"There is no guild that needs money!"
"Boss Feiyang, why don’t you let it be as high as 2? Let’s just close it. The land will be put up by the guild, and the Yuanyang people will run it. Yuanyang will be responsible for helping the guild handle some things that need to be sold. Just sell the things and don’t accept our agency!"
"Yes, you’ve taken advantage of the widow’s novel. We can’t always take advantage of it, can’t we? Don’t you think so? " Strong stand widow words after the first got up and said
"Yes, boss Feiyang, just follow the widow’s advice, or we’ll be really embarrassed ~" cried the shield.
"Fei Yang, the boss and vice president of the doctor, said yes, we can get so many things out of our guild and sell them with the help of fame and channels, but we also made money!" Wonderful hand also said with a smile
Looking at everyone’s sincerity, I nodded without saying anything more. "Well, I’ll arrange for Yuanyang Business, restaurants, groceries and pharmacies to come in. In addition, I need two stores for np operation. I need six np operations. I will rent the remaining 14 at a monthly rent of 10,000 gold coins, except for the Women’s League and the Immovable League. Let’s invite business!"
"Well! Then I’ll make an announcement, "Xiao Yu said with a smile.
"good! All right, these things are all settled, so it’s time to celebrate! Vice President of Small Pharmacist, you are responsible for taking out the ready-made food. If it is not enough, make materials on the spot in the fortress and take them from the guild warehouse! "
"Card shark, vice president of you are responsible for moving wine! Our guild didn’t go to Yuanyang restaurant and business firm to get it. In addition to our own people, there are also women’s leagues and immobile leagues to participate in the wine. It’s really a lot! "
"Ha ha good! Boss Feiyang, it’s the lowest price for us to get wine! It’s not enough for these 70 thousand people to drink 10 or 20 thousand altars together. You’re really losing money! A celebration dinner will cost millions of gold coins ~ "The widow said with a smile.
"It’s not important to spend this money, but it’s important that we win the battle and make our brothers happy!" I don’t care.
"Ha ha it is good to have wine to drink! One or twenty thousand altars, vice president of Langzhong, may not be enough! " Great Yuanyang this guy laughed and said
"Ha ha, brothers, drink as much as you can, even if you drink all the libraries, it’s no big deal not to sell them in the next few days! Come on, let’s go out and invite the president of the wind chimes and the president of the fixed knight to come here. "Laughing, they got up and walked outside together. Widow and Li Yue were both busy getting things together.
When I came to the commander’s mansion, I called the guild channel voice and shouted, "Brothers and sisters, we succeeded in occupying the Far North fortress. I discussed with the vice presidents and heads of the army. We have to celebrate. Everyone should attend! Not only do we honor people to participate in the Women’s League, but also the friends of the Immortal League will participate! "
Ow ~ oh ~’ inside the fortress immediately boiling.
"Everybody listen to me first! Because there are tens of thousands of people, we can’t find a restaurant where we can sit. Our celebration dinner is in this fortress. Everyone can find a place to sit on the wall and the streets are free. The vice president of the small pharmacist will let people bring food and arrange for professional cooking players from the logistics department to come to the scene to cook! In addition, now I have gone to Yuanyang restaurant and business firm to move wine, and everyone will drink it! "
Oh ~ Long live the President! ~’ "Everyone can pay attention. Women’s League is full of ladies. We have created opportunities for everyone. Take the initiative if you have ideas, but don’t scare other girls!"
The whole fortress is howling in waves ~ ya, these guys are really a group of wolves! But no matter whether he is a wolf or something, it’s just our own brothers playing with their hearts!
Rondo, the deputy commander-in-chief, was called here, and then he was asked to arrange for someone to seal off the headquarters, so he couldn’t enter the courtyard again. Although there was nothing in it, at least it was equivalent to the core of our guild. How can people drill casually?
