to pick up …
After the fire dragon canceled the transaction, he waved and said, "Wait, let a woman laugh? Are you kidding? "
"No mistake," Zhu Feng said primly, then pointed to the rhyme and said, "It is she who makes her laugh once every minute."
Everyone present looked at Rhyme again, and this time they looked a little embarrassed, but their faces didn’t show it. Then the five killers came out with a wind scar and said coldly, "We can’t pick this up."
The fire dragon looked at the wind mark and knew what he meant. He smiled and said, "We can’t do this, but I promised you just now that it will fail. This is 2 gold coins to compensate you and double your commission."
Zhu Feng cancelled the deal and didn’t accept his money. He sighed and said, "Alas, is this so hard to do? Even the imperial city failed without failure. "
The fire dragon kept blaming himself for his carelessness and said, "Well, now we can pay you a single bill."
"Wait," the wind mark said to the fire dragon and then said, "Head, leave it to me this time."
The fire dragon looked at him and sighed and took a step back. The meaning was already very obvious. He looked at him gratefully and turned to Zhu Feng and said, "How about you and I make a bet?"
Zhu Feng was surprised to see him as if he had been enemies with himself, thinking that he wouldn’t always have a crush on rhyme, would he? Then he frowned and asked, "What bet? Let’s hear it "
"If I kill you in three minutes, you must let me kill to the level and don’t go near rhyme again. If I lose, I will let you kill to the level and give you 2 million RMB compensation." Feng Mark stared at him and replied.
"Ha ha, I have to admire your proposal. It’s bold, but I feel very funny. I accepted the first condition. Don’t you think it’s funny? I’ll give you 4 million. How about you don’t take a step closer to rhyme? " Zhu Feng asked with wide eyes. He thought that selling his equipment must be more than four million …
Before the wind mark answered, he continued, "Do you know why I don’t want your two million? Yin Yun has said that I am her friend. I suppose you like Yun? But there is no need for such a bet. Don’t you think these are all played by three-year-olds? "
Everyone understood what he meant. Rhyme belongs to his friends. He doesn’t want the two million. It seems that he didn’t say that he likes rhymes, too …
Wind mark nodded and said, "Well, I’ll bet you four million dollars."
Zhu Feng smiled and said, "I know that each of your five killers is very strong, but your emperor is not my enemy, and you are not in my target range. If I want to gamble with you, it will be more than this. Now that you have aroused my nature, let me make a bet. If you win, I will quit the guild and be at your emperor’s disposal. If I win, you are not allowed to accept the attack on the black screen guild and you can’t conflict with us. You should pay attention to that I can’t easily bet with others. If I can’t kill others, it will be difficult for others to kill me."
After listening to what he said, the wind mark looked back at the fire dragon and took a step forward and said, "I admire your courage, too, but there is no need to be afraid of our emperor in the black screen, right?" I want to know the reason. "
Zhu Feng smiled at him, and then said seriously, "Now my enemy is not a player in China, our black screen enemy is not a player in China. Before we attack the guild, we must ask me to sacrifice my goal. I am not a great man with lofty ideas. Whether they will sacrifice me to achieve my goal is another matter. And that is, those who offend my friends provoke my friends and my brothers should pay a terrible price. Our black screen goal is to sweep all countries in the world, especially those who have invaded. But we have given us a country of shame. I want to turn the largest guild residence in their country into our black screen colony, so that those players can see the power of our players in China and how our fighters in China galloped in their country. At that time, they must be very cool, and their expressions must be very rich. I think about it now, so I don’t want to have another enemy in China. "
Everyone gasped at the same time. A country that invaded us and humiliated us, their largest guild became a black screen colony? Is this idea too arrogant? At the same time, everyone was said to be excited by him. This idea is really crazy.
The fire dragon stared at him for a long time and asked, "What makes you believe you can do it?"
"With our black screen brothers, although I am not very confident, I dare to think I dare to do it." Zhu Feng replied with a smile.
"Remember that you just bet that if you lose, you will quit the current guild. If you win, the six of us will lead you and join your black screen guild." Fire dragon smiled and said to Zhu Feng.
Everyone looked at the dragon. They didn’t expect the bet to get bigger and bigger. The bet was a little abnormal, but they kept staring at Zhu Feng from his sentence just now that we are friends …
Zhu Feng excitedly asked "really? If you lose, will you join us? Do you listen to me? " He’s flying fast now, but this fire dragon is really fucking crazy, crazier than the old me
"True" dragon said with a smile.
Zhu Feng laughed and said, "Come on, come on, you five can kill me in three minutes. I can’t wait."
Everyone was stunned by him, and the dragon was depressed. Is this little self-confident or crazy? It’s better to be confident, otherwise he is much crazier than me.
"If you count to one, two, three, we will," said Zhu Fengda.
Yun looked at him and shouted "one, two, three"
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Chapter two hundred and six Hit me hard
When I heard Rhyme calling Zhu Feng, I ran back quickly. Everyone was secretly surprised to see his speed. How could this summoner have such a fast speed? Faster than some assassins Zhu Feng quickly used the Nine Pythons technique. He smiled and thought that the wolves had trained my Nine Pythons technique to an intermediate level to see what power it had.
When the wind mark was chased a few steps away, suddenly a huge python was drilled, and suddenly he was tightly surrounded by a cloud of sand. At this time, the giant body swayed from side to side and his head slammed into the wind mark.
Zhu Feng see it kind of heart dark scold "you pack what cool ah directly hit the past is not finished? I still have to pose. "Then I called Xiaoqiang out and made a copy of it. I felt that the characters in front of me became smaller. He climbed in the same place and watched the python attack the wind mark.
The wind mark stared at the giant mang and saw him bump into it. He felt his body hurt and instantly dropped 300 drops of blood. Suddenly, when his body was loose, he quickly ran to one side to summon his pet. A bright green lizard crawled on the ground with a mouth the size of a wolf and a barb on its back. He quickly climbed to the python. When the wind mark turned his head, he found two cockroaches crawling in the distance. The farmer went to town but didn’t know where to go. Did he change? Wind mark doubts ran to Xiaoqiang.
Zhu Feng insidious smile hit his head with wind marks to avoid his attack, thinking that if a farmer went into town and turned into a monster, he would definitely hide aside and should not rush over. He quickly ran to another Xiaoqiang.