Although many fans think that Gao Jun played a technical ball control game when he coached the national team in the past, Gao Jun himself knows that his successful coaching experiences have actually achieved good results by preventing the counter-attack. This kind of counter-attack will try to transition from the ground before entering the 3-meter area in the frontcourt instead of taking a chance in the backcourt. It seems like a gorgeous ball control game to fans who don’t know how to do it, and once they encounter the fierce force from the other side, they will immediately become unsmooth and their mistakes will increase significantly. Therefore, at best, it can be said that it is a pseudo-technical flow.
However, although there are many problems in this pseudo-technical flow defense and counter-tactics, it can save a lot of physical fitness compared with blind pressure and crazy attack, which is of special significance to China teams with generally poor physical fitness
Moreover, Gao Jun is the first overall defensive tactical level in the national coach, which greatly improves the national team’s defensive ability, that is, the defense line recovery state, which can be seen from the fact that the second team of China can withstand the French team’s onslaught in the warm-up match.
In fact, Gao Jun’s greatest progress when he coached the China team was that he wanted to hold on to it. Even though the strength gap between the two sides was wide, of course, if the other team had players who relied on personal genius and instant inspiration to play the world wave or break through through through a dragon, there was still no way to do so. This kind of situation is not often encountered in Asian competitions.
In addition to the overall defense, Gao Jun’s technical flow ground counterattack was also a national skill, so the national team he coached was particularly sharp. In the frontcourt, there was no first-class Asian star, which made the South Korean team that had not won for 32 years swallow three bullets in a game, which is a good proof. After all, even the semi-main team South Korea team had never won before, and China team had never won before.
However, no matter how gorgeous the defense is, it is also the defense. Its inherent defects are still in the first place. If the opponent also plays the defense, he can be more patient with it. Once he encounters the situation of losing the ball first and encountering the weak brigade, he must take the initiative to attack, which will expose the two fatal problems of air leakage in the defense and poor attack. It is not only difficult to get back the score, but also easy to be killed by the opponent’s counterattack.
Let’s talk about the problem of air leakage in the rear defense. Although the overall defensive tactics can make up for the lack of personal ability of China defenders to a great extent, it is not omnipotent. If the defensive line shrinks and the defensive players have a numerical advantage, the situation is fine. Once the China team presses the offensive defense and leaves it to the other side to increase the defensive fence, it will become full of loopholes, and the weakness of China defenders’ single defense ability and easy distraction will be exposed. It is the best proof that Gao Jun coached China team in the last two games and was attacked by teams of this level in Laos.
However, this problem is actually a worldwide problem. Bassali’s super ball control ability and his willingness to fight back in the frontcourt during the Cosmos team period reduced the chances of the opponent’s counterattack as much as possible, which effectively reduced the threat of the enemy’s counterattack. However, even if this tactic is played best, the Barcelona opponent’s counterattack will not be absolutely impossible. If you grasp the opportunity better, it will still be fatal.
Later, Barcelona was mad at Bayern for seven goals in two games, which is enough to say that Barcelona’s tactics are not perfect. Once it encounters an opponent whose overall strength is not weaker than its own and even stronger, it may become full of loopholes. Even in Asia, China is not strong. On the team’s personal ability, it can be regarded as the second-rate middle-class level in Asia at best, and there is no guarantee that the frontcourt is strong. The physical players’ personal catching skills and tacit cooperation are not so good. Therefore, this problem is even more difficult to solve, which still bothers him until the moment before Gao Jun crosses.
However, the problem of the opponent’s weak attack on the secret defense is even more troublesome. This is not only as simple as the fact that the opponent’s secret defense reduces his own shooting opportunities, but also because there are people everywhere in the opponent’s restricted area who are severely squeezed when pressing the attack, but the players will be much shorter when they move than when they counterattack. First, the attack opportunities will be destroyed by the opponent’s players.
Chapter 10 Teacher Exploration
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In addition, the indiscriminate bombing of the opponent’s goal is also easy to excite the opponent’s goalkeeper, and then all kinds of hanging will be more difficult to be impatient. Therefore, the ability of the same team to seize opportunities when pressing the attack will definitely decline to varying degrees, even if it is the top team in the world, the difference is only the degree. Therefore, it is often the case that one side presses the opponent to play the final game but loses the game, even by a big score.
In fact, at its peak, Barcelona seldom encountered this situation because of Messi, a quasi-ball king super striker, and his overall strength was super strong. However, Gao Jun wanted to have only a second-rate national football team in Asia, which can not only meet the strong but also facilitate the oppressive ball control through anti-counter tactics. It is really too difficult to achieve a stable high winning rate when dealing with opponents who are weaker than the national football team or have little difference.