After a while, Zhou Ling came with a group of beautiful women, Liu Xiao and others were motionless, and the knight also came to Wu Yun with a group of "hungry wolves". This girl has always been here to see Ling Zhou and others coming over, and then she was a little embarrassed ~ "Haha, flying brothers, how much wine have you prepared for our brothers in the meeting? Don’t drink enough! " The fixed knight said with a grin on his face
"Ha ha, brother, I don’t want to drink this wine myself at ordinary times. Just save it for this time, don’t I? You can rest assured that although there is no guarantee for one altar, it is absolutely no problem for everyone to add three people to one altar! "
"Psst ~ Brother Feiyang, there are 70,000 people with 20,000 or 30,000 altars in total. Do you really take so many out?" The motionless knight froze when he heard my words and turned to look at me with a painful face.
"Ha ha brothers and sisters heart tens of thousands of altar wine calculate what? Come on, let the president of the wind chimes stay still, brother and all the beautiful ladies and brothers, there is nothing we can do about this table and chair, and we can make do with it! " I greeted with a smile.
They also don’t wriggle do have to sit a light rain and Wu Yun took pity on frost lotus step and ran to Ling Zhou Liu Xiao and they got together. This little Lin Hao was also kicked by me next to Ling Zhou. Everyone else sat down to eat and drink at will, and they didn’t get together to brag and fart. The atmosphere between men and women was very harmonious!
Chapter 464 Visitors
After chatting for a while, everyone came to the logistics department, and the professional players all sent a lot of food to the fortress, and then a group of professional cooking players set up stalls everywhere to cook on the spot. Uncle Lian and Lao Luo heard that a celebration banquet was held here and followed.
After drinking wine, an altar was moved soon, and many bottles and bowls were brought. Tens of thousands of people held an open-air banquet in the fortress.
In our group of heads, there are directly men holding an altar and women holding a bottle, and there are a bunch of cooking professionals cooking at the scene next to them.
"This time, I am honored to take this fortress, thanks to the help of the Women’s League and the Immortal League for all our cadres here to respect the women’s League and the Immortal League brothers and sisters!"
"Yes, yes, this time, if it weren’t for the help of our brothers and sisters, we would be under great pressure to control the south wall! There are too many people in the fortress, and we can’t take care of you. Just here, let’s respect you! " Strong also said with a smile
"Ha ha ha! Brother Feiyang, are we going to grow something at this time? We have been dealing with each other from the novice village. This friendship is not so different, is it? " Fixed knight holding the altar after fierce drank a mouthful of laughed and said
"Ha ha good! Don’t move your brother and sister, then let’s all be casual! Come and do it! " I laughed and noted that Heiya п ge can watch the latest chapter.
"Well ~ siblings? What siblings? " Fixed knight startled looking at me while strong shield light rain and others all laughed Zhou Lingze is very calm way "then make yourself at home! Just call it casual! "
"That ~ President Fengling just said that brother Fei Yang’s sister-in-law was talking about you?" The motionless knight looked at Ling Zhou in amazement.
"Ha ha, brother, what’s your face? You shouldn’t know nothing about the real identity of President Fengling? "
"Miss Zhou’s family ~" puzzled the motionless knight.
"Don’t you know that Miss Zhou and Mr. Lin are already engaged?"
"The lins gentleman? Who is the Lins’ gentleman? " Immobile knight a scratching their heads ~ "depend ~ heaven brothers, you see you this mix too food so big family gentleman incredibly don’t even know immobile brother ~" Strong to Jeremy Lin laughed and said.
"What do you know? This is called a low profile! " Lin Hao pie pie way
"Heaven science? Are you the Lins’ gentleman? President Fengling’s fiance? " The motionless knight was surprised.