It’s easy to practice counter-attack tactics, but it’s feasible to control the ball oppressively, but it needs to master two of the four conditions of "being able to create and grasp shooting opportunities", "strong ball control ability", "efficient frontcourt grabbing (including tactical physical fitness) and" defender with strong single defense ability or fast chasing speed ".At that time, China team and Yu Gaojun later took over Jiangsu Shuntian team all had one of them-frontcourt grabbing, which is not special.
However, for Gao Jun, an idealist to revitalize China football, excellent players can rack their brains to take a slant on the sword and constantly seek innovation and change in tactics without meeting the requirements of quality and quantity in the difficult period before the shortage of football talents in China. However, this dead-end practice is not only meaningless, but also almost ruined the signboard that Gao Jun has finally erected in recent years.
However, now Gao Jun is pleasantly surprised to find that this problem is no longer more difficult than going to heaven. Now he not only has a history of growing up, but China football has never had a superstar and can help other young players grow up better. After the staffing is strengthened, this problem is no longer so terrible, because strength is relative!
After realizing this, Gao Jun was once unbalanced after being forced by the national team to class, and finally regained his calm. This is a great good thing for a striker like him, and it is even more beneficial for him to solve this problem when he comes to Chong Football Base, because his mentor Xu Genbao has also made some very constructive work in this regard.
In the history of China, the teams that used oppressive ball control and achieved excellent results did not rely on strong foreign aid (though not only foreign aid), while Xu Genbao, a mentor of Gao Jun, found another way to "sharpen a sword for ten years" in Chongdao, hoping to solve the problem of China players’ lack of ability to master ball control and offensive play by cultivating them from an early age.
Xu Genbao’s idea is that "practice makes perfect" and "practice makes perfect" and "two-pronged" tacit understanding should be cultivated from childhood to reduce the error rate in cutting and matching. When selecting materials, he should pay attention to physical flexibility and balance to meet the requirements of oppressive ball control, and then he can strengthen the efficiency of forcing the front court by "grabbing the encirclement" and make up for the lack of players’ physical fitness and ball protection ability by "taking turns". This is the so-called "six-character policy" that he often talks about.
However, in the early days after the team participated in the professional league, there were too few players with outstanding personal ability in the frontcourt and backcourt, which led to a high ball control rate, but there were not many opportunities to really create scores. Even if the opportunities came out, they were lost. In addition, the defensive players lacked personal ability, which made them afraid of quick counterattack and high bombing, so it was only natural that their grades were not good.
It wasn’t until Gao Jun made some fine adjustments to the team’s play style during his short-term coaching that the situation improved. However, the team’s performance was not improved until the introduction of excellent foreign aid, the improvement of the ability to seize opportunities in the frontcourt and the maturity of the young players. However, this was a big departure from Xu’s initial idea of guiding the Oriental team and failed to reach the level of the first-class club team in Asia. Therefore, Xu Genbao’s exploration of the facts was not successful.
However, Gao Jun’s crossing is likely to change this period of history. First of all, he has the ability to grasp the opportunity, and he can completely replace the super foreign aid and do better than them. Once he can rush to the Super League earlier, there is no need to sell a large number of main players such as * * Peng prematurely. The team has stronger staffing and more tacit cooperation (when the East Team rushed to the Super League in history, the first batch of players in the team had only five or six, and others joined the tacit understanding later, but the degree of understanding was not as high as that of most people). At that time, the team’s oppressive ball control must
In addition, Xu’s guidance, after all, is that the older generation coaches lack the concept of scientific training, so it was not until 214 that they hired a foreign goalkeeper coach for the first time. As a result, in just a few months, the goalkeeper who was the main goalkeeper at the end of the season was completely transformed. It is obvious that he has become the first-class excellent goalkeeper in China, but if there are high-level foreign special coaches in charge of all the special training, the strength of the Oriental team will rise to an equal level, which makes people expect, especially the high-level physical fitness coach can measure the physical quality of young players in the Oriental team in the future. Gao Jun also knows that the teacher is stubborn. It is not easy to say that he is a high-level special coach, and it is quite expensive, and even very often it is impossible to hire him.
Fortunately, although Xu’s guidance is stubborn, he is still willing to try a history if he can see the effect with his own eyes. After seeing the rapid progress of the goalkeeper of the Shanghai Flower Team next door, he decisively seized the chaotic opportunity of the Shanghai Flower Team to dig up the excellent foreign goalkeeper coach, and finally he really got a surprise.
In addition, the historical football base once hired a young coach from France, Coco. Later, the young players had a solid technical foundation. He was very French. slack management thought and Xu guided the strict management of military conflicts. He was finally dismissed by Lao Xu not long after, but this incident also said that Xu’s guidance was not as old-fashioned as some people.
Chapter 11 Scientific Football ()
No matter in Gao Jun’s view, what Chongji needs most at present is actually physical fitness coaches and nutritionists, more precisely, physical fitness coaches and nutritionists who are familiar with the characteristics of young players and have high professional level.
However, at present, there is no start in China. Gao Jun can do this demonstration by himself, although he is not a professional. Gao Jun was the first person to introduce the concept of "scientific football" in China, and he also had a deep understanding of sports nutrition.
Take the fact that it is well known that China people develop later than westerners, and there is a significant gap in physique. Many people are ethnic, but Gao Jun knows that white people have no obvious advantage over yellow people except black people in physical fitness. In reality, the big difference is mainly due to the fact that the dietary structure of East Asian people is conducive to longevity but not to strong health.
To put it simply, East Asians, especially China people, are seriously short of calcium and zinc in their dietary structure, and they also lack high-quality protein according to athletes’ standards. At the same time, the intake of salt and fat is high, which is very harmful to the physical development of young athletes.
In addition, monosodium glutamate is generally used in Chinese food, although it is harmless to ordinary people, but athletes still don’t eat well (Note 1). However, the theory of soy sauce is fine, but because of the production process, if the quality is not up to the requirements of athletes, it is also bad for athletes’ health. Therefore, the recipes prepared by those foreign nutritionists are based on neither monosodium glutamate nor soy sauce. For greedy China people, those foods are simply pig food.
Gao Jun studied the solution specially after he taught himself nutrition in those years. Although there are no athletes specializing in soy sauce in China at present, it is not difficult to find out the types of soy sauce. Soy sauce in the market can be divided into two categories: brewing soy sauce and preparing soy sauce, in which chemical hydrolysis process may be used or simply blended. This kind of soy sauce is low in quality, low in nutritional value and may contain trace toxic substance "chloropropanol".
Brewing soy sauce can be divided into high-salt dilute state brewing process and low-salt solid state brewing process. Low-salt solid state brewing process is a rapid brewing process with short brewing time and poor quality, but it has a high market share because of its low price. There are two kinds of high-salt dilute state brewing soy sauce: one is Guangzhou high-salt and the other is Japanese high-salt Guangzhou high-salt dilute state brewing process, which is a normal temperature brewing process. The fermentation temperature is 25 ~ 4, and it needs to be exposed to pollution and impurities. Japanese high-salt dilute brewing technology needs to ensure that the pot fermentation is kept closed during the low-temperature brewing process of 15 ~ 2 fermentation, and harmful impurities in nature are also excluded. This high-salt dilute brewing technology is the low-temperature brewing technology, and the "low-temperature brewing soy sauce" brewed by this technology is that there is no difference in the predecessor of athletes’ special soy sauce except for the lack of labels. If this kind of soy sauce may not be available elsewhere, it is not a problem in the international metropolis.
As for monosodium glutamate (MSG), southerners often use a special seasoning oyster sauce to replace it for seasoning dishes, and for seafood, pasta (noodles, dumplings), tofu (especially spicy tofu with or without oyster sauce), rice flour (such as fried rice noodles, oyster sauce must be added or it will not taste good) and other foods, the taste after pouring oyster sauce is far from comparable to that after adding MSG.
Moreover, oyster sauce is refined by concentrating the soup of oysters (commonly known as oysters) and adding auxiliary materials, so it contains a high zinc content (the zinc content of oysters is dozens of times or even hundreds of thousands of times higher than that of ordinary food), and the most scarce mineral in China (especially men) is that the average daily intake of zinc for most people is less than half of the recommended value (saying that Chinese medicine strongly opposes indulgence, while western medicine does not care too much because China people can’t afford to consume too little zinc, However, westerners can afford to eat more oyster sauce (the amount must be small after replacing monosodium glutamate). If athletes eat more meat, they don’t have to worry about zinc deficiency, and oysters are one of Gao Jun’s favorite foods.
Zinc mainly affects the nervous system and reproductive system. For the former, although football is kicked by the feet, it is also very important to use the brain, but for the latter, the significance is not only to enhance sexual ability. Insufficient zinc intake will affect testosterone secretion, and testosterone is not only a stimulating factor for men, but also can make men’s bones strong and muscular, help the human body eliminate excess fat and quickly recover their physical fitness, and it will have a greater impact if it is in the growth period.
Therefore, the same child who is given enough zinc for a long time can not only make him develop and mature faster, but also have better physical qualities such as strength, speed and endurance when he grows up than when he is not given enough zinc.
Like zinc, China people’s calcium intake is generally seriously insufficient, and athletes need more than ordinary people, and the shortage is naturally more severe. For ordinary people, drinking more milk is enough to ensure calcium intake, but for athletes, it is still somewhat insufficient. Therefore, highly concentrated cheese is the first choice, and it is also the best source of high-quality protein. Although cheese tastes quite strange to most China people, they still insist on eating less cheese every day.