"Uncle, if you want to say flowers in cow dung, just say it! I will not hear it! " Lin Hao also seems to put a smile way
"Ha ha who dare say you are cow dung? As far as your appearance is concerned, you are cow dung ~ I can’t even count cow dung! " Shields are very self-aware
Hearing the words of the shield, everyone burst into laughter ~ "Let’s drink these personal things or don’t be talked about by so many people! Don’t move your brother to drink, I will definitely give you enough today! "
"Ha ha ha good! Don’t say don’t drink! Brothers and sisters of Glory and Women’s League, please don’t mention it, don’t give it to Feiyang Brothers! "
Everyone, you come and I go to train and brush at ordinary times. What are you busy doing? It’s really rare to relax and eat like this. Anyway, everyone is very relaxed. It’s not that drinking in reality will also make you afraid of getting drunk. If you drink in this game, you will be a little dizzy when you first go, but you can add status. No one is afraid!
After drinking for more than ten minutes, the widow suddenly gathered in my ear and said, "Brother Feiyang said in the guild channel that many other players were sent over at the moment and were persuaded to leave, saying that we were holding a celebration dinner. Many of those players were sent away, but some were watching."
"It’s normal to send someone to send them. Let them stay if they don’t leave. Anyway, it’s good not to make trouble. If there is no guild, let them have a few drinks together! We can’t be stingy! "
"Yeah, it’s ok, but someone just reported that many guild presidents have come over, and some say that businesses want to see your brothers, so it’s not easy to stop them."
"oh? Those guys are here? Well, let the brothers bring it here and let’s go to the commander’s house! "
"Brother and sister don’t move. Some presidents of other guilds are coming. Let’s go to the inner courtyard and talk when they come!"
"Those guys come over? Haha, drink your wine, whatever you say! Go! " Fixed knight laughed and said
"Xiao Yu widow strong small pharmacist cold front pity frost Haotian shield wonderful hand black liu er breeze feather wind Lianbu you also together!"
All the vice presidents and elders are called Ling Zhou and four vice presidents of the Women’s Union, and the four vice presidents of the Women’s Union, the Immortal Knight and the Immortal Union, also went to the courtyard to sit together. Li Yue called a few people in to cook and eat, and a group of people sat down. I naturally sat in the theme, and all the people in our guild automatically sat down next to me. Zhou Ling took Wu Yun and several women to sit together, and the Immortal Knight also took his four vice presidents to sit together.
Soon, a large group of people led by our guild came to the commander’s office. These people were also divided into two parts: the cold star archer, the star god, the eagle, the double sword and the iron soul, the wild goose north, and the fire. Ten people were guild presidents, and none of them brought a person. These guys made up a pile. The other group was some businesses that had never seen a low level, and it was estimated that they would manage business and make money without CCB.
"Flying brothers, you are cruel enough this time! I actually got a fortress without making a sound. I think we are in fortress 15, but we are as tired as dogs and haven’t got any benefits yet ~ this gap is too big! " Star striker came a face of very hurt sample said
"haha, presidents and bosses, we don’t have chairs and tables to sit on. If you don’t dislike it, let’s sit down and talk over coffee!" I don’t explain why I just greeted these guys.
"Ha ha it is good to have wine to drink! Thank you, President Feiyang! " Iron soul first smiled and ran to the fixed knight and sat down next to several people. Then he smiled and sat down with a group of presidents, and those businesses with low grades also sat down.
Wine a pendulum iron soul Hawk fire wild goose north belongs to these four guys seem to be good this one mouthful also don’t talk, holding the altar to make a good fire after a few mouthfuls of "alas ~ regret, regret not how close to President Feiyang before this flame wine is a good thing! If I had been closer to President Feiyang earlier, I would have been able to drink more of this wine at ordinary times! "
"Ha ha yes! It’s a pity that I didn’t buy some wine from President Feiyang! " Iron soul also said with a smile
"Ha ha, if several presidents like this wine, I’ll send ten altars by myself later, but it’s really gone. All the goods will be gone by the end of today ~" I said with a smile.
"Ha ha has ten altars? It’s better to save some drinks and drink for several days! " Fixed knight said with a smile
"Don’t move brother, I don’t think I said I would give you ten altars?"
"I said brother, you are not so stingy, are you? I don’t have what they have? "