Generally speaking, even in China, athletes will not lack protein, because meat, poultry, eggs and aquatic products have high content, and they are also very high-quality protein sources according to the "best" standard of nutrition.
However, even people who don’t know nutrition know that eating more beef can make them stronger. This is because beef is rich in sarcosine, carnitine and other special nutrients, which is particularly effective for growing muscles and enhancing strength, and at the same time, it can greatly improve the body’s oxygen endurance. (It means that the muscle contraction ability is often measured by short-term maximum strength and short-term rest repetitive exercise methods, which is also the most important body for strikers, wingers (who need oxygen endurance more), assault shadow strikers and central defenders (including defensive full-backs)
Note 1 monosodium glutamate is harmful, but it will increase sodium intake, which is not good for athletes. Secondly, improper cooking methods will produce harmful substances, and ordinary people will eat it occasionally, but athletes’ words will have a greater impact
Chapter 12 Scientific Football ()
Of course, if the digestive function is not very good (such as Messi), you can choose fish that is easier to digest and absorb, especially marine fish with high protein content. Fortunately, Gao Jun’s digestion and absorption ability are quite good now, so beef is naturally the first choice. For example, pork with low nutritional value and extremely high fat content should be eaten as little as possible or not at all.
In addition to protein and minerals, dietary fiber and vitamins are also essential. Therefore, Gao Jun needs to eat almost 50% more vegetables and fruits than ordinary people every day. At the same time, he often eats animal liver to supplement various fat-soluble vitamins. Scientific eating has played a great role in strengthening Gao Jun’s physique.
Nutrition is important, but physical exercise is even more essential. If the two can complement each other, the effect will be better. It is not difficult for Gao Jun to design a set of exercise programs suitable for himself. Moreover, according to the requirements of scientific football, the body is not only strong, but also the proportion of strength training, endurance training, speed training and other training is very particular. Gao Jun can even formulate special nutrition and training plans for various muscle groups of the body to meet the requirements of specific positions to the greatest extent.
In fact, this is not necessarily a good thing for the vast majority of young players and most adult players, because their field position may often change greatly. However, Gao Jun has so many years of ready-made experience as a striker, shadow striker and front waist. Naturally, this generation will not play other positions again, so it can be decided early to further enhance their competitiveness in these three positions, especially in the position of second striker and shadow striker.
In addition, it is worth noting that Gao Jun has always advocated the concept that "it is better to strengthen strengths than to make up for weaknesses". Therefore, after discovering this new body pace, he resolutely put speed training in the first place, and nutrition also cooperated as much as possible, which achieved good results. Generally speaking, the speed of exercise will also increase with the explosive jumping ability, which is equivalent to exercising three abilities.
It is not suitable for young players to do high-intensity training too early, but it is better to wait until the height growth stops. After all, the speed of different strengths reaches the limit when they are 1-2 years old, and it is not until they are 25 years old or even older (so the strength center generally becomes a late talent). In adolescence, if a lot of overload strength training is carried out, although it can temporarily improve the competitive advantage in the game, it is very unfavorable for the long-term development of athletes, especially for offensive players.
Xu Genbao is a qualified guardian. Although he seldom spends money on eating noodles to help Gao Jun develop the habit of thrift, he is willing to spend money on eating noodles. If those athletes are not in good health, junk food will do. Therefore, Gao Jun had to adopt the concept of scientific football shortly after he entered the base, and the effect was quite obvious after just over a year.
It is especially worth noting that Gao Jun was still in a state of malnutrition when he first arrived at the base, and his thin body produced a remarkable "catch-up growth effect" after getting enough nutrition, which made Gao Jun develop at an amazing speed in the first two years after joining the base. In July 22, when Gao Jun joined the base for one and a half years, his height had risen to 1.5 meters, which is why although Gao Jun’s weight has also soared by nearly 3 kilograms, it seems that he is not much stronger than when he first entered the base, but he has made the fastest progress. Naturally, Gao Jun’s speed is less than 14 years old and he can run nearly 1
Lai Gaojun also hopes to popularize his reasonable nutrition science training concept in the whole Chongji base, but for one thing, he is too old to be a novel, and no one believes that even his own recipes have to be disguised. Secondly, the base is really broke.
On average, the Chong Football Base costs 20,000 yuan less for each child every year. At present, there are more than 100 young players in the base, and this alone costs more than 30,000 yuan every year. According to Gao Jun, when Xu directed the establishment of Chong Football Base, there was a big gap in financial resources (including personal investment and loan sponsorship), so the economic pressure was very great.
And if you want to do a good job of nutrition according to his method, because beef is expensive in China, oyster sauce and cheese are also not cheap, athletes generally eat a lot, and young players eat more than adults after puberty, so the base costs more than 3 million yuan a year, and it is impossible for a youth training base to attract so much sponsorship. In two years, Xu Genbao will go bankrupt and the base will be closed down.